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Qalqiliya area, damaging one vehicle. Residents of the community of Khirbet at Tawamin (Hebron) also reported observing Israeli settlers pouring a liquid in one of the community’s water cisterns; the nature of the liquid is yet to be investigated. Also this week, in two separate incidents in the northern West Bank, Israeli settlers entered the village of Kifl Haris (Salfit governorate) to visit a religious shrine, during which they threw human excrement at the entrance of the village mosque; 15 dunums of land near the village of Huwwara (Nablus governorate), were also taken over by settlers, despite its classification as “State Land” under Jordanian law.

No demolitions by Israeli authorities in Area C; issuance of eviction and demolition orders continues This week, there were no records of demolitions by Israeli authorities in Area C of the West Bank. Israeli authorities have informed OCHA that no demolitions will be carried out during the month of Ramadan. Four Palestinian families (comprising 28 people) were however forced to dismantle or demolish eight structures in the Al Farisiye community in the Jordan Valley, after receiving Israeliissued eviction orders stating they must leave the area within 24 hours. The structures included five tents, two kitchens and a restroom. Similar orders were issued against six tents in the same community, which affected another five families (27 people, including 12 children). By the end of the reporting period, no evictions had taken place. Eviction orders were issued on grounds that the structures are located in an area defined by Israeli authorities as closed for military purposes. In the three weeks prior to the reporting period, the community has witnessed extensive demolitions targeting 116 structures, resulting in the displacement of 129 people. Also in Area C, 18 demolition orders were issued against Palestinian buildings in the village of Kufr ‘Aqab, on the grounds that they lacked permits. Among the buildings were the premises of the local council and houses. Kufr ‘Aqab is located partially in Area C and within the Israeli-declared municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. According to the village council, over 50 demolition orders have been issued in the village since late 2009. The last demolition to take place there was in 2005. Since the beginning of 2010, Israeli authorities have demolished 242 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C (more than half of which were demolished in July), displacing 282 people. In comparison, 182 structures were demolished and 319 persons displaced in the equivalent period in 2009.

Age restrictions limit Palestinian access to Ramadan Friday prayers in East Jerusalem Access to East Jerusalem for Palestinians holding West Bank IDs on the first Friday of Ramadan (13 August) was reported as more orderly than in previous years. According to Israeli authorities, approximately 54,000 Palestinians entered Jerusalem through four authorized checkpoints (Qalandiya, Gilo, Shu’fat Camp and Az Zeitoun) along the Barrier. Similar to previous years, only men over 50 and women over 45 years of age were allowed to pass without permits to access the Al Aqsa Mosque for Friday prayers. Men between the ages of 45 and 50, and women between 30 and 45 were eligible for special permits. These age restrictions deny access to Friday prayers at for the majority of the Palestinian population, including West Bankers not included in these age groups (or denied a permit), as well as the large majority of the population of the Gaza Strip. Israeli Security Forces and flying checkpoints were also deployed around the Old City for the duration of Friday prayers. The Directorate of Jerusalem Waqf indicated that around 100,000 people were able to access the Al Aqsa mosque compound in the Old City.


Protection of Civilians: 11 - 17 August 2010 UN OCHA oPt

Palestina|11 - 17/08 2010-Relatório Semanal Protecção Civis-OCHA-Protection of Civilians Weekly Rep  
Palestina|11 - 17/08 2010-Relatório Semanal Protecção Civis-OCHA-Protection of Civilians Weekly Rep  

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