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Cover and inside: Jerry Meibos launching at North Side POM, UT. photo:EM

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Brian Liensenring pg. 25

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Snow slowly melts on the road to launch photo:EM

Winter was very long this year and is still winter for some people. There were record snow falls, not a bad season for Skiing or snowboarding, but not too great for flying. I was also in school and it took up most of my time but I finished. I probably wont use school as an excuse not to fly anymore. We were able to get up to Inspiration twice this year before the road opened and it finally did in May but it didn’t stop snowing even after I left. I got pictures from my Dad of it snowing on memorial day. The Valley was very green and there wil be plenty of water (maybe too much)

this summer in Utah. I however am back on the east coast on the outer banks teaching Hang gliding again. Here it has been vey warm and on fire in fact. There are at least three major fires in eastern NC, making lots of smoke to fly and teach in. It is nice to be back near the ocean and things are starting to really pick up with tons of people visitng the beach. There is a handful of new instructors this year and a good group of returning instructors. There has already been a few epic days at the airport, more epic events are onthe horizon. I don’t have vehical or my gliders, or a way to edit videos, but I’m working hard, still taking tons of photos, learning to kiteboard, and have a kids Bicycle.


Spring 2011 ISSUE 14 VOLUME 3 EDITOR: The Meibos Touch WRITERS: Air-Rick PHOTOGRAPHERS: Eric Meibos (EM) Photos and Articles welcome PAPALOTES 2153 is a non-profit, non-organizational, non-anything publication about Hang Gliding and Free Flight and related activitie . It is not for sale and is available to anyone who is interested. Input and feedback are always welcome. Anyone can be apart or involved with Papalotes 2153. No subscriptions, membership, or Contributions required. Just FLY FLY FLY. Contact: Published on

What is

Papalotes 2153?

Is it a secret branch of the forest service, made to keep flying sites accessable year round? Do what you gotta do to fly.


Spring 2011

Previous: Driving to inspiriation through snow. Top left, right, and bottom: Jerry flying Inspiration on his XC.

Top: Unknown Soaring speed Kite in blownout gusty conditons at POM. Bottom: Next Day, Dan soaring south side POM while speed kites kite.

Timmy 2 m’s Timm Phillips’ First sled rides at the Bowl in Utah before heading to Tahoe.

Left: Matt’s Jeep Right: Setup at Inspiration Bottom: Bruce setting up to land at bail out Lz below Inspiration

My brother washing his new jeep near Utah lake.

Launch on the North Side of POM Opposite: checking conditions Top left and right: Jerry launching Bottom: Dan Launching

Opposite top: Arriving at horse heaven Bottom: Cows in the LZ

Above: Inspriation with lots of pg’s on launch

Sequence: Jerry landing below Inspiration. Then tying down the gliders.

PILOT PROFILE Brian Leisenring

From: Pennsylvania Rating: H3 Gliders: WW Ultra Sport, and Pulse 9m Do you have names for your gliders? The 9 meter is called Raggedy Ann How do you transport your gliders? Ladder Rack on Honda CRV Employment? Was working at QVC, currently teaching again at KHK. One crazy thing you’ve done Hang gliding? Flying tandem on the beach.

Hang check

Top 5 played songs 6/26/11 “We Are The Sleepy Heads” -Belle & Sebastian “Far Away” -Ingrid Michaelson “1901” -Phoenix “That Time” -Regina Spektor “Time Awaits” -The Kooks

Listen to:

Explosions In The Sky

Not your normal Jam band, more like Jam Orchestra. Sounds that will elevate you like hooking into you first thermal of the season. Expect to hear more of Explosions and similar groups when we’re in the sky.

Alexis Fly fly fly!!!

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Summer 2011 back on the banks

Spring 2011 issue 14  

Hang gliding in Utah Spring 2011

Spring 2011 issue 14  

Hang gliding in Utah Spring 2011