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Executive Traveller - Malta’s unofficial guide to a truly VVIP lifestyle Andrea Trapani publishing editor

It is indeed exciting to be part of the launch of a new magazine with a unique and vital message, that of promoting executive travel in Malta and highlighting the value of our beautiful Mediterranean island.

realised that I needed to head back home and explore new challenges - that’s what got me back in touch with the local tourism industry. From 2006 to 2010 I had the opportunity to further enrich my expertise within the ground operations sector at the airport. I soon understood that improving the quality of services for the executive traveller and high end tourist was a major factor in growing the local industry.

I have always been invested in the tourism industry. My first job involved customer service and working behind the bar at a popular restaurant during summer. A peak season for the industry, Malta flourishes with tourists and travellers from all over the world.

In 2010 I was entrusted by Malta Enterprise to assist with the management and development of the Safi Aviation Park. I embraced the opportunity even though I was already actively involved in setting up my own business aviation company, specialising in aircraft ground support logistics and Business Aviation. Since then, I’ve never looked back and today my company, Executive Aviation Malta, is a leader in the provision of executive services at Malta International Airport. We take pride in supporting VIPs, multinational businesspersons and high end customers travelling to Malta in their own aircraft or chartered business jets.

At the age of 19 I joined the national airline, AirMalta, and worked in the customer service department and at front office sales desks. I spent long hours on duty at the airport and that’s what got me hooked on travel and tourism, airplanes and the aviation industry as a whole. After spending more than 3 years working away from our shores with AirMalta, I

In a few words, my personal journey and abiding interest and passion for the local business aviation and tourism industry, along with a deep love for our amazing islands, is what has led me and my team of designers and colleagues to launch this new publication. I believe that the islands of Malta have a lot more to offer to the high end tourist and executive traveller, and this publication will play its part in further promoting our beautiful islands with the international community.

EXECUTIVE TRAVELLER Contributors publishing editor Andrea Trapani/ features editor Roberto Benetti/ advertising executive Rebecca Pace/ art director Sarah Falzon/ designer Clint Briffa/ publisher Aviapros International Ltd

Special thanks go to Dassault Falcon Aviation, Bombardier Inc, MEBAA, Sunseeker Malta, all the team at Executive Traveller Magazine including all designers, publishers, advertising executives, sponsors, proof readers, writers and interviewers. Without the support and input of the above mentioned, such a launch would not have been possible.


For advertising in our next issue, please send an email to the attention of Ms Rebecca Pace on marketing@ or you can also contact us on one of the following: +356 99441432, +356 79884888, +356 79896450


Executive Traveller Magazine is freely distributed exclusively to top hotels and venues, at local and international business aviation conventions,

conferences and events, within Malta International Airport business lounges, Executive Aviation Malta’s airside lounge and the company’s executive vehicle fleet, on board of business jets visiting Malta accessible to the discerning traveller together with a range of business jet operators including international clients seeking investment and relocation to Malta. It is published 3 times yearly in partnership with top local and international brands. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details in regards to distribution and reach. If you would like to subscribe in order to regularly receive our publication, kindly send an email to including your Name and Surname, Company name (if any), address and contact telephone number. The publication is also available online at www.



Crafting the ultimate hotel experience Perfectly located at the entrance to St George’s Bay and offering magnificent panoramic views of the sparkling blue Mediterranean, the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay personifies the majesty and grace of a country that while small in size is large of heart and history. With a devotion to detail and a passion for personal, intuitive service, we make each guest feel welcome and special. ST. GEORGE’S BAY ST. JULIANS, MALTA STJ 3301 +356 2137 4114 | CORPORATESALES.MALTA@CORINTHIA.COM | CORINTHIA.COM




Luxury in Malta



Boasting some of the finest five star establishments in the world, including the most exclusive hotels, relaxing spas, and award-winning restaurants, Malta and its sister island, Gozo are the last word in luxury. Find out what makes the Maltese islands so desirable...




From cutting edge furniture to innovative kitchen set-ups Rebecca Pace discovers what keeps one of Malta’s biggest names in luxury living ahead of his competition...

Business Aircraft Interior Re-Design Thinking of renovating a business jet? Here are some tips on what to and not to do...

A passion for speed, luxury and style When he isn’t saving the planet, Paul David Hewson a.k.a Bono has an undying passion for all things that take him to the limit...

16 Saint-Tropez

The best beaches, the wealthiest people and glorious weather all year round, this is Saint-Tropez.

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The ultimate business jet – Dassault’s Falcon 7X After many years of developing fighter aircraft, Dessualt have come up with the Falcon 7X, considered to be the benchmark for all 21st century business jets to come. It flies like a fighter plane but was inspired from start to finish by customers’ business requirements. Together with Dassault’s experience and expertise in a variety of fields in relation to aviation, this magnificent craft offers more qualities, benefits and innovations to your corporate flight than any other Falcon. The plane is larger than most business jets, measuring 76.08ft in total length, 25.67ft in height, with an impressive wingspan of 86ft. It offers the option of three spacious lounge areas, carrying between 12 and 16

passengers with a crew of 3. The interiors are designed and furnished in collaboration with BMW Design Works USA, exceeding luxury standards and taste, modeled in the very finest materials. The cabin is spacious: 39.07ft in length and 7ft 8in wide; it is 6ft 2in high, which means that most people will have no problem standing comfortably in the space. It is capable of making long trips, up to 11 to 12 hours: it can get from Paris to Tokyo and from Dubai or LA to Europe in one leg. The seats are specially designed to provide maximum comfort on extended journeys, ergonomically manufactured and able to be adjusted. The Falcon 7X comes with the latest technology, allowing you and your guests the

opportunity to work, relax and be entertained in the greatest comfort, confidentiality and harmony. It makes use of a completely innovative engineering process - in fact it is the 1st business plane to use fly- by-wire digital flight controls. It is incredibly fuel efficient; even with 3 engines (all three Pratt and Whitney Canada 307s controlled by dual Full Authority Digital Engine Control), it has the fuel efficiency of a much smaller aircraft, which aids in cost reduction and lives up to environmentally responsible practices, conscious of carbon emissions. With 3 engines, this aircraft is safeguarded in the unlikely event that an engine should fail during flight; aircraft with 2 engines would have to land

immediately in this unlikely situation, however, the Falcon 7X will keep going for the rest of the leg. The vehicle’s maximum takeoff weight is that of 70,000 pounds, with a landing weight of 62,400 pounds. 4 14-inch displays of the EASy Flight Deck avionic system dominate the flight deck. The Falcon 7X brings with it a full range of modern navigational requirements, such as RSV and RNP. It is certified for Cat2 All Weather Operation, with the possibility of an upgrade to Cat3. The Cockpit is neat, uncluttered and comfortable, with wellorganised displays and minimal noise. The engine features a simple engine start, and also has an autostart capability everything is geared to be

straightforward and clean. From a pilot’s point of view, this plane is a pleasure to fly. Pure handling on the sidestick requires small and smooth inputs, with satisfying results. This is an aircraft that we will see a lot more of in the near future. This plane is in high demand, even in the context of the world’s current financial climate. The Falcon 7X is priced at 45 million dollars. Should you wish to resell your vehicle, the Falcon 7X can be expected to yield a significant return on investment. This is due to the fact that Falcon jets in general tend to outperform any competition in a variety of aspects, such as low-cost ownership, longterm value, and environmental forethought.




Luxury in Malta Situated in the middle of the sparkling Mediterranean sea, bathed in sunshine and brimming with cultural and natural beauty, Malta is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Europe

Boasting some of the finest five star establishments in the world, including the most exclusive hotels, relaxing spas, and awardwinning restaurants, Malta and its sister island Gozo are the last word in luxury. The perfect location for a romantic honeymoon, a special trip or just an indulgent treat, Malta offers the high life, often for an affordable budget.

A holiday begins with the hotel, and Malta has a huge range to choose from. Exclusive five star establishments provide top class accommodation, fully equipped with the latest spa treatments and facilities, offering pampering and beauty treatments that range from massage and facials to detox programmes and cosmetic surgery.

When the relaxation is over for the day, visitors to Malta can experience luxury in the form of fine wines, al fresco dining, and visits to beautiful locations. Valletta is a hub of eateries and wine bars, many of which showcase Malta’s traditional cuisine while using cutting edge culinary techniques and the freshest ingredients. Other high-end hot spots can be found in the surround areas

of Portomaso St Julian’s, with various exclusive indoor and outdoor venues. The ultimate Mediterranean experience is aboard a yacht, and Malta has an impressive array of beautiful boats available for charter. Why not spend the day snorkelling alongside the Azure window or lounging in the Blue Lagoon, followed by Champagne on deck and a

meal prepared on board by your own private chef? If high octane nightlife is more your thing, take a night time trip to nearby St Julian’s, a short drive up the coast. Here you can party with Malta’s beautiful people and the many visitors who contribute to the island’s multi-cultural flair. Enjoy beachside cocktail bars, stylish hangouts and some of the hottest clubs in the Med.

Photos courtesy of Malta Tourism Authority




The art of business aircraft interior re-design

Thinking of renovating a business jet? Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do

We have all redecorated our house from time to time, or changed our cars’ interiors. We all know the special torment of endless options, choices that include paint colour and upholstery. But all of this pales in comparison to the efforts put into decorating the interior of a private business aircraft, even when you’ve got a team of experts at your disposal. A Few Pointers When you’re looking to refurbish or decorate a new aircraft there are certain rules you’ll need to follow to ensure that once the project is completed, the result will be be a thing of joy (if not forever, till the next time you feel the urge to get creative). More often than

not with new aircraft, any internal furnishing, including paint, is carried out by the manufacturer. Having said that, there is the possibility your craft being delivered completely unfurnished to a completion centre, where the aircraft manufacturer or OEM will offer advice and guidance on how best to complete the interior of your private plane, usually dependent on its size. When refurbishing an aircraft, one of the first things you’ll put together is a detailed specification of what the professionals should work on, each step of the way. The more detailed this is the less time and money will be wasted in making amendments during the decoration process. It

is advisable to engage the services of a completions consultant in order to put specifications together, and negotiate with the completion centres regarding pricing, time frames etc. as well as monitor any progress made. At this stage it is of utmost importance that everything is laid out before you: you need to be aware of where penalty clauses can reasonably be included as well as any areas where you may be charged for items outside of the previously specified quotation. When choosing a completion centre, it would be wise to choose one that is familiar with your craft model, ideally having worked on a model like yours in the past. Make sure that you

meet with them and assess supplier professionalism and expertise before deliberating. Your OEM would generally recommend a choice of favourable companies to contact. Before proceeding with your choice, you may wish to contact past clients of the completion centre (it’s always best to get a friend’s recommendation) to obtain feedback on the outcome of their aircraft. It goes without saying that smaller vehicles will be more limited when it comes to decorative options, however certain things still need to be considered, eg. would you like 4 or 5 seats placed in your Phenom? The people who will be using the private craft most often need to brought into the

discussion. A standard Phenom has 4 seats, but there’s the option of adding a fifth seat opposite the door. Other options that the OEM will present are samples of paint, flooring, carpeting, upholstery, galley finishes and so on; the choices are exhausting. In the case of larger vehicles, you’ve has the option of including private areas on the plane such as a bedroom and a private dining area. If you happen to be up- grading your aircraft, you may wish to improve upon certain features that you already have aboard. You may wish to upgrade frequently traversed areas with more hardwearing materials; better




soundproofing and more advanced communication systems may be required; if you are looking for luxury, and who isn’t, then you may want to consider upgrading the entertainment systems; one of the most likely necessities would be an upgrade of the flight deck. These alterations may result in a required electrical power upgrade. Electronics In smaller aircraft generally feature the Garmin 1000-based systems, whilst in larger vehicles you’d be more likely to find the Rockwell Collins Proline 21 or Honeywell’s Primus Epic. Still, one has the option of adding features such as electronic flight-bags, additional backup systems and synthetic vision. The best way to make decisions about such matters would be to get the flight crew involved. Another option that you may wish to consider is an internet connection, which is almost impossible to do without in today’s digital culture. Satellite technology has made it possible for systems such as Aircell’s Go Go Biz to include internet connectivity as an in-flight service, allowing passengers the vital use of

their laptops, phones and tablets. Other luxuries include HDTV Displays and BluRay systems. Again, you might wish to consider consulting frequent fliers to work out the best options for positioning such equipment. Seek advice from the manufacturers’ engineers before installing these devices; however, popular packages include Rockwell Collins Airshow and Honeywell’s Ovation Select, both of which are specifically designed to handle any audio and data

in-flight requirements like maps and flight progress data. Restrictions to Keep in Mind Something else a buyer must consider when buying aircraft is that this vehicle will probably eventually be sold. Keep this in mind while decorating. You would not want to decorate a plane in a way that will make it difficult to resell. You may decide that a hot pink design in purple polkadots on the exterior is indispensable, but rest assured that this will not

do you any favours when it comes to resale. When purchasing a plane in order for it to be chartered, be especially careful with facilities such as showers, as such amenities may not be accepted by authorities. In this case, it would be best to go for standard specifications so as to ensure that the vehicle will not be overweight, and will be ready on time and at an acceptable price. What About Costs? A completion centre can

provide you with any upgrades and alterations that you wish – just keep in mind that everything has its price. Especially when you are upgrading the interior of a used craft, question whether the alterations would be worth the price being paid - will they add value to your aircraft? Or would it be a better idea to add a lick of paint, re-do the upholstery and sell your vehicle, leaving room for you to buy something more up-to-date which already includes all the necessary upgrades? Ask plenty of questions, and keep your end goals in mind.




Driven with pride, aiming for excellence Executive Aviation Malta and the growth of Malta’s business aviation industry

During recent months, Malta has experienced a steady growth in the business aviation industry for a variety of reasons. Executive Aviation Malta are, of course, direct participants in this development. The fact that Malta is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Europe and North Africa and close to the Middle East, makes it ideal as a strategic spot for technical stops and crew rest. Malta International Airport’s infrastructure, together with its sizeable airfield, makes it easily accessible to business and private jets. The vast majority of Malta’s population speak fluent English and Malta’s standard of education is high by EU standards; this has attracted a good deal of foreign investment, invariably supported by the Maltese Government. This has led to the relocation

of international aviation companies within the sphere of business charter and maintenance to this charming little island. Executive Aviation Malta has been in operation for the past three years; during this time they have been dead-set on becoming revolutionaries in business aviation services. Today, they consider themselves to be experts in the area of aviation ground support services. Even though the company is young, each and every employee brings with them a vast wealth of experience and dedication within their specific field and it is this passion for and dedication to company and customer that characterises Executive Aviation Malta. According to Roberto Benetti, the company’s Director of Operations, it is each employee’s sense of team-work, coupled with their hands-on approach, which is the main contributor

to the company’s efficiency and results in the smoothest service. Executive Aviation Malta enjoys recently renovated premises which are located airside at Malta International Airport. On location, they have snooze, briefing room and shower facilities and a crew/passenger lounge which is equipped with Wifi and satellite TV. They also provide the most exclusive BMW and Mercedes Benz luxury vehicles, the latest acquisition being a Mercedes Viano Ambiente Limousine. These vehicles allow maximum comfort and cater to the exclusive expectations of VIP customers. Executive Aviation Malta are en route to becoming the first choice for business operators visiting the Maltese Islands, priding themselves on service excellence, efficiency, total discretion and unrivalled superiority.

Executive Aviation Malta is the only business aviation ground support service provider boasting 100SQMs of unique airside facility at Malta International Airport. This includes a spacious crew and passenger lounge, restroom & shower facilities, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi + Printer, crew briefing and a snooze area.

Staff at Executive Aviation Malta are either professional aircraft dispatchers with years of local and international practice, current aircraft pilots or experts in ground operations with vast experience in the aviation industry.

Executive Aviation Malta is the only fully equipped service provider with a fleet of in-house vehicles consisting of 2 executive BMWs and a new Mercedes Viano limousine to attend to VIPs, VVIPs and/or crew. The above mentioned in-house executive fleet makes Executive Aviation, the only self sustainable, hence, fully flexible executive ground support provider catering for business aviation in Malta. Upon request, the company has access to additional executive vehicles including a range of BMWs and Mercedes automobiles.

Executive Aviation Malta is the only dedicated business aviation ground support provider in Malta that does not simultaneously own or operate an aircraft fleet. For this reason, any aircraft operator can rest assured of full discretion and transparency with the customer. Moreover, any operators’ aircraft handled by Executive Aviation may easily get first preference when the FBO management receives a request for business jet charter.

For more information, visit or or contact our operations on +356 99900747




Any jet, any place, any time Aviapros International - Charter brokerage, aircraft management and flight support solutions

Aviapros International was founded in 2011 with the prime objective of providing aircraft charter services primarily related to international business jet travel. The company prides itself in delivering discreet and efficient response to any kind of aircraft charter request together with a variety of aviation tailor-made services facilitating aircraft operations. Based on the island of Malta with offices located airside at Malta International Airport, Aviapros International is a dynamic company providing dedicated professional services and logistics to General and Business Aviation Worldwide. Services range from Aircraft/Business Jet Charter solutions, Operational Flight Support, Aircraft Management and coordination of worldwide handling and fuel logistics. The team is capable of providing a complete solution for business aircraft operations, jet management solutions and more.

Business Jet Charter Where exclusivity comes as standard • • •

Expect high levels of service and discretion Enjoy superb in-flight luxury and stress free travel Minimise journey times and fly where you want, whenever you like

VIP treatment • • • • • •

We ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity We offer a full range of aircraft affording unadorned luxury and uncompromising service We will choose and use the most convenient airports You can arrive and board just minutes before take-off We will precisely prepare your choice of cuisine We can also arrange VIP ground transportation for clients to and from the airport.

The choice of discerning travellers... • • • • •

Heads of State Royalty International sports personalities Film stars, music and fashion celebrities Company CEOs and executives

Malta’s Benefits for basing Executive Jet Operations • • •

• • • •

• •

Malta’s geographic position at the centre of the Mediterranean makes it an ideal strategic aviation hub. Malta is a member of the European Union and it is close to the Middle East and North African Region. Its membership in the EU and a good network of Air Services Agreements, places Malta in an attractive position for the location of an aviation cluster. A solid and stable banking sector guarantees adequate financing for the aviation sector. The Maltese Government firmly believes that Malta has the necessary potential to create a successful aviation cluster. The Maltese Government has undertaken to commit all the necessary investment to support the aviation industry in Malta. Transport Malta, as the competent authority, has pursued and achieved the legal reform thereby introducing incentives and benefits for foreign investors and international registrants. The aviation sector is regulated by the Civil Aviation Directorate, within Transport Malta. The directorate is both efficient and accessible on a 24/7 basis. The technical team has ample

expertise and an excellent command of the English language. Malta’s diverse industries offer a range of services including aircraft and engine maintenance, repair and overhaul, software development, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance training and ancillary support services. Malta’s tax system, plus its extensive network of double taxation treaties, offers significant fiscal efficiency to investors and companies establishing here. It has been recognized as one of the main drivers in creating an attractive environment for foreign investors. Its full imputation tax system and other tax incentives makes it desirable for companies to locate to Malta, especially aircraft leasing companies and air services operators.

Aviapros International also provides expert consultation services for business aviation companies interested in opening shop and registering a local Air Operating Certificate (AOC) in Malta. The team strives to always provide a professional approach and is enthusiastic about growing further in the coming years. Contact Aviapros for more informations on or +356 99441432


Malta Charters we are sure that we can plan your perfect holiday to the slightest detail so you can enjoy the Sunseeker Experience. charter an extravagant adventure. With over 10 years in providing luxury experiences, our charter team will navigate through a world of possibilities to create that memorable holiday with a twist. Sunseeker Malta Charters forms part of the International Sunseeker Charters network and has proved to be the leading Luxury Yacht Charter operation throughout the Maltese Islands and outside shores. Superyachts; all this combined together with beautiful local and international destinations and itineraries. And…have you ever thought of booking an exclusive spa on board of a yacht, whilst being pampered with Champaign, canapés and enjoying that luxury experience! Sunseeker Malta Charters can convert your dreams to a real experience, be it a romantic getaway, a family holiday or corporate entertainment, whatever the event, every charter is an exclusive experience of incomparable value. from 26th - 29th July 2013, in collaboration with the Royal Malta as a new destination - Marina Di Cala Del Sole in Licata, Sicily. Contact us for further details.

We look forward to be at your service. tel: +356 2138 5678 · mob: +356 9933 8081 ·




A passion for speed, luxury and style

When he isn’t saving the planet, Paul David Hewson a.k.a Bono has an undying passion for all things that take him to the limit

Tesla Roadster

Nine things you probably didn’t know about Bono

Paul David Hewson was born in Ireland on the 10th of May 1960. He is a family man, married with four children. He is commonly known as Bono, front man and songwriter of the much loved band U2 who skyrocketed to fame back in the 1980’s, and are today still considered to be one of the greatest rock bands that have ever existed. Apart from his rock star career, Bono has followed in the footsteps of many other musicians before him in fighting for peace and against poverty – some call him the John Lennon of our time. Together with Al Gore, he was one of the fore-running environmentalists involved in the Go Green movement. Throughout his career Bono has been awarded a record of 22 Grammys out of 34 nominations as well as a Golden Globe in 2003 for Best Original Song. His emotionally and politically charged songwriting has also resulted in him being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 3 times: in 2003, 2005 and 2006. Furthermore, due to all the charities he supports and the active role he takes in benevolent causes, Time Magazine named Bono

Born Paul David Hewson, the rocker's nickname derives from the Latin word "bonavox" - meaning "good voice". His various humanitarian work and his efforts to raise awareness of AIDS in Africa earned him the Nobel Peace Prize's Man of Peace title in 2008. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003. U2’s Private Tour Jet

Person of the Year in 2005. A lesser known fact about Bono is that he has a passion for all kinds of vehicles ranging from environmentally friendly cars and sports sedans to motorbikes, yachts and even a private tour jet for the band. One of these vehicles is a Tesla Roadster – eco-friendly due to its hybrid nature, as is to be expected of this environmentally conscious star. This car is able to attain 0 to 95 kilometres in under 4 seconds thanks to its 375 volt air cooled electric engine which delivers 288 horse power and 273 pound-feet of force. This is matched by a masculine design coupled up with leather upholstery and heated seating – guaranteed to offer an exceptional ride.

Another one of his acquisitions is a Maserati Quattroporte powered by a 4.2 litre V8 engine, which runs at an incredible top speed of 268 kilometres an hour and 425 horsepower. This gorgeous automobile boasts spacious back seats and the epitome of luxurious interior. This 4 door beauty is an ideal indulgence with its stylish console and dash and state of the art electronic equipment. Bono also enjoys spending time on a luxurious 160-foot motor yacht known as The Cyan on which family, band mates and friends often spend their vacation. One of their favourite spots to visit is the Mediterranean, stopping off in Croatia, Greece, Spain, Italy, and of course, our beautiful little island, Malta.

His favorite food is fish and chips, and his favorite drink is Jack Daniels or tea. Bono is a keen chess player, falling in love with the game at the age of 12 after he became "fascinated" with its grandmasters. In 2007, he was given an honorary knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II for his tireless campaigning. The singer's trademark shades are not just a fashion statement - his eyes are over-sensitive to light. Bono has enjoyed several forays into acting - he had small roles in "Million Dollar Hotel" and "Across the Universe". Bono and his U2 bandmates were nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar in 2003 for the track "The Hands That Built America", which featured on "Gangs of New York" - but lost out to Eminem's "Lose Yourself", from the movie "8 Mile". He has collaborated with a huge range of artists including Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Jennifer Lopez, Frank Sinatra, and Luciano Pavarotti.




A business built on customer relations and a passion for quality From cutting edge furniture to innovative kitchen set-ups Rebecca Pace discovers what keeps one of Malta’s biggest names in luxury living ahead of the competition Interview by Rebecca Pace

What are the main significant features of a successful business? The main significant features for the success of our business is the ability to provide high quality products delivered with outstanding service to all our customers together with a professional and dedicated approach by our employees. A great team makes a great company.

main 3 factors that make Fino the leader in its industry. How does Fino tailor its services to different clientele?

What are the top three factors that clients consider when purchasing furniture from Fino?

Fino is made up of different divisions that can cater from large projects to a single room supply. Once you visit our showroom you can ask to meet any of our representatives who are always happy to assist you with any request. Apart from that, we are best known for home furniture and furnishings.

Reliability, Quality and professional service are the

In the recent past, Fino has supplied large projects

When a “client decides

to purchase their furniture from Fino they expect a 110% quality product

such as the Mater Dei hospital, the new Air Malta head office and just now we are supplying all the office furniture for the new parliament of Malta which is being designed by the renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano. What are the company’s other target markets, and why? In Malta, Fino is represented by its main showroom measuring 3000 square metres of retail space and another showroom which houses the Italian giant furniture manufacturer Chateau D’Ax together

with a factory and stores measuring over 10, 000 square metres. Apart from Malta the Fino Group is also present in Qatar, Tunisia, Italy and Libya. How do you think clients’ demands or requirements have changed, especially in Malta? When a client decides to purchase their furniture from Fino they expect a 110% quality product. This is because Fino’s brand name is synonymous with Quality. Nowadays people are more demanding as they educate themselves by doing their homework before they



Fino showroom

actually decide to purchase. Searching on internet can give you any answers to every question you have in regards to any product you need to purchase. Which exclusive high end brand within your company is the most popular, and why? Fino is very proud to represent the 2nd largest Italian kitchen supplier both in Malta and even in our neighbouring North African offices. Veneta Cucine provides high quality and durable kitchens which last for years. This brand has an extensive portfolio which includes modern, contemporary, traditional and high end kitchens. How does Fino plan to expand its business locally and internationally? Fino considers that the local market is covered well with its two showrooms providing customers with over 4,000 square metres of display. After opening our offices in Qatar, Tunisia and Libya we now look forward


Chateau d’Ax showroom

to continue extending our business within the North African market, representing our home furniture brands and also continuing to supply the hotel industry with quality furniture produced in our factory in Malta. What are the top challenges Fino is currently facing? How is the company coping with these challenges? The main challenge we face on daily basis is ensuring that we keep our brand at the highest possible levels. We measure this on the basis of the quality of the product we sell and the excellent levels of service we have to keep providing to our past, present and future customers. How rapidly do you think your international interest will continue to grow? In your opinion, which aspects should improve within your developing branches? Provided you continue offering a good product

complimented by an efficient customer service, no matter in which country you operate, you can only be sure of succeeding. Rather than focusing on making extraordinary savings, clients purchasing their furniture from Fino simply expect the best value for money. Our main challenge is to make sure that the same service offered at our main showroom in Malta is offered throughout all our other showrooms in the different countries we operate. Finally, what is your overview on the Maltese high end market? In general, are the Maltese wise spenders when it comes to buying fine furniture? We are seeing an increase in the high end market properties being purchased in Malta which is encouraging for us since these properties will have to be furnished with quality products. It

Dino Fino

is a fact that the Maltese love investing money in furnishing their properties thus making their home a more comfortable place to live in. We are also seeing a lot of investment by foreigners who fall in love with our country and decide to relocate to these beautiful islands

of Malta. When foreigners ask around for a reliable service accompanied by a wide variety of good quality furniture to set up their homes, the best answer one can think of is always Fino. Mr. Dino Fino can contacted directly

be on




Mingle with the rich and famous

The best beaches, the wealthiest people, and glorious weather all year round - welcome to Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez, is, and has been for a number of years now, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. It gained popularity in the late 19th century when pointillist Paul Signac alerted tourists to its particular charms. By the 40’s and 50’s the village was considered an extension of the Parisian Left Bank, visited by artists, writers and philosophers including Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Jean-Paul Sartre. Bridget Bardot’s appearance in ‘And God Created Woman’ transformed the little village, giving it a steamy reputation for illicit pleasures. The rich and famous from all over the world still flock to the resort, attending villa parties, popping in to Le Club 55 on Pampelonne beach, and Les Caves du Roy nightclub. Due to its esteemed clientele, this little village’s yacht charter firms, high-end estate agencies, top of the range restaurants and designer boutiques are thriving. Apart from these VIPs, one will find all sorts of visitors to Saint-Tropez, especially those who are obsessed with harebrained extravagance - which can be slightly irritating. However

these holiday makers are vital to Saint-Tropez, making sure that it’s kept in the limelight and the gossip columns. The little peninsula of SaintTropez is a natural marvel, featuring wooded as well as rocky areas. The views that this little village can offer are spectacular, especially when looking across the sea over to the Maures mountains. There are a few regulations that visitors should keep in mind when in Saint-Tropez. First of all, French law requires that one always carries some sort of identification, therefore an ID card or Passport should be kept handy at all times. Another point to keep in mind is that if you decide to rent a car and drive around, you are required to keep a fluorescent yellow bib in the vehicle; if the car breaks down, this should be put on, especially on busy roads, so as to ensure visibility to other motorists. Summer is peak tourist season in this picturesque village. If visiting during the summer months, you will be one of some 100,000 visitors that this place welcomes on a daily basis.

Country: Region: Land area: Population: Official website:

France Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 115.18 km2 (5.86 sq mi) 5,690


A Five Star Welcome

We look forward to welcoming you Our five-star treatment doesn’t only stop at the newly refurbished La Valette Lounge. With services ranging from Meeting and Greeting, Chauffeur service, Porterage and much more, we offer a complete luxury experience to members and one off clients. Contact us for more information.

Malta International Airport plc., Luqa LQA 4000, Malta Tel: (+356) 2369 6292 / 6016 Freephone: 8007 6666 Fax: (+356) 2124 3042 Email:




The Palace Hotel High Street, Sliema SLM1542, Malta


13th September 2013


The Hon. Mr. Karmenu Vella, M.P. Minister for Tourism, Malta


Stephen Balzan - Tax Partner, EMD Frans Camilleri - Managing Director, FJV Aviation David Colindres - Vice President International Projects, San Marino Aircraft Registry Jorge C. Colindres - Chairman & CEO, The Registry of Aruba Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni - Head of International Tax, WDM International Stephane De Wolf - SMS/IS-BAO Auditor, Skytation Nicolai Vella Falzon - Partner, Fenech & Fenech Peter Gravesen - Area Manager, Air Support Daniel Hall - Business and Commercial Aviation Analyst, Ascend Roch Hennessy - Regional Sales Director, Western Europe, North Africa & Angola, Embraer Executive Jets

Richard Koe - Managing Director, WINGX Advance David Louzado - Sales Director, Risk & Asset Management, Airclaims Chris Miller - Managing Director, Guggenheim Partners Paolo Sommariva - CEO, FL3XX Jan Willem Storm van’s Gravesande - Managing Partner, Aviation Independent Consulting

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Legal Aviation Workshop – Law

Legal Aspects of Aircraft Leasing and Financing 27th June 2013 London, UK

Legal Aviation Workshop – Law AFBAA Regional Symposium

26th - 27th September 2013 Marrakech, Morocco

5th Annual BALA

Business Aviation Latin America: A Vision For The Future 15th August 2013 Labace, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Malta International Airshow

28th - 29th September 2013 Malta International Airport

Legal Aspects Of Aircraft Leasing And Financing 6th December 2013 Washington, DC, USA

3rd Annual Offshore Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Financing And Leasing In Asia 9th February 2014 Singapore

2nd Annual MBA Mediterranean Business Aviation 13th September 2013 Sliema, Malta

NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition 2013 NBAA 22nd, 23rd & 24th October Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

2nd Annual BBA

Baltic Business Aviation 3rd April 2014 Tallinn, Estonia

6th International Aircraft Repossession 9th May 2014 Miami, FL, USA

3rd International USCAS

US Corp. Aviation Summit 14th February 2014 Miami, FL, USA

3rd Annual MBA

Mediterranean Business Aviation 12th September 2014 Sliema, Malta

Legal Aviation Workshop – Law

12th - 13th December 2013 Oranjestad, Aruba

Embry-Riddle Aviation Symposium


EBACE 2014

Legal Aspects Of Aircraft Repossession 7th December 2014 Dubai, UAE

3rd Annual MECAS


will take place May 20th – 22nd, 2014. Additional information about EBACE2014 will be available in October 2013.

Middle East Corporate Aviation Summit 12th June 2014 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Middle East Business Aviation 8th - 10th December 2014 Dubai World Central, UAE




Industry picks From luxury to technology, presenting the best of the best

Power and pleasure

The SEABOB CAYAGO F7 is the absolute epitome of strength, technological intelligence and perfect function. With an unparalleled thrust of over 700 Newton, this is the most powerful among the SEABOB jets and can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h. This exceptional performance can be regulated by 10 gears and enables precise up shifts for individual driving styles. For endless fun in the water, the CAYAGO F7 has an intelligent accumulator change system. Seabob are exclusively represented by Sunseeker Malta and are available Portomaso Marina, St. Julians. For more information please call +356 21385678 or email

A 3G Android Tablet experience everyone can enjoy

No time for error

When Pan American World Airways made its first non-stop intercontinental flight between New York and Moscow in 1959, the watch used by the crew for navigation was a Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-MASTER chronometer. The GMT-MASTER, which provided a perfectly legible reading of the time in two different time zones simultaneously, would become the official watch of Pan Am, one of the most emblematic airlines of the Golden Age of civil aviation. At BASELWORLD 2013, Rolex is introducing a new version of the Oyster Perpetual GMT-MASTER II in 904L steel, with a rotatable bezel featuring for the first time a two-colour ceramic CERACHROM bezel insert in blue and black representing day and night. Rolex watches are exclusively represented by Edwards Lowell Co. Ltd. and are available in Zachary Street, Valletta and Spinola Bay, St. Julians. For more information please call +356 21384503 or email

Luxury fragrance

If you were looking for a great but affordable tablet then look no further! The Vodafone Smart Tab II 7’’comes with an upgradeable 4.0 OS and allows access to Google Play, the Internet, news, videos and much more.

The Bentley for Men and the high-impact Bentley for Men Intense fragrances are created by top French perfumer Nathalie Lorson, from the perfume house Firmenich. The glass and metal flacon has a symmetrical shape and features a knurled ring around the top. Both fragrance also include the fine wood and leather notes.

It is compact and lightweight making it the perfect tablet when you’re on the move. It is ideal for first-time users getting to know the new experience of tablets.

The scent features cedar and patchouli accords to reflect Bentley’s distinct style. The Intense version also includes African geranium, which helps take the key notes of the perfume to the next level and make the composition yet more intense. The Crystal Edition will cost you £3,000 ($4,600) for 40 ml and is limited to only 999 pieces.

Built by Lenovo with Vodafone approved quality, the Vodafone Smart Tab II 7’’comes at an affordable €225.99.















FBO f i x e d


b a s e d

o p e r a t o r


e x p o

2 0 1 4


As manufacturers, owners, operators, brokers, airports, FBOs and all supporting markets embark on their future business strategies, the Future of Business Aviation Conference will provide invaluable insights to help push the industry forward. The conference will focus on the exciting opportunities for growth across the industry with particular attention drawn to emerging markets and their future role in business aviation. Delegates can expect top industry leaders speaking on the key facets of business aviation, from chartering to aircraft financing to new developments in manufacturer line-ups. Experts in the new and pre-owned jet market, aircraft interior design, avionics, airports and fixed based operations will be also be presenting. Join the biggest conversations in the industry, and toast to the Future of Business Aviation

FBO f i x e d


b a s e d

o p e r a t o r


e x p o

2 0 1 4


The dramatic growth and evolving roles of the FBO industry deserves to be showcased. This unique EXPO industry event will exhibit worldwide FBOs drawing particular attention to those established in and f i x e d - binto a s e d o p e rmakets a t o r such e x p as o 2Brazil, 0 1 4 expanding emerging China, India, Russia, CIS and the Far/Middle East. FBO Expo 2014 has a clear aim – to showcase and strengthen the crucial and evolving relationships between our exhibitors and visitors, from the FBO to the manufacturers, owners, chief pilots, operators, brokers, passengers and all those in between. FBO Expo 2014 visitors will consist of key decisionmaking industry professionals, in touch with FBOs on a daily basis. This strictly targeted industry event guarantees both exhibitors and visitors excellent networking and new business opportunities.

Nextant 400XT image courtesy of Nextant Aerospace

FBO Expo 2014 - the ideal forum for all supporting markets and not to be missed

17th - 18th February 2014 HILTON HOTEL, LOND ON HEATHROW TERMINAL 5 *Note setup on 16th February

For sponsorship, exhibitor and delegate information Call +44 (0) 208 668 9118 Email or

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Boeing’s $6.09 billion commitment Recently Boeing and TUI Travel PLC announced a commitment for 60 737 MAX 8s and 9s planes which have been valued at $6.09 billion according to listed prices. Boeing has announced that it is looking forward to working with TUI Travel so as to finalise details, to be posted on the Boeing Orders and Deliveries website. According to TUI Travel Chief Executive Peter Long, their company is committed to delivering exclusive, unmatched holiday experiences to their clientele reflected in this investment. The move represents a bright future for efficient, fuel-efficient

planes intended for short to medium haul flights. Tod Nelp, vice president for European Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, explained that the

relationship between TUI Travel and Boeing goes back almost 50 years. TUI Travels already owns and operates over 135 Boeing aircraft – this commitment to 60 737 MAXs is the next step in

expanding their existing fleet while maintaining excellence in efficiency and comfort. Boeing are pleased to see that their relationship with TUI remains strong after so many years, and continues to grow.

The 737 MAX keeps building on what the NEXT-Generation 737 will offer. It makes use of the latest in CFM International LEAP-2B engines which ensues the highest levels of reliability and comfort possible within the single aisle market, delivering value to all passengers at all times. Any airline who uses this craft will notice a 13% reduction in fuel efficiency in comparison to other recent aircraft of the same category. This vehicle also features the latest Boeing Sky Interior, with modern lines, vibrant colour options, LED lighting and a spacious cabin with more headroom.

Why fly in a business jet? Flying has been affordable for some time now, but there are advantages and disadvantages to this trend. Be honest: how often have your fellow passengers annoyed you at major airports? How often has your flight been delayed and how often have you missed a connecting flight or a service booked in tandem with your flight? How often have you wished that you could fly directly to your destination without having to use other modes of transport to get there? If you no longer wish to subject yourself to these unpleasant environmental influences and stressful situations, then come on board Executive Aviation and enjoy benefits of our premier service:

• No predefined routes, no predefined take-off and landing times. Only you decide when and where you wish to fly • No more time-consuming passport or security controls. No waiting to board and disembark • Long transfers to your final destination largely become a thing of the past, as we are able to land our jets at smaller airports, many of which are located in the direct vicinity of your destination • You and your guests are the sole passengers on the flight. Your privacy is guaranteed. You can therefore discuss subjects on board in peace and quiet that might not be intended for other ears. No other passengers will disturb you • You can continue working

on board, as you would in your office, or put the finishing touches to your presentation on route to your meeting. Of course you may simply wish to relax and enjoy your flight • You can also watch your favourite TV show or movie

and enjoy gourmet food on board. • Your luggage will be loaded before your very eyes. Loss or damage is impossible. Flying with business jets is no longer a closed world for

the elite. When you calculate the working time you waste, the waiting times at airports, the time and money spent on transfers and overnight stays in hotels, you will realise that our cost-effective service cannot be matched. Go on, why not fly in a business jet?

not all kitchens are created equal Big or small, our team is dedicated to Bringing the Best to the centre of your home. creativity and style, at malta’s finest.

C. Fino + SonS Ltd Fino Buildings, notabile Road, Mriehel BKR 3000, Malta, t: +356 2549 3000 E:

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