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Create a Restroom Pass System For Class

Purchase a small plastic index card holder. At the beginning of the school year/semester, give each student a 3X5 index card. On the lined side, have the students write any information you wish to keep on record about them. For example, address, phone number, schedule. On the unlined side, have the students divide the card into four equal areas. In the upper right corner of each area, have the students write the numbers 1,2,3, and 4 which stands for each quarter of the year. In each area of the pass, have the students label a row across the top with a D (Date), T (Time), and I (Initial). Decide how many passes you are going to give the students each quarter. Three seems like a good number. Along the left side of each area, have the students number for each bathroom pass you are allowing per quarter. For example, 1,2,3. Place the cards by period with dividers into the plastic card holder and show the students where you are going to keep it. Explain your rules about appropriate and inappropriate times to use the restroom. Tell students that each time they wish to use the restroom, they are to get their card, fill it out except for the initial. Explain that if a student loses their card then they will not be able to use the restroom for the rest of the quarter.

This system will cause a lot of headaches to go away. Check it here for more information about bathroom pass

Create a restroom pass system for class  
Create a restroom pass system for class