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RADIO FREQUENCY METHOD FOR CELLULITE REMOVAL Experts note that in some cases can reduce the severity of cellulite through the use of only one method course is from 10 to 15 procedures with an interval 2-3 days. Contraindications - Procedure cannot be used with varicose veins, skin diseases, cancer, pregnancy, while taking blood thinners. RADIO FREQUENCY thermo lifting - This tightening tissues, which occurs due to the "warm", programmed to a certain depth (i.e., the skin is not heated). The high temperature fat "burned", and collagen fibers contract and tightened, thereby strengthening the skin. Externally procedure looks like attachment device to the skin, felt the heat. Rates with 2-6 treatments at intervals of one to two weeks, Contraindications is Neoplasms, availability cardiac pacemaker, metal implants in the impact zone, any disease in a severe form, acute illness, during pregnancy and lactation. Microcurrent therapy - During this procedure, the skin specialist leans device that emits so-called microcurrents. They stimulate the muscles, resulting in tissue are tightened, reduced laxity, accelerates metabolism, and improves the flow of lymph from problem areas. Rates standard scheme takes 15-20 procedures a day. Contraindications - Epilepsy, cardiac arrhythmias, the presence of a cardiac pacemaker, pregnancy. Ozone therapy - Procedure is under the skin injections of small doses of ozone-oxygen mixture. Therapeutic effect based on the ability of these gases to improve blood circulation, metabolism, promote the destruction of the shell "cellulite" fat capsules.

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