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Home Solar Electricity - Start Using it Today By Justin Morgan

Fossil Fuel is currently the primary source of electricity. Power companies burn fossil fuels in order to produce electricity. But there are many disadvantages of using oil to produce electricity. Here are some:

* The sources of fossil fuels are limited * Fossil fuel is very expensive * Burning fossil fuel causes pollution

These disadvantages should make it clear to you that fossil fuel is not a reliable source of electricity. Your electricity bills keep on getting higher because fossil fuels become more expensive. And if that's not enough reason, you should know that burning fossil fuels create greenhouse gases, which contributes to global warming.Renewable energy sources are probably the best sources of electricity, especially for your home. Renewable energy, such as solar power and wind energy, is being utilized by modern technology in order to create free electricity. At present, solar panels can be installed for home use. These solar panels can give you enough electricity for your daily use. Home solar electricity is the best way for you to save money and help the world get rid of greenhouse gases. Home solar electricity means that you get to use solar power to produce electricity at home. There are various types of solar panel that you can use at home. So if you are interested in using home solar electricity, then here are some things that you must do:

* Choose the type of solar generation system that you want. There are three types of solar generation systems that you can use - Fixed Panel, Single Axis Tracking and Dual Axis Tracking. The Fixed Panel, when installed, remains stationary. It is also the cheapest among the types of solar generation systems. The Single Axis Tracking tracks the sun to get the most energy. It moves either horizontally or vertically. The Dual Axis Tracking is similar to the Single Axis tracking but, as the name implies, it moves horizontally and vertically. This is also the most expensive type.

* Choose if you want an off-grid installation or a grid-tied installation. An off-grid installation means that you will no longer be connected to the electrical utility grid. All the electricity that you'll be using will

come from the home solar electricity system. This is also called a stand alone system. But you could also use a diesel, propane, or gasoline driven motor generator as a backup for your home solar electricity. On cloudy and rainy days, a back-up source of electricity would certainly give you an advantage. As for the grid-tied installation, your system will be tied to the electrical utility company. There are some benefits with this type. If you generate more energy from the solar panels, then the excess electricity will be fed back to the electrical utility company. If you consume more electricity than the solar panels could provide, you can get electricity from the electrical utility grid. * Check for zoning restrictions by contacting your county office and local city office. You might also want to know the restrictions of homeowner's associations or division management. If there are any permits needed, be sure to get one. * Select a solar system and the company. There are various companies that are able to sell and install solar systems. Do some thorough research on these companies and choose the one you like.

The Solar Stirling Plant generates solar electricity and provides plenty of solar power for your home. When properly constructed, this product promises to significantly reduce electricity bills and even act as emergency power for your home during times of power outages.

Home solar electricity start using it today  
Home solar electricity start using it today