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FALL 2010

North Carolina, August 2010

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Blog Entry

It’s 3 am. I can’t sleep....again. I’m too tired to sleep. I need Inspiration. I don’t mean ideas, motivation or a revelation. Not that I don’t need those but with all that’s available now through media like radio, tv, internet, festivlas like sundance, etc. We Just watched award shows that honor that sort of inspiration. I’ve got days of music and access to netflix and I’m at school in Utah.... I have no shortage of that sort of enlightenment. In fact it can be overwhelming sometimes but not always satisfying. Not like the inspiration I’m referring to, but the gate on that is still closed. I need to fly. By now I wonder if I will ever fly again. I’m being dramatic. It’s been so long, can I

still do it? Will I forget to hook in? Or will I psyic myself out of hooking in? Lots of pilots ask themselfs this every spring. Of course I’m going to hook in! I’d do it right now at 3:30 am. Maybe that’s not a good idea, but it is an idea, and day dreaming at night is getting boring. I guess I should finsh this first and upload it, but then I’ll be out of photos and stories. I’ll have to go flying.

FALL 2010 ISSUE 13 VOLUME 2 EDITOR: The Meibos Touch WRITERS: Air-Rick PHOTOGRAPHERS: Eric Meibos CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: PAPALOTES 2153 is a non-profit, non-organizational, non-anything publication about Hang Gliding and Free Flight and related activitie . It is not for sale and is available to anyone who is interested. Input and feedback are always welcome. Anyone can be apart or involved with Papalotes 2153. No subscriptions, membership, or Contributions required. Just FLY FLY FLY. Contact: Published on

So much happened so fast last year, I wondered if it was ever going to end. I didn’t want it to. Now It feels like it was all so long ago,

WAS IT ALL A DREAM? Outer Banks, NC August 2010

North Carolina, August 2010

South Side POM, UT August 2010

Chicken Creek, UT August 2010

Inspiration, UT Levan, UT August 2010

Inspiration, UT Sept 11, 2010

North Side POM, UT Sept. 2010

Horse Heaven, UT Sept. 2010

If it was a Dream,

Let me Go


Hurricane, UT Oct. 9 2010

Inspiration, UT Sept. 11, 2010

Inspiration, UT Oct. 2010


keeping eyes and ears open for flying related media and entertainment.

Today there are so many different styles of music but now then you find music full of so much style, like Tokyo Police Club. It’s indie, retro, punk, dance whatever good. I would hate this Band or album to be pinned down to just one genre. You’ll catch yourself singing out loud to tracks like Favorite Colour or End of a Spark days after you’ve heard. It’s the kind of sound you want stuck in your head.

You should know about “Rio” by now but it wont be out till April. Until then here are some other recent films that also include some epic flight scenes.

First 5 songs in shuffle March 2, 2011

How To Train Your Dragon-

Chemistry of a car crash -Shiny Toy Guns If you think you need some Lovin -Pomplamoose Mysteries -Yeah Yeah Yeahs Day Five -Explosions In The Sky Dancing Shoes -Arctic Monkeys

Flying on alien dragons.

Flying on dragons.


Toy Story 3-

Short has hangliding, Woody flies rogallo wing.


Zero gravity fight scenes.


Re-made in honor of Jeff Tron.

Harry Potter Deathly HallowsBroomstick flying.

What is

Papalotes 2153? Could it be a new secret, underground, high frequency, FAA unapproved, pirate radio station? Maybe?

F Congratulations to

Laser and Sarah


Issue 13 Vol2 Fall 2010  

Hang gliding pictures from fall 2010 in North Carolina and Utah.

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