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Reincarnation Stories - Are You Haunted by Your Past Lives? By Richard Salva

I have been reading reincarnation stories since I was a teenager. There is something deeply fascinating about the past-life experiences people have remembered, and how they affect their current lives - or are strangely mirrored in the present. As we explore someone's past incarnation in Ancient Rome, the American Civil War, or the Ming Dynasty, it opens our minds to subtle possibilities. Did we live back then? Who or what were we in past? And what does it have to do with what I am experiencing in my life right now? I think that many of us who read reincarnation stories do so because we have dim recollections of our own past lives, and we are trying to get more clarity on the subject.

A Haunted Book? A few years ago I gave a talk at the Las Vegas Paranormal Conference. At that lecture I told the audience about an experience I had related to reincarnation.

Someone lent me a book that described in detail a certain period in British history - a culture and time period I had never studied before. The more I read, the more familiar seemed everything I was reading. It was as if the book was reminding me of things I had always known. At one point, the author wrote that the monarch of that time had sent a certain knight or courtier to a specific location. The sentence was interrupted by the bottom of the page. The location would be named at the top of the next page, which had yet to be turned. As I was reading, and before I turned to the next page, the strong thought came to me, "I remember that! So and so was sent to ____." And the name of some obscure town in England (not London or York, but a much smaller town) popped into my mind.

I turned the page . . . and that was the town listed. I almost dropped the book! I thought, "This book is haunted!"

But it wasn't the book that was haunted - as I told my Las Vegas ghost hunting audience - it was I who was haunted by my past life. All of us are haunted by our past lives. What do Past-Life Influences Look Like? Past-life influences show up in little ways. You've probably experienced them yourself. The occasion when you traveled to some part of the world you had never visited and the place seemed hauntingly familiar. The first time you met one of your best friends and felt that you had known them forever. That special moment of recognition and illumination when you sensed that you an your spouse were carrying forward a relationship you had initiated in the past. That ultra strong sense of dĂŠjĂ vu, when you felt certain you had experienced a current situation before, but you had no recollection of anything similar happening in this lifetime. These are just a handful of the many ways in which past-life memories and karma influence our current, daily lives. And we are reminded of them when we read reincarnation stories. We read reincarnation stories about other people because, on a deeper level, we sense that we are reading about ourselves.

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