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welcome ! Hello everyone. Welcome to the first issue of PaperDoll magazine! We are so excited to share with you everything we have been working on over the past 6 months! PaperDoll has been a labour of love and it’s fantastic to finally see all that hard work pay off. The idea of PaperDoll started off as just that; an idea so to see it finished and here for you to enjoy is a wonderful feeling. This issue is dedicated to the coming summer months, and is jam packed with fashion, music, inspiration and tons of creative young women who without their help none of this would have been possible! Over the following pages you will find the latest fashion trends and reviews. We have interviews with teen bloggers and showcases of some seriously talented photographers. We also bring you our special fashion editorials. Summer Skin was a pleasure to capture, being outside in the sunshine and having a brilliant day out, turn to page 62 to see it for yourself! Here at PaperDoll we’ve been busy lusting after heartthrob Robert Pattinson and on page 58 we write exactly what we think about the whole Twilight phenomena. If music is your thing, check out our feature on No Doubt and not forgetting the new album reviews. All in all we’ve had a great time making this magazine for you all and really hope you enjoy and love it as much as we do! Enjoy the coming summer and don’t forget to check back in the Autumn for a next brand new issue of PaperDoll! lots of love PaperDoll

Editor: Jade Elena Warren


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n by: J.W

paperdoll issue one

summer 2009


issue 1 content

So many to choo se from and so lit tle time to fit th all in, we are pretty em torn about which ones to go to this year. Were lo ving the line ups fo r Reading & Leeds, not mentiion Coac hella, Pukkelpop an d Beach Break. Summer is just no t complete witho ut buying a cheap tent, wet wipes and tons of suns creen for a weeke with more live ba nd nds than you can shake a stick at!

You can never have enough sunglasses and it seems FredFlare feel the same way! This summer they have their Risky Business range of sunnies to keep you stocked up well into next summer. For every colour you could want, go to to check them out.


Summer is upon us, with lots of exciting bits and bobs to look forward to! New music. New collections and New crushes.

LADY SOVEREIGN - She’s back for 2009 with single So Human, which has been playing non stop on PapeDoll’s stereo. We also love her mad style and will be taking notes for this summer! LA ROUX - She’s kind of appeared from knowhere, but we sure as hell love her. In For The Kill is so catchy and a sure-fire hit. Skreams remix is also one to download. Her style is also something to admire. Not your usual chick La Roux mixes up her own style with chic and totally hip designers. LITTLE BOOTS - One talented little lady, Victoria Hesketh a.k.a Little Boots plays a variety of cool instruments and has a electric style to match. New album Hands is released in June. Make sure you get your hands on it!

One of the best bands on the live music scene, Maximo Park are back and we couldn’t be happier! New album Quicken the Heart see’s daylight on May 11th and first song Wraithlike is easily going to be dominating our earbuds for a while. If you get to see them this summer at festivals, we are totally envious. You won’t be disappointed! for more info.


We’ve dug out our old roller skates and aim to keep fit by burning it up and down the beach this summer. So retro and so now, grab a pair yourself and try not to fall over to much!




All Images used to promote and none are owned by PaperDoll.(Non- Profit magazine)

spoilt rotten its at the moment. Were Can’t get enough of playsu bringing every trendy fashion brand for choice with just about River and ce avoided attire. Topshop their own flavor to the on ts. th their funky summer sui Island come out on top wi Island. £39.99 1. Ruffle Print Suit by River Miss Selfridge. £45.00 2. Denim Zip Short Suit by p. £50.00 3. Floral Playsuit by Topsho

Hottest Label on the Planet! summ Insight 51

was founded d 90’s, in Australia on the north beache The brand was created to complimen successful Insight Surfboards, and so as sought after. Today it is certainly a lifestyle brand, drawing on surf, skate of course fashion as its main influenc

We admit it; we have loved Insight 51 got a sneak peak at their previous sp collection. Chock full of bright, clashin a playful twist on the surf/skate ap was one collection that didn’t disapp guessed it, they only gone and done it Summer 2009 rolls around, and this t cranked it up a notch and really out do with three separate collections to fe eyes upon. Not only does Insight 51 c attention grabbing pieces but they a pieces in an unforgettable manner. W want to own a eat your crust dress some mad rad shorts?!

Each collection is a wonderful assort shades, clashed with over sized tees funky printed skirts, plus they’re styl to be admired! The reason we love Ins have given them the prestigious title label on the planet is simply because e a bit rebellious, following it’s own set because Insight 51 combine shapes an such an imaginative and playful mann of clothing that makes you feel fun ju it, and that definitely gets our vote!

Here’s the lowdown on each new co

Electric Pulse – a combination of fit baggy graphic tees with a mix of spri Forever Young – a palette of summe shorts and printed vest tops. Vagabond Rhapsody – to many colo feast of bright printed tees and playf to mention a whole lot of tin foil! View each collection at www.insight find out where to buy.


during the late es of Sydney. nt the already oon became just a successful e, music, art and ces.

1 ever since we pring/summer ng prints and pparel genre, it point. So you’ve t again. Spring/ time they’ve one themselves east your create fun and also name those Who wouldn’t or kick it in

tment of vibrant s and seriously ling of each is sight 51 and e of hottest each piece is t of rules and nd colours in ner. It’s the type ust by looking at


tted dresses, ing colours. er pastels, denim

ours for words! A ful dresses, not

All Photos: Insight 51. and to

It’s also great to see New Look raising it’s game to compete with the likes of Topshop whose collaboration list seems to grow by the day. They also have a new limited edition collection which is slightly pricer than usual but offers some chic heels and on trend dresses. We can’t wait to get our hands on some of the pieces that Alexa is seen wearing, especially the printed playsuit which is seriously fantastic and destined to have a spot in our wardrobe this season.

Photo: New Model: Alexa Chung. Photographer: Matt Irwin.

All though you may see this as just another fashionable celebrity hooking up with a trendy fashion brand, like Kate Moss for Topshop and previously Lily Allen for New Look, this is slightly different. Instead of creating her own line model/presenter/style muse Alexa Chung is going to be the face of New Looks Spring collection. No designing involved but we think that could be a good thing. So instead of a mish mash of a collection we get New Look’s usual eye for trends and fashion paired with super stylish Alexa Chungs own fashionable take.. She looks relaxed and effortlessly cool in this seasons hottest trends. Photographed by Matt Irwin, the preview shots of the collection due in stores soon show Ms Chung in checkered jackets, stripes and a printed playsuit among others. Alexa maintained she choose pieces that reflected her own sense of style instead of just being put in ‘trendy’ outfits.


9 0 k o o b p a r c s d n e r t l l o d

season, is h t r o f s d n r top tre u o u o y g hottest in r e b h t we d n a s r u o l ay of co r r a n joy! a n E in . t g e e in r t s mix h ig ks and h l a w t a c e h t m o picks fr

eb race le



fore neck



32. 00

topshop embroidered rose oversized tee. £28.00 (left) topshop viva floral print canvas shoe. £22.00 (below)

topshop floral tulip skirt .£

Oscar De La Renta Sprin

g 2009 floral prom dress. £49.00

2009 berg Spring n te rs u F n o Diane V

All Photos: Photographer: Marcio Madeira




bandeau new look vibrant ) dress.£28.00 (left se ro w llo topshop ye sweetheart ow) tunic. £35.00 (bel

ring 2009

Blumarine Spr

luella s/s 09 inspired print dresses and b louses

44.99 ess £ m dr ver Isla nd floral pro Ri

5.90 ess. $2 m dr pro

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sp

forever21 silk floral blouse. $22.90 k forever21 pin

Luella Spring 2009

ing 2009

ever21 s pring bli ss klace. £ 10.80

pinks and golds m ixed with faint prints. H&M dress. £30.00 (b elow) minx - plain metallic pump. £25.00 (above). oversized drape vest. £22.00 (below). all topshop


H& M chiffon ra ra dress. £49.00 (above)

co ral 0 neck lace. june 2

8 chute dress. £3 panel para .00

If fl orals and brights in nudes and sheer es ap sh ic nt ma ro g l in ow f of this trend ht fabrics to create lig ith w d xe mi e ar s el st pa colours. Light a catwalk. ny ma on en se , es ec pi ne ni femi

All AllPhotos: Photographer:Marcio MarcioMadeira Madeira


in the nude/isn’ptayosurtethls ing then take comfort in

hair trends on the catwalk bun shine super styled and sleek, this new take on the bun was created by applying extra shine. seen at Phillip Lim and Rodarte this season. all the Shiny buns were Seen . rage this season spring/ s here at Phillip Lim alk tw summer 2009 ca

the go go ponytail

The Romantic Wave soft undone long waves were seen on the catwalks at ralph lauren and gucci to name a few. an easy look to achieve thats girly and chic at the same time. Romantic Waves at Ralph Lauren spring/summer 2009 catwalk

Photo Credit: Tony & Guy. Phillip Lim S/S 09. Ralph Lauren S/S 09.

by Tony&Guy, was This look created tail 90’s grunge pony their take on the e twist. Seen on with a go go danc ple nkov, this is a sim Pe at k al tw ca e th l ative to the usua yet stylish altern ponytail!

topshop zip front tunic. £28.00

t bodycon mini skirt shop prin . £25 .00

forev er21 wild


$ 15.80

t geometric


Nathan Jenden Spring 2009

Basso & Brooke Spring 2009

Josh Goot Spring 2009

works topshop fire 22.00 print tunic. £


All Photos: Photographer: Marcio Madeira

splashs of paint, brush strokes and arty details

then think think paint splatter and broad brush strokes. wardrobe geometric shapes and contrast. Mix up your s. It’s all with some chunky heels and bright sunglasse about the details so go cazy!

delias emmy fade sunglasses. $12.50. (above) forever21 elastic strap wedge. $24.80. (left)

what your wearing this summer... “Shorts and loose-fi tting t-shirts, because I’ll (hopefully) be a camp counselor...: Hannah Cheeto, 16 US “Perhaps a simple gap vest top, a high-waisted circle skirt, and an obi belt worn like Prada S/S 09? Topped off with some gorgeous LK bennet sandals. Pure bliss...” Molly Taylor, 15 UK “Probably shorts that I’m going to cut out of my jeans, 2 or 3 tops on top of each other & converse sneakers, which are my absolute favourites right now. I’m looking for round-glasses too, a bit like John Lennon’s. I hope that I’ll get them for the summer:). I’ll be wearing my camera with me, so I think that it would be my no.1 accessory!” Katrina, 14 Estonia “Rompers, I hope. I got one off eBay that is slaaaamin! Other than that I wear similar things in every season! I know, so bad!” Kylie, 19 US “Glittery playsuits, acid washed denim shorts, crop tops and my bikini 24/7,,,” Zoe, 16 Canada

fas hion mi x

Ilustration Jade. W

ing fas hio n mi x


wi t h


ic us

ing with music spir in


fashion+music=inspi fashion+music=inspiration f+m=i turn over now Fashion is constantly influenced by music and vice a versa. We have beautiful musicians whose style sometimes garners more press than their music. Here however we have four super talented and equally stylish women that mix together both fashion and music in equal parts. They have created their own personal looks and influence trends, quite unknowingly. We love them for being individual and not being your stereotypical music barbie doll. These women have real passion for the music they create and the people they play too, they also show amazing personal style and fashionability. Quirky, kookie and relatable their styles are all different but at the same time similar because none of them really give a crap about following trends or doing it for anyone else’s benefit. They all have different musical styles to match their individual looks. Hayley from Paramore is like the new Gwen Stefani but with bright flaming red hair, and a slightly more casual alternative style. She dresses for herself and wont be pressured into wearing something she isn’t comfortable with, similarly Pip Brown a.k.a Ladyhawke refuses to be dressed by anyone but herself, preferring boys clothes to expensive dresses and heels. Lykke Li has created a look all her own, that has inspired many a new trend. That quirky sense of swedish style mixed in with an art house esthetic has caught everyones attention, she also makes seriously sweet music too. Natasha Khan a.k.a Bat for Lashes has a unique style all of her own, with captivating stage style and an essence of cool. There’s an eliment of childlike dress up mixed with a pyschadelic colour palette and her music is much the same. Fashion and music= heaps of inspiration!

y e l y Ha s m a i l l i W It’s been a while since we’ve had a rock chick quite like Hayley Williams. Sure there have been the odd few who have broken through and influenced fashion, but it has definitely not been quite so stylishly and effortlessly achieved as is the case with Miss Williams. For those not so familiar, Hayley, 20 is the lead singer of rock band Paramore, she’s bold and has heaps of charisma not forgetting a stunning and powerful set of vocal chords. Starting out in 2004, Hayley and her band consisting of friends from school soon released their first album All We Know is Falling. The buzz surrounding them soon caught on, with tours following and then in 2007 the release of a second album and PaperDoll’s personal favorite Riot! The blend of rock, pop punk and teen angst was a hit and soon singer Hayley not only became known for her music but also for her looks. It’s hard to miss her, with bright orange and recently red flaming hair, she may be pint sized but she sure knows how to rock her own style. Not since Gwen Stefani burst onto the scene with her band No Doubt as one female rock vocalist acquired such a following, a girl with a ton of attitude with an equal amount of sassy style.

not since G wen Williams possesses a sense of not caring and wearing what she wants, when she wants. She’s how Avril Lavigne wishes she could be, and carries off the desired rock-chick label without seemingly having to try. Instead of being an imitator, Hayley dresses with how she feels, and you get the impression that whatever she likes works for her, be that skinny jeans, old tees or printed hoodies. It’s all pretty casual but somehow works. We love the fact that she can easily pull off fire engine red hair and still look amazing. We also love the fact that she’s made dressing down not as unacceptable. She makes us want to ditch the heels, kick it in our old chuck converses and pull on a comfortable hoodie. The latter is in fact her most famous trademark, along with cute t-shirts and grungy bracelets. So how did this almost love child of Hot Topic and Forever 21 acquire her taste in fashion? Well it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Hayley’s main passion is music. Lots of it. She’s influenced by a bevy of pop/punk/rock and indie bands such as New Found Glory, Saves the Day, Jimmy Eat World and older 90’s pop rock. She is also just like any girl her age influenced by make up and simple girly activities. Hayley is the perfect blend of tomboy/rock chick but keeps her girlishness still in tact. Because of this so many can look up to her as a relatable style muse and inject there own fashion ideas. It also helps that she is as cute as button and a little bit kooky. It’s no surprise that we’ve witnessed our friends try in vain to match her locks or ditch the layers of make up for just smokey eyeliner and a more natural look. Hayley is a style inspiration and bresh of fresh air compared to the barbie dolled, moulded style icons around. A true inspiration, in both music and fashion.

Photos: Hayley from Paramore. Credit to Photographer.


burst on the scen with her band No Doubt h one feM femaleV calist ha such an

(Lykke Li for Bodkin Spring/Summer 2009)

Super sweet 22-year-old Swedish singer Lykke Li first caught our attention with the beautiful and imaginative video Little Bit. The icy blondes style was quite unlike anything we’d come across for some time. An androgynous mix of dark colours and big shapes, her look had us mesmerised. But it isn’t just her style that made up sit up and pay attention. Her sweet voice and catchy pop/electronic album Youth Novels has not budged from our CD player all year. Dance numbers like I’m Good I’m Gone and infectiously catchy Breaking it Up gained some serious airplay, not to mention a new fan base and numerous live shows. It’s also worth noting that she provided the infamous whistling on Peter, Bjorn and Johns last summer anthem Young Folks.

We love Lykke Li because she seems slightly crazy and totally comfortable in her own skin and with the bold style choices she makes. It is no wonder that Brooklyn based designers Bodkin asked her to model in their Spring/ Summer campaign. The preview shots show a playful and yet edgy side to the Swedish vocalist. The clothing worn also stays true to Lykke Li’s fashion values. She doesn’t like to mix colour, saying it confuses her, instead opting for a monochrome palette of blacks, whites and greys. She likes to keep each colour separate and concentrate on the shape of a garment rather than just the colour. Lykke Li also channels a kind of tomboy-chic aesthetic but mixes it up with feminine fabrics and make up. You can also credit the sudden surge of topknot bun hairstyle to her.

Lykke Li models for Bodkin Spring/Summer collection, available now.Album Youth Novels is out on itunes.

Photo: Bodkin. Model: Lykke Li Spring Preview 09

. . . . . .


Lykke Li is slightly reminiscent of Bjork and singer El Perro del Mar but has brought her own modern twist and flair. The trendy and the hip can’t get enough of her style and it seems that’s the way it will continue to be. She may not be as imaginative in her colours as some of her other female contemporaries but we love the fact she can still stand out and look amazing in just a black long shirt and some silver chains. Lykke Li is also a fan of thrift stores and rummaging through her mothers old assortments. She credits her home city of Stockholm with being the best place for fashion and inspiration. Judging by the clothes seen on Lykke Li, we would be more than happy to be her shopping partner if she ever needed one!

Photo Credit: Ladyhawke


Coming into the style stakes with a bang is New Zealand native Pip Brown a.k.a Ladyhawke. Relatively unknown a year ago, this feisty yet famously shy lady has sent the fashion set into a frenzy over her creative and very much individual style. Refusing to play by the ‘rules’ and let others dress her for the sake of appearing ‘cool’, Ladyhawke prefers someone else do it. Herself. A hard one to miss in the crowd that is seemingly populated by generic indie band girls, she has risen to become not only a sought after musician (her first single Paris is Burning is still playing on the radio), but she is most sought after for her fashion credentials. Ladyhawke says that she never wears heels and likens her style to that of a guy, oversized tees and ripped jeans. She also customises her looks by cutting and chopping up shirts, removing sleeves and adding her own twist once she becomes ‘sick’ of a particular garment. We kind of think she rocks for this and also because she has managed to infiltrate and stake her claim in the world of ‘the fashion show’. Both Karl Lagerfeld and Luella models marched down the runway to her music and she was invited to London Fashion week, proof if needed that she’s well onto becoming somewhat of a muse for fashion designers and the general fashion savvy public. Heck she event counts the punk-rock darling Courtney Love as a fan! In Pip’s wardrobe you’re most likely find worn out skinny jeans, plaid shirts and Doc Martins, the latter of which she is credited with bringing back into our wardrobes this season, quite an accolade! Ladyhawke isn’t just about fashion though as her music proves. Her self titled album showcases her talents as a versatile singer and son-writer, it also proved a hit with critics on these shores and farther a field. Definitely one to keep an eye on, we predict big things in both music and fashion for this young talent. Ladyhawkes album Ladyhawke is out now on itunes.

Natasha Khan a.k.a Bat for Lashes is well known for not only her music but also for her eclectic style and fusion of 70’s psychedelic attire, kind of a modern day female Ziggy Stardust if you will. Since the release of her first album Fur and Gold in 2006, Khan has become some what of an alternative fashion muse. This however was hardly intentional but just an extension of her musical abilities. She has sparked trends in feathered headbands, futuristic garments and even made face painting seem cool again. When on stage as Bat for Lashes, Khan unleashes an array of fantasy get ups and bright, dramatic make up. Think lots of glitter and a colour palette to rival the brightest of rainbows. The way in which Khan chooses these elaborate stage outfits seems to gel effortlessly with the style of music she creates with Bat for Lashes. Kind of eerie and space-like, it undoubtably is very much other worldly, which is also possibly a good way to describe her mystic style spell. The key to Khan’s fashion charm? “Being experimental and not being frightened by that”. It seems as if she has found the perfect balance between being quirky and just plain bonkers. To look at images of her, dressed up on stage and in various trendy magazines you might compare her style say to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, front women Karen O whose outfits are edgy and slightly crazy. But Khan is slightly more approachable and relatable in her fashion and values, she quite happily admits to liking hight street brands such as American Apparel and popping into Topshop go get basic essentials like leggings. She also isn’t one to pass up thrift store bargains and vintage clothing. From this Natasha has created a style all of her own, that reflects her amazing musical talents and just shows that a little bit of imagination and experimentation can go along way!

natasha khan: bat for lashes

Photo Credit: Jeaneen Lun

watermelon ruched scarf/dorothy perkins £12 wasted youth vest/forever 21

barry m dazzle dust and glitter crayon. £4.00 each

1. 3.

2. vintage distressed hotpants/topshop £30


all star neon rose hi-tops. £61.50 1. black cut out bag miss selfridge £18 summer is all about being outdoors. sweaty crowds and live music.

2. journey braclet forever21 £3.40 3. silver risky business sunglasses. fredflare £7.90 4. sountrack: foals

b ou re quet ring ve r 21 £2.7


rm s

betsey johnsons rose garden watch £67.25

tea party! ph oto

op £45 graphy cor set dress topsh

All Images: Created using





pin tf k do crossover pla rot 3 hy perkins £


w O N l fee ic


r T c e eL w O N

l e Fe 1.


3. 2.




8. 6.

1. richard Nicholl silk panelled top. £320. 2. topshop gun metal belt. £35. 3. miso wet look leggings £12.66. 4. topshop multi-coloured necklace. £20. 5. asos colour block bag. £17.75. 6. pastry glam pie lowtops. 7. forever21 plait hairband. £1.00. 8. rimmel lash maxx mascara. 9. h&m shocking pink varnish. £3.35. soundtrack: steve aoki, MGMT, yeah yeah yeahs.

m i t r e m e a m nd u s 1.



LI VINGS easy! 7.


4. 2.



1. blue and cream stripe bow top. miss selfridge £25.00 2. bow detail skirt. topshop £35.00 3. layered flower leaf necklace. topshop £9.00 4. illuminating liquid foundation. stila $38.00 5. kate sheridan turtle clip purse. asos £15.00 6. metallic swirl peep toe sandal. asos. £17.75 7. soundtrack: youth novels, lykke li


Cari Ann Wayman (also known as yyellowbird) is a twenty year old girl who pretends to still be sixteen. She currently lives in chicago, but considers herself based out of rockford, illinois. she tried art school for a year but it didn’t work. she loves taking pictures so much she is too afraid to take it seriously. so much so that she calls it “taking pictures” and not “photography.” she would like to be an explorer in the most victorian sense of the word. she is interested in abandoned buildings, the loch ness monster, russian royalty, snow and lights, wilderness and ruins, carnivals and the moon. she is not afraid of anything (almost anything). All Photos Courtesy of Cari Ann

When and what made you start taking pictures? I was fifteen, I think, and one day, I just saw my mom’s little point and shoot camera sitting on the table, so I decided to go for a walk to the park and just started taking pictures. I was so horrible at first though! It’s really silly and embarrassing to go back and look at my old work. I guess I’ve only been taking pictures “seriously” for about two years, but I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a baby, since before I could even talk, so I’ve always been interested in art. This is just a new phase of that. I never thought I’d end taking pictures, I used to hate getting my picture taken!

How would you describe your photography/work? Oh I don’t know. I’m not sure I have a good grasp on the definition of it, or how to describe my specific aesthetic. I think outside sources can describe it much better. It’s just what things in my head look like. What inspires you? I actually try not to look at other people’s artwork or things like that very much. I don’t go to galleries or watch movies or submit myself to artistic visual stimulation almost ever, really. I want my inspiration to come directly from my mind and my purest reactions to my surroundings. What is your most memorable piece of photography? To me? Any of the abandoned houses, I think, just the experience of going there and taking those pictures is otherworldly. Your ambitions/plans for the future? I’m not sure! I went to art school for a year and dropped out Mostly I just want to wander the world and take pictures of pretty, abandoned things, but I know you can’t really make a life out of that, or I don’t know, maybe you can. I guess I just want to make my life epic, composed out of the tiniest magical things.


hannah cheeto

Blog: Cheetos Are Orange, AGE:16 How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? I made my first blog like 3 years ago but it wasn’t about fashion and I didn’t ever update it. The current one officially started August of ‘07. What or who do you tend to write about the most? Clothes, style... and my life. A lot. What interests you? I love writing fiction, and reading. I love clothes, obviously, and food. How would you describe your style? I hate this question.... I would say it’s kind of random but... I like black shiny things. Who do you look to for fashion inspiration & whose wardrobe(s) would you like to raid? I read a lot of other blogs, and have kind of come to terms with the fact that I’m in love with Rumi. But mostly in the morning I just put random stuff from my closet together and am like, “oh! I like it!” As far as who’s wardrobe, probably... I don’t know, Carine Roitfeld’s. Which designers do you admire? Margiela, Balenciaga, Balmain, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen, YSL. Where do you usually shop? Forever 21, H&M, Wet Seal, Target, American Apparel... I like my clothes cheap. And I find random things at thrift stores. What is your guilty pleasure? Twilight. Most of my friends are like, ew, those books are so badly written. But... I love them!

List: 2009 Fashion Wish pants 1. Dropped-crotch 2. Over-the-knee boots 3. Printed tights

Age: I’m sixteen How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? I’ve been blogging since april ‘07... so nearly two years . It started out as a fun project with my friend Jessica, then snowballed into it becoming my daily routine . What or who do you tend to write about the most? I tend to write about things that inspire me - fashion, music, life - or simply things that I desire .It’s not too complicated .. anything that pops into my head, i write about . What interests you? Writing and fashion . I’m not sure if I can pick a favourite between the two as a blogger, they sort of go hand in hand . How would you describe your style? Comfortable, and forever evolving . Who do you look to for fashion inspiration and whose wardrobe(s) would you like to raid? The olsens, peaches geldof, emanuelle alt, chloe sevigny & melanie huynh . Any style obsessions? As of late, I’m obsessed with acid-washed denim. Which designers do you admire? Alex wang; stella mccartney; the rodarte girls; jack mccollough & lazaro hernandez; christopher kane; luella bartley; jenni kayne; and alber elbaz . Where do you usually shop? H&M when I’m near one .. otherwise small boutiques, the salvation army, american apparel, ect. What is your guilty pleasure? Easy: jesse mccartney!!

2009 Fashion Wish List: 1. american apparel multi-purpose spandex dress in navy or baby pink 2. knee-high black gladiator sandals 3. a tan 4. t by alexander wang tank dresses 5. a creamy leather tote to carry around wherever I go .

r o l y a t molly Blog: fashion flush (www.fashionflush.blogspot. com) Hometown: England AGE: 15 How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? I’ve been blogging on and off for about two years now (ever since I was 13) but I’ve only been writing for fashion flush for about 4 months now. I guess I started because I love writing and fashion, and combined with reading blogs such as Stylebubble., I found the perfect blend of the two in the form of a fashion blog! What or who do you tend to write about the most? I like to write mostly articles about fashion based subjects, like trends or my personal fashion habits. I like to stay away from celebrities as I think that there is too much of that in the blogosphere. I do tend to write alot for my posts, but I do genuinely enjoy writing things long winded... What interests you? Other than fashion, of course, I love to write and read, but my major passion is art. Other than blogging, I spend the majority of my time drawing. How would you describe your style? That’s a difficult question because at the moment I don’t really think I have a ‘style’. I’m still young and experimenting with fashion (as I believe we all should be doing!), so I’ll let you know just as soon as I find out myself! Who do you look to for fashion inspiration and whose wardrobe(s) would you like to raid? I look to a number of places. Since reading, I’ve started my own inspiration folder which is so much fun to do and lets me channel my organising obsession through fashion. It has a lot of things inside now, from Vogue pages to lookbook and sartorialist pictures, so that helps inspiration-wise! I don’t know whose wardrobe I would raid- possibly Katie Grand’s? She has a wonderful taste in fashion. Any style obsessions? Hands down: T-shirt dresses. I have about 6 now.

Which designers do you admire? I think I’ll always have a place in my heart for Chanel, being probably the most classic look in the fashion world, and Karl L’s consistency season by season is quite amazing. So probably a combination of Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. Where do you usually shop? I know it sounds really boring, but 99% of my clothes are from high street stores. Being poor and quite afraid of charity shops leaves me with no other choice. It’s a habit, and a habit that someday I WILL break. What is your most favourite thing in the world right now? Right now? Skins series 3. I’ve just caught up with the entire series, and although I told myself I wouldn’t get sucked in, I am. There’s something so appealing about drunken teenage dramas... What is your guilty pleasure? Food. I’m a food person; eating en masse has just been in my family forever. Summertime: The best part about summer is: Going on holiday, of course! Sun, sea, sand, surf, and shopping is the perfect cocktail of summer bliss. My essential summer song is: Anything by the beach boys. Brings back fond memories...

2009 Fashion Wish List: 1. A silky jumpsuit like d&g s/s 09, just with a scoop neck not a collar. 2. Some dangerously high snakeskin heels. 3. A huge statement necklace like the ones over at Missioni. 4. Some green and orange nail polishes. 5. Some sharply tailored grey trousers.

Kylie f


Name: Kylie. F Blog:Nice and Shiny, AGE:19, getting old for a fashion blogger. All my favourite blogs are from girls 12-16! How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? I believe it’s been about a year now, although I’ve been reading fashion blogs for about least 3 solid years. Before I actually started by blog I was considering starting one for about a year or so. I didn’t want to just make one that would get lost in the sea of all the other fashion blogs out there, so I really had to think about how mine would be unique and post things that were interesting! I also just like making things! I’ve made websites before and it’s a lot of fun, and I’ve been in love with fashion since about the fourth grade so it seemed to make sense! What or who do you tend to write about the most? I like to post my own material, pictures, outfits, drawings, and DIY’s the most. Having original things to post is the most special to me, and the most interesting. The blogs that I forget about in an instant are those that are only post things from 3rd party sources. If I posted every picture that I’ve saved from other places, I’d need about 3 blogs! What interests you? In a word: everything. I stick to fashion on my blog, but in reality the truth is that fashion is just as important as any of my other interests. I love film and literature, but I’m fascinated by the whole world. I’m drawn to things that are about the human connection, however small or understated. I have a new obsession every few weeks, although I cherish everything forever… I’m a pack rat! The things that I loved in the 7th grade are the things that I still love today! How would you describe your style? My friends can say “Oh, that’s so you”, but I’m not sure if I can really pinpoint my style. For the most part I just wear what I like, whether it’s really outthere or just simple. I love Japanese street-style as it’s so eclectic, and it seems like people there just wear what they want and look great because they have fun with it! I’m drawn to certain things for no good reason, like huge accessories or clunky boots… or anything shiny, really! The loves that can’t be explained are the truest. What makes you individual? I try not to think about that too much, I just go with the flow. Sometimes I’ll wear something that’s quite “unique” (a.k.a. tacky awesomeness!) but other times I’ll wear something that not very original (like a lumberjack flannel with black jeans). I suppose what makes me individual is the fact that I’m not individual! I’m a collection of everything I see, feel, and experience. Just everything I love! Who do you look to for fashion inspiration and whose wardrobe(s) would you like to raid? I just keep my eyes open to everything around me. I’m influenced by everything, I suck it all up! I love my Grandma’s clothes, I borrow things from her all the time. A sequined scarf, this huge geometric necklace, and if her feet weren’t 3 sizes smaller then I’d probably have half her shoes in my closet right now! …And I also may need to nip into Susie Bubble’s closet for a bit! Any style obsessions? Like I said before, I obsess over things all the time. I usually make things when I love a particular look or idea, as I have no money to go and buy a whole new wardrobe! For example I’ll just start attaching chains to everything I own to satisfy my chain obsession. Mmmm, chains… If I had to pick a single style obsession to capsulate my entire existence, it would be Noel Fielding. Seriously, I cannot describe the love I have for him. Where do you usually shop? Second hand and DIY take up about 90% of my closet. The occasional American Apparel, for basics, although their quality is really going down hill. It’s extremely important to shop ethically; hence all my stuff comes from thrift stores! Please make sure you know where you’re clothes are coming from. There are actually people behind all the millions and millions of pieces of clothing being churned out every year. They don’t just appear from nowhere! People working in sweatshops all over the world have horrible lives just so we can save a few bucks at the mall. It’s not right, we are all humans. What is your guilty pleasure? I’m not really guilty about anything I like, as my interests go on forever! If I had to choose, I’d tell you that I have every Mary-Kate and Ashley movie in existence, bought only within the last few years. Getting There is amazing. I am also pretty ashamed about my Twilight fixation. I can’t really live without Edward!

2009 fashion wishlist

1. Anything sheer 2. Creepers 3. Ultra-ruffley skirts and dresses 4. Drop crotch pants 5. As always, anything sequined or shiny!

n o s l e n y am

f lyingakite.blogs

Blog: Flying a kite, Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada AGE: 16 How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? I have been blogging since the end of November 2008. I have always loved fashion, but I had little access or understanding of the fashion world. One day, I magically came across a website called chictopia, and my love for fashion began to grow. As my love for fashion grew, I decided to create a blog to help document and express my own individuality and style. What or who do you tend to write about the most? I tend to write about my own personal growth as a stylist, and as a person. What interests you? Fashion, literature, culture, existentialism, and music. How would you describe your style? Eclectic, and wise beyond my years. What makes you individual? My key sense of self is what makes me an individual. Who do you look to for fashion inspiration and whose wardrobe(s) would you like to raid? I am inspired by fellow fashion bloggers, and street style websites daily. I especially love to read blog de betty. I am also inspired by my favourite online stores catalogues, such as free people, and topshop.!

Any style obsessions? I am obsessed with feminine floral skirts paired with white sneakers. I’m also totally in love with wide legged denim, and hippie hair. Which designers do you admire? I admire Stella McCartney for her colour hues, and how she mixes masculine with femininity in such a beautiful way. I tend to enjoy no name brands, and thrift store buying. Where do you usually shop? I usually shop at my local Value Village, Cat’s Eye Vintage, H&M, Zara, and online. What is your most favourite thing in the world right now? The optimism that’s been hanging around my thoughts. What is your guilty pleasure? Fashion and ridiculously high wedges.

summertime: The best part of summer is: Flowers, the quiet breeze, the warm air, the green grass, and the feeling of true happiness, and the free-spiritedness that runs through my bones during the summer months. I will be wearing: Wedges paired with cut off shorts, floral dresses, and sun hats. I will also be wearing one piece rompers. I’ll say hell to body con skirts worn with loose, breezy , pastel blouses. When it’s chilly, I’ll be grabbing a fitted blazer to comp lete my look. My Essential summer song is: San Francisco by Scott McKenzie.

2009 fashion wish list 1. Breezy spring dresses 2. Rompers 3. Body Suits 4. Gold jewellery 5. Levi cut offs

advert page 45

grace lucas Grace Lucas is a seventeen year old photographer from Suffolk. England. When and what made you start taking pictures? I decided to buy my first digital camera when I was 14 and I found out my older sister was pregnant again – I couldn’t wait until my new niece was born and really wanted to capture her tiny newborn self. She’s three now and still one of my favourite subjects! It wasn’t long after that I joined and really started to try and take photography to the next level, I think one of the best ways to improve is to see a constant stream of others’ amazing photos How would you describe your photography? This is a hard one because I don’t really stick to one area of photography. I’d say my photos are fairy simple – I don’t like to over complicate or have busy shots. The photos I most enjoy creating are ones that could be described as quirky and tell a story. I love it when I don’t mean for a photo to have any particular concept or idea and people comment on what they think the “meaning” behind a photo was. Visit All Photos courtesy of Grace Lucas

What inspires you? Light! Nothing makes me want to pick up a camera more than looking out of the window to see gorgeous, golden, low, hazy light. Other photographers are constantly blowing me away but I don’t know if I would say they inspire me, I think there’s a thin line between being inspired by others’ style and copying it – something I try to avoid.

Your ambitions and plans for the future? I’d love to one day become a newborn photographer. I love babies and I think it must be quite fulfilling to know you’ve captured the first few weeks of someone’s child’s life for them forever. I’ve never shot strangers’ children though so it would be a good challenge! I’d also like to travel to Japan, India, Vietnam and Iceland to capture anything I might encounter while experiencing the different cultures.

crazy about twilig When I first heard of this particular book, I dismissed it as a typical teen read lacking in substance and the hype surrounding it created undeservingly. I observed countless bookstore displays devoted entirely to the phenomenon and Internet pages counting down the days for the official film release. I was quite happy and safe in the knowledge that the silly hype hadn’t surrounded me and my life could carry on without having to read such nonsense, feeling a slight smugness at avoiding it entirely. But then something strange happened... One particular cold December morning, I found myself in a well-known high street music store, sifting through a section dedicated to musician’s autobiographies, humorous coffee table books and other such assortments. Whilst scouring for something ‘interesting’ to read, something caught my eye. How can I describe it? Looking back now it feels as if fate intervened and willed me to be there, that day, in front of this particular book. It was as if my hands were compelled to reach out for it, to pick it up and observe it’s dark and mysterious cover properly for the first time. My eyes devouring the image and text presented to me. And so I did the unexpected. Holding it firmly in my grip, I paid my money and impatiently marched home. From the moment I turned the cover page and began the first line I was completely and utterly converted. It took some time to admit it, to myself and to others but I was totally hooked. The late evenings flew past as I hurriedly raced through each chapter, needing more, not being able to put it down. And so it all began, in part thanks to a vampire. A brooding, elusive and sensitive 107-year-old vampire (17 years in human years!) named Edward and in part thanks to a love story that left me breathless and smitten. It was official. I was hooked, or to be more precise. Bitten. It had me now and was not, for anything, letting me go. I had been bitten, and nothing would be the same again. Nothing. Thanks to Twilight. The Twilight saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and the web release of Meyers draft version told from the perspective of Edward, entitled Midnight Sun), have captured the hearts and minds of teenage girls all over the world, with its story of forbidden love and the supernatural. Author Stephanie Meyer has managed to create and bring to life a love story of an ordinary girl falling irrevocably in love with an extraordinary vampire boy,


The story of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen is complex yet at the same time easy to identify with. Unlike some critics claims of it being unrealistic and just the usual boy/girl in love yarn storyline, it definitely isn’t. Ok, so the chances of meeting a gorgeous and eternally caring vampire are slim but the story of true love, finding your soul mate and making that love work against all obstacles and prejudices is something to believe and fall in love with. Both Bella and Edward risk everything for a love they truly believe in and that makes for some great twists and tense encounters. Of course, all involving in an impossibly perfect family of vampires, a love triangle involving a werewolf, vengeful enemies and supernatural abilities we’d all love to possess, mind reading anyone? However, I do believe that the main factor in making the hearts of young girls flutter and the reason for such interest in Twilight is due to one thing or should I say one Vampire. In Edward Cullen, Meyer has created a new heartthrob for a generation. Impossibly perfect, charming and downright beautiful, Edward is without a doubt the main driving force behind the story. Ultimately dangerous but reluctant to be a your typical vampire (the Cullen clan being ‘vegetarian’ vampires), it ‘s hard to not fall in love and wish for an Edward Cullen of your very own. You can’t really blame any girl with weak-at-the-knees inducing lines such as...

“Before you my life was like a moonless night” and… “I promise to love you forever – every single day of forever”.

Thankfully, in my opinion the character of Edward has been successfully carried off in the film adaptation of the first book, with the role being filled by the already swoon worthy Robert Pattinson. I had my reservations about such a bold character being portrayed and living up to the Edward created in the book, but Pattinson, pulls it off with perfection. It’s very hard now to imagine the Edward in the books looking any different from the Edward in the film and from the reaction in the cinema, it seems most agree. There were cheers and whistles when Edward and the rest of his vampire family first enter the cafeteria (a scene that is probably forever etched in the memories of girls everywhere). Even mothers, with their daughters can’t help but fall under the spell and gaze adoringly at such a beautiful creature. I even recall hearing said mothers discussing the sad truth; the truth that we all can only wish was different. If only we could be so lucky, if only he were real… Twilight, along with Edward Cullen and the story of unrequited love has become unsurprisingly a phenomenon to be reckoned with. The film was a world wide success, with hordes of screaming girls attending premieres, buying Twilight merchandise and lusting quite rightfully over both the book and screen version of Edward. And with the release of the second book adaptation New Moon to be released in the cinemas at the end of this year, it seems as if the Twilight craze will be sticking around for a while to come...

Photo: Twilight screenshot.: Summit Entertainment

The way in which Edwards’s character is described and presented is magical. I credit Meyer with debunking the usual myths concerning vampires. No silly fangs or coffins, instead of using the typical vampire stereotypes, she has created vampires who co-exist with humans, dress in designer clothes and sparkle in the sun light, not forgetting being impeccably gorgeous and irresistible.

opinions on twilight About Twilight, I have read three of four books and I adore them! The movie was pretty good, and I didn’t realize Robert Pattison was that hot before. It was funny, I went with my friend and we sat on the floor with our Stop & Shop sandwiches. As far as relating to the story... who doesn’t want a guy like Edward? Hannah, 16 “Twilight”. I love it, because it’s so different. I don’t usually like stories about vamps or werewolf’s or other imaginary things, but this saga made me believe. It was written so logically and so close to truth that i was just amazed by it. This love story was even more perfect than all i’ve ever read before, because it was so imperfectly perfect. And that an ordinary girl, like Bella was so lucky to have a boy like Edward . It’s just raises hopes, that maybe someday every ordinary girl would have something so great. It’s more than boy/girl relationship, they’re true soul mates. This saga was just amazing. Oh,no, there was one bad thing about it-it ended! Katrina, 14 I’ve read the first 2 books in the series and seen the movie several times. I didn’t really like the first book but I wanted to read it because the cast of the movie was great, so I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie. I liked the second book a lot more than the first, and my friends tell me the 3rd book is the best out of the series. The thing I like about Twilight is definatly the fantasy aspect of it. Even though the whole vampire thing has been done a million times, I thought the forbidden love of a human and immortal just fit really well in the plot. Especially since there’s a whole generation of kids out there that grew up on Harry Potter (including myself), so this kind of fantasy teen novel seems to be a perfect fit for today’s teens. Kylie, 19

I honestly didn’t think I would like it that much. Some of my friends had read the books and kept going on about it, and in particular a character named Edward. I kinda caved in and borrowed the first book from a friend. I fell completely in love with the whole story and even more so with Edward. When the film came out we went to see it straight away. Although I was a bit disappointed with how it translated onto screen (and by the fact they missed out so many vital scenes!), I was impressed with how well Robert Pattinson played Edward and how gorgeous he is! I will definitely go to see the next film New Moon but I doubt it can live up to books. Lilly 15 Twilight was alright but I preffered the film version more so than the book. I found Bella to be really whiney and annoying but thought she came across slightly better on screen. I do like the guy who plays Edward but think that they could have cast a better known actor.Most of my friends are head over heels in love with everything Twlight but I just can’t seem to understand it! Megan 17

summer skin

lose yourself in the lazy days of summer with subtle f lorals and vintage inspired pieces.

Photography: Charlotte Pullar Creative Direction & Styling: Jade Elena Warren Creative Assistant: Samantha Phillips Model: Tes Dimos Text: Death Cab for Cutie. Summer Skin

summer skin squeaky swings and tall grass

not a single care just the grennery and

Previous page: Tes wears denim playsuit by Bay Trading. £20.00 Floral leggings by Topshop. £20.00 Pearl flower necklace by Topshop. £15.00 This page: Tes wears overzied drape neck tunic by Topshop. £22.00 Denim shorts by New Look. £15.00 Necklace as before.

summer skin the longest shadows summer skin the longest shadows ever cast

we shed what was left of our summer skin we shed what was left of our su

Previous page: Tes wears overzied drape neck tunic by Topshop. £22.00 Floral necklace by Forever21. $12.00 Bracelet. Models own. Right page: Tes wears floral tunic by Topshop. £25.00 Shiny Leggings. H&M. £14.99 Waist belt by Primark. £3.00

ummer skin


the t D N A

s ason it e s is h T p spired aztec in P

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Geom utiful. a e b e nd th pes. , bold a d strong sha t h ig r t the b g colours an ssss all abou in ssssss h s s n la e c r r and Wa prints y: Jade b y h p a r Photog


bold jewellery with printed leggings

This Page: Heather wears Grey Vest tank by New Look. ÂŁ4.00. Geometric patterned leggings by TKMaxx. ÂŁ7.99 Shape Necklace, Handmade. Glasses. Models own

lourful aztec prints

Front page: Heather wears Coloured Aztec print batwing top by Bay Trading. ÂŁ10.00 Wet Look leggings by American Apparel. ÂŁ31.00 Black sandals. Vintage

geometric mir

tee dresses pa

with metall sandals


aired lic

This Page: Heather wears Aztec long dress tee by New Look. £16.00 Jersey skirt in Orchid by American Apparel. £25.00 Gold Sandels. Oxfam. £10.00

electro brights and fraying

This Page: Heather wears Wolf print beaded frayed tank top by Select. £6.00 Canary Yellow tights by £5.45

bubble skirts with geometric prints This Page: Heather wears Tricot ruched swimsuit in Pewter by American Apparel. £15.00 Geometric print bubble skirt by Bay Trading. £25.00 Purple tights by H&M. £5.00 Black Sandals as before.

s t h ig n r e summ summer nights 1. Oriflame sun make up. €20.00. Handy compact to achieve that summer glow. 2. Jemma Kidd for Target, I-conic eyes pencil in screen siren. $14.00. This new eyeliner is a long lasting pencil with a builtin sharpener. Apply this during the day for a defined look, then smudge slightly for smokey eyes. Perfect for summer parties. 3. Benefit California Kisses smile brightening lip shine. $18.00. Gives you a whiter smile and a sweet aqua-blue sheen! 4. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy. $18.00. Get the evening of to a rockin start. Apply this glitter to your eyes and sparkle the night away!





1. 2. 3.

Clinque Blushing Blush Powder in Cupid. $18.50. A silky soft, jet milled powder blush that offers instant colour and keeps your skin looking fresh. It also comes with a handy, angled brush to provide an effortless coverage! Nails Inc South Molton Street nail varnish in pale baby pink. £10.50 This varnish is perfect for achieving natural looking nails and is a Nails Inc bestseller! GoJane Kiss me Pluming Lip Gloss. $3.00. The handiest lipgloss we’ve come across, this little tube gives you a lovely rosy tint, shine and the look of fuller lips!

All Images: Created using

pink delight

summertime me me sumemesrutimmertime mmertim




It’s that time of year again! Summer is offically here, and what

better way to get into the swing of it by choosing some seriously cool beachwear. Bright bikinis and neon shades, it’s all about the fun brights and seaside sights!

1. Atomic Purple Old Navy flip=flops. $3.50 2. Dominic Volley Billabong boardshorts. $38.00 3. Purple spotted H&M bikini top. £8.00 4. Volcom sunglasses summer tank. $19.50 5. Fredflare Risky Business sunglasses in green chrome. $11.00


All Images: Created using



ime t r e m m u s e m i t r e summ imemer mmeertsum urtim time summertime

s s e n d a m i n i k i b r summe long days spent at r fo e tim in , ini bik ial ec sp at th t ou ip wh Time to Bring it on! n. ea oc e th in ng yi pla s ur ho d an h ac be e th





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paint m the catwalk trends of son. Taking inspiration fro sea s thi in are ini’s bik d l! dul nte Pri far from pes this summer bikinis are strokes and geometric sha rs and matching keyhole hipste cherries by Delias. $29.50 ow yel top s. eau tom nd bot Ba d tie 1. Clinche tching side by Hurley. $48.00 and ma top eau nd Ba a t. Ezr igh 2. Ins 0. shorts by in yellow. $24.5 t. $42.50. 4. Dimension boy igh Ins by top eau nd Ba $40.00. 3. Dimension $42.50.



t i e 1.


Go nautical with striped bikinis this summer, don’t stick to the usual blues but mix it up with reds and seaside yellows! 1. Red & White multi clinched bandeau and hipsters by Delias . $29.50 each. 2. Black & White padded bikini top by Dorothy Perkins. £8.00. 3. Stripe bikini bottoms by New Look. £8.00. 4. Yellow Stripe d bikini and bottoms by H&M. £8.00 each



4. All Images: Created using


More trends trickling down from the catwalk, let florals spill onto your bikini’s this season. Bright, pixelated or ditsy its your choice! 1. Floral bandeau top by H&M and matching boyshorts. £11.00 2. Pool Party Bandeau top by O’Neil. $44.00 and matching bottoms. $40.00. 3. Floral print bikini top by New Look. £14.00 and matching bottoms. £8.00

Photo: No Doubt Promo 2009.

R e r h f u o n t T e R e h T


wall of arms by the maccabees After a successful first album Colour it in, Brighton’s finest The Maccabees will be releasing in May Wall of Arms. Probably best known for ukulele ditty Tooth Paste Kisses this album is far darker, with a slightly new take on their sound. First single from the album is single Love You Better. Catchy and mesmerizing, the video for the song also features Matthew Horne from Gavin and Stacey Fame. To promote the album, the band will be kicking off a huge UK tour, so expect to be seeing a lot more of The Maccabees this summer.

fantasies by metric It’s been a while since Metric released an album. Four years to be exact. In this time vocalist Emily Haines worked on her solo project Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton, whilst also touring with Metric. The upcoming Fantasies is a terrific album and shows examples of a simpler writing style and Haines lush vocals. The lead single to be taken from the album “Help, I’m Alive” has hit written all over it. A powerful, yet sparse affair it proves that Metric are back and mean business!

ghetto love ep by spinnerette sneak peak!

The Ultimate rock chick is back. Those expecting The Distillers part 2 will be disappointed, as Brody Dalle leaves behind the punk rock snarls to bring you a far more ambient sound. Dalle’s distinct voice still shines through, especially on lead track Ghetto Love. Th beat will have you spinning around and proudly shouting Yeah! Other tracks are slightly different, with a deeper sound that showcases her other vocal abilities. The release date of the full album Valium Knight’s isn’t not known yet, but when it is we guarantee you will be hearing a lot of it this summer.

it’s blitz! by yeah yeah yeahs It took a while to finally reach us but Karen O and band have done themselves proud. Its Blitz is another fine album from the underrated band. There is a slightly more electronic and dancier vibe to it than previous albums and fans of Fever To Tell may be slightly confused by what’s on offer here. But having said that Its Blitz has some stomping tracks, most notably the catchy Zero and follow up single Heads Will Roll, which displays Karen O at her best. One for the dance floor and to get you in the mood for some serious partying!

two suns by bat for lashes Released this month is the hotly anticipated second album from Brighton based Natasha Khans band Bat for Lashes. Two Suns is the fantastic follow up to Khans first effort Fur and Gold. Described as “a record of modern-day fables exploring dualities on a number of levels-two lovers, two planets, two sides of a personality.” Besides all the psychedelic stuff, Bat for Lashes have brought out one of the most infectious tunes this summer in the form of karate kid tribute Daniel. A beautiful, haunting melody and Khan’s Kate Bush style vocals make this an upbeat summer treat.

monuments and melodies by incubus Well, it may not technically be all new material, Incubus have put out their Best Of album in the form of Monuments and Melodies with two new tracks. Spanning the length of their career, it features all of Boyd and Co.’s most memorable hits. Critically acclaimed albums such as Make Yourself and Morning View’s tracks make little impact on this special edition, with newer tracks being in favor. Although it is a nice collection and one that fans of the band will surely relish, we suggest just re-playing previous albums to get the full Incubus “wow” factor.

Lady of The Sunshine/Smoking Gun Angus (left) and Julia Stone. Photo Credit: Angus and Julia Stone

Angus Stone new Album

A while ago, last summer in fact I had the pleasure of seeing Australian sibling duo

Angus and Julia Stone play a small intimate gig at London’s Roundhouse. It was a beautiful show and first brought to our attention the rather lovely and intensely shy Angus Stone, whose self penned Just a Boy was on repeat for the rest of that summer. Those who have heard of the pair will be familiar with their often-haunting sound and piano/acoustic guitar infused folk melodies. The perfect soundtrack for lazy summer days and for sing a longs, Angus and Julia Stone were a rare find. We were hoping for some new material from the duo this year, so we were delighted to have half our wish granted. This April Angus will be releasing his first solo effort, under the name Lady of the Sunshine. It’s quite a departure from the duo’s sound with a much more heavy and raw quality. Scruffy haired and slightly more grown up Angus delivers a darker, more contemplative and brooding side to the usual breezy sound he is known for. There are slight moments of a rockier sound, with lead track White Rose Parade; sounding almost like a Queens of the Stone Age track but mostly it’s a showcase of just how talented and diverse Mr Stone actually is. The album titled Smoking Gun is one you may have to listen to a few times to fall in love with, and there may be those who preferred him when he was a shy, soft voiced young boy. However we quite like this new, stripped down version, and will definitely we pre-ordering our copy when it’s released fully. He may still just be a boy, but he’s a mighty talented one at that. Smoking Gun is released in the UK on April 6th. Visit to hear the new tracks and see tour dates.

asher roth

We first heard I Love College a few months back on Tim Westwoods Radio 1 show. The laid back vibe and smooth rapping had us hooked. There has been comparisons to Eminem but Asher Roth couldn’t be farther from that! A cool and actually pretty cute guy, this song is going to be EVERYWHERE this summer and his album Asleep in the Bread Aisle is gonna be even bigger!ere hoping for some new material from the duo this year, so we were delighted

silversun pickups passion pit

Hotly tipped American electro band Passion Pit are destined for success in 2009. There first EP Chunk of Change and first single Sleepyhead have both garnered a lot of press. Great to dance to and with a fresher sound than most bands this year. Passion Pit are one band to look out for with their raw live shows and jump around fueled tracks. ew material from the duo this year, so we were delighted

just jack: embers

la roux:in for the skill (skream remix)

Los Angeles based band Silversun Pickups are one of those bands that you instantly feel familiar with. Described as the new Smashing Pumpkins, their sound is quite a like but with a more modern feel. The lead single of their new 2009 album 2009 is There’s no secrets this year. It’s damn catchy and a perfect example of experimental indie rock. were hoping for some new material from the duo this year, so we were delighted

ciara.feat jt: love sex magic

calvin harris: i’m not alone

tunes. Some are ing you the finest summer br to n tio llec co r ou o g the int We delved only come out to play durin at th ms ge le litt n de hid spent at the obvious but some are ocassions from long days all r fo s ng so are ere songs .Th sunny months ind in your hair. Play these w e th ith w ay hw hig e th beach to crusing down the summer while its here! loud but most of all enjoy

Side A = instant summer feel good The Driving in your Car song: Scar Tissue by The Red Hot Chili Peppers


The ultimate summer driving song. From the smooth opening guitar melody to Anthony Kiedis’s lush vocals, Scar Tissue conjures up images of cruising down the highway, with the top down, surrounded by all your friends enjoying the summer rays.

As soon as we hear this, we know that summers definitely upon us. Summer is just not complete without hearing this at least once. Bob Marley & The Wailers Jamming instantly creates that feel good summer mood and gets just about anybody swaying along to Bob’s infectious reggae vibe. Crank it up and let the rhythm into your soul.

The No SUMMER IS COMPLETE WITHOUT it SONG: wOULDN’T IT BE NICE BY THE BEACH BOYS No summer mix-tape would be complete without a healthy dose of the kings of summer music The Beach Boys. We could have listed the entire Very Best Of, but chose this instead. Wouldn’t It Be Nice can be played anytime to make you feel instantly summery. We find it works best in the mornings, when you first look out the window to see glorious sunshine. Just Perfect! THE OBVIOUS SUMMER FEEL GOOD SONG(S): GOOD PEOPLE/BANANA PANCAKES BY JACK JOHNSON Having come to no agreement, we decided to include two, yes two Jack Johnson tracks on our summer mix tape. It may be slightly obvious to include Mr Johnson in any summer playlist but these two tunes stand the test of time. The opening of Good People reminds us of days spent by the beach, attempting to surf (and failing miserably!), then laughing about it afterwards with a good old fashioned beach BBQ. Banana Pancakes on the other hand has raised our spirits many a times when the weather isn’t so summery. Rain in August? Forget about it by playing this and if you like, make some banana pancakes!

THE I’M ON HOLIDAY SONG: WISH YOU WERE HERE BY INCUBUS It’s no secret that being on a gorgeous sun drenched holiday while everyone else is back home makes you feel quite smug. The song to match that feeling? Wish You Were Here by Incubus of course! Smugness aside, this is a feel good hands up in the air, roller coaster ride of rock and roll. Just playing the opening 10 seconds put’s us into summer overdrive, and so does imagining ourselves lying on a beach with lead singer Brandon Boyd. THE IT SHOULDN’T BE BUT IS, PRETTY AWESOME SUMMER SONG: BUZZIN/LAZY DAYZ BY SHWAYZE Ok so it’s pretty cheesy but there’s no denying it’s damn catchy and has all the ingredients for a summer hit. Both Buzzin & Lazy Dayz have been knocking around for a while but they still hold a firm spot on our ipod. Acoustic guitars, lazy melodies and a bit of rap thrown in... Ok, so we love it, but shhhhh! THE REMIXED SUMMER CLASSIC SONG: SUMMERTIME BY SUBLIME To us, if forced to pick only one band to provide music for our summer it would always be the late

great Sublime. It’s a fact that Sublime = Summer and vice a versa. An infusion of reggae, ska, rock and dub, all of their back catalogue can be applied to just about every summer setting. We picked their version of Porgy & Bess’s infamous Summertime, partly because of lead singer Bradley’s chilled vocals but mostly because of the cool remixed beat. Basically if this doesn’t put you in the ‘summertime’ mood then nothing will! THE NEWCOMER SONG: TIME TO PRETEND BY MGMT Our favorite find, MGMT have been around since last summer but the re-release of Time To Pretend has summer 2009 written all over it. Lyrics about being young and care free match perfectly the feeling and atmosphere of long summers. Infectious to the very end. We bet this will be on your playlist well after summer as officially ended.



They’re Australians so they know a thing or two about hot summers. This song should be played whilst you relax in the garden with a chilled drink and a good book. There’s nothing better than letting the Stone siblings whisk you away to a place full of sun and sea, even if (in reality) it’s only your back yard...

We know it’s literally everywhere at the moment and is totally over played but that version of I’m Yours isn’t the one were recommending here. If you can get your hands on it, download the original and by far the best version that is stripped down and completely laid back. Just Mr Mraz and his acoustic guitar, it’s a welcome change and the perfect track for lazy days. Just make sure it’s the right version!

THE SUMMER LOVE AND FOLLOWING HEARTBREAK SONG: I FEEL IT ALL BY FEIST Not the obvious choice and by-passing well known hits, we have I feel it all by the wonderful Feist. We chose this over One, Two, Three, Four and mobile phone advert fave Mushaboom because it has a far more upbeat sound and shows Feist at her best. It’s conjures up memories of summer heartbreak with it’s revealing lyrics and sing a long melody. THE INSTANT SING A LONG WITH EVERYONE SONG: TINY DANCER BY ELTON JOHN There was a time when we listened to this on repeat, so we could sing our hearts out and pretend to be on a bus with a bunch of rockstars. That aside it still is a beautiful classic song, with summer-tinges and a rousing chorus. Sing it loud and sing it proud!

THE CUTE SUMMER SONG: ISLAND IN THE SUN BY WEEZER The video is super cute. It’s also super summery. A great song to chill out to and forget about everything. We recommend listening to this and drifting away to your very own Island in the sun. (Cute baby lions and monkeys not included). THE UNHEARD OF SUMMER SONG: CAMPFIRE KANSAS BY THE GET UP KIDS This is one of those that is filled to the brim with sweet summer memories. A low-fi track by ‘the kids’, it’s a perfect reminder of how lovely it is to spend your time in the sun with your friends. Play round the campfire, at the beach or in your room. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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