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Dedicated IP VS Dynamic IP VPN The choice of VPN depends largely on the fact whether you want a dedicated IP or a dynamic IP since both are required to serve distinct purpose. While a dedicated IP is much in demand to rank your websites high up in the search page rankings, dynamic IP is equally important if you are concerned with security. Let us find out some more about these two important IP VPN forms.

Dedicated IP VPN Abiding by the definition, a dedicated IP (also known as static)is an internet address which is exclusively dedicated to a unique hosting account. It finds its use mostly with SSL-encrypted or traffic-heavy websites. Besides this, if you want to promote your website on the search engine then having dedicated IP address for each of the other websites used for creating backlinks would be beneficial. Coming to dedicated IP VPN, you need not to share your IP address with any other user once you use it. Consequently, you can carry out all the transactions over the internet without the fear being tracked by hackers.

Benefits of Dedicated IP Allows users to download files anonymously: If you want the users of your website to download files from it, then a VPN with a dedicated IP helps the visitors comes handy. Your FTP server takes guard of this purpose and allows the users to download files in total anonymity. Facilitates your online transactions: If you are into online business and want your customers to pay you through credit cards, a secure connection is of utmost importance. Dedicated IP VPN therefore comes into effect and severs your cause. For carrying out online transactions, your website would require possessing a SSL certificate that further necessitates the need of a dedicated IP.

Dynamic IP VPN: With a dynamic IP VPN you get yet another way to hide your identity over the internet. Each time you boot your system and browse through the internet, your computer is assigned a new IP address which is different than the previous one. Hence this makes way to even better security if you do not want to be identified by censoring authorities or by anti-social internet users. The dynamic IP address thus assigned could be through a server with DHCP, computer interface or by the host application itself.

Advantages of Dynamic IP: Protection from hackers: Since you are provided with a new IP address during each of your internet session, it only helps you to hide yourself from the sniffers. Automatic setup: It requires least manual interference, issues concerned networking and configuration settings are settled automatically Advanced software for assigning IP addresses: Small scale businesses or families that own multiple computers often find solace in using dynamic IP VPN since it enables them get dynamic IP addresses automatically with the help of specialized Cost-software that allow DHCP setup Cost-effective: Dynamic IP VPN is affordable and is likely to fit well within your budget

Dedicated IP VPN certainly holds essence in the world of internet to specific reasons but that does not makes dynamic IP VPN any less preferred. There are an assortment of benefits that you can draw once you opt for it, some of them are mentioned here: Bottom Line: Both the Dedicated IP VPN (or Static) and Dynamic IP VPN hold equal importance. The selection of one of them however depends very much on your individual requirement. If you want to keep changing the VPN servers as per your wish, say for security reasons, then dynamic IP VPN is preferable. On the other hand, if you want a permanent IP address so that your website visitors may find it easier to communicate with you and carry out financial transactions, dedicated IP certainly holds on edge over the former.

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Dedicated ip vs dynamic ip vpn  
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