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Kick it Up a Notch With Feather Boas By Polen Melchor

Now don't get me wrong cause I'm perfectly straight. However; as of six years ago, after a visit to New Orleans my wardrobe just isn't complete with a nice selection of feather boas. Thats right! Hanging in my closet right along side my suits ties & shirts are three brightly colored boas. Ready and waiting for the right occasion. Nothing Says "Let the Good Times Roll" Better The right occasion is any type of party and the last time I wore one was the office New Years get together. You see, nothing says "let the good times roll" better than a man in normal clothing, with a green and blue feather boa around his neck. Also of that isn't enough for you, you can also throw a few strings of Marti Gras beads into the ensemble. All that Ladies In the House Try On My Feather Boas Believe it! My "get-up" is always the hit of the party the moment I step through the door and talk about ice breakers with the ladies! There can be no better! In fact, by the time the night is through, you can bet that every female in the house has tried on my feather boa. Even so, the Mardi Gras beads are even better. Chicks All Know What It Takes To Get Your Beads Chicks just love Mardi Gras beads and they all know exactly what it takes to earn them. Thats right! You guessed it! They have to lift up their shirts and show their artillery! It's the same where ever you go, so don't even count on making it home with your beads. The good thing about it though, is that they're cheap and you can buy them in bulk "by the boxful". Loud Colors Work Best On Party Night The most important thing to remember when buying feather boas and Mardi Gras beads, is that loud colors work best. This especially applies with the beads that come in all colors of the rainbow. Also remember to get your beads in a variety of sizes too, so you don't have all one sized beads around your neck.

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Kick it up a notch with feather boas