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O ctober brings new designs and exciting art with beautiful colors. This catalog offers a first

glance at fresh illustrations and engineering in several of our greeting card lines, including PopUp Snow Globe Greetings®, Panoramics, and Treasures. New designs are also available in our Trinkets®, Sight ‘n Sound and Pop-Up Notepads.

Contents Treasures 2 Panoramics 3 Pop-up Snow Globe Greetings 3 Pop-up Notepads 4 Trinkets 4 Sight ’n Sound 4

Treasures Treasures greeting cards have a wholesale cost of $3.25 per card, and an SRP of $6.99

1323 Lots of Candles

1322 Princess & Unicorn

Cover Copy: Make a Wish!

Inside Copy: Happy Birthday

Inside Copy: Happy Birthday

1321 Potted Plants Message Tags: Happy Birthday Thank you Congrats on your new home Happy Mother’s Day Blank


Panoramics Panoramics greeting cards have a wholesale cost of $4.25 per card, and an SRP of $8.99

A330 Swans Inside Copy: Wishing You a Beautiful Birthday

Swans flap wings and frolic amongst the flowers!

A329 Dog Walker Inside Copy: Happy Birthday!

Dogs wag tails and move heads as they are walked with real string leashes!

Pop-Up Snow Globe GreetingsŽ Pop-Up Snow Globe Greetings are 5� tall, have a wholesale cost of $3.25 per card and an SRP of $6.99

EG064 Bees and Dahlias Tag Copy: Happy Birthday Feel Better Soon Thinking of You Blank


Pop-up Notepads

Pop-up Notepads have a wholesale cost of $2.75 per notepad, and an SRP of $5.99

N074 Butterflies Inside Copy: Blank

Sight ‘n Sound

The Sight’n Sound line has a wholesale cost of $3.75 and an SRP of $7.99

Calming sounds of nature from rippling lake waves and distant birds finish this scenic card!

SS087 Lakeside Cabin Message Tags: Happy Birthday Adventure Awaits Happy Retirement Blank


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Up With Paper October 2018 Supplement  
Up With Paper October 2018 Supplement