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Summer 2011

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Blog Entry

[01/04/2012] Eaglet wars @ JRSP


Who would have thought 6 months ago so much was going to happen this year at the beach and with Kitty Hawk Kites and I would feel so much older. It has been a good year, but tough. There have been some very stressful times and some incredibly fun times. This issue is just the first part of this summer, I’ve been too busy to really keep up with issues, so this will seem like old news but I hope you at least enjoy the pictures. I have time now to catch up with myself but not too much, things are about to get crazy again. For the most part, I like crazy. -em

Summer 2011 ISSUE 15 VOLUME 3 EDITOR: The Meibos Touch WRITERS: Air-Rick PHOTOGRAPHERS: Eric Meibos (EM)

Photos and Articles welcome PAPALOTES 2153 is a non-profit, non-organizational, non-anything publication about Hang Gliding and Free Flight and related activities. It is not for sale and is available to anyone who is interested. Input and feedback are always welcome. Anyone can be apart or involved with Papalotes 2153. No subscriptions, membership, or Contributions required. Just FLY FLY FLY. Contact:

What is Papalotes 2153? Could it be a new aluminium alloy that uses a newly discoverd mineral? Currently used on an undisclosed fleet of training gliders. (Belived to be harvested from pixies)



WARS 2011

This Years Eaglet Wars was exciting. With new sails with slightly new sail cuts (shorter keel pocket) the gliders performance had improved.... for an eaglet. They could fly faster and further.... a little bit anyway. Competiton was fierce, with about as many return instructors as new instructors.

It was between Nico Lopez and Robert Miller through out the series, with some impressive showings from past instructors on various days. It was close but Robert won with more bulls eyes than anyone else, and also took rookie of the year. New pilots who earned their H1’s (and some H2s) nd became instructors along the way were: Mike too tall, Alex Brewer, Alexis (Frenchie), Donnie Danger, Robert, Jimmy, Steve, Evan. Other significant competitors were, Mike Appel, Zack, Andy Thompson, Nico, Hunter, Airick, Parrot, both Mazzoni’s, TJ, Brian, Douglas, Patarico, Kyle. Wonder who will be here and who will name an Eaglet next year?

NOW OPEN 357 Morningside Ln. Charlestown, NH 03603 603.542.4416



on the



Sunday July 19,

It was just a regular summer’s day hang gliding

lesson at Jockey’s Ridge State Park with Brain and Doug, KHK instructors. Teaching people to fly is a fun and rewarding job. More people get their feet off the ground here than maybe anywhere else in the world. The soft forgiving sand and coastal seabreazes make it possible to teach a large volume of people in a wide variety of conditions. It’s practically the ideal location and situation for teaching hang gliding but it’s more than just a walk in the park. There are some days when the winds and the hill are perfect and teaching is a breeze, but most often than not the hill is oddly shaped

Brian and Doug Double teaming

and the winds are; cross, too strong, too light or there is no wind at all, and people still get to fly. Dune instructors have developed techiques and have the right equipment to get anyone off the ground on almost anyday all year round. Of course there days when it’s way too windy or there are thunderstorms and for safties sake the lessons are postponed, ( doesn’t mean the instructors aren’t out there still). On this day the winds were strong and a bit gusty out of the south west (not uncommon in the summer). So Brian and Doug “double teamed” the lesson, joining there group of studnets together and sharing a glider. They use the tethers now not to hold the students down but to help them penetrate the wind and fly foreward. once the student demonstrates a relaxed grip and good pitch control the instructors pay out the tethers and get the student as high as they can. Everyone who signs up to fly at Jockey’s Ridge will get a chance to fly.

Pilot Profile Mike Appel Age: From: Rating: Gliders:

22 Ellicott City, Maryland H3 11m Pulse (Green Machine) MK IV 19m (Gabby) Axis Pluto II (PG)

Even though he now flys paragliders Mike is genuine Papalotes Pilot, teaching the world to fly with KHK and enjoying more airtime than ever. Who was your first instructor? Can’t remeber who was first but remeber Andy torrington, Matt Paulson, Justin and TJ in the beginning. So you fly PPGs now too? Yes, and enjoy flying up and down the beach. Do you have a HG rack? Not just for HGs but also a place for my paramotor, on my Honda Element. A favorite flying memory? Soaring Jockey’s Ridge for National Geographic and dodging kite strings.

A new hybrid modif ication for your vehicle. Get more air!

Hang check

Media and entertainment to check out before you hook-in or after the sun sets.

SOARING 100 Wright brothers National Memorial * Jockey’s Ridge State Park NC

October 21-24, 2011

A Century ago the brothers proved sustain flight without a motor to the world, soaring for 9:45 mins. People from the free flight community will be uniting from all over the world. Check out Highlights online:

Top 5 played songs: “When the ship comes in” -Marcus Carl Franklin

“Hold up” -The Raconteurs “Folding Chair” -Regina Spektor “10 a.m. Automatic” -The Black Keys “Blue turning grey” -Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah

Movies with flying: -Captian America (or any of the comic book films this year) -The Last Harry Potter

Photo Gal


Summer 2011 part 1

Spectacular May 2011 setting up to ppg the beach sunday afternoon Brian and TJ shop training Mike with out a motor or a glider, just some guy on his back

Currituck County Airport. Two Black Water ‘copters fly over one of the worlds most skilled pilots. Just another fun day of aerotowing Mike Appel about to launch in no wind at the beach with Doug and Thunder standing by.

FAN MAN MIKE Flying the beach and hanging with freinds

Learing to Kite Board down at Waves Village KHK with Mike, Greg, and Jon.

NEXT ISSUE: KHK Mountain Trip 2011 Tater Hill

& Morningside re-opens!


Papalotes2153 summer 2011  

Issue 15 Vol 3

Papalotes2153 summer 2011  

Issue 15 Vol 3