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Vol. 21, Issue 1

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For workshops, bring a bag lunch or $5 for pizza and a drink.

chil Newsletter of AOSA Chapter #5

August 2009

2009-2010 Workshops September 12, 2009 Janie Vance Building Blocks of Movement October 17, 2009 Nick Wild Elemental Explorations: Basic Orff in Interdisciplinary Lessons January 30, 2010 OrffOrff-InIn-Action Dramatic Play in the Classroom February 27, 2010 Danai Gagne* Gagne* The Sound of Dance—the Color of Song *Brigitte Warner Memorial Fund Workshop April 10, 2010 Joyce Stephansky Inviting Spring with Joyful Sounds June 5, 2010 Chapter Sharing Workshop All workshops are held at the Abington Friends School in Jenkintown, PA.


Visit for directions, workshop descriptions, membership and other information.


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President’s Note Greetings to PAOSA members and friends— I hope all of you had a wonderful summer! Undoubtedly everyone was busy with family, vacations, summer teaching, professional development and hopefully fun in the sun. Congratulations to Dawn Pratson, our new Vice President, and Dolores Williams, our new Treasurer. Both were elected unanimously in the spring chapter elections. The nonelected position of Secretary is open for anyone who would like to contribute their special skills! We also need at-large Board members. Our officers are very dedicated and would welcome assistance at registration, with fund-raising and even hospitality. Please feel free to approach any Board member about helping or serving on the Board—meetings are open to the general membership. Many, many thanks to Pat Lutz, who is stepping away from the Board after years of excellent service, including a term as President and Treasurer. We will miss her calm, thoughtful presence and very thorough manner! She has contributed so much to our organization. As we get ready to begin another school year, mark your calendars—we have a lineup of terrific presenters for the 2009-10 season! We begin with Janie Vance for movement and process on Saturday, September 12, 9 am - 1:30 pm, then Basic Orff with Nick Wild on October 17. Bring a brown bag lunch or opt for pizza and a beverage at minimal charge. These workshops will give you lots of great ideas for your classroom and ensemble teaching. Come early to enjoy hospitality and sign up for PA Act 48 or NJ professional credits. There is more information about our chapter on our website including the complete schedule of workshops, photographs and much more. Linda Wardell does an outstanding job keeping the website current—thanks, Linda! Consider attending the AOSA National Conference, Great Lakes, Great Traditions, in Milwaukee, WI, November 11-14. Look for brochures, including the “Call to Conference” at our registration table, or visit the website for more information and online registration. Looking forward to seeing you at our workshops and wishing you joy and success in the coming school year— Martha Glaze Zook PAOSA President


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Janie Vance Building Blocks of Movement September 12, 2009 8:30 coffee & registration, 9:00-1:30 workshop

Abington Friends School, Jenkintown, PA

This workshop will focus on creative and fun ways to build a movement vocabulary to use in the music classroom for you and your students. Processes for teaching creative movement and folk dances will be included. Other topics include understanding and developing folk dance notation, facilitating group work during movement activities for your students, and integrating creative movement with children’s literature. Janie Vance has a Bachelor of Music degree from James Madison University in music education. She has a Master of Music degree in vocal performance/pedagogy from the University of Miami and a Master of Education in Music Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She received her certification and Masters certificate (Level IV) in Orff Schulwerk from George Mason University. She is currently pursuing her doctorate studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. Ms. Vance currently teaches movement for the Orff Schulwerk certification course at The Peabody Conservatory and George Mason University. She has presented at Orff and Kodály workshops in the area of creative movement as well as the 2006 national Kodály conference. She has performed as a percussionist with both the Crossmen and The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps, as well as a vocalist in community and professional choirs. Ms. Vance has taught general/vocal/instrumental music K-12 for 10 years and is currently the Nursery and Lower School Music Teacher at The Town School in New York City.

about the PAOSA Library… The chapter has a collection of Orff materials (primarily books) that are available for loan to PAOSA members. The list of items is available on the website. If you would like to borrow an item, contact Michelle Przybylowski


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Nick Wild Elemental Explorations: Basic Orff in Interdisciplinary Lessons October 17, 2009 8:30 coffee & registration, 9:00-1:30 workshop

Abington Friends School, Jenkintown, PA

Join me as we explore creative ways to simultaneously foster student musicianship, support our colleagues, and hopefully impress our administrators! For reasons both good (educational research) and bad (high-stakes testing), many of us are expected to design interdisciplinary lessons that reinforce specific skills and concepts from other academic areas, and it can be a challenge to provide meaningful integration without sacrificing core components of our own curriculum. Yet this challenge provides an important opportunity, since it is clear that children do benefit from experiences that help them make authentic connections between different subject areas. Life, after all – unlike school – is not compartmentalized! The Orff approach is ideally suited to provide these types of holistic experiences, thanks to its emphasis on creativity and its natural incorporation of multiple modalities and intelligences. The goal of this workshop is to provide examples of ageappropriate lessons for grades K-5 that maintain musical integrity while also supporting other areas of the elementary school curriculum, thus contributing to students’ overall academic performance. We will explore cross-curricular lessons that include concepts drawn from math, science, social studies, and language arts, but always with a primary focus on elemental music-making and on authentic musical experiences, skills, and concepts. Nick Wild teaches K-5 general music and chorus at the Great Oak Elementary School in Danvers, MA. Nick received his Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in English horn performance from The Juilliard School in New York, and his teacher certification from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He completed his Orff teacher certification at George Mason University, including Steve Calantropio’s Level IV Master Class. Nick has presented workshops at the local and national level and is a founding member of Patschwork, an adult Orff ensemble that presents enrichment programs, workshops and conference sessions, including an appearance at the AOSA national conference in Omaha, Nebraska. Nick teaches recorder for Orff certification levels 1, 2 and 3 and serves on the Editorial Board of The Orff Echo.


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November 11-14 is AOSA’s annual National Conference in Milwaukee, WI. This year music and movement teachers from across the country will gather in Milwaukee, WI for what promise to be awesome sessions, music-making, creative engagement, camaraderie and inspiration. We asked a few PAOSA members to share memories from their past conference experiences. Here is what they have to say... My first AOSA conference, hosted by PAOSA in 1994, proved to be a transforming experience for me. It was thrilling to be immersed in music making--wonderfully informative sessions, concerts (Libana blew me away) and late night jamming on hand drums and recorders with delightful Renaissance pieces. I wanted more! It also encouraged me to actively support our local chapter--it was an eye-opener to see how hard PAOSA members worked to pull off such a great conference. I've gained invaluable knowledge and perspective from AOSA conferences. They are fun, exhilarating and filled with numerous possibilities for personal and professional growth.

- Martha Glaze Zook What I love most about the AOSA conference is that it feels like a huge family reunion. We're all "related" by our commitment to music, to children, and to the creativity in teaching and learning found in the Schulwerk. We gather to encourage each other, to share what works best, and to wonder aloud about what comes next. My first conference was in April of 1974, AOSA's sixth annual conference. I was 14, and Pat Brown, my mentor, was conducting our recorder consort in the Orff/Keetman Christmas Story. Dr. Regner, Judith Thomas, Carol King, and others were leading sessions. Judith did a session on mixed meter, including a story entitled Herbie and the Meter Maid. Avon Gillespie was Herbie, whose movement involved taking three steps forward and two steps back. Hysterical! As members of the New England Chapter, Pat, Mom, my twin sister Cindy, and I helped with hospitality, schlepping instruments, etc. The conference book was the size of a small pamphlet, with Schott publishing a separate booklet of Dr. Regner's work with international songs, his own graphic notation choral compositions, and an e.e.cummings poem. Great memories then, and great memories each time I attend. I hope I'll see you there in November.

– Martha Crowell An AOSA Conference is life-changing. From the moment you arrive until you return home, you are surrounded by people, concerts, workshops, and exhibits that will enhance your teaching more than any other event you can experience. When you receive the Call to Conference, you have to decide which one of the 14 or 15 sessions offered in that time slot you would most like to attend. There is a


2009 - 2010 BOARD President Martha Glaze Zook 1040 Pine Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-925-8948 Vice-President and Acting Secretary Dawn Pratson 253 N. 3rd Philadelphia, PA 19106 267-971-0926 Treasurer Dolores Williams 439 Lawrence Rd. Broomall, PA 19008 (610) 325-3136

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AOSA Conference memories continued… scheduled time slot for exhibits where you can find teacher books, books to read with your students, octavos for your future choral or instrumental performances, and the latest in instruments. The AOSA Boutique in the exhibit hall contains many teacher tried-and-true games, aids, items that can be won in the raffle, jewelry, etc. Half of the proceeds of the Boutique are used to fund the scholarships and grants offered by AOSA. The other half goes to the chapter/s sponsoring conference. Lunch time and evenings are full of student concerts, recorder playing, folk dancing, drumming-- all opportunities to share the love of your craft with like-minded colleagues who will quickly become friends. Leaving is bittersweet, having to say goodbye to newfound friends (until next year) and eagerly looking forward to sharing what you have learned with your students. Definitely a life-changing experience, not to be missed!

– Rose Grelis MANY of our Chapter members have ventured to the National Conference over the years. Ask around at the next workshop— you’re sure to hear some great stories! Also, there are people to share a hotel room, etc.

Program Chair Michelle Fella Przybylowski 399 Cinnamon Drive Huntingdon Valley, PA19006 215-938-7438 Membership Janet Tebbel 431 W. Walnut Lane Philadelphia, PA 19144 215-848-3915 Historian Karen Markey 701 Willowdale Lane Kenneth Square, PA 19348 610-444-2835

You come to PAOSA workshops, see amazing presenters, get great teaching ideas and repertoire. You hear terms (“AOSA”, “the Volumes,” “levels courses”…), but don’t necessarily know what these things are. Does this ring true to you? It is easy to feel our teaching is adequately “Orff informed” by the Saturday workshops we attend at the Friends School, to feel that we have all we can handle to teach what we already teach, to feel vaguely suspicious of the “cult” of the Orff approach. Yet there are more riches to be had. Here’s a brief primmer. Look for more in future issues. AOSA: American Orff Schulwerk Association—our national parent organization, which hosts an annual National Conference, approves summer training courses, publishes the journal “The Echo,” and awards scholarship funds to members. The Volumes: This is the term tossed around to refer to Carl Orff and his assistant Gunild Keetman’s five volume Music for Children (the English version). These source materials include elemental music examples, exercises and progressive instrumental pieces. Levels Courses: There are AOSA approved teacher training courses hosted across the country during the summer, typically 2 weeks in length. Three levels of training help you to gain an understanding, in consecutive summers, of the rationale, process, repertoire and teaching techniques, as well as challenge and stimulate your own musicianship and artistry. Masterclasses and recently created level four courses build depth of understanding and help participants stay fresh beyond the levels courses. AOSA levels courses are taught by practicing master teacher peers who have apprenticed following their own levels training.


Fundraising Marlis Kraft 7846 Montgomery Ave. Elkins Park, PA 19027 215-782-8280 Act 48 Administrator John F. Bednar Jr. 27 S. Trooper Rd. Norristown, PA 19403 610-539-6295 Hospitality Deborah Pizzi 804 Valley Road Melrose Park, PA 19027 215-635-2123 Newsletter Editor Roxanne Dixon 128 N. 4th Street Lemoyne, PA 17043 717 737-4961 Website Linda Wardell 2601 Newell Drive Wilmington, DE 19808 302-998-7020 At Large Member Rose M. Grelis 409 Granite Terrace Springfield, PA 19064 610-328-9784

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Workshop Review: Chapter Sharing Contra-Dance June 6, 2009 reviewed by Marlis Kraft-Zemel

On June 6th at 6 o'clock we organizers of the contra dance at Oak Lane Day School looked wistfully to the driveway hoping for more participants to show.... It was a fine summer's night, the band was warming up inside and, with barely twenty folks, it looked rather thin to go inside and start the dance! It was as if the band could read our apologetic faces so they came out to where we were and just started playing, did a bit of a play party and before we knew it, we were dancing out on the pavement!! We moved into the barn, a couple more folks trundled in to fill the ranks and the live music from the three piece band raised our spirits. John Krumm is a master at taking rank beginners and old hands alike and making it comfortable and fun, always knowing just what new variation to add, much like a good Orff teacher who smoothly leads students into an intricate arrangement. We had asked John to also teach us some of his masterful rounds which he did with great gusto...only after did I find out that John rarely gets this skilled and ready an audience to jump right in and be quickly able to sing in parts! Two times we took a singing break and had so much fun that we couldn't help ending in song. The four hours of dance and song (and good snacks) had passed so quickly. Members and their spouses and friends alike had a grand old time! Good Summer Wishes to All! Marlis

Do you enjoy reading workshop reviews in the Pentaton? We are always in need of people to write short reviews. Please let Roxanne Dixon or Martha Glaze Zook know of your interest— Stop us at a workshop or drop an email to


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PAOSA Leadership Notes! THANK YOU to PAT LUTZ, LUTZ, stepping down from the board after many years of service in the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Membership. We sincerely appreciate your calm, thorough, dedicated service to PAOSA.

CONGRATULATIONS to DAWN PRATSON, Vice President (President Elect) and

DOLORES WILLIAMS, Treasurer, Treasurer unanimously elected on May 31, 2009. As we do not have a new secretary yet, Dawn will generously continue to serve as secretary in addition to VP until we find someone else willing to serve in this important position.

Get Inspired!

Check out…

The Music Instinct: Science and Song is a recently aired PBS program. The description from the program’s website begins, “While listening to music, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, asks the questions ‘where do goose bumps come from?’ and ‘what’s going on in my brain that allows the goosebumps to happen?’ Levitin leads a group of researchers as they investigate music’s fundamental physical structure; its biological, emotional and psychological impact; its brain altering and healing powers and its role in human evolution.” Piqued your interest? Extensive video clips and other information are available at, and the program is available on DVD through or, a amazing resource for listening to and learning about world music. Listen to different styles of music from almost anywhere on earth. Listen to free one minute samples and download full selections for $.99.


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Member Highlights

 Dolores Williams hosted two student teachers this school year from the University of the Arts (UARTS). In return she was given credit vouchers which she used to take two courses at Villanova this summer. The first week was Elementary Music Theatre K-6 taught by Lois Fiftal---fun and interesting. The second is Level I Orff which is being taught by Beth Ann Hepburn, Basic Pedagogy (a prior PAOSA presenter). Janie Vance, Movement and Nick Wild, Recorder (both upcoming presenters). Our very own Michelle Przybylowski is running the course. Dolores remarks, “I am only on day 2 but my head is about to explode! The valuable skills and lessons that we take away from our workshops are amazing....but now I am learning the process....WHY we do what we do.... It is fascinating, enlightening, and wonderful. Anyone who hasn’t yet thought about taking Levels courses should consider it. Villanova's pricing is much lower than many other locations-and the instructors are top notch!”  Dawn Pratson is teaching at the Longy School of Music Dalcroze Summer Institute in MA. This is her twelfth year teaching there. She is also off to San Francisco in August for Orff level II. Martha Crowell is teaching DOK 2 at Towson and Orff Levels in San Francisco in August. She is also on the AOSA Teacher Education Guidelines Revision Committee, which is really exciting work.

PENTATON Editorial Deadlines Winter Issue: November 15 Spring Issue: March 15 Summer Issue: June 15 Send chapter member highlights, lesson and technology ideas, or other contributions to Roxanne Dixon:


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Directions to Workshops Using Pennsylvania Turnpike - From the East: Get off the PA Turnpike at the Willow Grove Exit, Rt. 611 (exit #343), go South on 611 (Old York Rd.) about 4 or 5 miles until you get into the Jenkintown shopping district (small shops right along sidewalk). The first light is Greenwood - turn left. The first light on Greenwood is Washington Lane – turn left, second driveway, turn right into Abington Friends School. - From the West: Exit the PA Turnpike at PA-309 (exit #339), South. Follow 309S for 5.4 miles. Take a slight left onto W. Cheltenham Ave. Turn left onto Washington Lane. School is 2 miles up the road. From the north - take the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike South to Rt. I-276 east. Follow directions above. From the State of Delaware and Delaware County, PA Take I-95 North to Chester and exit at Rt. I-476 Plymouth Meeting (Blue Route). Stay on I476 and go onto the PA Turnpike East. Follow PA Turnpike directions above. From Chester County, PA Take Rt. 202 to the PA Turnpike East. Follow PA Turnpike directions above. From New Jersey - From Central Jersey - Take the New Jersey Turnpike to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Follow PA Turnpike directions above. - From Tacony Palmyra Bridge - Cross the Bridge and follow Rt. 73 north through Philadelphia (becomes Cottman Ave.) and into Montgomery County where it is called Township Line Road. Turn right onto Jenkintown Road, which becomes Greenwood Ave. Turn right onto Washington Lane. Abington Friends is on the right. - From Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman Bridges - Take Schuylkill Expressway I-76 West and bear right at Roosevelt Boulevard Extension. Exit at Broad Street Rt. 611 North and follow directions below. From Philadelphia Take Broad Street North (Rt. 611) and bear right onto Old York Road. Turn right at the end of “The Pavilion” shopping center onto Washington Lane. Abington Friends is 1 1/2 blocks on the right.


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Membership in AOSA & PAOSA American Orff Schulwerk (AOSA) National Membership Benefits: The Orff Echo - Quarterly journal that contains articles, reviews and materials of interest to Orff Schulwerk practitioners. Reverberations - This quarterly newsletter includes information and news about AOSA's members, projects, conferences and activities of the National Board of Trustees. Scholarships and Research Grants- (see for more information) The AOSA Video Library - Members may borrow recordings of master teachers. The Isabel McNeill Carley Library Collection -The definitive collection of materials related to Orff Schulwerk in the United States. Orff Schulwerk Professional Development Information & Employment Information The Annual National Conference

Philadelphia Area Orff Schulwerk Association (PAOSA) Membership Benefits: The Pentaton: Local newsletter issued 3 times a year PASOA workshops: Free admission to all 6 workshops Chapter Directory: Provides contact with other PAOSA members Complimentary admission to workshops for your administrator

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------2009-2010 PAOSA Membership Form Option One: National and Local dues. One year of AOSA national membership, one year local membership. (Available through October 17, 2009) ___First Time Member Teacher $120 ($125 after Aug. 1) ___ Teacher $130 ($135 after Aug. 1, 2009) ___ Full-time Student $30 ($35 after Aug. 1, 2009) ___ Retired Teacher $85 ($90 after Aug. 1, 2009)

Option Two: Local dues only. This option is for teachers who are either already national members or are not going to join national AOSA. ___ First Time Member Teacher $55 ($60 after Aug. 1, 2009) ___ Teacher $65 ($70 after Aug. 1, 2009) € I am a national member € I am not a national member but wish to join only PAOSA ___ Retired Teacher $35 (before Aug. 1, 2009, $40 after Aug. 1, 2009) Note: Because workshops are free to students, they need not become local members. Spread the word!

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