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SIMPLY MARKET SABECO In the Campo de Criptana’s Simply supermarket we can find 22 or 24 workers. Five or six of these workers are not from Campo de Criptana. The qualification of the workers depends on the post they hold. The director or the manager have to be graduated in ESO or EGB at least. The rest of the workers do not need any qualification. At the moment a very important point to hire new workers is experience in other shops like this one. The workers who sell the fish and meat they take some courses about that. The new workers have to learn how to deal with money, products, clients’ attention. Now we are going to talk about schedules: The schedules of the workers depend on the post they have. The director starts the day a 6 o’clock in the morning. The different workers in charge of fish and meat start at 7:30 in the morning and the cashiers start at 9:30. There are several schedules. There is one shift in the morning from 9:00 to 15:00 and another shift in the afternoon from 15:00 to 21:00. With regard to working conditions, they have holidays in winter and summer.

The medium salary for a cashier is about 600€ per month and the medium salary of the director is about 1000€ per month.

In this shop we can find 6 or 7 workers who belong to a union, the majority to CC.OO. Now we are going to talk about products: The majority of the food products come from Spain. But we can find a lot of imported products in the fruit and in the fish section. In the fruit section we can find products like mangoes, avocadoes, pineapples, kiwis, apples from other countries of South America and Central Europe. In the fish section the majority of the products come from the Northeast and Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Also a lot of products have been raised in inland countries using aquaculture. The products that are not food products like electrical appliances, kitchen products, clean, cosmetic, most of them come from China and India. Simply also has its own generic brands like “Auchan” and “Puño”. The prices of these products don’t vary from one year to another. The rest of the products are bought to big enterprises like Coca-Cola, Casa Taradellas, La Cocinera…These prices are the most variable ones. In Simply they have not space for fair trade products, they have thought about that, but they haven’t got nowadays. Now we are going to talk about the meat: I will explain it separately because the meat section of Simply is in rent. The meat section is called “Carnes del Bierzo-León”. The director comments that there are a lot of advantages with this, because many people go to these big supermarkets, so you have more clients. This renting is profitable, all their products come from Spain. There is not import. In this meat shop there are 3 people working at the present. One curiosity is that they have never met the owner of the meat shop chain.

Now we are going to talk about problems: The products come usually after the date the have to come. Sometimes the products come in bad conditions. The competition between big enterprises is very noticeable. You have always a competitor, so you have to work harder. The small shops are not a problem. In Simply they have always a lot of different offers like 3x2, the second unit at 70% less and at 50% less. The director thinks that trade is a very important activity and she also thinks that big shops are better, because is more comfortable and you save more time that in the small shops. SUPERMERCADOS CAMPOAMOR The second shop that I have visited has been SUPERMERCADOS CAMPOAMOR. It is located in the Soledad Street and this is my uncle’s shop. SUPERMERCADOS CAMPOAMOR is a small shop that my uncle has inherited from his grand-father and from his father. All his life has been dedicated to trade and especially to the supermarket. Nowadays it is a familiar shop. My uncle Josevi and her daughter Virginia work in the shop. The schedule is from 9:30 to 14:00 and in the afternoon from 17:30 to 20:30, but the day does not finish there for my uncle. After that he has to prepare the products for the next day, make some orders and supervise everything.

Now we are going to talk about products of the supermarket. He buys the products to different suppliers of the zone. He has not only one supplier. He buys little quantity of products, but to many different enterprises. Many of the products he sells are from Campo de Criptana, for example “Hermanos Pintor” products, oil and wine from all the

cooperatives and cellars of Campo de Criptana. Also he has a lot of regional products of La Mancha. And the majority of the products are national.

Many of the products the suppliers sell to my uncle are from other countries like China, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela… The types of clients are from all the ages and genders: women, men, young people… In the last years the price has been the same that for this year.

To the question about what the advantages of the small shops are in front of the big enterprises like Simply and Mercadona, my uncle answered that small shops are better and more important for several reasons: -

The client attention: In the big enterprises the client’s treatment is more distant and cold. For example in the big enterprises if you see there is not the product that you want in a shelf, maybe you go home without the product you want. Nevertheless in the small shops you can ask about this product and, if they haven´t got it, you can order it and the next day you’ll have it in the supermarket.

Also my uncle says that when he sells, he is not thinking about earning money, he wants the clients’ comfort. For example in big enterprises they buy a lot of the same product. But not too much variety. Nevertheless in my uncle’s supermarket there is little quantity of products, but a lot of variety. A big problem that the small shops have is competition with the big enterprises, because they can not compete. My uncle thinks that trade in Campo de Criptana is one of the most important economic activities, without trade we wouldn’t have anything.

PAPELCRIP STATIONERY The third store I've visited has been the "PAPELCRIP" stationery, also known as "the" CECI. This stationery is a family business where Ceci, her husband and her daughter work. The opening hours to public are from 9:30 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:30. The stationery is in their own home. Now we are going to talk about the products: The products are purchased from different dealers in the area. Orders come in normal times weekly. During the back to school period requests come daily. In some seasons such as the carnival they bring articles related to this.

Some of the products that bring the dealers are Spanish brands but manufactured in developing countries such as China, India ... In this shop they have all kinds of clients, from children, teenagers and young, people of all ages and genders go to use the photo print, the fax. The products prices do not vary much from one year to another. One of the biggest problems in these shops are supermarkets like Carrefour and Eroski, Mercadona where you can find everything. The Chinese shops also compete with them. You can find everything there, but the quality is very poor and their products do not take care the environment. The competition between small shops is balanced. The task is shared by all. The advantages of small businesses facing a big surface are the treatment with the clients, because you know them and you can give them advice. The owners of this shop think that trade is a very important activity in Campo de Criptana, because imagine if every time we wanted one thing we had to go to another town!

RAMAR GALLERIES GALLERIES RAMAR is the fourth shop I've visited. It is located on Castillo Street and is a clothing, fabrics and accessories shop. The company is also familiar and 4 people work in it. My aunt is one of them. The opening hours are 10:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:30. When they close, the director works at closed doors sometimes.

The products are purchased from different distributors specialized in textiles. We can also find product brands. Some of the wool products are from other countries. The type of clients are middle aged and older women. Prices vary because they depend on the price of raw materials: cotton and wool. Last year cotton was more expensive, so the fabric prices were higher. The competition between shops is in balanced


This shop belongs to the Trade Association of Criptana and this has some advantages, like more adverts. The owner of the shop believes that trade is very important for Criptana and the population.

GALINDO FEDERÓPTICOS The fifth shop I've visited is Federópticos GALINDO, which is located in Virgen de Criptana Street. Federópticos Galindo is a familiar business that was created years ago by the father of the current owner. Nowadays 3 people work in the shop: the father, the current owner and his sister. Opening










In Federópticos GALINDO one of the activities they carry out is the sale of glasses and crystals in different models and all the different tools for contact lenses, such as cleaning fluids, pills... They also test the vision of clients. Now we are going to talk about products: A curious thing is that many of the products (glasses) are manufactured in Spain, but are Italian and American brands, like Gucci, Channel, Ray Ban, Prada... Orders come daily. They have all women, men,

types of clients: young and old.

The competition is usually not a problem, because it is balanced between all the shops of the same activity.

A big problem (and more today) are defaults (people who don’t pay). GALINDO Federópticos also belongs to the Trade Association of Criptana. In this case they do not find any advantages about that, apart from adverts.



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