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MAGAZI NE Types of Paragraphs Paola Carolina Vargas Morales 4th. Expert Accountant



In snowhite the violence ocurres many times like when the queen killed her husband and she wanted to domain everything on the world. She was beautiful , she has all the things that whoevery want to have. But she has a problem. She was very very bad person. She killed young women to remain young and to be inmorta. She want to be the only woman en the whole kingdom. But for that she need to kill a woman, that was Snowhite.


Bullying has been underetimated by society. The bullying can trigger a lot of fear in the person who has been abused. It also causes rejection of itself en the person. And the inferiority of the abusers is the cause number one for their behavior. The person feels that he doesn’t deserve the attention of someone, the critics of the other people can cause low self-esteem in the victims. It can also cause psychological damage a long term. We must try to stop this cyrcle of abuse.


Why I think that I have more friendship with men? Maybe is because my childhood I lived with cousins, uncles, mots were men. Obviously wih my parents too but when my parents had to leave, they took care of me. That is what has influenced my personality which I relate more with men. That is not to say I do not get along with women. Because I have very good friends in whom I can trust.



Noah found a person that he could never forget. He went to the second war, on summer he returned home. Then he went with his friends to a fair and met Amanda, and they sterted dating. They fall in love, but there was a problem, she was just in vacation and she had to leave. Then she returned home and told his boyfriend that she was in love with an other man. After that she got merried with Noah, they had a lod of children. But then she suffer an accident and she lost her memory, and she couldn’t remember her family. Noah always wrote everything they did together and every morning he read it to her. Despite she couldn’t remember him, Noah was always with her.



When you want to organize a party you need to follow some steps. First you need to choose a perfect place, a place where you can dance, talk and enjoy. Second you need food, food that everyone can eat. Then you need to choose good music because it should be to apropiate fo environment. After that if you want to do the party for friends you should know who want in your party. And finally you must be the spirit of the party hahaha because its yours.


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