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orn in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has received an M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Carla Torres believes in the power of graphic design, and maintains her pursuit of conceptualizing. She has discovered that interactivity and randomness are amazing tools for the creative mind and believes that progressive designing can be instrumental in developing countries, and can be leveraged to make a change in the community. She also shares her belief that graphic design is a viable tool in making a difference in our visual world.

This thesis exhibition demonstrates the act of caring in a natural way, without the expectation of anything in return. It is an emerging approach to social design focusing on empathy as a driving force for inspiration and action. The user experience introduces empathy as a value system with its own free will. This installation discovers the notion of empathy as a necessary design value, and it establishes a dialogue through its action as it extends to the community. It is a metaphor demonstrating how design systems work in today’s chaotic world. This thesis enacts an approach to our discipline in order to change society through an increased awareness of its own behaviors. If anyone wonders what was inside the gift boxes, there were good deeds printed on a paper strip, so people could grab one and pass it on. 100 of them had good deeds on a paper, another 100 had money inside to use it in things like giving a warm meal to a homeless person, tipping more than you should, feeding a parkimeter, etc., and another 100 had a mirror inside with a paper that read “You get what you give.” At the end of the thesis exhibition, 300 people were out there doing good. As a graphic designer, I discovered new ways of using the power of design. Plexiglass was used for supporting 300 light cardboard gift boxes. (100 gifts per table). Transparent plexiglass 8 x 8in cubes were used to support the tables. Each table was laser cut so people could see three different quotes once the gifts were all taken by the visitors of the exhibition. The quotes were the following: “The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.” -Mother Teresa “There are two kinds of people in the world: the givers and the takers. The takers sometimes eat better, but the givers always sleep better.” “Design won’t change the world, but knowledge gained by design can act as a mechanism for transformation.” -John Donne

Description The game, Creative Blender: The Idea Generator consists of 240 flash cards, 120 Idea Cards and 120 Inspiration Cards. The Idea Cards contain random verbs and phrases, and the Inspiration Cards contain inspiring quotes by famous people. “Creative Blender” is intended to solve the problem that many designers have, which is, initiating a beginning to a design problem. Often, the beginning of a design for a given client is the most challenging aspect of the design process. Designers must generate as many ideas as possible, to serve identified needs of problem solving. The solution for this was to create a set of flash cards that would act as catalysts in sparking new ideas. Designers are able to quickly access several ideas by using, mixing, matching, and interpreting the cards, words, and quotes. When the cards are selected at random, different connections are made in the mind of the designer according to their personal experiences. When working within a design group, cards can be selected randomly, and different groups can come up with various ideas to generate a solution to a design problem. Communication Objective “Creative Blender” is a concept invented to solve the problem that many designers have: coming up with multiple design ideas and creative solutions to resolve the challenges presented by clients. “Creative Blender” presents a set of flash cards to help designers with the creation of several ideas by using, mixing, matching, and interpreting the cards. These cards contain different words that, when put together, can spark an idea, as well as contain a set of cards with inspirational quotes. These cards will generate multiple ideas on how to resolve a problem by relating design to everyday life and one’s past and present experiences. Tools Used Adobe Illustrator was used while designing the entire game and product. Adobe InDesign was used to put together the “free-style” process book. Adobe Photoshop made it possible to retouch the photos of the final project. Adobe Tools Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop. * Adobe Design Achievement Awards finalist entry.

The most important thing in my life, my family, was part of this project. I have had many emotional and nostalgic experiences with my family since I was taking a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). The idea was to make a print- oriented object that had effect in my personal life, combining photographs and typography as the form of communication. I chose pillows. This is about me and my voice, and the expression of my emotions through non-linear communication, creating a connection and balance of my thoughts, heart, and hands, applying an emotion to each pillow according to my feelings. People can interpret the pillows from other points of view and different contexts, but once I communicate emotions, others can feel connected, too.

Materials used: stuffed pillows, silk paper, needle, thread.

The assignment was to create an event of interest and design a series of three posters. The concept behind the poster was to depict “The Other 90%” in a different way; instead of showing sad faces of people in need. The poster is directed to any designer in the world, to engage in this “Design Revolution.” Most of the graphics were made with blockprinting and blockprinting paint as well. The intention of these print posters is to create awareness on designers in designing for “The Other 90%.” Designers all over the world need to engage in this kind of design in order to make the world a better place.

For more information visit This organization provides information on projects that have changed the lives of people all over the world. This website has been an inspiration.

The intention of these print posters is to create an experience for the readers in discovering information. As a topic of interest, I chose water awareness and the research led to statistics and facts. I decided to use these in order to raise awareness on water scarcity to the public and to all of those that take this precious resource for granted. I was in shock when I found out that less than 1% of the water the Earth has, is safe to drink. The intention is to let others know! The material used for the posters was glue gun and Adobe software. Glue gun was used with the intention of creating an effect of clear, transparent, and clean water, so it can transmit the effect of clear and at the same time, scarce. We need to preserve this natural gift.

For more information visit This organization provides access to clean water for those who lack it. This website has been an inspiration.

logo / stationary / packaging / corporate identity manual Mother Earth Gaia is an interesting Greek goddess. More than just being a goddess, she represents primordial power in mythology. The idea behind this name is the creation of a brand that sells packaged seeds. I came up with this idea because in my opinion, plants are not only part of our Earth, but also, they are a primordial power in nature. The intention of this brand is to be used in many applications, including packaging for different types of seeds used for planting like sunflower seeds, magnolia seeds, tulip seeds, rose seeds, and many others. Gaia caught my attention because of its interesting and short name. I designed two simple seeds that when put together, look like leaves, choosing dark brown and green for main colors. These two colors represent Earth in a direct way. The chosen font is a handwritten font, that looks elegant but at the same time, playful.

Publication Design

The intention of this information design print material is to create an experience for the reader in discovering information. As a student, I was asked to find a topic of my interest, research about it, and find a publication magazine within the standards of the topic. I chose “Water� for topic, in order to raise awareness in designers so solutions can be created to conserve this precious natural gift. The publication chosen was National Geographic and the design of the spreads are based on the format of this prestigious magazine.

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Carla Torres Portfolio  

Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Portfolio

Carla Torres Portfolio  

Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Portfolio