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Connectivity Overview Connectivity is an essential part of business today, and Prodec Networks recognises that connectivity solutions need to be flexible. So its philosophy is simple: to work with customers to find the optimal solution for their business requirements.

Network Design

Bonded Solutions

Fixed IP Data SIMs


Prodec Networks’ products are designed to offer the best in value, service and upgradability, with solutions that are ideal for small businesses, expanding companies and large multi-site global organisations. It can provide IP VPN, 3G, leased lines, Ethernet and a range of DSL technologies, including bonded options to help meet customers’ connectivity needs.

Prodec Networks’ connectivity solutions include:


Prodec Networks provides flexible and innovative internet and connectivity solutions to suit all business needs. With years of hands-on experience in helping companies define, build and maintain their communication infrastructures, Prodec Networks knows each customer is different and that requirements vary. That is why it works with customers to find an optimal solution, whether it is saving money, increasing connectivity performance, developing productivity or meeting their needs in other ways.

Fixed IP 3G SIMs - Prodec Networks’ Fixed IP 3G Data SIM Solution provides dependable two-way communication between any device or any location. With numerous benefits, 3G Data SIMs are rapidly becoming a popular choice for businesses of all sizes that rely on staying connected.

Managed Internet Access - Leased lines, Ethernet and IP VPN circuits can connect multi-site offices or provide access to the internet. Prodec Networks can provide dedicated end-to-end access solutions to improve internet access speeds, regulate and manage connectivity performance, and offers a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Supplying business customers only, Prodec Networks offers the latest, next generation broadband services. Its network provides fast, up-to-date access services nationwide, with fast internet connectivity and supporting services.

Prodec Networks |Prodec House, Chancery Gate Business Centre, Ruscombe Park, Twyford, Berks RG10 9LT Office: 0118 960 2500 Fax: 0118 970 6835 Email:

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SDSL Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) is a modification of DSL, but with the differentiation of symmetric bandwidth upstream and downstream. Prodec Networks’ SDSL products, which are designed for organisations requiring low contention, provide businesses with an efficient, secure and fail-safe method of communicating data. ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a form of data communication that facilitates data transmission over copper telephone lines. Designed for companies wanting a business class solution, Prodec Network’s ADSL products offer a truly resilient solution at a costeffective, affordable price. With control of its own network, Prodec Networks can build personalised packages to meet individual connectivity requirements

IP-VPN Prodec Networks understands business requirements change constantly and the need for extended networks increases. Its IP VPN solutions – ranging from xDSLbased MPLS VPNs through to combination leased, Ethernet, DSL and 3G/HSDPA provide secure reliable connectivity. PSTN / IDSN Prodec Networks can migrate existing PSTN, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines, or provide new lines, without disrupting a customer’s business, and at a cost below what many would expect. PSTN lines are an ideal solution for customers requiring a dependable, first class service. ISDN lines are appropriate for businesses requiring simultaneous inbound/outbound calling capability.

For more information about connectivity solutions, and to find out how Prodec Networks can help improve your business, call 01189 241 241

Prodec Networks |Prodec House, Chancery Gate Business Centre, Ruscombe Park, Twyford, Berks RG10 9LT Office: 0118 960 2500 Fax: 0118 970 6835 Email:

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