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News and Events English Speech Day

Clockwise: Jin and Gage, Adrien and Harriet (The Twits), Park and Ivy, Ms Diana’s class (Sharing a Shell), Ms Victoria’s Class (Tribute to Malala), and Ms Natalie’s Class (Bullying).

This year’s English Speech Day was a runaway success. The quality of spoken word was certainly impressive and the show was enjoyed by children, parents and lots of teachers. Each performance was based on one of YK Pao Schools Character values. A super huge thank you to Ms Natalie and Ms Liz for organising this wonderful event. Let’s hope that next year’s will be just as fun and entertaining!

A word from the PE department A big part of PE at YK Pao School is the teaching of the school’s values. In our school we have 8 values we expect students to show. In PE classes the PE staff have been not only improving students’ skills and abilities in sports, but also their characters. When learning football, we can improve passing and moving into space, but we can also look at respect, resilience and selfmanagement in the same lesson. Another example is Mr. Toby’s “resilience challenge” in our Net and Wall Games unit. The title of the unit is ‘Nothing is Impossible’ and all the PE Team are striving to help all students understand that their potential is limitless if they show resilience. As we all know the letters ‘P.E.’ stand for ‘Physical Education’. If we can teach the physical (kicking, running, throwing, catching, rolling…), we have only completed half of PE. The other part is the education. It is here where the values of the school and the teaching of character fit. That’s why we love PE! We are teaching the students to be better, better sportsmen and women but also better people too!

Y2 Barbeque

Parents and children boogie on down!

The Y2 Barbeque this year was a bit different to other previous ones . . . it was inside! Still, the heavy rain didn’t dampen people’s spirits in the slightest. In true YKPS style everyone came together and enjoyed a night of fun and games in the auditorium instead. Events included a funky parent-children fashion show, Autumn bookmark making, lantern crafts, skipping and of course lots and lots of food! It all ended with a crazy free for all disco dance ... check those moves!

L-Catwalk moves from Daisy + Dad R-Henry colouring lanterns

Teachers' Corner

Mr. Sohmen - Founder

For this issue we are extremely lucky to have Phillip Sohmen, one of the founders of the school to give the Teachers’ Corner Interview. Our Year 5 team managed to catch up with him to ask the questions you posed:

What do you want for Christmas? Usually I like to get books, but at the moment I have lots of books and no time in which to read them. Therefore I would get some bonus time somehow. Maybe a watch that makes time go backwards! At the moment there are quite a few books on my reading list. Foremost there is one called Jay which won the Booker Prize. What is special about Shanghai? I think Shanghai is a really interesting place to live. It has a fascinating history from different periods in time. I was recently given a book about my local neighbourhood that told me about some of the historic houses nearby. I never realised the people that actually lived there in the past and the interesting stories they had. So just walking around here, you can really experience history. There’s also a huge range of new museums and concert venues available.

L-R Oscar, Phillip Sohmen, Tiger and Ashley

Why did you choose the principals you did? To be an excellent principal you really need to have a lot of good experience in schools, both as a teacher and in terms of running a school. They both had been principals in different schools before. Beyond this what was important was that they both had the right attitude and values. We felt that they both were people that really demonstrated these and could embody them in the school. For the same reasons we later chose Mr Spencer. To be effective you not only need to have the skills, but you need to make people around you want to be involved, so it’s all about their attitude.

Who is your greatest influence in life? I have to say my parents were very big What do you like to do in Shanghai? influences. They are both wonderful people If the weather is good, I like to take my and were excellent models for me growing dog for a walk or bicycle around the French up. Even though they were very strict and Concession area. When possible, I try to go didn’t let me do lots of things that I wanted to concerts that are happening, especially to do, I realise now that this was a really orchestras. To relax, I like going for a nice good thing as they helped me make the meal and catching up with my friends. right choices in life. My mum helped me learn Chinese which was very difficult as What was your dream when you were young? we were living in England at the time and I When I was really young, around 4 years had to get a Chinese tutor. In the end old, I wanted to be a postman! At that time though, it was certainly worthwhile. I didn’t know the range of jobs that were available so the people you see at home What is the hardest thing about your job here? influence you the most. Then when I was a There are so many things going on in the little bit older I wanted to be a professional school here; all the extracurricular sportsperson. I used to swim competitively programmes, subjects, activities that are at school and university, however, I realised happening, concerts ... there just isn’t enough time to be involved as much as I that it is actually pretty difficult would like to. It would be great to be able to to be a professional in this field. support all the sports games and concerts but I can’t make it to everything. A second Where would your perfect holiday be? I grew up in Hong Kong near the coast and thing is how to balance all the views that because of that I have always really people have. Should we have more homeenjoyed the sea. So my ideal holiday would work? Should we have less homework? So be to go somewhere on a sailing boat with the hardest thing is coming to an agreebeautiful scenery, and be able to go ment when sometimes the answer is what not everyone wants. swimming and diving whenever I wanted ... ... of course with lots of books to help Jascha Heifetz pass time in the evenings! playing violin in 1920

How do you see our school changing in the future? I hope that some things change and some things don’t. So it will naturally change as you guys get older. The students will change and the teachers will change over time. I would love to see some of our students returning as teachers in the future. That would make me very happy! If one of you came back here, that would be a day worth celebrating! In the future we will see more and more technology used at schools, but I hope that the culture that we’ve all built remains the same. We aim to always have a welcoming environment where students look after each other and enjoy learning. What was the most difficult thing about starting the school? Trying to find everything at the same time: teachers, principals, students, space, a building, approval from the government and all of these things depended on each other. When we were looking for teachers, they would ask ‘Where’s the school?’. When we were looking for students, parents would ask ‘Who are the teachers?’. It was difficult to know what to do first so we did everything at the same time. We were really busy in those first few years!! Which musician do you admire the most? The one I admire the most was a Russian violinist that lived a long time ago called Jascha Heifetz. He was really talented but when he moved to America he became really lazy. He stopped practising and would show up to concerts and play. One day he got a review in a newspaper that was very critical and said he had wasted his talent. After reading this he felt terrible and for the rest of his life he practised very very hard. The story is that even if you have a natural talent, you still have to practise. However, even if you are not so talented, you can still achieve anything if you try your hardest.

At the end of the last school year, Ms Mohoney’s class took the opportunity to thank different members of the school. These important people help to make sure everything in the school runs smoothly so you can continue to enjoy learning.

A card was left for the YK Pao family giving thanks for starting such a wonderful school.

‘We gave our card to Mr Spencer so he could pass it on to the founders. Maybe he should have got one too!’ Willie and Ben

‘I gave my card to the security guard Mr Ying because he always helps with the buses and protects us from traffic.’ Alex

‘I gave my card to the maintainance man Mr Hu because he helps us a lot to fix things in our classrooms.’ Cheng Hao

People We Admire

a) Famous shipping tycoon from Ningbo b) First man to walk on the moon c) German composer of Moonlight Sonata d) Author of Alice in Wonderland e) The clue for this author is in the hat! f) English physicist who invented calculus

Giving thanks to YKPS members

‘I gave my card to the cleaner Mr Wang because every day and night he cleans the classroom so we can mess it up again!’ Adrien

‘I gave my card to the Ayi, Ms Chen, because she works very hard and always smiles to the children she serves.’ Nathan

Who is the person that you most admire? See if you can use the clues and unscramble the letters to find the hidden name. Try to think which YK Pao School character traits they were chosen for:


g) Victorian author of Oliver Twist h) British ice skating champion i) Italian music theorist j) Scientist who calculated E= mc2 k) Argentinian footballer l) There would be no iPad without him



ANSWERS a) Yue Kong Pao b) Neil Armstrong c) Beethoven d) Lewis Carrol e) Dr Seuss f) Issac Newton g) Charles Dickens h) Jayne Torville i) Guido d’Arezzo j) Albert Einstein k) Lionel Messi l) Steve Jobs

Writing Corner

Henry from Ms Diana’s class wrote a lovely realistic fiction based on his experiences of getting to school.


Pine Smoke Pine smoke is not smoke. It is a type of Chinese ink, one of the best. Pine smoke ink is made by pine ash. It is commonly used in Chinese calligraphy writing and in Chinese landscape painting. However, here, I am not talking about the ink. Lately, we watched a performance of modern dance named after pine smoke ink. It was a unique modern dance troop led by the famous Taiwanese dancer and choreographer, Lin Huai Min. The “Pine Smoke” performance started in a dim and quiet setting. Suddenly, a beam of light appeared and grew bigger and bigger on stage, until a stage background screen get into shape. The background was simple and in light colour. It looked just like a Chinese painting drawn by pine smoke ink. Gradually, the music started. It was gentle, beautiful, and Chinese like. The dancers’ clothes were beautiful, too. Ladies were wearing white silk wide trousers, floating and elegant. Men were wearing long, black silk skirts. Yeah, they were wearing SKIRTS! The ladies’ white clothes and their gentle movements made them look like a paintbrush wiggling on paper. Men’s black pants made them look like floating ink! The dancers’ movements were very special. They sometimes danced gently, but sometimes moved in a very strong fashion. Some of their movements looked like the dancing goddesses in Dun Huang fresco paintings, a bit like Indian dance movements. Some other movements were like Beijing Opera steps. “Pine Smoke” really got me inspired! I think that I am going to learn Chinese calligraphy! Michelle

Michelle was inspired to write this piece after she watched a dance performance. What things do you think might give you the inspiration you need to begin writing? Bullying is a serious problem. Ms Natalie’s Class wrote stories to help people decide what to do if their life is affected by bullies.


Classic Narratives Year One

As a part of their unit on narratives, the Year Ones got a chance to read lots of different traditional tales. They used these to learn about each part of a story; the problem (orientation), problem (complication), and solution (resolution).

The Ugly Duckling




The Three Little Pigs




Ms Michelle’s class worked on their vocabulary using time words to write a recount.

The Little Red Hen

Have you ever worked hard on a project and found that no one would help you? Then when you got it all done, suddenly everyone wanted to participate, or use your creation? You have something in common with the Little Red Hen. Read the story and see if it’s like an experience you might have had, perhaps putting together a skate board ramp, building a fort in Minecraft, growing a pumpkin or carefully setting up your action figures. The Little Red Hen really showed the YK Pao School value of resilience to keep trying even when it was hard to do so!

Problems and Solutions

When reading the fairy tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’, Ms Sandy’s class learnt about problems and solutions. The students read the entire story and used illustrations and words to express how the pigs solved the problem. They all thought the wolf learnt his lesson! Have some compassion for him, please!!!




Year 2 Information Texts

The Year 2 classes all did a lot of research about the topic of Houses Around the World. We then wrote our own class books which included a contents page, glossary and index. Then we put the two books in the library for you to read, so if you want to know about Native Indian Teepees, Yemeni Rock Castles, or the Hakka Roundhouses, please feel free to pick it up for a read!





QQ, Serina, Jojo and Crystal

Ms Sandy’s class got creative and designed their own dream house. They also included a contents page, index and glossary to give useful information about it.

Ms Michelle’s class looked at lots of different types of housing. They then gave their opinion as to which they would or definitely would not like to live in.




Year 3 students were given a difficult project: to interview a family member in detail and then write a full biography of that person’s life. Tricky as it was, the children all rose to the challenge and wrote some excellent pieces of work. By doing so, they discovered a lot about their family members and managed to find out that adults are not actually as boring as they first appear!

Alex Joyce



Felix Isabella

Ruby Mily

Do you have someone in your family that you think has led an eventful life? Perhaps you want to create a mini biography of one of your friends, or even someone famous you admire. Please feel free to write about their experiences and let us here at the English Gazette know. The address as usual is:


What would you want someone to write about your life?








Many thanks to all the family members that helped support their child with this activity!


Year 4 Moganshan Trip

“When talking about Year 4, the best week of the year was of course the Moganshan trip. We went with other classes and teachers in buses. We got to go there as a treat to explore the amazing natural countryside. Listen up about how we survived the sometimes horrible but always amazing MOGANSHAN!” Anna. Clockwise

L-R The bamboo forest, getting to know the farmers, rafting in the lake, rockclimbing on ropes “When we finally got to Moganshan, we were starving. The driver told us to get out of the bus and walk to a place called Bamboo Wind View to eat lunch. As I wobbled out of the tour bus, I felt I was going to fall flat on my face from sitting so long. When everyone was seated, we started gobbling up the food and then soon after went on an Adventure Hike! The instructions we were given were: follow the map using a compass to help find checkpoints three locations. Even though we didn’t finish in time, we still had a lot of fun!” Sonja.

“The last day was the most tiring day as we went hiking for 5 hours! At first I was shocked to know that we had to climb three mountains. The rocks that we climbed were very steep but everyone was encouraging and helpful. By the time we reached the third mountain, we were all breathless. When everyone finally got to the top, we cheered with delight. At night we had the best BBQ ever and I finished the food in just a few gulps! I will never forget this wonderful feast. I was really sad it was my last day. Moganshan.” Chloe.

Titanic Recounts




Year 4 put a lot of work into their historical recounts of the events leading up to the Titanic disaster. A recount is a sequence of events, in order, that informs the reader about what happened. For this piece of work the students imagined what it would be like to be a person involved in the actual disaster in 1918.




Angela Rainbow

Yoyo Joyce








Dora Felix

Grace and Sophia

Year 5 were lucky to have the chance to go on a trip to Nanbeihu. It sounds like they all had a wonderful time camping, hiking, canoeing and generally enjoying time away from their pesky parents! Thankfully everyone returned back safely (needing a good nights sleep, I’m sure!)

by Susan, Barry, Connie, Jimmy, Angela and Cherry



You may have noticed that more and more students seem to be helping in the library. Is it YKPS students being super helpful? Or are the staff librarians getting lazier and lazier? The answer is neither! There is now a designated student team that helps support the hard working staff in the library with such tasks as tidying, stocktaking, alphabetising and creating displays. Here we find out about what some of them have been doing:

Alexandra What does your job involve? I have to shelve the books and help with the decorations for any occasion. It is sometimes fun and sometimes boring ... just like a normal job! Me and my friend Serena really enjoy doing the beeping, which is returning books and issuing new ones. I’ve learnt that we have to be more careful and focus on the job or we’ll be kicked out! We don’t want this to happen! What is the most challenging part about the job? Sometimes putting the books in the right order is the most challenging thing. The books are very quickly messed up and as soon as we tidy everything, there are more things right away. Lots of people use the library and sometimes they are lazy or just don’t know where to put the books. Is there anything you would change about the library? We should train the children to be less messy as they never put the books where they are supposed to. Since Y5 is the highest grade, everybody learns from us and that means we really have to be the ones to set a good example and start doing it well.

Cherry What do you usually do here? I help the teacher librarians to put the picture books back to the right place and sometimes help them to put stickers on the covers so people can find them more easily. I know how to order the picture books and am getting better at using the numbers on the books to find the right section . If you were queen of the library, what would you change? I would want the library to have more bean bags and reading circles because you have to be very quick to get them. Children need to learn how to take care of the bean bags because there is a lot of fighting over them. What are you reading at the moment? I’m reading Mr Midnight. I love to read horror books

Charlie What are your duties? I put books back and help in the secret place (Librarian’s Office). We also have to check which books are missing and try to find them for the librarians. I like working in the office most because others do not get to go there! Also as a student librarian, we get to take 5 books out, although I only have 3 at the moment. None are overdue though! What is the hardest thing about working here? Sometimes I have to find Young Adult English Fiction or comic books and this is really difficult because they all look the same. You have to be very careful to read the labels or else you won’t be able to find where to put them. If you were the library boss, what would you change? I would make the staff area smaller and buy loads more books because the library is still not big enough. You made it bigger for the teachers but the students still need more space.

He's a boy called Jew. Gypsy. Stopthief. Filthy son of Abraham. He's a boy who lives in the streets of Warsaw. He's a boy who steals food for himself, and the other orphans. He's a boy who believes in bread, and mothers, and angels. He's a boy who wants to be a Nazi, with tall, shiny jackboots of his own-until the day that suddenly makes him change his mind. And when the trains come to empty the Jews from the ghetto of the damned, he's a boy who realizes it's safest of all to be nobody.

Zoe and Chris


is edition,

For th Your Year 5 let us know which of e Voic them they think s.

really show true YKPS Value Frank always shows optimistic behaviour and likes to help others. He always has a cozy smile on his face. That is why he is compassionate! Matthew H

Ray Yien showed resilience when he never gave up at trying to fold my special oragami! Oscar

Jamin shows balance because he is in the student council, English Choir, and he still has time to finish his Homework! Steven

Kaka is really good at showing respect even when others don’t do that to him. He never gets angry or sad infront of others and never complains Ben

Matthew Chen always repects others. He teaches me when I need help and will not ignore me when I ask him a question. Sarah

I nominate Micah for showing responsibility and good self- management skills because he goes to lunch time clubs without having to be reminded. Ben N

Elaine should be nominated for compassion. She is a good friend who plays with me at breaktime and walks me to my bus. She is a great team member. Christine

Sarah always shows resilience because she goes swimming almost every morning and wakes up very early to do so. Alexandra

Helena is very responsible. At Maths class, if someone doesn’t understand, something she teaches them passionately how to do it. Connice Eric is a very responsible student. Whenever he borrows another person’s pen, he never loses it and brings it back when we need it Marshal

Mitchell showed repect to the teacher and accepted to be the flag raiser since nobody else in my class wanted to do it. Anon

Hannah shows balance. She works hard at school. She joined the volleyball and football teams. At home she studies piano and violin! Anon

Where Is It?

Thanks to Jeremy and Florian for thinking of the Where Is It? location. Remember, the first student(s) to email the answer to: win a chance to decide the next challenge! good luck and happy hunting!

Richard has had a great improvement over Y4-5 in his self management. Sometimes he does not pay attention but it’s only sometimes! Stephanie

Anoushka showed me compassion. She kept me informed about what happened in school and what they learned while I was away. That’s true compassion. Anna-Lee

Sam should get a mention for showing respect. He is in the student council and always respects others by listening to their ideas. He always helps the lower grades! Jaime Alice show good self-management every day. She always cleans her desk after class so it is clean and tidy for the next lesson. Jimmy

Ms Eva for good selfmanagement and remembering things for our classes. Hey Yu

Special�thanks�to�all�the�teachers�and� staff� that� contributed:� Helena,� Sandy,� Michelle� B,� Diana,� Kate,� Natalie,� Liz,� Michelle� Ip,� Victoria,� Claire,� Eva,� Jon,� Tim,� Andre,� Toby,�Eleanor,�Karla,�and�of�course� a�special�thank�you�to�Phillip�Sohmen� for�allowing�us�to�interview�him.� Last,�but�not�least,� thankyou�to�all�the�amazing� YKPS�children�that�contributed� to�make�this�publication�happen!

Roald Dahl Day!

I’m sure everyone reading this has heard of Roald Dahl ... if not then get to the library as soon as possible to find out! For Roald Dahl Day this year, teachers arranged loads of interesting activities to celebrate. The silliness included creepy crawly arts and crafts, making up gobblefunk vocabulary, fun facts and beardy mask making. Children were encouraged to wear Roald’s favourite colour (red) and even allowed to wear their T Shirts back to front!


Hidden throughout this edition are lots of Roald Dahl Characters. Can you find them all?

Roald Dahl Facts! Roald Dahl was such an interesting guy. Not only were his stories filled with fun and craziness, in fact his whole life was as well! Here is a selection of interesting things you might not know about the man himself:

Other interesting facts: He liked scrabble but was bad at it because of his awful spelling. He loved wine gums so much, he kept a jar of them by his bed He wrote all of his stories in his little garden shed using only pencils and lots of yellow paper!

Is back to front the new fashion?!

Making bugs


Editorial So here it is! The long awaited Third Edition of YK Pao’s English Gazette! As this has been a long semester, there is looooaaaaads of stuff squeezed into this one! The English teachers have certainly taught you guys a lot recently! Remember ... if you have forgotten (for some reason) what you learnt last year, you can always pick up a back copy of the Gazette to refresh your memory. (Above: Edition 1 and 2)

Head of English’s Note The 1st Edition of the English Gazette for the 2014-2105 school year is a fine example of the talented students and teachers we are lucky enough to have at YK Pao School. With so much wonderful work being produced it is very hard to decide whose work to include. The overall theme of the Gazette is YK Pao School Values which we see in action not only in English class but in other areas of the school every day. I know we will all look forward to getting our hands on the next edition in Semester Two. Keep up the fabulous work students! Ms Helena Right, my turn to Editor’s Bit say something! First I’d like to give a huge thanks to all the children that submitted work for this edition. It is becoming harder and harder to select things to put in ... the quality of everything is just so good! If you didn’t get anything in, don’t give up. We always try to be fair and put a range of different students’ work. So, keep it coming in and hopefully we will The Ed. see it next time! Enjoy :) Why should children come to this school? F: The school not only has lots of physical exercises but it also helps develop us mentally. The teachers teach us about moral values, such as respect and compassion which are really important in life. J: YKPS is a really friendly place for people to come to. It is easy to fit in and make new friends and everyone looks after each other. What is the best way to learn English? J: I think reading is most important because it lets us learn new vocabulary. You can remember words more easily if you are enjoying a book. F: I agree with Jeremy, however I also think that reading books helps us with our writing as well. You can get a lot of interesting ideas from reading books which you can then use to write your own stories.

Which teachers do you look up to most / why? J: I think this is the teacher we had last year, Ms Michelle (Ip). She is really nice to everyone and doesn’t scream at all! She always supports us in class and gives awards when we do well, such as Dojo Points and No Homework Cards which we can use when we want to. F: I think Ms Sandra is great. She is very easy to talk to and if you have a problem with school or friends she will always listen to you no matter how busy she is at the time. When are you happiest? J: When I am relaxed on holiday. I really enjoy having the time to sit and read funny books on the plane such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid. F: On a sailboat! I love the feeling of being somewhere beautiful with a fresh breeze blowing and the waves rocking the boat.

Competition Well done to Florian and Jeremy for winning the ‘Can You Find It?’ competition last edition. They win 5 special edition English housepoints and will also choose this edition’s secret location! What book are you reading at the moment? F: I would really recommend Harry Potter to everyone. I have just finished reading the fourth one (Goblet of Fire) and really liked it because it takes real situations and makes them magical so you just want to be there! J: I’ve finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love it because Charlie is such a lovely boy and you can learn to be like him and not like the 4 other horrible children. If you were magically transformed into a lego character, which one would you be? Why? J: I would be the guard from Night at the Museum (Adam Sandler film) because amazing things happen to him every night such as the T Rex’s skeleton coming alive. F: I would be Hagrid (the giant from Harry Potter) because he is a really positive guy and always tries his best. Being his size would also be great for playing basketball!

Exploration Unit (E.U.)

For their Diverse Asia topic, Year 4 focussed on food. To gain a better understanding of where it comes from in Shanghai, each class set off to explore our local area and ask questions to the locals. The groups stayed around the market area near the school and got a chance to meet some of the owners. They were all very enthusiastic to answer questions and explain what their products were and how they are made. It was a super chance to learn about life outside the school. We learnt that shopping in local markets is definitely a lively way to start the day! Baker

The trip was also a way to show our YK Pao School values. As we were representatives of our school, we had to act politely and respect whomever we talked to. We asked if we could take photos first and always remembered to say thank you. That way we will be remembered well next time other students will be welcomed too! Ms Claire’s Year 4 class had a lot of fun studying this book. They even got to write and draw their own cartoons to show what happened.



Enrichment Programmes (E.P.) There�are�a�lot�of�exciting�E.P.�Programmes�in�YK�Pao�School� to� help� with� your� English� such� as� Phonics,� Reading,� Writing,� Drama�and�even�Debate.�All�you�have�to�do�is�register�and�give� it�a�go!�You�can�email�to�enquire�at� Ms�Michelle�wanted�to�submit�Anna's�work�below:



Mr Jon and Mr Tim gave students the chance to create their own product. They then had to design an eye catching advertisement using persuasive language to get people interested. Which of these things do you think you would spend your hard earned money on?

Year 5


Every culture has different views on how the world was formed. Year five researched three of these: the Boshengo and Zulu tribes of Africa, and the Inuit people from Canada. Here are some illustrated examples of their creation stories for you to discover more about their beliefs. Remember to respect other people’s opinions even if different to your own.

Creation Stories




Jimmy and Jamin

What does your culture believe about the creation of the world?


Alice and Kathy



For their Narrative Fiction Unit, Year 2 read the story of the Smartest Giant by Julia Donaldson and changed the story to use different characters and problems.

In their Realistic Fiction Unit, Year 3 students really enjoyed reading the book ‘The Sandwich Swap’ by the Queen of Jordan, Rania Al Abdulla. They adapted it to reflect YK Pao School’s bilingual environment. The book’s message is that everyone can be friends despite their differences.




What would you do in this situation? Which side would you take? Can you think of examples of this kind of thing happening in the outside world? How should people solve this problem?

English Gazette Issue 3