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PORTFOLIO Selected Works 2015-2017

· Anna Papageorgiou

Anna Papageorgiou Postgraduate Student, PSD in Architectural Design, University of Thessaly Athens 2018

Negotiable Bounndaries

Athenian polikatoikia is set to be the main housing element of Greek cities, setting strict boundaries between totally private to indifferent public spaces. Although polikatoikia is placed with primacy in shaping Athenian landscape, other fragments of past procedures happen to break, every now and then, the concrete blocks’ facades. Aiming to “soften” these “thick” boundaries, a “glue” zone attached to the facade of the polikatoikia creates an in-between space, referred to its residents. At the same time, this zone takes advantage of the opportunities that occur around, expanding itself. This coming-together space, occurred by generic design, implies the spontaneous use. The entrances of the polikatoikia and the ground floor around it are unified, and are reinterpreted.

Postgraduate Uran Design Studio with Ron Walkey Anna Papageorgiou + Eleni Ragavani Athens 2016 ·


Systematizing vertical cuts in the structure of polikatoikia, the strict typology that reflects the detached private living, is turned into pieces. Few elements, fragments of the old frame, are standing awkwardly in the housing unit. The process is reversed. At this point it is not the strict typology that sets the living, but it’s a process of exploration that does so. An exploration of possible ways of living in this housing frame, so different now, yet so familiar. This paradigm consists of a new layer of materiality. Steps around the fragments differentiate the spaces. Privacy and ownership are not emerged, rather than a flow of movement sets the character of the space as a whole.

Postgraduate Uran Design Studio with Dimitris Antonakakis Anna Papageorgiou + Gragory Petropoulos Stefania Orfanidou + Christos Polymeris Athens 2016 ¡

In Anticipation

The main element consisting the Athenian block, is the polιkatoikia. As mentioned before, private and public space are strictly differentiated. Although private is constituted from the typology of the apartment, this is not the only element included in the frame of the polikatoikia. Terraces, corridors, staircases, wide entrances, stoas (vertical and horizontals) consist a pathway in the everyday life of the residents, crossed on their way to the public level of the street. Private life leaves its traces to the private space of the apartments and to occasional and rare expropriation of these in-between spaces, through vernacular elements. Other than that, hese in-between spaces are mostly disregarded. Forming a tool-kit of familiar elements, a revitalisation of the urban block is attempted. The tall empty office buildings manage a role of generator, connecting the entrance-stoa elements of the ground level with the terrace level. Through this connection, existing material is removed, while the tool-kit elements are spread around, creating a generic landscaping, waiting for the residents to occupy them. Taking advantage of these “empty” spaces, a sense of expanding the private to the semi-public is implied, creating an active phasma, between private and public activity.

Postgraduate Uran Design Studio with Costis Paniyiris, Evelyn Gavrilou Anna Papageorgiou + Dora - Danai Kolokythakou + Anthi Kanelli Athens 2017 ·

tool-kit elements ¡ familiar elements found in the Athenian landscape.

floorplan of the terrace-level ¡ the intersection of office building and teraces

axometric representation · the new common ground Αξονομετρικό 1:500

axonometric view - the empty office building as generator

a scenario

A Sense Of The Other n+1 Athenian alterations tribute to polikatoikia

Focusing on the elements that consist polikatoikia as it is today, alterations of their given form are attempted. Building legislation as well as the initial purpose of these buildings themselves -they were modified to fulfil the dreams of the past generations- contribute to a specified idea of how one can live inside this housing frame. Removing, expanding, adding, exposing are the main operations applied on the elements that play a role of separating instead of bringing together. This manipulations aim to explore new possibilities on handling the existing building-stock in the city, and to motivate us in order to image another way to live along with the others.

Postgraduate Uran Design Studio with Ilias Papageorgiou (SOIL Architects) Anna Papageorgiou + Eleni Ragavani Athens 2017 ¡

· a scenario ·

Issues of Palimpsest¡ The Building of Moscov Street

In the intervention section, three elements coexist: the preserved building of the Modern Movement on Moscow Street, part of the Western Wall of the city and archaeological finds of warehouses, dating back to Roman times. At the intersection of Moscow Street with the Democracy Square, conditions have been created in a time, which stems from the very structure of the city and the way that manages its historical spatial units. In this intersection, different historical phases coexist in an awkward way, overlapping each other spatially, and over time they have created levels of information and re-writings that refer to the logic of pallipseness. We found out that the city wall, the findings within the site, which were revealed relatively recently, the listed building itself as well as adjoining buildings coexist violently, while each historical fragment is seeking to maintain its limits. The way in which historical entities coexist demonstrates what collective memory has identified as important. The collective memory is in turn constituted by all those spatial elements that have resisted the deterioration of time. However, this does not mean that all the phases of the city coexist and appear equally. The Diploma Thesis intends to highlight the existing state of the historical entities in such a way that a functional unity between them will occur. At the same time, this unity will use familiar practises of the modern urban space, in order to claim its position in the current city.

Graduate Diploma Thesis Anna Papageorgiou + Agni Padazopoulou + Babis Potzidis Thessaloniki 2015 ¡

3η-4η φάση αν ακατασκευή

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2η φάση

2η φάση

5η-6η φάση νεκροταφείο βόθροι

2η φάση παλαιοχριστιανική

1η φάση υστερορωμαική



Κάτοψη Υπογείου κλίμακα 1.200

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Κάτοψη Ισογείου κλίμακα 1.200