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==== ==== Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Android Phone ==== ====

The Samsung Epic 4G phone has recently been released as one of the newest members of the manufacturer's Galaxy S smart phone family. Designed for use with the Sprint/Nextel network, this phone offers numerous multimedia capabilities that will surely keep owners entertained for hours on end. Although the phone certainly possesses some drawbacks, this phone is generally considered to be an excellent choice for users of the Sprint network. Samsung Epic Specs The size of the Samsung Epic is considered to be one of its best features by some and one of its worst features by others. This Android is undoubtedly a large phone. With a screen width of nearly five inches, the phone allows owners to enjoy an enormous, sweeping LCD display that captures the eye of all onlookers. This large screen is considered to be especially desirable if you wish to use the phone primarily for gaming purposes. The 4G phone's touch screen also features higher contrast rates than most other comparable phones, creating a textured and lifelike picture. It is generally found to be one of the most responsive screens of its kind. However, the phone's large screen causes the entire device to be remarkably bulky. Most users find it incredibly difficult to slip it into their pockets, and this could pose a serious problem for many on-the-go owners. Furthermore, it is not only the phone's immense breadth that makes it difficult to transport. The phone is also very chunky by today's standards - the device is over half an inch thick. This is due to the phone's physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard. While this keyboard is an excellent feature for frequent texters, many owners of this phone are peeved by the extra bulkiness that it adds. This phone features two cameras: one on the front and one on the back. This was modeled after the double-camera phone designs that have become immensely popular in Europe, which allow users to take photos from innumerable different angles. Featuring an LED flash, the Samsung Epic's cameras are excellent additions to the phone's design. It also possesses a USB port that allows users to connect their phones to their computers with ease. A micro SD card slot is located beneath the battery cover, ensuring efficient information transfer. Is the Samsung Epic Right for You? This Samsung phone is certainly a fantastic device. It smooth, high-end operation features make it very easy and pleasant to use, and the phone's multimedia capabilities are amongst the best of current smart phones.

Unfortunately, this phone is not cheap - it is by far the costliest Galaxy S phone that Samsung offers, and the data plan that is required in order to access the device's best features can easily burn a hole in your bank account. Furthermore, the phone is far from compact. Users should not expect to be able to carry the phone in their pocket without bursting the seams of their jeans. Overall, the Samsung Epic is an excellent choice if price and ease of transportation are not of any concern to you. The phone has a tremendous multimedia capability that more than make up for its drawbacks.

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==== ==== Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Android Phone ==== ====

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