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favorite things

inside stuffers 1 stocking Easy yet thoughtful stocking stuffers from PAPAYA! and PAPAYA! Living

2 PAPAYA holiday

A Special Collection page 16

we offer many artistic and creative ways to jazz up your holiday

4 gift guide

we have a lot of different personalities at the papaya! studio. we each share our favorite gifts for giving this holiday season

12 PAPAYA living

papaya is happy to introduce its newest venture, a vivid, boho, boutique in ashland, oregon

PAPAYA! Holiday, page 2

16 a special collection PAPAYA! Living shares its favorites this holiday season.

26 shopping guatemala Anahata travels to Guatemala in search of some of the best textiles in the world

PAPAYA! Living, page 12

stocking stuffers


papaya’s favorites


ring an extra little smile to your friends and family’s mailbox this year when you embellish your holiday cards with PAPAYA! Holiday Glitter Stickers. With an assortment of every shape, size, design and style under the Christmas tree, these are sure to delight your lucky correspondents. Each sticker has fine silver glitter on a gorgeous variety of holiday-themed stickers, all designed with the unique and beautiful PAPAYA aesthetic. For an added creative touch, try addressing in white pen or add your own personal doodles and holiday cheer on the envelopes....let your creative elf run wild! Merry Mischief! 2

start a new

tradition Decorating the tree? Cooking a meal? Rituals and traditions are a priceless part of the holidays. PAPAYA! Banners are packaged in a keepsake tin to make sure you can keep the tradition going throughout the years. Banners are two sided (but only has with letters), making them perfect for any room.


papaya’s gift guide favorites

ANAHATA KATKIN, signature PAPAYA! artist and co-owner

glob e trot ter Inspired gifts for the world travelers, explorers, and jet setters.

14” x 28” Giclee, Sophie


“Our PAPAYA! Pouches are a necessity for Holiday Travel! They’ll make arriving at the in-laws a little easier!.”

Accessory Pouches, This Instant

$19, $29


Tassel Key Chain, Champagne


“Tassels are the perfect stocking stuffer, package trimming, or even tree ornament!”

Wall Hanging, Tree of Life (coming soon)


“Jane offers the highest quality blends of pure & potent essential oils that not only work on the senses but truly support you during holiday stress.”

Art Print, Stand In Your Truth Bath Seltzer




gift guide

Sticker Set, Birds & Blooms


Desk Calendar, Birds & Blooms


Great gift for the hostess on your list.

Gift Tags, Birds & Blooms



Luxe Tote, Laughing Whale


Candle, Rush of Rose


Glitterific Notecards, Eiffel Tower

pink $14

pretty in

MINDY CARPENTER, production coordinator

Floral and sweet, these lovelies will delight the girly girl in us all.

Lunch Bag, Swan


Perfect for teachers and office mates

Clipboard, Laughing Whale



gift guide




Bright and beautiful gifts for those who love color.

Memo Mouse Pad, Bloom


Banner, Holiday


Great size for transporting cosmetics or art supplies!


Accessory Pouch, Flora


Peony candles can be floated in water or used in a creative centerpiece.

Peony Candle


Notebook, Ledger Love


LEEN ROSSI, Designer

Sticky Notes, Paris


Dateless Planner, Book of Days



gift guide

28” x 14” Giclee, Leaf Girl


One-of-a-kind ikat pillows are hand woven and dyed.

Ikat Pillow


Journal, Fabulous



Glitterific Notecards, Woo Hoo


Sticky Note Set, Voyage




nature inspired color themes and foliage accents

SARAH SHEARER, Pre-Press Designer

“I like to finish wrapped gifts with a magnet. It’s always makes them look more polished. Magnets, Spanish Girl and Temple Girl


Lunch Bag, Flora Bird



L iving PA PAYA !


LIFEST YLE TREASURY PAPAYA’s next step includes a vivid, boho, boutique collection of PAPAYA! brand merchandise and treasure trove. PAPAYA! has seen many changes in its eight year history. Today, the gift and lifestyle company based in Oregon is far different from the humble beginnings- a two bedroom apartment in Los Angeles with Gina and Anahata Katkin hand glittering, folding, and packing orders in the evenings after work. “I would go to my ‘day job’ and Anahata would work all day at home. I would come home and find images taped all over the walls and we would work with them till we had images we liked. Once we hit 30 Images we printed cards and started hand glittering them.“ After a year and a half, the time was right for Gina to take a leap of faith and quit her day job. “I jumped and PAPAYA! caught us,” said Gina. As the business began to sprout In 2006 Gina and Anahata ask family member Elijah to join the Papaya team. “It warmed up my heart to see the creativity and love my mom and sister put into the business. I feel very blessed to be part of Papaya’s growth and continual evolution.” Today, PAPAYA! is a staple in retail locations across the U.S. and in 16 countries around the globe. Part of the reason for such success is the strong vision held by Anahata, Gina, and Eli and their continued investment in their staff. “I want [my staff] to help stretch PAPAYA! into more and more; the fun must never stop and it is not as much fun to do it alone!,” said Gina. And stretch they did. In January of 2011, an ideal retail space opened up in PAPAYA’s home base of Ashland, Oregon. Drawing from years of experience in the gift industry, Anahata, Elijah, and Gina were ready to tackle a different side of the business. An ambitious opening date was set. The team had just two months to transform the new space into an environment that represented the PAPAYA! lifestyle aesthetic. The ceiling was hand painted using stencils from Royal Design Studio, a

beautiful wood bar from a historic local hotel was refashioned into a sales counter, hardwood floors were refinished, and shimmering chandeliers transformed the space. PAPAYA! Living opened in April of 2011. The two level boho boutique changes weekly as treasures from around the world find their way to the shelves. It’s not uncommon to find a vintage Tibetan yoga mat, an upcycled notebook made of school papers from India, and a hand made Oaxacan earrings perfectly complementing each other on a marble table. Today, PAPAYA! Living serves both the community and Anahata’s passion for “creating a specific and evolving environment.” Anahata says she hopes to provide “an inner landscape that can be expressed on three dimensions and shared, even enjoyed by others. It is satisfying to impact others with this living, breathing atmosphere. And for me It’s a lifestyle expression of a personal story and vision. It’s very rewarding on many levels.” Finding time to create artwork for PAPAYA! while maintaining a brick and morter business can be stressful, but Anahata finds solace in this new position. “I try to maintain my creative life still very much at home and out of sight. But after nearly a decade working from home in my PJ’s the social/people aspect of the boutique helps balance all those years I’ve spent hibernating. But being hands on in the store is still a very different creative process than studio time; and I like the duality. in fact that’s always been part of my formula. Having various modalities and different projects going helps the momentum stay afloat. When you isolate on just one aspect of your creative life you can get stuck.” In the future Anahata, Gina, and Eli plan on taking PAPAYA! Living online to open up pathways of discovery and style for PAPAYA! fans. In the meantime, you can purchase a selection of PAPAYA! Living favorites at


papaya living



our favorites

this holiday season are too special not to

share. we’ve hand-picked the best gifts for everyone on your list. (1) handwoven and hand dyed ikat pillows (2) hand embroidered

guatemalan pillow (3)rush of rose travel candle by votivo (4) tinctures by solstice medicine and (5) jane pharmacy soaks

(6)scented candles from Votivo (7) yellow floral vases (8) peony tea

lights (9) handmade quilted and shams (10) iphone covers (11) hand embroidered, double-sided travel bag (12) pharmacy soaks by Jane (13) guatemalan table runner


Guatemalan Round Pillows, $65.00, Hand embroidered round pillows. RIGHT: Pharmacy Soak, $20.00, Less Stress and Breathe. Bath Seltzer, $20.00,


Oatmeal Lavender and Calendula and Geranium. Peony Tea Light Set, $15.00, Set of 6



Left: Holiday Candles, $25.00, Joie De Noel- hearty cut spices, aged rosemary, and spruce mulled with caravan herbs open cherry wood flame. Icy Blue Pinepine with the underpinnings of cedar bark. Top: Ikat Pillows, $52.00, Ikat pillows are hand woven and dyed.


Floral Vases, Assorted prices Right: Floral Throw, $198.00, 86”x86”, Guatemalan Table Runners, hand embroidered $195.00, 18”x8”x6”. Tree of Life Wall Hanging (Coming Soon), embroidered $48.00, 25” wide, 37.5” long



White Flower Analgesic Balm, $6.75, Cooling muscle balm from Solstice Medicine. Po Sum On Medicated Oil, $12.00, Heating muscle oil from Solstice Medicine. Right, Votivo Candle, $25.00, Rush of Rose.





GUATEMALA Buying for PAPAYA! Living includes more than just trade shows. Anahata travels around the world to hand pick some of the most beautiful artisan crafts available. She shares her experience from a recent trip to the markets of Central America in search of some of the worlds finest embroidery.


shopping guatemala

“Traveling is like being marinated; it takes cannot feel the real impact until it leaves you for awhile.”

Much like Anahata’s artwork, PAPAYA! Living draws inspiration from cultures all over the world. This means traveling outside the normal industry circles to buy unique and one of a kind pieces for the store. Anahata has been drawn to Guatemalan textiles for a long time, even before she realized what they were. “Probably my first exposure would have been Frida Kahlo clothing. Much of her famous clothing was actually Guatemala region. But I did not know that until much later.” After living in Belize for several years Anahata become even more inspired by the “layered sentimental color and authenticity”. “I lived with them and adored them from my island oasis. I dreamed of going to Guatemala to explore the stories I’d heard. To me the floral embroidery has been a love affair since I first laid eyes on it.” Not only are the textiles beautiful in color and design, they are also a cultural tradition. “There are only a few places on the planet that still have such a rich textile heritage. Guatemala and the Yucatan in general have these brilliant and deeply cultural traditions. They are so obviously inherent in their indigenous crafts.”


“Guatemala is a profound place that still feels shrouded in mystery, surprise, superstition, war mth, and even danger. Exactly the kind of place you find treasure.�


shopping guatemala

Anahata was particularly inspired by huipils, a form of Maya textile that represent your heritage and beliefs. “You rarely encounter embroidery of this quality anywhere in the world. But then to have it made with such enduring meaning takes it from an ordinary handicraft to a powerful peace of history,” explains Anahata. Spending time at the markets, Anahata got to know the culture behind the garments on a much deeper level. “The people communicate to one another, more than I claim to know, about who they are, where they come from and their history through every thread. If you wanted to know who wore a garment, it could be said you could at least find their family! If I sound starry eyed about it, I am! Guatemalan Huipils are also not guaranteed into the future. Younger generations are not as keen on the timeworn methods and most are not learning the art. I tell every person who owns huipil pieces to hold on to them. They may one day (not so far off) be a very lost art. Even now the antique pieces reflect a very different kind of technique and depth.” Because of the high quality of the garments, some huipils have more than one life. Huipils can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years before its then made into a bag, pillow, or quilt. Not only was Anahata inspired by the textiles of the area, she was also inspired by the smells, tastes, and surroundings. “I felt mesmerized by the coffee that could only taste that way in ancient, unfussy courtyards”.


After long days exploring, Anahata and her travel mates would relax at their hotel- an old military ruin. “The tortilla hearth seemed ancient and the lady who made them felt so real; guarded and kind. I like that about Guatemala. The people are very straight up.” Traveling with her partner and a friend who was familiar with the area and language, Anahata spent every available moment exploring her surroundings. “I remember time standing still in front of the chaos that is the steps of Santo Thomas Church. A catholic church that covers what is still the remains of an ancient Maya temple. And the people still practicing Maya’s. The steps are original from the Maya temple and the flowers, incense, sacrifices (game) and energy there are heart stopping. The market there is said to be the longest running trading post of the Latin world. And being there feels very special, and rare. Guatemala is a profound place that still feels shrouded in mystery, surprise, superstition, warmth and even danger. Exactly the kind of place you find treasure.” It’s not surprising spending time such an inspiring place could influence Anahata’s artwork as well. “Traveling is like being marinated. It takes time. And you cannot feel the real impact it leaves on you for a while. Travel has to be integrated, infused and transformed into what comes next in life. It’s a sneaky process. One of life’s cool mysteries. And it’s easier to see the influence in my artwork, and my life, when I look back later. But travel is an undeniable changer. You can never really go back.”

shop bags




shop pillows


--------------------------------------------------show me everything

shop runners

Guatemalan textiles are a beautiful way to add color into your lifestyle. Right now, you can shop from Anahata’s hand-picked collection of bags, pillows, and table runners at PAPAYA! Living online but hurry! These one of a kind pieces won’t last long! 3 1


bag with purchase Ord e r o n l i n e t h i s m o n t h a n d re c e i v e a f re e re u s a b l e t o t e b a g w i t h y o u r o rd e r. N o c o d e re q u i re d .

PAPAYA! Inc. 582 Parsons Drive, Medford, Oregon 97501 Ring: 888.488.0638 Fax: 877.772.7292 Email:

PAPAYA! Holiday Gift Guide  

Shop all our favorites at PAPAYA! as well as a few picks from PAPAYA! Living

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