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MY PROJECT ABOUT THE TERTIARY SECTOR I have interviewed Mercedes Olivares. She is my friend´s aunt. She has a clothes shop called Igma. She is the owner of the shop. The local has 86m2 and she hasn’t got any worker. Only if any time she needs help, she asks for it to her family.

The bag of the shop. The shop is 48 years old, but she´s the owner of the shop only since the 1st of December 2010.This shop has had three owners before her, so he is the fourth one. During these years this shop has sold many things: she started with children and maternity clothes. Then it started selling baby accessories, such as baby carriages/prams… And now it sells clothes for babies, children and teenagers. She buys the products in a big store in Madrid. She has a catalogue. She usually goes to trade fairs. These clothes come from Mexico or India. The main suppliers are Mayoral and Bóboli. She has many functions: to prepare the orders, the shop windows, the accounting… As for the ways of payment, she accepts both credit cards and cash. She started the business with many clothes in the store. She sells mostly girls ´clothes.

The shop There is low difference between the price of the clothes she sells and the price of the clothes she buys. There is a difference of around 20%, depending on the suppliers. She usually sells the jeans for around 20€ and dresses for around 35 or 40€. She is a self- employed worker. So she has holidays when she wants and can. She doesn’t have a specific holiday time. She doesn’t belong to any union and she has told me that she doesn’t want to join any union. In the shop she has anti-theft and firefighting safety. Since she has the shop, she hasn’t had any theft attempt, but she has told me that she is afraid of the fact that someone tries to burgle the shop during the night. She has all type of clients, because although the clothes are for children, everyone goes to buy there. The shops compete with offers, because if some shops sell their clothes for 20€ she sells them for 18€. They copy the offers. She often changes the clothes she buys at the beginning of every season. She has told me that she sells more in summer campaigns than in winter campaigns. She thinks that this happens because in summer people go out more than in winter. She pays 18% in taxes.

In these times of crisis she is having losses of about 28% or 30%, like in this month, but in January she has earned about 15% with the sales. She has decided to take the shop because she was unemployed for 5 years, so she needed to get a job, because she went to many interviews, but the companies preferred to hire younger people.

One of the four shop windows of the shop The main problem that shop has is that very few people go to the shop. Only at the beginning of every season she has more clients. People don’t go because they haven’t got enough money. Also other problems are thefts and risk of fire. At the end I have asked her how long is she going on with the shop and she has told me that she doesn’t want to leave the shop until she retires. With this project I have learned many things about this shop, because I didn’t know things that I have learned with this. Author: Silvia Castiblanque Sánchez 3ºA.


Project about an activity of the tertiary sector

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