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The Gulf of Siam may separate Samui from the Mainland, but Chandra keeps the shopping experience in the Contemporary Mainstream.


s you navigate the Chaweng Beach strip, looking for the shopping experience that Thailand is famous for, there is one shop that should not escape your presence. Chandra has been blending collections, working with designers, and creating original fashions of their own over the course of the past 6 years. With breathtaking fabrics and designs accumulated from fashion-makers in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, India and other countries, their two very different and distinct locations on the strip provoke an ethnic and tribal vision for the exotic. Inspired to give a unique and almost visionary sense of the styles they create, owners Dana and Barak recently took some of their newest collection to the X2 Resort on Samui for a photoshoot that would stun the fashion industry. Appealing to a wide range of sizes, accessories, and fabrics, Chandra’s concepts of loose wear and comfort take form in their women’s wear and shoes to their men’s apparel. Two Boutiques give you a completely different set of collections. Located across from Via Vai Restaurant is Chandra 2, while Chandra 1 can be visited next to Tropical Murphy’s Pub on the Chaweng Beach Road. Two unique Boutiques, two different collections, from two fashion designers who have captured the spirit and colours of Asia. Contact: 08 6606 3639 or 0 7742 2311



Zina Evening Dress: Also available in Kakhi & Cream Sizes: 36, 38, 40




The Chandra Collections Stunning & Exotic With a Visionary Spirit

Vanilla Bikini: Available in All Sizes



Photographer: Barak/Chandra Exotic Boutique Stylings: Dana/Chandra Exotic Boutique Top: Rainbow Dress with Green Leather Belt Below Left: Vongole Bikini, also available in Blue. All Sizes. Mala Ivory Necklace Below Right: Bikini Duet (left: Fragola Bikini-All Sizes Right: Mowgli Bikini -All Sizes) Some Bikinis available in XL

Photos taken on location at X2 Samui, a Design Hotel located on the South East coast of Koh Samui. X2 Samui encompasses all that is expected of a true Design Hotel with contemporary architecture and a captivating ambience designed for the spirit.



Chandra @ X2