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Paoul Gazette ISS.1

2014 IMAGE CAMPAIGN. As a preview in this issue, the backstage images of the new 2014 mood of the press campaign that you’ll be seeing in the next few days: who will be the Paoul brand ambassador?

The 2014 Collection aims at the grace of results.

The editorial



great demand, Paoul Gazette is back, a publication giving voice to our company - a leader in the production of shoes for dance, theatre and different types of events. The magazine is distributed in the main Italian and international stores that decide to host Paoul products. We have a lot to tell you about this time too: the 2014 Dance Line collection, all the Wedding and Gala novelties, the Theatre Line models, the collaborations with the main Italian and international theatre productions, the new image campaign and, naturally, the voices of protagonists. We have asked our testimonials – international champions – what they prefer to wear; but we have also interviewed our stylist in order to tell you about the Paoul creativity and the ideas “we put on your feet”. What are you waiting for? Browse through the Paoul Gazette and take a careful look at the large page in the centre. We are sure you won’t be disappointed! PA O U L . C O M

Wedding & Gala: increasing style and comfort.

WHEN THE LIGHTNESS IS P PERFORMING. “We think about words such as harmony, balance, colour and eternity”.


aoul presented the new collection dedicated to dance during the last edition of Danza in Fiera, an international event bringing the world’s main professionals of this sector to Florence. In 2014 Paoul has known how to combine, more than ever, the technical design with a look that reflects the modern trends, for its dance products. All crowned by delicate, airy silhouettes giving life to a rich collection where the leitmotiv is the pursuit of the tranquillity. In order to prevail

on the dance floors, the stylist, Cinzia Pizzocaro, designed shapes guaranteeing a top performance to dancers and enlivening some models with accessories representing the butterflies taking flight. Materials alternate the femininity of shiny satins, delicate fabrics and seductive laces with the meticulousness of the art. This conceptual choices in terms of shapes, structures and fastenings are dedicated to those wanting the most not just in terms of beauty, but especially in terms of results.


aoul brides incarnate a really personal vision of life. The products are designed and created not just to be beautiful, but also to help those who wear them to live unique moments in absolute comfort. This year, the Paduan brand has enriched its Wedding & Gala Collection with new models, shapes and heights and besides



For brides, grooms, best men and INTERVIEW bridesmaids during WITH THE exclusive events. STYLIST guaranteeing its customers comfort and the chance to customise the products, Paoul gives to its products a wide range of uses. The shoes are created to please brides, grooms, best men and bridesmaids during different exclusive events. Everyone can find the perfect model for his/her needs: events that are more or less formal, more or less traditional or original. CONTINUES ON PAGE 6



PA O U L . C O M

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1



We create innovation to improve your dance steps.


aoul is a historical brand not just in Padua and Italy but also all over the world. This brand has expressed, since 1967, its passion for dance and love for craftsmanship through its shoes that are worn today by the best professional dancers,

but above all, by all of those who step out every day as if they were dancing. The historical Maison Paoul has become famous for its excellence, first through the genius and dedication of its founder, Paolo Pizzocaro and his wife, Maria

Teresa and now through the talent and hard work of his daughters Cinzia and Katia. They have always known how to preserve this heritage of knowledge, built in over 45 years, and give it a new boost towards national and international markets.

In fact, Paoul designs not only shoes for dance, but also flawless products for weddings, anniversaries, for the theatre and last, but not least, unique articles created ad hoc for the most original and sophisticated requests.


2015 Calendar: charity for the IOV. The creation of the annual Paoul calendar has always been an important historical moment, not just for the Italian company producing and selling excellent dance shoes all over the world, but also for the dance as a form of art that has kept on growing, experimenting and involving amateurs and professionals at all levels in Italy and abroad over the years. For 2015 Paoul decided to launch and sustain a charity project called “Visions. Surreal stories”, creating an artistic calendar to be sold at a symbolic price with all the proceeds going to the Breast Unit and the U.O.C. of Oncologia Medica 1 (medical oncology 1) of the IOV, Istituto Oncologico Veneto (Veneto cancer institute), for the prevention, diagnosis and care of tumors and for cancer research. So we involved some exceptional partners thanks to whom this humanitarian initiative became possible: TIPOGRAFIA ASOLANA for printing and PAOLA TOFFANO for the events promoting the calendar.

We also selected 12 photographers to experiment the SURREAL theme chosen as the concept of the project and to interpret through photography the shoe as an iconic object: 12 “VISIONS OF ART”, innovative, unusual, highly imaginative shots, creating a string of original portrayals. We want to enhance diversity, with the introspective and surreal approach of each artist contributing to the unique end results through traditional photography, highly sophisticated personal techniques and digital art. Frida Kahlo said that Surrealism “is the magical surprise of finding a lion in the wardrobe where you are sure of finding shirts.” This is the creative approach behind “Visions” . That is why we are asking you too to share our thoughts and to be promoters with us embracing the initiative and buying a calendar, thus doing real charity. Info on: www.paoul.com


Paoul launches its look for training and leisure time. PAOUL FACTORY Via Emilia Romagna, 12 35020 Villatora di Saonara Padova | Italy +39 049 8790025 paoul@paoul.com PAOUL SHOP Via Turazza, 1 35128 Padova | Italy +39 049 776374 WEB SITE www.paoul.com E-COMMERCE shop.paoul.com


here are some other novelties in Maison Paoul which presents a capsule collection dedicated to training or simply, to customer’s free time. Paoul is launching a really captivating line of t-shirts and jumpsuits, designed with minimal lines enabling athletes/dancers to PA O U L . C O M

concentrate on performance and transmit the elegance that has always made the Paduan company stand out. The t-shirts, for him and her, slim fit and with a V-neck, are made from an elastic fabric that guarantees maximum freedom and perfect transpiration to make

dancers stay comfortable and fresh. Paoul’s colors have been used. “We want to improve the performance of our customers thanks to our shoes – explains Katia Pizzocaro, the company owner – and the comfort during training, between dances, while waiting for a competition to start or during a Sunday walk.

In other words, we wanted to give them elegant comfort.” Of course, the jumpsuits which are perfect for everyday use for those living in time with music couldn’t miss either. They are a synonym for design and originality. Fitting both, men and women, these unisex jumpsuits, were

designed for a casual chic style. The jacket, but also the pants are slim and seductive, but at the same time very comfortable. Paoul’s aim is to maximize performance before, during and after the training.

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1

4 - PA O U L L O V E S D A N C E

New 2014 design: performance and lots of class Paoul’s strength is the ability of knowing how to combine sports technicality with sartorial expertise. Paoul Press Office - photography by Roberto Masiero


think of words as lightness, harmony, balance, color, eternity”, explains Cinzia Pizzocaro, stylist of the Paduan Maison, describing 2014 for Paoul. “I tried to sum up our customers’ needs and make them become real through our products. That is always our first thought”. Paoul goes for enveloping volumes to guarantee safety for prolonged use and the most extreme movements. It also uses sweat-resistant, non-allergic glues and, thanks to a careful selection of super soft materials, shock-absorbing soles and padded insoles, Paoul confirms the exceptional comfort of its products. However, the stylist does not forget those feminine details found also this year in the careful “placement” study and in a synergy of those processing and finishes

PA O U L . C O M

enhancing shapes and uppers for an elegant look. “The butterfly is the best metaphor to describe whoever loves dancing and the feeling that those wearing our shoes will experience. That’s why I decided to transfer a bit of this delicacy – continues the stylist – and make the uppers light, slim and delicate like butterfly wings; but also real as an accessory, print or seam”. The butterfly touch softens the collection image drawing elegant silhouettes. Among novelties there is also the launch of the long-awaited SOUL line, a leather goods collection added to the range of products offered as accessories, the “48 hour” and the multi-use beauty case. Standing out for its classical aspects and elegant design, care for details and workmanship, and a timeless texture, the SOUL line is designed to exalt any type of look.

This luxury concept maintains the most authentic traditions of Paoul’s art of tailoring by adding an innovative design and stylistic details, without forgetting the essence of Made in Italy. “We wanted to add to the list of our accessories products that were up to the standards of our shoes, famous for their quality and details” – explains Katia Pizzocaro, company manager. “We know that our dancers travel a lot and need to take with them to dance centers, competitions or to the gym, capacious bags. We also know that if they love Paoul they love to stand out even in the most tough contests.” The “48 hour” is perfect for short trips, it’s a travelling companion, elegant and ideal for all situations: spacious and indestructible. It matches a shoes carrier/ beauty case for small items or shoes to be taken to dance evenings.

Besides that, CUSTOMISATION, the most important advantage of Paoul is, as always, guaranteed. Starting from existing models, all Paoul customers can add or remove details, change heel heights, materials and colors. For the most courageous and daring, or for special needs (performances, particular events or needs linked to foot problems), Paoul has a TAILORED service available for them. We create an ad hoc, unique shoe, starting from a customer’s idea, where the design exclusivity is guaranteed forever. We are not talking about “just” making shoes, elegant and refined in all details, we are talking about people, those for whom the shoes were made and who transferred their own vision and emotions into a product; the shoe is only the result of a thought born as a real project developed ad hoc and proposed just once. Paoul calls them HANDMADE THOUGHTS.

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1

PA O U L L O V E S D A N C E - 5

Editor’s choice The 2014 top Dance product according to our editorial staff.

Description 677 is the product designed for tango. Inspired by the 1950s, also for choice of materials, it stands out for a rear fastening which, thanks to the eyelet, empties heel volumes though maintaining shape. The elegant bow is not just decoration, but a soft, comfortable closure with no need for buckles. Then, an elegant front opening, designing the foot’s profile.

Technical details PRODUCT NAME 677_100/3 HEEL 70/3 - 80/3 - 90/3 - 100/3 MATERIAL Versailles printed suede, golden kid SOLE black buffalo leather ACCESSORIES closing bow on heel SIZES 34 - 41

What they say about it “It was love at first sight. And I imagined how I’d wear it straight away. Too lovely!”. Angela Professional dancer - Paoul customer

Must have: the top products used by testimonials. Sara Andracchio and Andrea Ghigiarelli


results. “We chose Paoul and keep choosing it not just because of the shoes comfort and wearability, which are unique characteristics of their kind – Sara tells us – but also because of the kindness, availability and professionalism of the whole Paoul staff.”

Over the years, Paoul shoes have shared their sacrifices, hours of practice but also the great

SARA, 1040. “I chose the model 1040 for basically 3 reasons. First of all, comfort which is an essential requirement. Secondly, for the elastic around the shoe which guarantees excellent grip and stability for side movements which are very necessary for the competitions. Finally, a really important detail is that in my entire career of using Paoul shoes I have never suffered from those bothersome foot blisters caused

ara Andracchio and Andrea Ghigiarelli, one of Maison Paoul’s leading couples, have been dancing together for 24 years. They were only children when they started out on an adventure that has taken them to dance on the most important dance floors during the main international competitions, excelling in the World and European Championships of Standard Dances.

PA O U L . C O M

by rubbing or by materials that are too rigid. I can just take a new pair of Paoul shoes directly from the box, without ever having worn them, with no need to worry about my feet”. ANDREA, 2050. “I often use the model 2050. The flexibility of the materials and therefore the comfort are guaranteed, and for someone like me who dances several hours a day, these are not only details. Not of a less importance is the fact that wearing this model you can feel perfectly the floor under your feet. I need this characteristics in order to be able to regulate the push, keep the balance and, of course, win together with Sara.”



PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1


Tradition and originality for the “Yes Day”. There’s no “right” shoe for the Yes; there’s “your” shoe. Paoul Press Office - photography Roberto Masiero and Rocco Paladino


o stand out in terms of elegance on your wedding day, during an important event or at a cocktail party, Paoul decorates its shoes with golden dust and butterfly wings. It’s a touch of fantasy that reconnects to the fil rouge of this year’s Dance Collection, in a harmonious thought. The colours of catalogue models go from candid white, traditional and essential, to shining gold and beige – to be matched with a bouquet in all the pink nuances or with small colour touches on the dress – for items dedicated to brides and bridesmaids; and to elegant greys and blacks for those dedicated to Gala events. The original elements, with a

lively touch, created by the simpering baby pink that mixes with the pure white and with the fashionable brave red are not missing either. The suggested models reproduce the classical décolleté cut with elegant straps, but the collection offers also alternatives like: sandals with higher or lower heels, with or without the fascinating plateau. The plateau allows vertiginous heights thanks to a support under the sole which is ideal for making you look taller next to your future husband. Delicate petals are inserted as accessories for a bon ton effect, while small, simpering bows become glam details on the heels, with a slightly impish touch. Paoul imagines a combination

of tradition and innovation as you walk towards the altar with style; a great variety of choices for each bride, suited to any look, from the most sober to the most eccentric one. Because the shoes, even worn with a long dress, can be seen and are very important. In order to exalt the silhouette and above all the posture, the shoe has to be perfect. Because no tribute to fashion is worth it unless it adds you value. There’s no “right” shoe for the Yes, there’s “your” shoe. That is why also in the Wedding & Gala collection Paoul lets you customise its catalogue models in terms of colour, material and heel height, creating, this way, unique models with the guarantee that they will never be mass-produced.

Trend 2014/15. The trend says elegance. A

wedding is an unchangeable ritual, yet a tradition that does not forget about fashion and, based on details and the chosen style becomes a unique and, why not, even a trendy moment. 2014 witnessed the arrival of some trends following each other on catwalks and delineating styles for the next season’s brides: long sleeves elegantly embroidered in lace, tulle or organza, bare back or hidden by a sheer effect, short dresses perhaps for a more informal ceremony, three-dimensional flowers and other ornaments, pastel colours, in particular champagne and

© Oscar de la Renta 2014

PA O U L . C O M

© Ines Di Santo 2014

light pink and a luxurious style inspired by the 1920s and the Great Gatsby. However, the fashion Maison didn’t forget that each bride has next to her the man of her life who, especially during that day, must wear something unique. So let’s make room for the impeccable men’s suit style that, for 2015, becomes precious and eccentric: refined damasks and tweeds (in summer versions too) and jacquard for tails, morning dress, half dress and classical suits. Last of all, there is room for the shiny effect on fabrics too; once considered

© Reem Acra 2014

© Vera Wang 2014

provincial and now fully confirmed by the greatest stylists. In terms of colours, besides the traditional, but in the same time fashionable ice grey, dark grey and black, the neutral and pastel colours, red and sepia, are also chosen by those who have a less formal ceremony. However, the sartorial cut and craftsmanship remain essential. The colours for interior designs go from amber, aubergine, plum and burgundy to navy blue, intense like the sailors’ uniforms. Very British is the choice of white and turquoise blue, a lucky colour, often used for bride’s garter.

© Alessandro Couture 2013

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1


Editor’s choice The 2014 top Wedding & Gala product according to our editorial staff.

Description 914_1201 was designed to make petit women look taller. Romantic, but with the determination of someone who knows what she wants, this model, with a 2 cm wedge in the front part and vertiginous heels, is dedicated to a modern woman who still loves tradition. In fact, the satin and the delicate colours used remind us of other times and places. A romantic dimension that excites and makes us smile.

Technical details PRODUCT NAME 914_120I HEEL 80I - 100I - 120I MATERIAL printed suede, dove grey rain, ecru satin SOLE natural leather ACCESSORIES Buckle 10A, decoration in old-rose canetè with strass PECULIARITY inner 2 cm wedge SIZES 34 - 41

What they say about it “It was love at first sight. And I imagined how I’d wear it straight away. Too lovely!”. Angela Professional dancer - Paoul customer

Wedding dresses in films: those that made us dream.

Anne Hathaway in Bride War, Vera Wang

Kristen Stewart in Twilight, Alfred Angelo

Sarah Drew in Grey’s Anatomy

Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia

PA O U L . C O M

Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl, Vera Wang

Courteney Cox in Friends, House of Bianchi

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, Vivienne Westwood

Kate Hudson in Bride Wars Vera Wang

Romy Schneider in Sissi

Vanessa Williams in Ugly Betty, Vera Wang

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1


Dance Collection Argentinian Tango

Standard dances

Latin-American dances

Other dance forms




















403_50 TEX

Social dances



















PA O U L . C O M


PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1


Wedding & Gala Collection





















Theatre Collection











PA O U L . C O M

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1


by Paoul Press Office photography Buildidea Group


art. 114

THE INTERVIEW: The designer speaks. Cinzia Pizzocaro tells us about her carrier path, her work inside the company, the inspirations and the passion she puts into every single product. Cinzia Pizzocaro tells us about her carrier path, her work inside the company, the inspirations and the passion she puts into every single product. Inheriting an irrepressible passion for this profession, Cinzia Pizzocaro is the young stylist who, using her creativity and skills, designs the Maison Paoul creations. Surrounded by art since her childhood days, Cinzia followed in her father footsteps, Paolo Pizzocaro, the founder of this company, which earned him the name of “king of dance shoes”. Talk about yourself Cinzia. How did you become a designer? I was practically born surrounded by PA O U L . C O M

dance shoes and have always been curious to see how I could bring to life something that was just an idea at the beginning. I saw my father doing this fast and with simplicity. I thought it would be easy. I asked him to teach me all he knew and with his well-known patience, he dedicated his time to that. I enrolled at the Politecnico Calzaturiero (a school for shoemakers) of Riviera del Brenta, a furnace for pattern makers and designers, because I wanted to learn even more. First two years, each Saturday, I followed these courses, they were eight hours long. It was a real commitment as I continued working in the family company during

the week, trying to gather experience by meeting with suppliers and getting all the help I needed from a true maestro like my dad. After the two-years course, I started a one year course in order to learn how to assemble a customised and hand-made shoe, without using machines, but only traditional techniques. It was a fantastic experience. But this is a job where constant updates are a must. That’s why I’m now concentrating on bag patterns. I have always wanted to learn. When did you realise you’d become a designer?

I find it hard to call myself a designer. I prefer thinking of myself as an interpreter. Just like I love speaking foreign languages and being able to talk to anyone of whatever nationality they may be, drawing allows me to cross barriers and turn the idea behind it into a line. I interpret the needs of today’s dancers and performers. I try to bring their ideas to life. Three words to describe Paoul style. Original, handcrafted, made with care. Tell us about the creative process behind your collections in just a few words. You have to consider many aspects when creating a collection: from requests made

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1


by sales staff to what the market offers in terms of materials. Having to satisfy three product lines (Dance, Wedding & Gala and Theatre), all requiring specific standards, everything has to start from a brainstorming on key points. Contents are then combined with customers’ requests and the collection theme is decided. This is the point where we can start looking for items, lines and materials that can bring us results. The frenzy of everyday living and the typical product line limits can tend to narrow the creative field, but we always manage to add some original pieces. How would you describe the 2014 Paoul Dance Collection? I hoped you’d ask me that! “Technical”, I’d say. When I finished it, this year, I thought I’d be judged because of too few “tango” models. But it was a success. I tried to satisfy the technical aspects for the various dance disciplines. I added items with characteristics that were missing from the existing models. What about Wedding & Gala 2014? This year we added heel 120, to be even taller in elegant dresses, and the hidden plateau in the front part. With the décolleté cut the shoes get a more seductive look. Paoul has now launched its international e-commerce. What are its goals?

We want people living in the farthest countries to know the product, and give them the chance to buy and receive our shoes wherever they are. This project respects our sales network which can guarantee an even more specialised service to the most sophisticated client. The web is becoming increasingly more important for the fashion system. Do you use internet for research and inspiration? I use it to follow websites in order to “breath the air of the moment” and I use a lot YouTube. Many dance styles have been created recently and sometimes there is a mix between different dance types. These dance styles are often limited to one nation and you cannot always reach that state. Through videos posted by users, I can get fast updates. It’s fundamental to understand the dance moves in order to make the right shoe. Is it still possible to be just a designer nowadays; a creative person dedicated to his/her visions? Or are you forced to be a manager too and a bit less of a designer? I believe we are also forced to be managers and, in the same time, good technicians in our field. I am convinced that shoemaking is a magic, especially nowadays, when besides having to guarantee a perfect product for increasingly demanding clients, one has also to offer a fashionable

product at the right price. Cinzia, you design for both man and woman. We know it’s not nice having to choose, but do you prefer designing for one or for the other? I’d say for women. It’s easier because I know what I myself want from a shoe, what I want it to represent and how I want it to fit. But this year I decided to dedicate more time than usual to men and I must say it was rewarding. I think I’ll dedicate to men even more time in the future. Who are the women you’re targeting? My addressee is never just a single type of woman. There are professional dancers: they need to be flawless and highly performing on the dance floor. For them, I prefer safe lines, in order not to compromise the performance. Then there are women who practice the social dance. Demanding and determined, they always look for the latest trends. Then there are the actresses and the theatre dancers, for them I want safety on stage and comfortable materials. Generally, my target is a woman who is not frightened by stepping on the stage or walking towards the altar. I am talking about a confident woman. Is there any particular dancer or celebrity who you’d like to wear your creations? And if yes, why?

I’d like Kleidi Kadiu to wear our shoes. He’s a complete dancer, going from classical to modern. His feedback would be interesting from a technical point of view. And then the mythical Beyoncé, with her spectacular energy. Which is the piece you have created you are more attached to? Art. 114 in the Argentinian Tango section. If you hadn’t become a fashion designer what profession would have you chosen? I love foreign languages and when I was little, I dreamt of travelling as a naturalist and researcher. However, these features of my character can express themselves in my job too. I always get the opportunity to speak different foreign languages with customers; and as soon as I can I travel to discover new worlds and I transfer my love towards environment to whoever I meet. That’s why, also thanks to the laws in force, all the raw materials used in the production process are certified and we try to recycle as much as possible. What are your future projects? I’m studying to improve my skills as a handbag designer. Also one of our projects is to widen our product range and match our ceremony shoes with small clutch bags designed ad hoc for those shoes. And then, there is more, but I prefer keeping it secret.

© Jean Paul Gaultier

THE LIGHTNESS OF BUTTERFLIES. Jean Paul Gaultier has no doubts: «Life is a butterfly!». Paoul is delighted to discover those affinities and have its intuitions confirmed by great stylists. In fact, the 2014 collection proposes a number of models inspired by these graceful creatures. They’ll make you fly.






From the catwalks to our customers’ feet, black never stops seducing and adding value to style, even in Maison Paoul. Because there are some occasions that only black can express.


Designer Notes. Inspirations, visions and suggestions: that’s where the ideas you’ll be wearing on your feet come from.




Craftsmanship: braid is the maximum expression of this “natural” trend inspiring Paoul’s choice in terms of materials.

PA O U L . C O M

1920s OSCAR YEARS. 6614

In 2014 continues the Great Gatsby trend: sequins, spangles, pearls, sophisticated details for him and her, where the key words are “chic” and “luxury”, on and off the dance floors.

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1

1 2 - S TAG E

From Brignano to Romeo & Juliet. The emotion of the most prestigious stages. Great collaborations for the Paduan Maison during 2014. Productions choose Paoul. by Paoul Press Office photography Rugantino, Romeo & Giulietta, Paoul


he Theatre Line, linked to Paoul’s passion for performances, was a real success that brought us great satisfactions the

last year. In fact, in 2014 the Paduan Maison took part, as a technical partner, in some of the most important national and international productions, providing shoes for top level shows and performances. The list includes the spectacular “Romeo and Juliet. Love and change the world” (protagonists include Davide Merlini, finalist of Italian X Factor 2012 and Giulia Luzi, Walt Disney voice for

PA O U L . C O M

many singing characters) with Paoul contributing with its Theatre Line shoes in 3 different versions of article 1040, modified and customised ad hoc. Rugantino by Enrico Brignano is another play in which actors and dancers wear Paoul creations, customised ad hoc to match the stage costumes and the technical needs of the actors. There are other extraordinary events like the Dodge’s Ball, considered the most prestigious Venice Carnival ceremony, designed and produced by the stylist and director Antonia Sautter who puts on thrilling choreographies each year with special guests attending. Personalities from politics, show business and

culture - all rigorously dressed in period costumes, paired with some Paoul Theatre Line items created specifically for the occasion. Also in television Paoul is a reliable partner providing shoes for different artists. In “Dancing with the stars”, in the Italian version presented by Milly Carlucci, Vera Bondareva used some of our models and, in the French version, “Danse avec les stars”, the young francoisraeli singer Tal Benyerzi, known simply as Tal, together with the dancer YannAlrick Mortreuil-Henry, chose Paoul to beat their competition. Thus the historical Paduan brand’s manufacturing art is bound, in

the Theatre line too, to top quality craftmanship: Paoul uses fine finishes, does meticulous research regarding styles of different ages transferring the comfort and the quality of the traditional dance shoes, which are Paoul’s core business, into a Collection dedicated to the theatre and to the world of entertainment. For the 2014 collection, Paoul added some models in order to complete a rich, varied offer in terms of historical ages, artistic needs and performance: a Line recognised nowadays as one of the best in the theatre and TV productions sector.

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1

S TAG E - 1 3

Editor’s choice The 2014 top Theatre product according to our editorial staff.


Technical details


724 belongs to the new 2014 collection, enriching it with a “people’s” model that was missing from the catalogue. The “rough” materials and laces combined with leather and a shorter tab compared to one used in the previous models, create a perfect model for any stage.

MATERIAL camel suede SOLE leather with half plant in striped rubber ACCESSORIES laces SIZES 34 - 41

What they say about it “I’ve often chosen Paoul shoes for my shows: I have always the guarantee that I can ask for customised top quality products that will meet my needs.” Giovanna Costume designer

«Karol Wojtyla - The true story»

Paoul shoes in the musical dedicated to Pope John Paul II REPORT BY PAOUL PRESS OFFICE

THE true story of Karol Wojtyla, one of the most loved popes of all times has become a musical. “If I’m wrong correct me” is the sentence that entered the Italians’ hearts and describes well not only the figure of the Pope, but also the man he was. With its premiere at the Slowacki Theatre in Cracow, then in Warsaw at Palasport Towar and in Italy at Brancaccio Theatre in Rome, “Karol Wojtyla – The true story” is a monumental work directed by Duccio Forzano, with original music by Noa and the Solis String Quartet. There is no need to present Forzano, but let’s just mention a few of his works and collaborations: Festival di Sanremo, Che tempo che fa, but also Baglioni, Fossati

PA O U L . C O M

and Max Gazzè. The life of Karol Wojtyla is narrated through a number of flashbacks and top quality live performances, with Paoul shoes worn by actors and dancers and created ad hoc for the show. A special care from the stylist and the craftsmen was dedicated to the creation of the shoes that had to be not only appropriate to the historical age, but also comfortable and resistant, characteristics that are crucial for a theatre play of such an importance. We are talking about a cast of twenty seven actors, singers and dancers with choreography created by Tuccio Rigano, video design by Giuseppe Ragazzini, scenic design by Nicola Cuttaneo and costumes by Maria Sabato. An intense and moving journey

picturing Karol first as a child and then as a young man and presenting his life as a lay person, priest and pope. “I am not religious”, said Noa, who had the opportunity to meet Wojtyla several times and to sing for him an unforgettable “Ave Maria” in the Vatican. “I do not believe in religious dogmas. I am a Jew, but I think that human values should represent religion in its purest form”. Making a reference to many religious conflicts, Noa added: “the history proves that during the years, a lot of times the religions have been destructive instead of being constructive; now it’s time to take them back where we can and once again restate the values like generosity and kindness that inspired the papacy of John Paul II”.

PA O U L G A Z E T T E - I S S . 1

14 -NEWS

The fashion barometer What was, is and will be fashionable. © Rachel Roy


© Nanette Lepore

© Celine



AW 13/14

© Paoul , prod. 914

AW 14/15

SS 2014


AIRY PETALS © Antonio Marras

© Dolce & Gabbana

© Burberry Prorsum

RAINBOW TREND © Paoul, 907

© Shourouk


© Paoul, prod. 678

© Lanvin

EVENT REPORT WOMEN’S NIGHT preview Paoul 2015 calendar 5 September 2014 - Hotel Excelsior - Lido di Venezia, Italy FASHION FOR IOV presentation Paoul 2015 calendar 26 September 2014, Palazzo della Ragione - Padova, Italy WDC World Professional Latin Championship 18 October 2014, Innsbruck, Austria

PA O U L . C O M

shop online Paoul expands its selling horizons and adds new e-commerce to its capillary shop network in Italy and abroad. Unmissable!


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Paoul Gazette - Issue 01 - English version  

Paoul Gazette - Issue 01 - English version