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Feather Boas Are The Commonly Used Fashion Accessory of Elites By Gail Leino

The Feather Boas is a fashion accessory that is made from various type of feathers and is worn around the neck like a scarf. The birds whose feathers are used to make boas include Ostrich, Marabou, Chandelle and Turkey. The making of Feather Boas goes through a detailed process. The feathers of the above mentioned birds are collected, which then goes through the process of bleaching and dyeing. After it they are glued and stitched into lengths, which is known as ply.

The Feather Boas are of different weights. If we weigh the lightweight Chandelle Boas, it would be 65 grams and if we weigh the 24 ply Ostrich Boas it may weigh to about 200 grams. It is also a fact that as many plies are added to the boas, the boas is going to get thicker and fluffier and would result in an increased weight. The Feather Boas have been known to be used as a fashion accessory since 1820 but there are documentations, which state that the Feather Boas were used in the 17th century. The eras that are known to use the Feather Boas have been the late Victorian and the Edwardian era.

If you are attending a party, a Feather Boas can be an elegant wear. One can buy them at the costume, novelty or lingerie shops but to begin with, one can look out on the different websites and from there one can find the Feather Boas that suits them the best. Feather Boas can be a very elegant wear if you are wearing it to the party. There are social clubs whose members wear Feather Boas during their meetings, one such club is the Red Hat Society, where the members wear costumes and Feather Boas and work for historic re-enactment.

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Feather boas are the commonly used fashion accessory of elites