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The Royal Wedding

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wedding Volume 1 . Number 1 est. 11.17.13

About the Bride Nickname: Milan Hometown: Detroit, MI Roles you play in life: Future Mrs. Evans, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Princess and Bubble Chick Occupation: On Premise Manager Hobbies: Traveling the world to see Beyonce and searching for the best cupcakes Education: Fisk University Favorite Sport: Shoe shopping Favorite Artist: Phyliss Hyman Bucket List: Skydive, travel to Dubai and open a nostalgic candy boutique Favorite Food: French Fries

About the Groom Nick Name: Doug Hometown: New Orleans, LA Roles you play in life: FH, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, and Artist Occupation: Creative Director Hobbies: Fashion Design, Travel, and Smoking Cigars Education: Atlanta College of Art Favorite Sport: Baseball Favorite Celebrity: Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Favorite Artist: Jay Z Bucket List: Travel to Tokyo, Figi and Costa Rica Favorite Food: Spaghetti and Meatballs

How They Met Camille and Doug were introduced by a mutual friend Nina Brown at a celebrity rapper’s birthday party. At first sight Camille told Nina that Doug would be her husband. After years of courting Doug proposed!

The Proposal Of all the days to propose, I picked New Year's Eve, those last few magical hours where new beginnings are celebrated. Camille had no idea what was about to take place. A couple of days earlier, I reached out to a good friend of mine, Lucky The Jeweler, and talked to him about selecting a piece so unique, only a true princess would be worthy of wearing it. That day I picked up the very thing that would make a statement later in the night, and also change in my life forever. With the confidence of a super hero and the ring in my jacket pocket, we headed to a very special restaurant, Nan. I watched the clock anxiously as we waited to be seated. I thought to myself, "This will be the place I make my announcement to world." However, that wouldn't be the case as we ran into her sister Missy and her husband Leonard which meant one thing –– head to a party after dinner. As we dined, we heard people clapping. We looked over and saw a couple who had just gotten engaged. Camille whispered to me how sweet that was and that she would cry, but didn't want to mess up her lashes! I asked her, "so if I asked you to marry me you wouldn't cry because of your LASHES?!" She replied ohh no! She had no idea what was to come. We all ended up at a New Years party surrounded by some of her close friends. She asked me if I was going to kiss her at midnight? My mouth said of course. My mind said it's going to be a whole lot more than that.She said it's midnight now but it wasn't. Then the countdown began. Here we go. Heart is beating. Blood is pumping. Now is the time I make my move. I said, "reach into my pocket." She did and I believe at that very moment we felt every firework celebration going on around the world. What a special moment.The rest, well, I think we all know how the rest of the story goes.

The Royal Venue

The Royal Court

Miss Kristen Stanton Junior Bridesmaid/ Cousin

Miss Dayira Jones Junior Bridesmaid/ Niece

Kenya Moore

Maid of Honor / BFF 2000 Two Detroit girls met in Paris, France at a movie premiere and have been friends ever since.

Master Chaunce Binder Groomsmen/ Son

Master Chandler Binder Groomsmen/ Son

Miss Ameerah El-Allie Princess in Waiting/ Niece

Miss Mikaela Kincaid Flower Girl/ Niece

George Matlock

1994 Met at work and became like brothers

Master Cannon Binder Glass Slipper Bearer/ Nephew

Master Gavin Stewart Ring Bearer/Friend of Family

“there’s no way to be in love. you just know. for me, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.”

Looking forward to celebrating with you!

happily ever


To send well wishes to the Bride and Groom

The Royal Wedding  
The Royal Wedding