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ALIAS: Wordsmith ZIPCODE: Baltimore, MD MUSICAL STYLE: Hip Hop / Rap FAVORITE CEREAL: Captain Crunch FAVORITE CARTOON: Phineas & Ferb WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD TRUCK: Hands down the ice cream truck will always be the best. FAVORITE DESIGNER OR INDIE CLOTHING BRAND? Pedx Clothing WHAT IS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT AS A MUSICAL ARTIST: I use a chair sometimes to signify a car in one of my songs and during one show my cousin pulled the chair from underneath me as I went to sit down and I landed flat on my back. I kept spitting though and never lost a beat! SO FAR, WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT OF 2012: My album King Noah is available on Pandora Radio

PAPERCUT KUDOS: The only way to survive in the vast sea of awful lyricists and self-defined rappers is summarized by one word: evolution. Evolution of the word, evolution of the beat, evolution of the business and evolution of creativity. Enter Wordsmith, Baltimore MD emcee, who changes the game of music, on his time, with his pace, in his style. With all the makings of a musical auteur, Wordsmith spits a range of emotions, all tinged with bit of Baltimore edge. Having at this game for years, Wordsmith is far from a newbie when it comes to making lasting moves as a rapper. He’s a true artist that is recognized for his talent and hard work. He spent years putting the blood, sweat and tears into his production which has finally paid off in the release of his full length album King Noah. Dedicated to his son Noah, this album captures parts of his life articulated like anecdotes of worthy advice for his beloved boy. Lyrically, he captures the sweet and bitter in the same stanza, creating an accessible persona that is welcomed. In addition to pushing forth with music production, Wordsmith has busied himself with other passion projects within the industry. Running the ropes of his own label NU Revolution Entertainment and curating independent streaming-audio station Revolt Radio has kept him excessively busy, all fueled by a forward-thinking business mind. King Noah was released through NU Revolution Entertainment and with little doubt that it will not be the last piece to pass through the LLC. What other rappers only dream about, Wordsmith is paving for himself. He is laying each heavy brick slowly and deliberately to create a lyrical path of success aimed at the longevity of a bright career.


September 2012 "Music" Issue  

For the record, this is our first-ever music issue! While September is pretty much synonymous with fashion, we zagged where everyone else zi...

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