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How to Text Your Ex Back Successfully By Laura Maria

Text messages can really work? One way to get your ex back without confrontation which can add more damage after your break up is sending a text message to your ex that will touch his or her heart and sweep him or her off her feet. Having said this, your text need not be cheesy or corny. If your text is sincere enough, then getting your ex to love you back won't be difficult. Here are some helpful tips to assure you of a successful reconciliation with your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend just by sending a humble and heart felt text message. Chose the right moment to text your ex Timing is everything. With your recent break up, it's possible that both of you still have unanswered questions or both your emotions are still high. Use your time apart to think of what you really want to say in your text message and choose the right moment to send it. Depending on the gravity of your break up, give your ex space to his or her nerves until such a time that he or she is less emotional. This way, when your ex reads your text he or she will be able to truly understand what you want to say with his or her emotions clouding their judgment.

Your text message - less is always more Avoiding clichĂŠs and sticking to what you really have to say can have a positive response from your ex. As much as possible make your point in a neutral tone and always be direct to the point. Avoid going around the bushes and be precise and sincere in your text. A simple text message can go along way in helping you get your ex back. Don't overdo sending text messages One sincere and heart felt text message can be enough to get your ex back. Never over do it by sending multiple text messages that may look like a novel. Be persuasive but never be too persistent because this may push him or her away. Once you've sent your text message, give him or her time to soak up all the content of your message. Resending over and over the same message or non stop texts will take away the value and the sincerity of what you want to say and how you really feel. Be patient in waiting for his or her reply and start to rebuild trust and love from there. Getting your ex back with just one text can be successful once you know what, when and how to do it.

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How to text your ex back successfully  
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