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Dear Friends of Pao School Community,

As the semester comes to an end, we are reaping the fruits of another year of hard work by everyone in our community. Under the leadership of Michael Spencer, we are making good progress with our pursuit of joint accreditation with Council of International School (CIS) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). For a school so young, representatives from both associations were duly impressed by our achievements as well as our students. This semester, our Secondary Division music programme has also made significant progress with the formation of a new band, new compositions by students and the resurrection of the Chinese ensemble. Most importantly, we have recruited a new music director, Ms Dawn Morris, who previously taught at a British school in Beijing, has a wealth of music teaching experience and is a recipient of the ‘Apple Distinguished Educators’ award. She will be bringing a different teaching model, and integrating technology into music education. I believe that under the leadership of Ms Morris, the school’s music department will grow by leaps and bounds. Pao School is now offering scholarships for students from China and abroad. In order to achieve the world-class educational programme we envisioned, we must recruit the best and the brightest students from all over the world. We are making a concerted effort to reach out to different regions and offer incentives to attract and create a diverse student body. Likewise, we also need to develop excellence in our teaching teams. We are working to strengthen our in-house professional training as well as provide opportunities for staff to travel abroad for training, especially for those involved in our IB Diploma Programme. On a personal front, I am pleased to announce that the second edition of my book ‘YK Pao: My Father’ has been published. A successful launch event in March was held at the Beijing Zhaolong Hotel and saw the attendance of top political, business and education leaders from Beijing, Ningbo and Hong Kong, who gathered to listen to the speeches of CPPCC leaders. After the Chinese economic reform, my father funded this

first international hotel in the 1980’s in an effort to support his homeland and revitalise the tourism industry. This contribution, the first to be made by a Hong Kong businessman after the reform, could not have been more timely. A subsequent launch took place in Shanghai at Jiao Tong University, in which various leaders from Zhejiang and Shanghai also came together as we remembered the life and times of the great Sir YK Pao. During the first two weeks of March, I attended the National Congress. It was inspiring to hear the Premier Li Keqiang’s report. In addition to the 12th Five-Year Plan, Premier Li also announced the 13th Five-Year Plan. Overcapacity in coal, iron ore, cement, and glass has resulted in an inevitable decline in production. Premier Li, however, was upbeat when speaking of new areas of development, projecting an average growth rate of 6.5 to 7%. The 13th Five-Year Plan includes strategies in the following six areas: 1. Strengthen scientific and technological innovation, promote the development of deep-sea exploration, space exploration, quantum communication and quantum computers, neuroscience, smart manufacturing, robotics, etc. 2. The pursuit of ‘Belt and Road’: More than 800 billion yuan will be invested in railway construction and road construction will reach 1.65 trillion yuan. A further 20 water conservancy projects will be carried out, and major projects will be launched to develop hydropower, nuclear power, ultra highvoltage power transmission, smart grids, pipelines for oil and gas transmission, and urban rail transit. Central government budget will be 500 billion yuan in these areas. 3. Protecting the livelihood of the people will be paramount: The development of welfare and charity as well as emphasising moral education are of utmost importance. Funds for alleviation of poverty efforts will be increased by 43.4%. Food and pharmaceuticals safety has to be improved, health care needs to be improved and pension plans revisited. 4. Protecting the environment: Over the next five years, China aims to ensure that water consumption, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP are reduced

by 23%, 15%, and 18%, respectively, and that forest coverage increases by 23.04%. Determined action will be taken to control air, water, and soil pollution. Marine ecological will be protected. There will be zero growth in chemical fertilizer. Restore forests, and grass fields are basic to environment protection. 5. President Xi Jinping gave emphasis to upgrading education in order to bring up the general standard of the populace. Premier Li mentioned the importance of reading habits and awareness of cultural heritage, as well as keeping the nation physically fit. He added: ‘A workforce of over 900 million, of whom over 100 million have received higher education or are professionally trained: this is our greatest resource and strength…’ China will focus on upgrading education in science and technology, and bringing about the next generation with a global perspective. China is to have a ‘Thousand Talents Programme’ and ‘Million Professionals Programme’ with management talents. 6. According to Premier Li, China will ensure to fight corruption, and become more service-oriented. We will streamline administration, and improve the performance of the government, simplifying procedures and process, supporting peoples’ enterprises, reducing bureaucratic processes, thus reducing the power of the bureaucrats. In addition, China will focus on deepening reforms in science and technology management. These six areas of development have set the direction for future development of Pao School. The school will focus on nurturing creativity, upholding Pao School’s values of compassion, integrity and balance, as well as protecting our environment and bringing up science and technology. We will work hard in building world-class school for tomorrow’s China. During March, Beijing saw blue skies and the air was filled of spring and hope. We are confident tomorrow’s China will be better. Wishing you all a successful year end.

Prof. Anna Pao Sohmen Chairman of the Board and Founder


Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message

University Counselling

Pao School Co-founder Mr Philip Sohmen introduces alma mater Oxford University and an Oxford student recruitment officer to Pao School students and parents

Around the world in university counselling Over the past six months, Pao School has welcomed university visitors from Holland, Canada, China, US and UK. In addition, students and staff completed the fourth international tour of universities with a late January-early February visit to UK universities. Students visited a range of universities in London, including Imperial College, London School of Economics and King’s College London. We then travelled by train to the north and made our way to the south by coach, stopping at Newcastle, Durham, Loughborough, York, Sheffield, Leeds, Cambridge universities and many more. Director of Secondary Academic Affairs Lee Sanders and his wife then joined us in Oxford for a visit to a few colleges in the historic town. Spring was a busy time as we welcomed groups of colleges travelling with the Linden and CIS College Tours. On open day for parents, admissions representatives from University of Rochester (New York) and University of Nottingham were on hand to deliver informative presentations to parents. Mid-April marked a special occasion as our co-founder Mr Philip Sohmen introduced his alma mater, Oxford and the Student Recruitment Officer to a group of Pao School students and parents. —Rhonda Leshman, Director of University Counselling 02

Linden College Tour

University Counselling

University of Oxford


At University College London with International Recruitment Officer for China, Hannah Legg

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Parents experience Pao School learning! In March, Pao School Secondary Division developed two special days for parents to participate in a 'taster experience,' allowing them to experience what their children are learning each day. Parents shadowed their children, taking part in learning activities and forging relationships with their child's teachers. Over 300 parents attended. Feedback from the event was exceptional. Parents very much appreciated the opportunity to get a greater understanding of their children’s learning experiences. ‘I got to feel the passion of the teacher,’ said one parent, while another even wished she were a student again – ‘it's so interesting!’ Above all, they came away satisfied that they had made the right decision for their children to attend Pao School, after truly understanding just how much teachers and staff care for their students. We look forward to events much like this one for the next academic year. —Lee Sanders, Director of Secondary Academic Affairs




Inside IBDP Being an IBDP student is not simply about going to class and doing your homework. Year 11 students are completing their first year of the programme and they understand there are multiple internal and external assessments that present opportunities throughout the two-year programme for students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding, and each of these assessments contribute to the personal development of the student as a learner and provides adequate preparation for university by giving them the opportunity to experience the type of demands they will expect to face in their undergraduate years, while still being supported by teachers and families. The Science Department organised the school’s first ‘Group 4’ project in February. Themed ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, all the students needed to apply their scientific knowledge and some ingenuity in order to formulate their survival plan, should they ever find themselves trapped in the Songjiang campus! The recent Senior Secondary Division Art Exhibition: ‘My World, My View...’ featured the best of our student artwork from

Years 9, 10 and 11, made all the more impressive as the show was entirely curated by Year 11 IBDP students, providing them invaluable experience with the IB Visual Art curriculum. All students are reading and analysing Chinese and English language and literature and some will further build their skills in this area through their Extended Essay. All students are working with the guidance of IBDP trained supervisors in all subjects offered this year and they will be spending approximately 40 hours on research and writing for this one component with no more than five hours of supervisory support. As this academic year draws to a close, we are working with Year 10 students on their IBDP course selections. For August 2016, they will also have the additional choice of French ab initio (beginners), computer science and music. We look forward to exciting times ahead with IBDP exams and the graduation of our first class in our upcoming 10th anniversary year! —Jayne Lund, IB Coordinator


Visits and Exchanges

Pao School is continuing to work hard to ensure that our school develops links with CIS/WASC and some of the finest schools and colleges worldwide, and that Pao School becomes known for the calibre of its students and the strength of its programmes. Colleges and universities worldwide understand the rigour of the CIS/WASC accreditation process, which will be crucial for our graduating students as they seek and apply for post-secondary placements internationally.

Ms Helena Sobulis from the Council of International Schools at Pao School Primary Division

Pao School welcomes visitors from CIS and WASC From February 22-25, Pao School hosted two special visitors: Ms Helena Sobulis from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and Ms Barbara Parker from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), who arrived to evaluate the school’s readiness to undertake the full accreditation process by their respective organisations. We are delighted to report that they considered us to be an excellent candidate for full accreditation.

Primary Division Executive Principal Michael Spencer and Dr Ya-Ning Hsu

Pao School hosts bilingual education workshop for parents On March 28, 2016, Primary Division welcomed Columbia University Adjunct Assistant Professor Dr Ya-Ning Hsu, who delivered a workshop on bilingual immersion education, lending her many years of expertise in providing practical and informative advice for parents considering enrolling their children in a bilingual programme. The workshop was open to all parents.

Ms Barbara Parker from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges at Pao School Secondary Division


Visits and Exchanges

Topher Hopper, Hull Collins and Drew Bailey with Pao School students

Welcoming students from USA sister school From March 13-26, Pao School opened its doors to exchange students from overseas for the second consecutive year. Recently, Topher Hopper, Hull Collins, and Drew Bailey, Year 11 students from St George’s School, our sister school in Rhode Island, USA, spent two weeks at Secondary Division on an exchange. It was the students’ first time in China and they looked forward to the opportunity to immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture, deepen their understanding of the rich history and culture of China, and experience life at a Chinese boarding school.

Topher, Hull and Drew study Chinese calligraphy at Secondary Division



It’s been another art-filled year at Pao School. At Primary Division, some students explored the vibrant culture of India, while others travelled to the vastness of outer space with their rocket and alien designs. Also noteworthy are the Year 4 student portraits – colourful pieces of self-interpretation and self-reflection. At Secondary Division, students’ creativity soars to new heights as they explore the past and future with innovative boxes made of ordinary materials, perspective drawings and Chinese-style paintings.














Year 1


Simone Lin, Y9


Year 2


Nancy Zhang, Y11


Year 3


Gina Xia, Y11


Year 4


Jonas Vogt, Y11


Year 5


Joy Wang, Y8




Performing arts showcase On March 17, Secondary Division held a wonderful performing arts showcase featuring performers from Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Division, attended by parents and faculty. The purpose of the showcase was to provide a forum for the school’s young artists to share their talent as well as their hard work over the course of this past season.

Pao School dance team scores Golden Magnolia Awards!

Pao School hosts second dance festival!

On January 27, the Pao School dance team attended the ‘Golden Magnolia Award’, a Chinese music and dance competition organised by the Chinese Dancers Association together with the International Union for Chinese National Culture. This was the first time Pao School students have participated in a dance competition of this scale.

On March 14, Pao School Secondary Division held its second dance festival at the school’s Helmut Sohmen Auditorium. The event featured 12 unique performances by students from Pao School’s very own dance department as well as Fudan International School and Kang Chiao International School, and included numbers in various genres, including ballet, contemporary Xinjiang dance, Indian dance, hip hop and a very infectious jazz dance.

Thanks to their hard work, many hours of training and their excellent performances, students took three gold awards and one silver award at the event! Pao School students scored the gold award for ‘Best Group’, while Secondary Division Dance Instructor Anna She won for ‘Best instructor’.



The high art of improvisation On February 29, singer Megan Thomas and guitarist Tom Ollendorff of the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama presented a jazz improvisation and composition workshop for Pao School’s Secondary Division students. The group was led by the college’s assistant director Zoe Smith. The workshop featured practical tools for correct improvisation and emphasised the core elements of good composition.

Prelude to the holiday season: Winter Concert 2015 Pao School’s musicians welcomed the holiday season with the spectacular annual Winter Concert on December 11, 2015. The spectacular event featured performances by the newly-formed Primary Choir, the orchestra and the Chinese Ensemble, which included members from the Secondary Division. Also featured were performances by the Pao School rock band Star Sound, a Year 5 student-formed and directed a cappella girl band and The Grasshoppers, comprising of Year 3 and 4 students on ukulele, drums and vocals.



DNA Pao School is a school committed to offering students a well-rounded education that provides an exposure to the arts as well as other core subjects. In pursuit of this goal, from December 8 to 10, 2015, the Pao School community was treated to a performance of the IGCSE adaptation of the British play DNA by Dennis Kelley.


Pao School students pursue dreams in Peach Blossom Land

were among the 4 out of 50 theatre troupes from around the world to be selected for this honour. They were also the only group comprised of secondary school students.

On April 29, Pao School’s Joy Wang (Year 8), Bill Wu (Year 8) and Dino Zheng (Year 7) participated in a theatrical performance event for the recent production of ‘Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land’. The event was organised by performing art space ‘Theatre Above’ and ‘Midsummer-Good Show’. Wang, Wu and Zheng

After an entire morning of intense rehearsals, Wang, Wu and Zheng took the stage to perform a segment from ‘Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land’ by renowned Taiwanese playwright and theatre director Stan Lai. Their stunning performances were highly praised by Lai himself along with actors Ding Nai-chu and Fan Kuang-Yao.

A day with the Royal Shakespeare Company! Year 5 students enjoyed an outstanding opportunity to work with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) on February 25. In addition to learning about their current tour with Henry IV Part 1, Henry IV Part 2 and Henry V, a speech and vocal coach along with a senior director from the RSC engaged our students in a range of activities, including vocal activities that actors do before each performance or rehearsal.

Pao School’s young actors pose for a selfie in their costumes at the ‘Theatre Above’ rehearsal hall


Pao School students present ‘The Bald Truth’! On March 22, Junior Secondary students performed an original play called ‘The Bald Truth’. The story was created by teachers and students in an effort to explore the subject of cheating and dishonesty. Students had great fun performing this comedy, and showed great creativity in improvising and developing the piece. 



A day for fun and reflection Primary Division held its much-anticipated Year 1-3 Sports Day in May! For this special day, teachers prepared 12 stations of fun, engaging and challenging events for students that not only emphasised the importance of physical fitness – the day also served to reinforce the themes of resilience and compassion, taught during students’ PE lessons. On Sports Day, students were also asked to reflect upon these themes before and after the activities by providing examples of how they experienced both traits


during the events. Amidst fierce competition with all students turning in their best performance, the Winter House became the eventual Sports Day winners!

Secondary Division Executive Principal Dr Paul Wood speaks at the Special Olympics event

Pao School hosts first event with Special Olympics On Friday, December 11, 2015, Secondary Division hosted its first event with Special Olympics, a nonprofit organisation committed to providing athletic opportunities to people who are challenged with intellectual disabilities. This

day consisted of a morning unified sports session where our students led activities for special athletes from Shanghai along with secondary school educational leaders from around China. In the afternoon, the Special Olympics hosted a conference on our campus to promote the organisation in China. The morning event was organised, managed, and led by our Pao School student volunteers.

An invigorating day of competition!

Joining in the upcoming match will be Pao School’s very own Co-Founder Mr Philip Sohmen!


Recently, the Senior Secondary Division student water polo team and the teachers went head-to-head in an intense water polo competition. After an intense match of four 8-minute games, teachers emerged

victorious with a 3:1 victory. Regardless of their age and gender, all teachers and students turned in their best performance and enjoyed a day of lively competition!

Meeting an Olympian! To encourage a love for sports in students and help them build stamina as well as confidence, Pao School parent David Bi began organising and leading volleyball practices for girls in Year 3. Determined to provide more opportunities for this group of enthusiastic young players, Mr Bi arranged for former member of the Chinese national women’s volleyball team and former Olympic athlete Ms Zhu Yunying to meet with the girls for the first time on the morning of February 28. It was truly an honour and a rare opportunity, not only for the girls, but also for their parents, who were also moved and deeply inspired by Ms Zhu’s professionalism and coaching style.


Students’ Voice

BEES (Be Eco Students) is an entirely Pao School studentled and managed public service organisation that advocates environmental protection, beginning from the little things. BEES was founded in April 2015 by Pao School students, as a result of a successful initiative to sell used school uniforms and books at Pao School’s annual Eco Fair. Funds from the proceeds were used to support the charities of their choice. BEES hopes to continue focusing on organising events,

raising funds and new ways for all to begin protecting the Earth’s natural resources. Jeff: I want to make this world a better place, and it all starts with us! Like our art teacher said, ‘Before you throw any items away, take a moment to think whether they can be re-used.’ I am very happy to see classmates wearing the uniforms we’ve sold. Michelle: I’ve always understood how important it is for us to protect the environment, but with BEES,


BEES Founders Sean, Jeff, Michelle and Aria

I can communicate my ideas with other people who share the same understanding. I also enjoy working with others – we coordinate activities together, draft action plans, share our ideas with the principals, recruit our friends as volunteers. It’s loads of fun!

uniforms, turning them into very creative things. Last year, we used funds we earned from selling second-hand school uniforms to support children in earthquake-stricken Nepal. This year, funds raised were used to support the school’s annual fund.

Aria: I designed the BEES’ logo and posters, and also communicate with the school to inform them of our upcoming initiatives. BEES remind us not to waste, to use the things that already exist, such as our old school

Sean: BEES was founded by a group of students ages 7-10. We’re not too tall (yet) and we’re still young, so we decided to start small, with the little things around us.

The Pramerica Fosun Spirit of Community Awards

Butter Lab’s founding members

Butter Lab’s first steps On March 27, ‘Butter Lab’, a charitable online shop established by Year 11 students Lily Zhang, Lucy Zhang, Sally Duan and Rose Sun, donated an assortment of books to Shanghai YMCA’s Hua Ai Early Education Centre in Huangpu District. ‘Butter Lab’ is a student-led, non-profit organisation. Its four founding members prepare and sell their own cookies and snacks to raise funds, donating all proceeds to the YMCA under the name ‘Butter Lab’. 17

Students’ Voice

Year 11 students Lucy Chen, Anja Liu, Jerry Shao and Elton Zhou were recognised at the Pramerica Fosun Spirit of Community Awards for their outstanding work in their community. Both Shao and Zhou were among the top 45 youth volunteers, with Shao receiving the silver medal and Zhou scoring bronze. The Pramerica Fosun Spirit of Community Awards is the Year 11 students Lucy Chen, Anja Liu, Jerry Shao and Elton Zhou were recognised at largest youth recognition the Pramerica Fosun Spirit of Community Awards programme in the United States. Launched by Prudential in partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principals, Better living, better learning the programme honours middle level and high school students for outstanding volunteer service in their communities. With the support of several teachers, Secondary Division students, led by Year 10 students Peter Huang and Selina Gong, have recently launched the Smart Campus Environment Project, dedicated to creating a better living and learning space for the Secondary Division community. The Smart Campus Environment Project delivers real-time environmental data. The first phase of the project has already been completed and provides updated measurements every five minutes, including air quality levels, PM2.5, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, CO2, O2, smoke, and VOC levels. All measurements are taken from an outdoor weather station located in the Secondary Division’s Songjiang campus.

Character Education

Pao School’s choir and members of the Future Star perform ‘Run’

Curtain call to the new year – 2016 Future Stars: Dreaming of an art-filled world New Year’s Charity Benefit On January 23, led by the Shanghai Children’s Fund, Shanghai’s top four children’s art troupes: Future Star troupe, CWI Children’s Palace troupe, the Pao School Choir and the Malan Flower troupe braved the coldest Shanghai winter in 35 years

to take the stage at the ‘2016 Future Stars: Dreaming of an art-filled world New Year’s Charity Benefit’, held at the Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre.

Pao School student Angelina Guo serves as part of the evening’s roster of MCs

Student and parent volunteers from Pao School open a mini-bazaar at the benefit


Pao School’s Character Education Committee

Together We Grow - parent workshop series The first in a series of parent workshops organised by Pao School's Character Education Committee and made possible by the school's annual fund was held on March 9. Presenter Julia Huang, M.S. MFT from Care Corner Counselling Centre Shanghai, spoke on the origins of emotions and

how they work (functional and dysfunctional). She discussed the development of certain ‘emotion reactions’ in children, and how parents can participate in early emotional nurturing as well as the pathways to start learning about one's own emotional world - gaining awareness, understanding and eventually, good regulation, the ‘EQ’ we often speak about.

Character Education

Students teach autistic children to swim

Swimming for autism

Pao School students experience Future Stars Winter Camp

On April 1, to show their support for children with autism, Pao School’s swim team attended a special charity event in Hongqiao, with the goal of teaching autistic children to swim. Using group activities and play, students helped autistic children overcome their fear of water, train body and mind, and most of all, have fun!

On January 17, 10 Pao School students enjoyed a fun-filled ‘Future Stars: Dreaming of an art-filled world’ Winter Camp. They were joined by the top students from Future Stars drama, dance and music and visual arts classes – these Future Stars students were also children of Shanghai’s migrant workers.

Pao School students and teammates work together in the ‘Restructure’ activity



Moving beyond the page: Pao School students read to feed On March 25, excitement filled the Primary Division auditorium as students and teachers came together, dressed as their favourite characters. An annual Pao School tradition, the school’s annual Book Week features various book-themed activities, including Chinese and English book fairs, a visit from a guest author as well as the ever popular dress-up Friday. Book Week also coincides with another annual tradition at Pao School: the Read to Feed, an incentive-based reading programme organised by US-based charity organization Heifer International that not only promotes literacy and a love for reading but also teaches the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. This year, thanks to the remarkable efforts of each student, Pao School read a total of 5613 books, culminating in an impressive RMB 110,618.60.

Pao School celebrates its 6th consecutive year with the Read to Feed programme


Students dress up for the superhero themed Book Week finale


Pao School Co-Founder Mr Philip Sohmen speaks at the American Chamber of Commerce

Pao School founder on the internationalisation of Chinese education On February 23, Pao School Co-Founder and Deputy Chairman of the Board Mr Philip Sohmen spoke at the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Shanghai Conference Centre as part of the AmCham’s spotlight session series.

The presentation, which included networking and Q&A sessions, focused on the internalisation of Chinese education, beginning with the positive influence and significant benefits of education in China, particularly in Shanghai and its students, as witnessed by the 2009 and 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results.

Pao School hosts Knowledge@ Wharton High School information session Pao School recently hosted an information session for the Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) investment competition. The session was open to all school students, teachers and parents interested in the competition and included opening remarks by Pao School Secretary General Li Jing as well as introduction to KWHS and the competition

by representatives of Knowledge@Wharton, followed by a Q&A session. Dominic Johnson, Knowledge@Wharton’s Director of Business Operations was pleased with the turnout and was especially impressed with Pao School’s students, ‘Pao School students are outspoken and asked great questions during our Q&A session.’


Pao School holds scholarship information sessions Pao School recently held scholarship information sessions in Suzhou on March 27 and Hangzhou in March 31. Hosted by Pao School’s Secretary General Li Jing, the sessions, which attracted hundreds of parents from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces, included detailed introduction to the school’s robust scholarship programmes by Pao School Co-Founder Philip Sohmen, Headmaster Wu Zijian and Director of Admissions Cynthia Zhang. Pao School’s Director of University and Career Counselling Rhonda Leshman also spoke on the latest trends in overseas university admissions. Each session also included presentations on bilingual education by Columbia University Adjunct Assistant Professor Dr Ya-Ning Hsu. All speakers were also on hand for an informative question-and-answer session. 22

Cultivating a new generation of talent

Celebrating diversity: Primary Division organises inaugural International Week

On April 24, China’s largest Chinese-language web portal and online media company Sina held the 2016 'International School Choice Tour' in Shanghai. Pao School Headmaster Wu Zijian attended the event, delivering a speech on Pao School's unique approach to international education and speaking with Sina’s reporters.

Primary Division's inaugural ‘International Week’ was a celebration of diversity, initiated and arranged by the school's Year 5 Student Council members. With the support of their teachers, students adopted and learned about a country. Each classroom door was decorated to illustrate the colours and flavours of their country. On April 15, the week-long celebration closed with a ‘Parade of Nations’ on the school’s football pitch, in which students and teachers wore their adopted country’s customary dress. A cultural fair took place in the afternoon, during which Year 4 and 5 students created stations representing a range of countries in the school's auditorium, serving food and offering fun games and themed activities.

Primary Division students at the ‘Parade of Nations’


Smorgasbord of creativity and collaboration: 2016 Pao School Eco Fair Pao School’s 7th annual Eco Fair returned on April 16! A five-hour affair organised by the Pao School Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the event was designed to encourage students to exercise creativity and increase their awareness of environmental protection. The day included a spectacular ‘Trashion Show’ in which students made wearable art using recycled materials and proudly took the stage to showcase their designs. Students also set up creative booths, giving rainforest tours and organic farm demonstrations as well as selling their plant crafts, handmade bags and cushions using recycled materials, DIY fans and more. The packed auditorium was also the site of several musical performances by students as well as informative, environmentally-focused workshops, including aquaponics and a special report on cafeteria leftovers.

PTA 23

RAW celebrates 5th anniversary: Jiulong mountain hiking and cycling competition In early April, the Pao School Run-A-Way Club (RAW) celebrated its fifth anniversary with a mountain hiking and cycling competition! On April 2, participating families embarked on various mountain hiking, road cycling, and mountain biking excursions. All students and parents faced various difficulties and setbacks along the way, including fatigue and near torrential rain, but also shared the joy of overcoming these challenges together. Part two of the 5th anniversary celebrations continued the following day with a cycling race for students of all ages and their parents. The rain continued to pour, but spirits remained high. Fourteen teams also dared to challenge the exceptionally difficult iron man running and cycling relay! Â




Foundation Pao School launches Alumni Relations Office! Pao School recently announced the official launch of the Pao School Alumni Relations Office! The department is responsible for managing and maintaining contact with Pao School alumni and their families and coordinating their visits to Pao School!

Please scan QR Code to complete the questionaire.


In the News Shanghai Education


‘Y. K. Pao: My Father’ book launch

YK Pao School: A Pinoneering Educational Programme



Eco Fair

Over 70 students and parents kick off cycling trek in Hainan

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Philip Sohmen: Changing the future with education



Wu Zijian: Bilingual education starts with whole person education combining Chinese and international education

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Hello, Campus Literature



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