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Emily, the Thanksgiving Black Magic cake was enjoyed by an older couple from Pennsylvania, a scholarly woman from South Africa, a man of Portuguese extraction, an artist from Brooklyn, and two sisters of Pownal, Vermont – and there is still some more in the freezer for the next person who wanders through. It is wonderful and you should patent it. –Deb I managed to wait a whole 5 hours until I bit into the brioche bun with blueberries just now (having photographed it first). It’s a winner, Emily! – Deb My stomach! But serious. The citrus almond tart? That even beats the booze cake, which was fabulous. My mouth is happy happy. – Nathan Mini "Booze Cake" made by Paper Cake Scissors... Holy $&!$. Now THAT's a holiday treat. Or breakfast. – Nathan Emily made several artful and delectable cakes for our wedding. Her precise eye, nothing-but-the-best ingredients, and creative (and thoughtfully balanced) flavor combinations make her baked goods unique. A cookie or truffle from Emily demands that you stop everything, sit down, and savor the moment. - Ashley Emily’s sweets are a feast for the eyes, excite the palate and leaves one asking for more. Our friends eagerly await our packages with your goodies. How excited they'll be that they can now get your delicious sweets online! - Celia & Bernie Baking allows me to be creative in an edible medium. I use the freshest local ingredients that I can find, including fruit, herbs, and veggies from the farmers' market and my own garden! I want people to feel good about what they're eating – I include healthy whole grains, pure oils and fats, and natural sugars whenever my recipes allow.

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