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making it in the industry. Theres a good mix of musical influences here too, with track 'Never Buy The Sun' opening with an old school sample sounding intro, and honourably from the deep Aint no mystical weapons that will conquer me" - and keeps up an impassioned dialogue for the rest of the album. Features here are rather hit and miss, with some of them bringing down the production from old school legend Sweetie ie, plus Midi Intellect and Dekay herself. Covering a range of topics from crazy neighbours to a love for alcohol, this is an insight into the everyday life of a battle rapping, vodka

guitar riffs weaving their way through the beat throughout. The subject matter, lambasting readers of newspaper The Sun, is something you probably wont hear discussed anywhere else... The title

track at the end is probably one of myfavourites on here.With some good collabs from Tony D and Genesis Elijah, this is a good all rounder, well worth a download.

levels with sub par flows, and others complementing the tracks perfectly (i'll include myself in that last category, as you can find a Dekay verse on Anno Domini produced track Yesterday!) A standout track for me is the viciously funny and witty track Animated,

with brilliant wordplay and a catchy beat. In contrast to that another favourite it Beneath the Winter Snow, an emotional true story over a beautifully sampled beat. Covering a range of topics from religious beliefs to a heroin addicted past, this is a quality set of tracks that are unbelievably, free to download.

drinking hip hop fan today.

Whoever you are - and whether you like vodka or not, theres something for everyone in this sample free original album, with hood tunes, story tracks, and songs for when you just want to get your drink on!!

Standout tracks include the party fulled title track Vodka, true story of underage drinker Jessie, and a hauntingly produced modern take on Romeo and Juliet, The Golden Saints.


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