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October 2012

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PAPA’S PANTRY Holiday Fair “Kick Off the Holidays!”

Indulge in The Wild Orchid’s exciting new special days and deals for the whole family!

Sat. Nov 3, 2012 10:00-2:00

Location: New Victoria Baptist Church 6659 Bells Ferry Rd, Woodstock 30189

Holiday Bake Off! ENTER YOUR Cakes Pies & Cobblers Puddings & Pastries Cookies & Bars

Crafters, Vendors, and Bakers, Register Today! 770-591-4730

Music / Kid’s Games / Food Crafts Vendors / Silent Auction / FUN! For 14 years, PAPA’S PANTRY has been feeding local families in need. With your help, we can continue to provide top-notch services for children and their families this holiday season.

TUESDAY SPA DAY! Free paraffin treatment, mini massage & hot steam Wrap With any hair service. Cut & color $69* Blow and color $49* Makeup lesson $18* Eyebrow wax $8 10% off hair products, cosmetics, jewelry and accessories. Complete your experience with a complimentary beverage! WEDNESDAY KIDS DAY! $12 haircut (12 & under)* $16 (age 13-17) THURSDAY MENS “ALL-DAY” HAPPY HOUR $18 Haircut *$35 Color Free mini-massage, hot steam wrap & complimentary beverage! FRIDAY GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Dinner with your man? Special occasion? Have a date? Going out on the town? Let us make you BEAUTYLICOUS! $30 Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30-7:00 * Thursday 9:30-8:00 Friday 9:30-7:00 * Saturday 9:00-6:00

2340 Towne Lake Pkwy Suite 100 Woodstock, GA 30189

770-924-4010 or Book online!

Like us on *Hiring experienced stylists, nail tech, massage therapist and esthetician*

October 2012

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Windows are open these days, allowing the cool air to freshen our homes as our spirits, too, are in need of refreshment. I don’t think I am alone when I say summer went by way too quickly. Never-the-less, here we are looking forward to apple picking and pumpkin patches to fill our weekends leading up to the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Mmmm, I can already smell apple cider and hot chocolate in the air!

CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY NEWS Published by Papa’s Pantry (501c3) 6551 Commerce Pkwy, Suite 200 Woodstock, GA 30189 Phone: 770-591-4730 Fax: 770-591-4707

Lynne Saunders

On the cover: Reminder your childhood in the fall. Crashing the pile of leaves in the front yard.

The mission of Papa's Pantry is to help individuals and families re-establish stability and selfreliance by offering a variety of programs including immediate food assistance, employment strategies, and life skills through hands-on support and ongoing training. Christian Community News (CCN) is published once a month by “Papa’s Pantry”, Inc, a nonprofit organization, organized in 1998, that works with families who have experienced a setback, providing food assistance when food is at risk in the household.

Editor and Founder of Papa’s Pantry, The Master’s Training Center, & Christian Community News. Author, “21st Century Keys to EMPLOYMENT.”

ON THE INSIDE Faith Pray For Our Nation, by Lynne Saunders Pages 8-9 Fields of Faith, a Student to Student Ministry, Page 12 by Mary Tucker

Daily Living Principles God Uses Ordinary People, Page 6 by Morgan Hill, Owner of Hill & Hill Financial

Recognizing that “man does not live by bread alone, but by every word of God,” (Dt 8:3) The Master’s Training Center, the Pantry’s education division, offers mentoring, classes and coaching for all families in the areas of employment strategies, money management, goal setting, time management, computer skills, nutrition, organic gardening, & bible studies. Please consider Papa’s Pantry in your monthly giving. We depend on local financial support to continue to offer stability training and groceries to those in our community. Donations are taxdeductible. Funds generated by advertising help ongoing programs. The advertisements in CCN are meant to promote businesses, services, anything that someone wants to buy, sell, or exchange. Papa’s Pantry in no way represents the quality or trustworthiness of these printed solicitations, so due care is needed when responding to any information presented. CCN reserves the right to decline advertising material that is deemed inappropriate. Christian Church Directory Listings are free, space available. Christian churches are defined as those who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and was of virgin birth. He was crucified, died, resurrected, and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father as our Savior, redeemer, and intercessor. Salvation is found through Him.

October 2012

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We cannot ignore the “Trick or Treat” season. My annual pumpkin decorations are already on display, much to the amazement of the 3-year old grandchildren. I love watching their open-eyed anticipation and interpretation of upcoming “fun” events.

In a Word: Co-Mission, Page 8 & 9 by Tim Grady, Business Consultant

Money Savings October Savings ….Page 13 by Susan Call, the Coupon Tutor and MTC Trainer

2 convenient Papa’s to choose from for emergency food assistance! Grocery Assistance is by appointment, please call to schedule 770-591-4730 /

- (Main) Woodstock: 770-591-4730; 6551 Commerce Pkwy, Ste 200, 30189 Food Appointments: Tues, Wed, Thurs, & Friday Business Hours: Monday: 9:30-2:30 Tues, Wed, Thurs: 9:30-4:30 Friday, 9:30-2:30 - Canton Satellite Facility: 770-479-0729, 500 Crisler St, 30114 Food Appointments: Tues 4:00-7:00, Friday 3:00-5:00 SAY YOU SAW IT IN


How do you explain waiting for something so exciting for such a long time to young ones without tears? My daughter intuitively met the need for an understandable answer by counting down each day in the terms of “Good Mornings.” Now the waiting time brings big smiles because ‘good mornings’ are happy reunions from the night before. Dressing up can be fun for kids. Many churches organize Fall Festivals which offer great alternatives to door-to-door activities. There are usually games and lots of candy! Papa’s Pantry is organizing our own outdoor community event for Saturday, November 3rd. This will be our official kick-off to the holidays, complete with a HOLIDAY BAKE OFF!

Do you have a prize-winning dessert recipe? If so, be sure to enter it in the competition. New Victoria Baptist Church has been so kind in allowing us to have the event on their church grounds, located at the intersection of Towne Lake Parkway and Bells Ferry. We are also looking for vendors and community businesses to set up booths. Registrations range from $25-$35. Volunteers are also needed . We have an exciting few months ahead, so fasten your seatbelts and count the Good Mornings! Love and Blessings, Lynne!

MEET OUR CONTRIBUTORS Home and Family Easy and Quick Recipes, Page 14 by Maureen Penniman, Owner of Bees-Knees and MTC Trainer

Keys to Student’s Success, Page 15 By Pamela Allen, Retired teacher, Mt. Paran Christian School

Cool Christian Events Church Directory For drop off locations near you.

Pages 16-18 Pages 20-22 By Mary Tucker

Complete October Training Schedule Page 19

Master’s Training

Have a Heart for the Hungry Papa’s Pantry’s Monthly Featured Family Story, Page 23

Advertiser Directory Advisors International Alpha & Omega Automotive Baby & More Bar-B-Cutie Barb Sherer Photography BeesKnees CoOp & Rental Kitchen Beyond Organic Cherokee Women’s Specialist October 2012

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Christian Brothers Automotive Cotton States Insurance Grace Radio Home and Office Cleaning Marietta Marine Minuteman Press Revive Consignment Romney/ Ryan, Republican Party Seniors Helping Seniors The Wild Orchid Salon Woodstock First Baptist Church SAY YOU SAW IT IN

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God Uses Ordinary People By Morgan Hill


hen I was growing up, I was obsessed with superheroes. My personal favorite has always been Superman. I religiously watched him on television. I saved up my money to buy Superman comic books. Routinely, my next door neighbor and I tried to imitate Superman. We were convinced that it was our sworn duty to protect all of our neighbors from danger. In minutes, we transformed ordinary bath towels into Superman capes and off we went. With our capes draped around our necks, we magically became the self-appointed junior supermen on our block. It seems as if superheroes are making a comeback. A few miles from my home, there are huge stores devoted entirely to the sale of comic books about superheroes. Hollywood is also helping the cause by producing more and more new movies where these characters come to life on the silver screen. I must confess that although I am no longer obsessed with Superman and his friends, I maintained a superhero mindset well into my adult years. This is what I mean. I honestly believed that truly great things were done by the “Supermen” of society. Although these superheroes did not wear special costumes, I thought that they alone possessed certain abilities to make great things happen. These “Captain America or Wonder Woman” figures of society may have been identified as business leaders with tremendous wealth who gave a large donation to a charity or church organization. Or the superhero may have been a minister or other leader who just seemed to be “special” in everyone’s eyes.

they thought was right in their own eyes. At that time Israel seemed to have a talent for disobedience and suffered the consequences for rebellious behavior. In this story, the Midianites tormented the Israelites for seven years. The Bible says that the power of the Midianites was very oppressive. They came into the land of Israel with their tents and livestock like swarms of locusts and destroyed everything. The Hebrew people had to find shelter in the mountains and in caves. They were in a desperate situation. When God called Gideon to be the one to free the people of Israel from the Midianites, He did not see Gideon the way Gideon saw Gideon. Gideon didn’t see himself up to the challenge and complained to God that he couldn’t do it; he was the least in his family and was from the weakest clan from the half tribe of Manasseh. But, the great thing about God’s call is that He views us through His eyes, His strength, and His power. When He calls us, God is looking less for our ability than our availability. He wants to know if we are willing to go, more than if we can do all that He wants done.

“ I use ordinary people for My extraordinary work.”

As you finish the story of Gideon, he along with a small band of 300 men, encircled the Midian army, and rescued the nation of Israel from brutal oppression. God was victorious in his use of this one ordinary leader for an extraordinary task. How do we apply this story to our lives today? I think the connection is pretty easy to see.

Suddenly, my “superheroes of society” mindset was shattered. The Lord confirmed in my heart that accomplishing extraordinary things in life is not reserved for a small group of special people. By God’s standards, success is available to all of us. We then have the joy and privilege to offer our successes back to God as an acceptable sacrifice for His glory and praise.

We cannot pick up the paper or spend a few minutes watching the news without hearing stories that compel us to say, “Something should be done about that,” or “Someone should step up and do something.” How about you? What is God saying to urging you to do? My challenge is for all of us to look up and look around. God may be calling you to do something great for Him.

A few years ago, I began to study a biblical story about an ordinary person used by God to accomplish His extraordinary work. It was the story of Gideon.As a result of Gideon’s obedience and trust in God, the nation of Israel experienced tremendous success.

Morgan Hill has been a Towne Lake resident for almost 20 years and is the owner and president of Hill & Hill Financial, LLC, a wealth preservation and distribution firm. He serves on the board of a number of local and international ministries. Morgan is the author of “What Does it Profit a Man” and “Open the Floodgates.” His wife Holly Hill serves on the Advisory Board at Papa’s Pantry. Morgan may be reached at 770-672-0402.

One day as I was reading in the Bible, God whispered a simple ,yet profound, truth into my heart:

Gideon comes on the scene in Judges, chapter 6. The period of the judges was a time in which God raised up specific leaders for a specific challenge. It was a time in which the children of Israel were wayward and did what October 2012

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Change Your Diet, Change Your Life, Change Your World


Ground Beef Hot Dogs Mountain Spring Water Plant-Based Antioxidants Carol See INDEPENDENT MISSION MARKETER Dairy, Probiotics Raw Cheese 3-Day Cleanse 770-479-6989 Skincare Ask me how you can get a Chocolate! 20% discount!

With Coupon Exp 10/31/12

October 2012

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With courtesy inspection. Most Cars. Up to 5 qts. With Coupon Exp 10/31/12


By Lynne Saunders


ast month as I was writing the Pray for Our Land article for Christian Community News, I made a decision to earnestly pray for our nation for a suggested 40 days beginning September 28th. I went online to research Christian organizations and their supportive events. As a member of CCMA, I had already heard of Cherokee County’s Wednesday 10/24 “Heal Our Land” services that are being promoted. These organized events are important for all Christians to take part of as they are able, yet something unsettled still lingered within me. Within my soul, I felt an urgency to pray “deeply.” The only word I know to use to describe this calling is “intercession.” To pray on behalf of others is indeed intercessory prayer. This reminded me of the prayer team I was united with back in 1998 as we bravely set out for India. During this time Christianity was illegal. Our small band of praying believers saw visions, spoke in tongues, and I believe ushered in the new era of legal Christian worship. Fast forward to now, 2012. Our country’s economics are pretty unstable, yet controversial. At the time of this writing, the Middle East and some European countries are rioting and “on fire.” Our country and our world are falling apart, literally, what seems to be at the seams. So, back to my initial thought. I personally committed to pray specifically for America. I invited several people to join in my heartfelt pursuit of heavenly intervention during my initial zeal to become a soldier for Christ. The various responses I encountered were surprising. I fought against recoiling at the earliest criticisms and debates. Really, all I wanted was to pray for Godly intervention to help unravel the mess “man” has made. Mind you, this is not a conversation that is pro or against a candidate or political position. That, too, is part of the problem… that my prayers are not to move on God’s heart for my preferred presidential candidate to win. My heart is for God to help us.

that does not support His values, it is because He is giving us over to our desires. That may seem confusing, but this is God’s biggest curse. When we are so “married” to our sin that we by majority choose and accept a lifestyle outside his design and purpose. When we will not surrender our ways to His, He has no choice according to his character, but to let us go down that road until we destroy ourselves. This is why we must be unified in spirit when we pray. We cannot be divided! Sadly, it seems that even Christians are glaringly positioned in biblical and political opinions. Let’s decide to maintain a spirit of love that will infuse our relationships, conversations, and prayer lives. I ask that you deliberately take personal time to pray daily, specifically for this wonderful land of opportunity in which we live. Talk to friends, family members, and members of your bible study to join with you to pray. Here are some of the things in which this country needs: leadership in all areas of government to seek God’s wisdom for all decisions made, protection of the rights of the people of this country in which our nation was founded including freedom of religion, speech and the right to bear arms, protection of our service men and women around the world who unselfishly put their lives on the line every day for our nation, and, of course, the economy to improve so we and our children may again enjoy the security of financial strength of our land. There may be other things I may have omitted, but the Holy Spirit will reveal himself and his will as we pray. Here are some scriptures to study and meditate for the season ahead. They are in order as found in the bible. Genesis 8 18-32 (Abraham pleads with the Lord to save the righteous of Sodom)

Deut 8:18-20 (God gives the ability to produce wealth. He can destroy nations that worship other gods.) Things to contemplate (without accusation) Do we prioritize politics as the god of our nation above God? Joshua 1:8 (Meditate on this Book and you will be successful) Do we separate God as a religion from the daily events that bombard our tasks and focus? 2 Chronicles 7:14 (Heal our land) All I began with is, “I am organizing an intercessory prayer group Nehemiah 1:4-6 (Speak Lord, your servant is listening) for our nation. Would you like to join us? As soon as I mentioned that political views would not be the emphasis, my intent Psalm 23:1-6 (The Lord is my shepherd) Psalm 89:1-18 (Who is like the Lord? He is our shield) was under “fire.” Psalm 91:1-16 (He is my refuge and fortress) God is ultimately in control. If He allows a leader to be chosen

October 2012

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Psalm 105:1-7 (Give praise to the Lord, remember his miracles) SAY YOU SAW IT IN


Matthew 18: 18 (Binding and “loosing” in heaven and earth)

Proverbs 16:18 (Pride before the fall) Proverbs 16:33 (Every decision is from the LORD)

Matthew 18:19-20 (When 2 or more are gathered)

Proverbs 18:10 (The Lord is a strong tower) Proverbs 19:21 (The Lord’s purpose prevails)

Matthew 18: 21-22 (How many times to forgive?)

Proverbs 21:30-31 (No wisdom or plan will succeed against the LORD in the day of battle)

Luke 4:1-13 (Jesus tempted for 40 days) John 10:1-11 (Jesus, the gate for the sheep)

Proverbs 22:12 (The LORD watches over knowledge and frustrates unfaithful.)

Romans 12:12 (Joyful in hope, faithful in prayer)

Proverbs 28:1-5 (a ruler with discernment maintains order) Proverbs 28: 13 (Confess your sins for mercy)

Romans 13: 7-10 (Pay all debts. Love your neighbor)

Isaiah 40:28-31 (Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength)

Ephesians 6:10-18 (Put on the full armor of God and pray in the spirit)

Isaiah 41:10 (Do not be afraid, the Lord is with you)

1 Timothy 2: 1-6 (Pray and intercede for all in authority)

Jeremiah 17:7-8 (Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord)

Hebrews 11:1 (faith is the substance of things hoped for )

Matthew 18:15-17 (How to tell a brother who is sinning against God’s word)

James 1:2-6 (faith produces perseverance )

October 2012

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In a Word

-“Co-Mission” by Tim Grady


n reading a past issue of Christian Community News, I ran across a term that seemed quite odd to me: “co-mission.” I looked it up in the dictionary and found “commission – a percentage of a transaction paid to another party” and “commission – a group of people appointed to perform specified duties” but not co-mission. In further exploring this oddity, I heard the word used in a sermon quite recently at my church. Just a week before I read it in an article where someone had agreed to participate in a mission spearheaded by another party. In that case, they were simply making a donation. I have since arrived at this definition, that co-mission means to be in mission with an entity, like Papa’s Pantry, in some manner or means. I then understood what I had read in CCN (Christian Community News). CCN is asking for you to be in mission with them (Papa’s Pantry Ministries is the parent organization) to help restore food in each home and dignity in each household, in any way that you can, by any manner or means. Your way may be to donate regular hours in serving as a volunteer at Papa’s Pantry. It may be to commit regular giving of a few items of food or grocery store items. Or it may be to regularly make a financial donation to Papa’s Pantry to be used to best address the needs of families struggling with unemployment, hunger, and/or spiritual emptiness. It’s curious. We give a few items of food that seem so insignificant to us. A mother comes in trembling with trepidation and embarrassment, fearful of being treated like a deadbeat and possibly turned away, only to be lifted in spirit and given some food items for her family. When she serves the food to her very hungry children, their eyes grow wide as if they have just been given all of the gifts under the Christmas tree. That night they sleep with full bellies and sweet dreams. A seemingly insignificant donation, like a pebble in a pond, creates ripples that travel across time and space to touch hearts and minds you may never meet. A simple co-mission. As we struggle during these tough economic times, I would like to ask each of you to co-mission with Papa’s Pantry. You don’t have to jump in with both feet, meet and greet someone at the pantry door, or participate with your presence in some direct way, although that would be wonderful. Papa’s asks nothing more than a regular donation that is within your means, of food items or dollars. Ever stand by a lake, a pond, a stream or even a puddle and throw a really big rock in just to see how big a splash you could make? You may have found yourself wet and even delightfully covered in muddy water an instant later, but surely smiling. No one else may have been around. And as you watched the splash subside, the ripples went on and on, and the water dripping down you face felt cool and clean and good. The splash is your donation; the ripples are the impact of your donation; the water running down your face is the tears of God. He is grateful that you, who often wonder if you can make any difference at all, threw something into the expanse of water, even if it is just a small pond, to make a big splash – not a news flash splash, but a quiet Christian splash that He then multiplies like loaves and fishes.

October 2012

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For the next several months, as the holidays approach, you will hear about this food drive or that food drive. Charities of all natures and kinds will be reaching out for donations. I hope that you, in reading this, go to the Papa’s Pantry web site and throw something in the pond. Then I hope you eat well, feel healthy and rested, and dream sweet dreams of where those ripples are going; the children they are touching, the mothers they are lifting, the dignity they are saving, the future they are building. In this wonderful country of ours, no one should go hungry, struggle through a day as hungry eyes stare at dad or mom, be unsheltered or cold, have others look upon them as vagabonds, because there, but for the grace of God, go you or I. May His grace be with you, and may His tears splash upon your face.

Tim Grady is a Towne Lake resident, senior strategist, business advisor and public speaker for NetMark International. He also serves as Executive Director for The Wildlife Sanctuary in Ellijay, GA., is Chairman of the Board at Furtah Preparatory School, and sits on the Advisory Council at Papa’s Pantry. For more information, you can reach him at 888-605-6400 or email him at

Your advertising in Christian Community News can have a heavenly impact!

770-591-4730 CALL TODAY!



October 2012

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FIELDS OF FAITH: Student-to-Student Ministry By Mary Tucker On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, thousands of youths will gather on athletic fields all across America to share their Christian faith with fellow students during this seventh annual national “Fields of Faith” event. This rapidlygrowing, interdenominational outreach event will be held at more than 400 locations throughout the nation. While many Christian rallies are anchored to an entertainer or professional speaker who creates a spectator event, Fields of Faith is a student-to-student ministry. Peers invite their own classmates and teammates to meet on their school’s athletic field to hear testimonies, challenge scripture readings and find a personal faith in Jesus Christ. The national growth of Fields of Faith has been remarkable! Since the beginning in 2004, more than 500,000 students have joined. In 2011, more than 160,000 students gathered on 475 fields across 36 states to participate in the event. It’s not just those numbers that have Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) organizers excited about Fields of Faith. It’s the real-life impact that these gatherings are having on young people. Last year’s series of events saw 3,993 students make first-time faith commitments to follow Jesus Christ, 5,205 recommitted their life to Christ, and 8,741 committed to reading the Bible daily. “The impact of Fields of Faith has been incredible in just these past few years,” said Les Steckel, FCA president and former veteran NFL coach. “It’s all about young people in these communities coming together on their school’s athletic field and

challenging each other to go back to the fundamentals of reading God’s Word and coming to faith in Jesus Christ.”

The impetus for Fields of Faith began with Jeff Martin, an FCA staff member who conceived this idea from an Old Testament reference in 2 Chronicles 34 after searching how to help today’s generation of students face spiritual battles and temptations. In the scripture where King Josiah, an influential teenager very similar to Fields of Faith attendees today, gathered his people and challenged them to read the Bible. As a result, they changed their culture. In 2004, the Josiah-influenced dream came true when 6,000 students gathered on school athletic fields throughout three states for the first Fields of Faith event. That was the beginning of what has become one of the most significant faith-related gathering of students in a single day.

“Fields of Faith challenges this upcoming generation to be committed to reading the Bible to live a transformed life for Jesus Christ,” said Martin. “Its students challenging students, peers challenging peers and that’s the heart and soul of Fields of Faith.” While Fields of Faith has roots with FCA leadership, the event is designed to include multiple national Christian organizations, local churches and ministries. A local leadership team will determine the program of each Fields of Faith event. Following are Fields of Faith locations throughout northern Georgia. Other locations can be found on the Fields of Faith website: Canton: Cherokee High School, 930 Marietta Hwy, 7:00 pm Cartersville: Cass High School, 6:00 pm Dalton: Heritage Point Park, 1275 Cross Plains Trail, 7:00 pm Gainesville: Davis Middle School, 6:30 pm Snellville: Shiloh High School, 4210 Shiloh Rd., 6:30 pm

CHRISTIAN YOUTH CLUBS Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Etowah High School, Fridays at 6:45 a.m. in auditorium

Fish FCA Club E.T. Booth Middle School, Wednesdays at 7:15 a.m.

Fish Club Chapman Intermediate, Tuesdays at 7:00 am

Monday Club Etowah High School, Mondays at 7:00 a.m.

October 2012

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The Coupon Tutor Showing you how to save TIME and MONEY with or with out a coupon!

Susan Call The Coupon Tutor

I'm like many moms. I have been a single mom, a working mom, a stay at home mom, a home school mom, a nursing mom, a nursing mother of twins mom, a wife of a husband who travels, a mom who has been on food stamps, a mom who has gone to food pantries and a mom who has led food drives, a Scout leader mom, a mom who has an abundance to share with friends and neighbors and wants to show you how you can too. What kind of mom are you?

October 2012

#1 While gas is around $4 a gallon I consider the errands I need to run and decide whether they can wait or be combined with others on a different day. Bank deposits are one of those things you usually want done the same day. One of my favorite new things is the app that allows us to deposit checks without going to the bank. Yes, using our smart phone we just sign the back of the check, take a photo of the front and back, and it auto deposits into our account, posting that day. PNC bank, SunTrust, Chase, Bank of America and US Bank offer this service and probably several others. #2 We needed some mulch for a play area in our yard and thought it would cost several hundred dollars to fill the spot. We actually had some delivered FREE by a tree service that was working in the area. Check your local tree service contractors or you can get FREE Mulch year round from Cobb EMC when they are in your area. To get on Cobb EMC list call 678-355-3413. #3 A few years ago we called a professional to get a FREE estimate about a pest issue. After discovering it would be about $2,000 we decided to look for a plan B. We discovered DIY Pest Control. Anything that a professional Pest Control technician would use can be found at the Marietta location off of Canton Road or We watched online

Page 13

videos and took the technicians advice and trimmed some trees and patched a few holes. With a little muscle and less than $200 the situation was handled saving over 90%. #4 My husband always says that “you need the right tool for the job”. Now, you can do your own repairs with the FREE loaner tool program at Advanced Auto. No need to purchase an expensive tool that you may only use once. #5 When the check engine light comes on in your car, don’t wait to get it checked out. Most auto stores in this area offer FREE electrical testing and will give a print out of the error code that lets you know what is wrong with your vehicle. Then you will know if it is a $50 repair or $500, and can plan accordingly. A well maintained vehicle will save you lots of money down the road. For local, fun and family friendly events, money saving tips and great grocery buys check out “” or like “The Coupon Tutor” on Facebook. Learn to save 50% or more on your grocery shopping trips. “The Coupon Tutor” will be at Papa’s Pantry teaching a 2 hour grocery store couponing class Oct. 10th, from 10 – noon. $10 + 10 non-perishable items for the food panty. Pre-registration is required by calling Papa’s Pantry at 770-591-4730. See you then!



Fall - Time for Hearty Meals! Fall arrives with a colorful array of leaves and delicious autumn foods! October is the perfect time to enjoy the bounty of this flavorful season. Many vegetables are harvested in the fall. Try this recipe to bring in some sweet and sour tastes to pork (or chicken) in this easy meal. Maybe even have a dinner by the fire or bring a picnic along for a brisk walk through crunchy leaves. Here is another recipe for favorite fall tastes. And, as always, take the time to enjoy the precious moments that mealtimes bring to our homes, families, and lives.

Pork Chops with Cabbage and Pears (or Apples) | 4 servings

4 bone in pork chops (or bone in chicken breasts) 1 t. olive or vegetable oil, 1 t. salt, ¼ t. pepper 1 onion, peeled and sliced 2 cups of peeled, cored, and thinly sliced pears (or apples) 1 c. apple cider ½ c. dry white wine, beer, or chicken stock 1 (16 oz) package of coleslaw mix (or thinly sliced cabbage) 2 T. packed brown sugar ½ t. dried thyme leaves 1/8 t. ground nutmeg In non stick skillet, pour 1 t. oil. Add onion and pears and sauté (cook) over medium heat for 4 minutes, stirring. Add remaining ingredients (except meat) Heat another 3 minutes, stirring. Rub outside of pork chops or chicken breasts with oil. Season with salt and pepper. Place in greased baking pan. Pour pear and cabbage mixture on top. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Bake casserole for 30 minutes or until pork or chicken is cooked through (or 165 degrees internal temperature) This is delicious served with corn bread or baked sweet potatoes (45 minutes to an hour in a 350 degree oven) and lima beans or peas. Try berries on salad too! Top fresh salad greens with sliced summer sweet onions, berries, favorite cheese, and almonds or pecans for a real cool summer treat. Cooked fish or chicken and a low fat dressing make this a cool and delicious meal for the whole family. Nutrition Classes Taught by Maureen. See pg 19 for details. $5 per session. (To cover food) Register: 770-591-4730

BeesKnees Co-op Shop and Rental Kitchen

Art Gifts Jewelry Food

6687 Bells Ferry Rd. Woodstock, GA 30189 (across from Hobgood Park)

Telephone: 770-591-4000

October 2012

Page 14

Maureen Penniman brings a unique blend of corporate and entrepreneurial experience with her to Papa’s Pantry. She has been a corporate manager, recruiter and trainer. She owns several catering and retail cafés along with her newest venture, BeesKnees Community Co-Op on Bells Ferry (across from Hobgood Park.) that features crafts, arts, and gifts by local artists! Maureen is also a writer, speaker, and “coach” in entertaining, nutrition, food safety, and family meal management. Canton, Georgia is home to Maureen and her family. SAY YOU SAW IT IN

Maureen Penniman


Making Study Time Fun Time! (Part II) By Pamela Allen It’s just about that time in the school year – time for tests and mid terms. This month I’d like to share one of my favorite projects to help with reviewing for tests….study cards. Study cards can be used from elementary school all the way through college. Study cards are similar to flash cards in that one side has a question or fact, and the other side has the answer. However, flash cards have short and brief answers --- thus they are called “flash”. Study cards can have much longer answers. Like flash cards, they can be used to study alone or used with parents or friends to quiz each other. While flash cards are best used for Math and Grammar, study cards are better for History, Science and Literature. The best way to make study cards is to use chapter reviews and/or review sheets from the teacher. The student should make the cards himself, preferably with parental supervision to be sure he/she is studying the correct answers. The front of the card should be written concisely, allowing the answer on the back to be more in depth.

Examples: Date Vocabulary word Southeast states Characteristics of ____ Name 5 imports of _____ Names 5 kinds of energy

event that happened then definition list of states list of characteristics list of imports list of types of energy

I generally use the 3x5 lined index cards. Use the lined side for the back with the answer. This is a great time to use the multi-colored cards. Students seem to enjoy the change of pace and they can be categorized. You can categorize by subject or by chapters. You don’t even need to categorize, just have a multi-colored stack of study cards. Keep each set of cards and use for final reviews later in the year. After the cards have been written (with the correct answers) allow time for your student to study them. Then use the cards to quiz your child. This is also a great way for students to study with each other. It can even be a game. Divide the study cards up among players (2 or more) and ask the question from your card. For each answer you get right, you get that card. The person with the most cards at the end wins. Making study cards is a skill that your students can take with them to college. It simplifies all the facts they’ve learned into a more manageable way to study. Let’s give our children some tools like making study cards, so that they can improve their study skills throughout their educational years. Pam taught school for 25 years. She spent 11 years in the public school system in Orlando, Florida, teaching the hearing impaired. She also taught for 14 years at Mt. Paran Christian School in Marietta, GA. She has tutored individuals from grades 1 through 9 at Papa's Pantry since 2004. Her husband is founder and CEO of EDCO Educational Consultants. They have two children, Christy and Justin, and 3 grandchildren - 2 boys ages 5 and 4 and one baby girl, 7months.

My Home and Office Cleaning Service Heather P. Sequens


Serving: Cobb & Cherokee

Psalm 37:4-7

$20.00 Off Your First 5 Cleanings October 2012

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SUPER COOL STUFF OUR Health Ministry Fair Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 7th ANNUAL FALL FAIR October 6

Good Shepherd will hold its 7th annual Fall Fair on Saturday, October 6, from 10 am to 4 pm. The fair will be held on the church’s lower parking lot, corner of Eagle Drive and Rose Creek Drive in Woodstock. The fall fair is FREE and will include many activities for families including entertainment, games, a rock climbing wall, and a moon bounce. In addition, there will be food and crafts for sale, a used book and DVD sale, raffle baskets, and a silent auction.

October 2012

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Hickory Flat UMC 4056 E. Cherokee Dr. Canton Saturday, October 27 8 am to 6 pm

Free screenings including blood pressure, blood glucose, total cholesterol, and body mass index. Also, a variety of information regarding health and wellness will be available.




12-Hour Scrapbooking Crop!!!

Bascomb UMC 6th Annual Craft Fair 2295 Bascomb Carmel Rd Woodstock, GA

Saturday, October 6 9am - 9pm+ Bascomb UMC Fundraiser Bascomb UMC Fellowship Hall 2295 Bascomb Carmel Rd, Woodstock GA 30189

Saturday, November 10, 2012 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

$35 Includes: a minimum 3-foot workspace, lots of vendors, games, food (lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks provided), access to computer and printer, and awesome door prizes. For more information:

Come join us for this event featuring two floors and over 40 vendors selling a wide variety of arts and crafts. In addition, we will be offering a breakfast and lunch and also a Bake Sale. CRAFTERS WANTED! Please contact Diane Williams for a vendor application at 770-917-0119 or via e-mail at or visit the church website at

3rd Annual Atlanta Women’s Weekend October 12 & 13 , 2012 At the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta The Atlanta Women’s Weekend is simply Christian women spending a few moments with God and other sisters of like faith to encourage women from the Southeast and grow in Christ.

2012 Theme: “Live Peaceably With All” Romans 12:18 “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” Session topics and speakers: Selflessness: Jenni Crolius from Conway, AR ● Forgiveness: Robin Clifton from Kaysville, UT Patience: Liz Roberts from Vienna, VA ● Making Peace: Paula Walker from Tampa, FL For more details visit

October 2012

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BBQ, Bake Sale & Family Fun Day Sat, October 6 11 am to 3 pm Come enjoy great food (featuring the best BBQ in North Georgia) and family fun, including a Bounce House for the kids and a pumpkin patch.

Winning at Work and Home, a 16session study, focuses on the two areas that are central to a man's life: career and family. It will begin to build the walls of manhood through study dealing with a man's chief responsibilities. It explores how a man can enjoy and engage his work and how he can relate to a woman in a whole new way. Thursday mornings 6:00-7:30 am Beginning October 4 Mt. Paran (North) 770-578-9081 1700 Allgood Road, Marietta

BridgeMill Sixes Service League will host a 5K Walk/Run and 1 Mile Family Fun Run on Saturday, October 6 at 8:00 am in BridgeMill. Participants will meet at the BridgeMill Park Pavilion the morning of the race. The 5K Walk/Run race will begin at 8:00 am on the golf cart path; the 1 mile Family Fun Run will be around the playground at 9:15 am. Please visit to for the registration form. Contact Kelly Marlow at or Judy Crawford at Monies raised help children and families in Cherokee County.

Fall Festival & Marketplace October 20 9 am-2 pm Hickory Flat UMC 4056 E. Cherokee Dr. Canton

A fun fall day including a country store with homemade jams, jellies, & canned vegetables, a holiday store with themed baskets and a festival of trees, live musical entertainment, concessions with homemade soup and chili and hot dogs, silent auction, hay ride, bounce house and games for the children, and 20 vendors. This event is the Women's Ministry fundraisers for missions and projects in 2013.

Abortion (Post) Counseling / Education: Healing Hearts Ministry, Tina 770-712-7322, Cathy 678-485-6147 AA Meetings: Fridays 8 pm-WS Christian Church 770-926-8238 Alcoholics Anonymous:-Sat. 9:30 am, room 125 Canton First United Methodist 770-479-2502 Celebrate Recovery: Monday nights 6:30 pm at Sixes UMC 770-345-7644 & Friday nights 6:00 pm at Towne Lake Community Church 678-445-8766 Crossroads Career Network: Mt. Paran Central, 2nd Tuesday of each month. Registration needed. Gamblers Anonymous: each Saturday, 9:30 Church of the Annunciation activities building. 770-928-7916 HIV Support: Mt. Paran Central, 404-923-8700 All information is deemed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. It is best to contact each church directly regarding their programs.

October 2012

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The Master’s Training Center

The Master’s Training Center is Papa’s Training Division. All classes and workshops are open to everyone in the community. Some seminars have a training fee. Scholarships are available-please ask when preregistering. Minimum 5 registrants per class… invite your friends!

There’s something for just about everyone!

MTC THE MASTER’S TRAINING CENTER 6551 Commerce Pkwy, Woodstock 30189


Employment Strategies Core Concepts: This 3 morning workshop takes participants from fearful and desperate to confident candidates who become excited about the opportunities! Learn how to think like an employer as you prepare a resume that will get noticed! Find out WHEN an interview really begins and gain the techniques to manage your image in advance. If you are looking for a job, you cannot afford to miss this class! Workshop Fee of $120.00 includes: three-day workshop, Lynne’s book “21st Century Keys to EMPLOYMENT,” and follow-up resume coaching. Maximum 10 participants per class. These workshops can be brought to your organization. Taught by Papa’s founder, Lynne Saunders. Parts 1, 2 & 3, 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. each day. October 9, 10, & 11 / 23, 24, & 25. Advanced Sessions October 16 & 30.

Couponing: Save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill! The cost of food and personal items are going up. Learn to maximize

each and every $$! $10.00 donation + 10 non-perishable food items for Papa’s Pantry. Taught by Susan Call. See her article on page 13. Grocery Store Strategies: Oct 10th 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon GED Prepare to take the High School Equivalency Certification. Contact the office to schedule your first session with trainer, Rose Smith. Small classes and one-on-one sessions are available. The training is free. Papa’s Pantry will help pay for the cost of testing for our students.

Nutrition Made Fun and Easy! Did I say “nutrition?” You bet! But there is so much more… how to plan, shop, and prepare

meals and snacks your family will enjoy… and enjoy helping to make! Taught by Maureen Penniman, article page 14. $5.00 to cover the cost of food. Parts 1 & 2: Fridays, Oct 12 & 26 / Nov 2 & 16

Life Balance/Time Management/Goal Setting: Not your everyday time management class! Evaluate and analyze the many

facets of your life. What’s working? What’s not? Set goals that really matter, and track progress in your very own Life Balance Organizer starter kit. “Make each day matter!” Training and Starter Kit $25.00. Taught by Lynne Saunders, Thursday, October 18th. 9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Bible Study: Join us as we study the Women of the Bible. Each week, discover the private lives of women found in scripture and compare to today’s many challenges we face. (Men’s participation welcome!) Led by Becky Makorow. Wed: 1:15 p.m.-3:15 p.m. Free

Budgeting: One-on-one sessions are designed to focus on your personal financial commitments and arrange the road map to plan for each dollar utilizing a 3-month forecast at all times. Pay bills on time without late fees, create and fund emergency savings. Each 1-hour session is $10. Average of 4 weekly sessions recommended to build on fundamentals.

October 2012

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Bi-Lingual Volunteers Needed! The HOPE Center, a pregnancy medical clinic located in Woodstock, is seeking Spanish-English speaking volunteers to serve as mentors to our clients. No experience is required and all volunteers will receive training. Volunteer hours are flexible. Please contact Deborah Rey, Volunteer Coordinator at 770-924-0864 or



Unemployed, Under-Employed? Do You Know Someone Who Is?

On Sale Now! $21.99 Don’t let your competition beat you out of your next job! 50 Chapters · Employer Psychology - Learn to think like an Employer · Define Your “SEE” · Confidence · Today’s Resumé that Gets Noticed · Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts · Master Tough Interview Questions · Age Diversity in the Workplace and How it Affects the Job-Seeker · Networking · Become “Recession Proof” once You are Hired!

Local bookstores: The Book Browser, Yawn’s Bookstore. Also available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Autographed books available at the Papa’s Pantry Woodstock office or

October 2012

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When you are sad.....I will dry your tears. When you are scared.....I will comfort your fears. When you are worried......I will give you hope. When you are confused.....I will help you cope. And when you are lost...and can't see the light, I shall be your beacon… shining ever so bright. This is my oath.....I pledge till the end. Why you may ask?.... Because you're my friend. Signed: GOD

Church Directory & Events by Denomination AME

Allen Temple 770-926-6348 232 Arnold Mill Rd, Woodstock 30188 Sunday Services 8 & 11am Sunday School and Bible Study 9:45am Sr. Pastor: Carl A. Moore


St. Paul AME 770-479-9691 390 Crisler St, Canton 30114 Sunday Service: 11am Sunday Church School: 9:30 Sr. Pastor: Lemora Dobbs


Church of Jesus Our Shepherd 678-225-0174 Currently meets: Hilton Hilton Atlanta NE 5993 Peachtree Ind. Blvd, Norcross 30092 Sunday Service 10:30am Sunday School 9:30am Sr. Pastor: Reverend Tom Belt Interim Pastor: Bill DeBardeleben Resurrection Anglican (RAC) 770-591-0040 231 Arnold Mill Rd. Ste 400, Woodstock 30188 Sunday Service at 10:00 am Sunday School 9:00am Pastor: Gene Prince


Christ’s Baptist Church 678-744-8222 5496 Highway 92, Acworth 30102 Sunday Service 10:30am Bible Study 9:30am Pastor: Dr. Aaron Johnson Crossroads Community Church 770-592-7007 2317 Bascomb Carmel Rd., Woodstock 30189 Sunday Services 11:00am & 6pm Sunday School 9:30am Pastor: Bob Goodner First Baptist of Canton 770-479-5538 One Mission Point, Canton 30114 Sunday Services 8:15, 9:30 & 11:00 am Sunday School 9:30 & 11:00 am Sr. Pastor: Dr. George Anderson First Baptist Church Holly Springs 770-345-5349 2632 Holly Springs Parkway, Holly Springs 30142 Sunday School: 9:45 a.m. Sunday Service: 10:45 a.m. Lead Pastor: Phillip Young


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Church Directory and Events by Denomination (continued)

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First Baptist of Woodstock 770-926-4428 11905 Hwy 92, Woodstock 30188 Sunday Svcs 9:30 & 11:00am; 6:00pm; Spanish 11:00 amSunday School 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00am Sr. Pastor: Dr. Johnny Hunt Heritage Baptist Fellowship 770-479-9415 3615 Reinhardt College Pkwy, Canton 30114 Sunday Service 11:00am Sunday School 9:45am Pastor: Jake Hall EVENT 1st & 3rd Tuesdays: M.O.M.S (Moms Offering Mutual Support) 9:30 am Hillcrest Baptist Church 770-917-9100 6069 Woodstock Road, Acworth 30102 Sunday Services 9:30 & 11am; 6:00pm Sunday School 9:30 & 11am Wednesday Worship Service 7:00pm Sr. Pastor: Mike Maxwell Hopewell Baptist 770-345-5723 75 Ridge Road, Canton 30114 Sunday Services 9:30am, 11:00am, 6:00pm Sunday School 9:30am & 11:00am Sr. Pastor: Norman Hunt New Victoria Baptist 770-926-8448 6659 Bells Ferry Rd, Woodstock 30189 Sunday Service 11 am Sunday School 9:45 am Pastor: John Harris Victory Baptist Church 770-337-0952 5717 Priest Road, Acworth 30102 Sunday services: 11am & 6pm Sunday School 10am Pastor: Donald E. Lewis


St. Michael the Archangel 770-516-0009 490 Arnold Mill Rd., Woodstock 30188 Saturday Mass 9am, Sat. Evening Vigil 5:30pm Sunday Mass: 7:30am, 9:00am, 11:00am, 12:45pm, 2:30pm (Spanish), 5:30pm (Teen Life) Priest: Father Larry Niese

CHURCH GOD Gateway Church


1455 Ben King Road NW, Kennesaw 30152 Sunday Service 11:00 Sunday School 9:30am Pastor: Andy Smith Mt. Paran (Central) 404-923-8700 2055 Mount Paran Road, Atlanta 30327 Sunday Services 9 & 11:15am

October 2012

Sr. Pastor: Dr. David Cooper EVENTS Beginning October 2: “Maximizing your Career Potential” is a 7-week, results-oriented study focused toward those who are exploring job changes and seeking God’s calling in their career choice. Free, but pre-registration required. Held Tuesdays 6:30-9:00 pm. October 31: Festival on the Mount for kids, 6:00-9:00 pm Mt. Paran (North) 770-578-9081 1700 Allgood Road, Marietta 30062 Sunday Services 9 & 10:30am Sunday School 9am Wednesday worship 7:00 pm Sunday services also held at 10:30 am in Canton at Sequoyah High School Sr. Pastor: Dr. Mark Walker EVENT Beginning October 4: Winning at Work and Home, a 16session study. See Cool Stuff pages. Toonigh Church of God 770-926-3096 4775 Old Hwy 5 Canton, GA 30115 Lead Pastor: J.B. Kitts Sunday Svc 11:00 a.m., 6:00 p.m. Sunday School 10:00 a.m.

City On A Hill UMC 678-445-3480 7745 Main Street, Woodstock 30188 Saturday Service: 6:30pm Sunday Services 9:35am & 11:15am Pastor: Chris Bryant EVENT 2nd Wednesdays: Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), 6:008:00 pm. See Cool Stuff pages. Fields Chapel UMC 770-479-6030 1331 Fields Chapel Rd. Canton, GA 30114 Sunday Worship 11am Sunday School 10am Pastor: Anne Rex Hickory Flat UMC 770-345-5969 4056 E. Cherokee Dr. Canton, GA 30115 Sunday Services 9:20 (contemp) & 11:00 (trad) Pastor: Robert Brown EVENTS October 20: Fall Festival & Marketplace. See Cool Stuff pgs. October 20: Trunk or Treat for kids, 8:00 am-noon October 27: Health Fair and Life Line Screening. See Cool Stuff pages. 2nd & 4th Mondays: Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) 9:3011:30 am. See Cool Stuff pages.


Church of the Annunciation 770-928-7916 1673 Jamerson Rd, Marietta 30066 Sunday Services 8:30am & 10:30am Sunday School 9:15am The Rev. Paul McCabe, Rector St. Clement’s Episcopal 770-345-6722 2795 Ridge Road, Canton 30114 Sunday Service 8am, 9am, & 11am Sunday School 10:15am Wednesday Services 9am, 6:30pm Reverend James B. Stutler


Celebration of Grace 770-503-5050 411 Scott Mill Road, Canton 30114 Sunday Service: 10:30am Sr. Pastor: Ginny Krekling Good Shepherd Lutheran 770-924-7286 1208 Rose Creek Dr, Woodstock 30189 Sunday Services: 8am & 11 (traditional); 9:30am (praise service) Sunday School: 9:30 & 11:00am Pastors: Paul Baumgartner & Justin Ask EVENTS October 6: Fall Fair 10 am-4 pm. See Cool Stuff pages. October 19: Life Line Screening. See Cool Stuff pages.


Canton First UMC 770-479-2502 930 Lower Scott Mill Rd Canton, 30115 Sunday Services 8:30 & 11am (traditional); 9:30am (contemporary) Sunday School 9:45am Pastor: James McRae

Bascomb UMC 770-926-9755 2295 Bascomb Carmel Rd, Woodstock, 30189 Sunday Svcs 9am (contemp); 11am (trad) Children’s church 9 & 11 am Sunday School 10am Sr. Pastor: Reverend Millie Kim EVENTS October 6: Scrapbooking Crop. See Cool Stuff pages. October 28: Trunk or Treat for kids, 4:00-6:00 pm November 10: Craft Fair. See Cool Stuff pages.

Hillside UMC 770-924-4777 4474 Towne Lake Pkwy, Woodstock, 30189 Sunday Services: Traditional 8:25 & 11am; Contemporary 9:25 & 11am Sunday School 9:30 & 11:00am Sr. Pastor: Dr. Doug Thrasher EVENTS October 12-14: Women’s retreat in Toccoa. Theme: “This is to my Father’s glory...” (John 15:8). Cost is $100 per person (double occupancy) or $150 (single room). 2nd & 4th Mondays: Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) 9:3011:30 am. See Cool Stuff pages. Holly Springs UMC 770-345-2883 2464 Holly Sprgs Pkway, Holly Springs 30115 Sunday Service 11:00am Sunday School 9:45am Pastor: Ken Godfrey Liberty Hill UMC 678-493-8920 141 Railroad Street, Canton 30114 Sunday Services 9:30 & 11:00am Pastor: Jamey Prickett Mt. Gilead UMC 770-591-0837, 889 Arnold Mill Rd Woodstock, GA 30188-3020 Sunday Service 11:00am Sunday School 10:00am Pastor: Rev. Ken McGehee Mountain View UMC 770-928-0050 2300 Jamerson Rd. Marietta, 30066 Sunday Svcs: 9:30 (contemp); 11:00 (trad) Sunday School 9:30 & 11:00 Pastor: Bill Burch

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Church Directory and Events by Denomination (continued)

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Sixes UMC 770-345-7644 8385 Bells Ferry Rd. Canton, 30114 Sunday services 9 & 11 Lead Pastor: Dr. Joe McKechnie EVENTS October 6: BBQ, Bake Sale & Family Fun Day. See Cool Stuff pages. October 21: “Understanding Your God DNA.” See Cool Stuff pages. October 28: Trunk or Treat, 5-7 pm. Monday nights: Celebrate Recovery; fellowship at 6:30 pm; worship at 7 pm; share groups at 8 pm; Solid Rock Café at 9 pm. See Cool Stuff pages. Tuesdays & Thursdays: Mother’s Morning Out from 8:30 am12:30 pm, for children ages 2 through 4. $25 a day per child or $20 a day if paid by the month. Woodstock UMC 770-926-6440 109 Towne Lake Parkway, Woodstock 30188 Sunday Svc: 11:00 (Traditional) Sunday School: 10:00am Spanish Svc: Sunday 5:30pm Rev. Claude T. Herbert EVENT 2nd & 3rd weeks of month (Thur-Sat): thrift shop in the lower level of Latimer Hall, 10am-3pm

Watermarke Church 678-880-9092 2126 Sixes Road, Canton, GA 30114 Sunday Services 9:00 & 11:00 am, and 5:00 pm Lead Pastor: Gavin Adams

Cornerstone Community Church 678-439-5108 503 Hickory Ridge Trail, Suite 160 Woodstock, GA 30188 Sunday Service 11:00am Pastor: David Kight

Woodstock Christian 770-926-8238 7700 Hwy 92 Woodstock, 30189 Sunday Service 10:30 Sunday School 9:00am Wednesday Service 6:30pm (contemporary) Senior Minister: Lynn T. Eynon

Dayspring Church 770-516-5733 6835 Victory Drive, Acworth 30102 Sunday Service 10:00am Sr. Pastor: Tony Crawford Freedom Church 770-529-6006 meets at Barber Middle School 4222 Cantrell Road NW Acworth, GA 30101 Sunday Services 9:45 & 11:30 am His Hands 770-405-2500 550 Molly Lane, Woodstock 30189 Sunday Service 10:00am Jubilee Church 678-471-1930 Meets at Kell High School Auditorium 4770 Lee Waters Road Marietta 30066 Sunday Service 10:00am Sr. Pastor: Carl Herrington Liberty Church(es) 770-423-7316 1285 North Cobb Pkwy, Marietta 30062 Friday Service 7:00pm Saturday Services 5:00pm & 7:00pm Sunday Services 8 & 10 am, noon, 6:00pm Pastor: John Fichtner


Branches of Christ 770-917-4964 5946 Jacobs Road SE, Acworth 30102 Sunday Service: 10am Wednesday Service: 7pm Sr. Pastor: Steve Pettit

Prayer and Praise Christian 770-928-2795 6409 Bells Ferry Rd, Woodstock, 30189 Service 10:30 am Sunday School 9:30am Sr. Pastor: Larry Baker

BridgePointe 770-517-2977 Meets at Woodstock High School 2000 Towne Lake Hills South Drive Sunday Services 9:00am & 11:00am Lead Pastor: Mat Garcia Church of the Messiah 770-479-5280 415 Charles Cox Drive, Canton 30115 Sunday Service 10:00am Friday morning Holy Communion 6:30 am Pastor: Fred Goodwin EVENT Second Fridays: Java Jam. See Cool Stuff pages. City Church of Canton 770 720-1488 200 North Main St Canton, GA. 30114 Sunday Service 10:00am Sr. Pastor: Lance Johnson

EVENTS October 7: Anniversary Sunday October 27: October Fest. Rides, food, fellowship, & fun. 10 am- 3 pm. October 28: Healing service at 6:00 pm

Towne Lake Community Church 678-445-8766 132 N. Medical Pkwy, Woodstock 30189 Sunday Services 10:30am Saturday Messianic Fellowship 10:00am Saturday Singles Worship 6:00pm Pastor: Bill Ratliff EVENTS October 27: TLC Trunk ‘N’ Treat Fall Festival Friday nights: Celebrate Recovery. See Cool Stuff pages. Victory North Church 770-794-7366 Palmer Middle School 690 North Booth Rd, Kennesaw 30144 Sunday Services 10:00am Pastor: Jeff Hidden

Woodstock Community 770-926-8990 237 Rope Mill Road, Woodstock 30188 Sunday Services 10:30am Wednesday night worship 7:00 pm Pastor: Greg Michael EVENTS October 6: Fall Festival, ending with Bluegrass Jamboree. First Saturday of the month: Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree. Doors open 6 pm. $7 at door.


Cherokee Presbyterian Church, PCA 770-704-9594 1498 Johnson Brady Rd, Canton 30115 Sunday Service 10:30 am Sunday School 9:15 am Supply Pastor: Tom Myers Faith Presbyterian Church 770-479-6193 3655 Reinhardt College Pkwy, Canton Sunday Service 10:30 am Pastor: Brahm Luckhoff Grace Church, PCA 678-493-9869 1160 Butterworth Rd, Canton, GA 30114 Sunday Service: 11:00 am Sunday School: 9:30 am Pastor: Robie Hembree Heritage Presbyterian 770-926-3558 5323 Bells Ferry Road, Acworth Sunday Worship 8:45 & 11:10 am Sunday School 9:45 am Wednesday Contemporary Worship 6:30 pm Pastor: Sid Gunter Sixes Presbyterian 770-485-1975 2335 Sixes Rd, Canton 30114 Sunday Services 10:30 am Sunday School 9:30 am Reverend Dr. Lucas Pina Woodstock Presbyterian 770-926-0074 345 Arnold Mill Rd Woodstock, 30188 Sunday Services 11:00 am Sunday School 10:00 am Pastor: Julie Ferguson

CCMA meets on the last Wednesday of each month for a luncheon from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. October's meeting will be at Reinhardt University in Waleska. Pastors and Ministry leaders are welcome. Lunch $5, first time guests free. October 2012

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Your Donation Dollars will Feed Hungry Children and their Families.  

Please give today. It takes approximately: $50 for family groceries each week $1,150 per family for life-changing stability training.


Families like Lisa’s have the opportunity to be coached, encouraged, and empowered as they work to gain stability through Papa’s Pantry and The Master’s Training Center. During this time fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy items are all part of the ongoing food assistance provided alongside their recovery.

Your donation makes it possible for families like these get back on their feet!

Please meet Lisa. Her story is one of struggling within an abusive marriage while recently unemployed and trying to raise 3 kids. Her husband has a job, but comes and goes for days at a time without explanation, and with little to no financial help. He’ll pay an occasional bill, but he will not give her any money for food for herself or the kids. The oldest are now registered in a local college while the youngest son is still in elementary school. Lisa struggles to maintain the appearance of a calm home life so the kids will not be distracted or worried about just how desperate things have become. While they are at school, she used to go to various food pantries (until she found Papas’) just to keep food in the cabinets so they wouldn’t know. A month ago when we first met Lisa, she jumped in right away in our Employment Strategies training. She has been out of work as a front office medical assistant for about 10 months. She gave notice to her previous employer when offered another position that would finally allow her become self supportive… no longer relying on her husband. Her world quickly unraveled when she received an email the day before she was to begin the new job, notifying her that the company was not going to fill the position after all. Her previous employer had already hired her replacement so there was no going back. To follow Lisa’s progress, go to

Have A Heart… For the Hungry


 

NOW 1 out of 6 5 families in GA are “food insecure!” Your donation helps Papa’s Pantry feed children and their families.

Name (as it appears if using a bank card) _______________________________________________ Address____________________________City, State,____________________Zip__________ Email Address ______________________________________________Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ By praying for the ministry and the needs of the families being served. By financially supporting the ministry. Please indicate the method of giving below.

 Here is one time gift of $________________ If bank card, please specify date to process:  5th or  20th  I will financially support the ministry with monthly giving of $________________  CHECK  VISA  MASTERCARD (PayPal online at to use Discover or American Express)

Card Number: _________________________________ Expiration Date: __________ CVV Code ___________

I give Papa’s Pantry the authorization to charge the bank card listed above as indicated. Signature ___________________________________

October 2012

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Christian Community News October 2012  

CCN is a publication of Papa's Pantry, Woodstock GA

Christian Community News October 2012  

CCN is a publication of Papa's Pantry, Woodstock GA