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Acceptance for others By: Paola Reyes Varela How would our world be if we would respect each other regardless of our different cultures? We would all live in peace, there would not be violence at homes, or would not exist wars , all love each other regardless of their different ideas or no matter what our ancestors did or whether the different countries where we live have problems. Respect and tolerance are values that we all deserve as living beings, not only humans also animals, plants, everything that has life. Today these values are not practiced because around the world there is too much violence. This is due to the difference of ideologies and problems between countries, either discrimination or political and economic problems. Also at houses between the family, because of gender discrimination we are the same regardless of whether we are women or men. Tolerance means to accept others not discriminating them because of their believes. It doesn't mean that you have to love everyone but also you have to give respect if you want to be respected, because we can't live in a world that evrytime for anything has a problemor a war we need to accept the differences that we have from each other. Everyone is different also when we have the same ideas or culture but what make us different are our moral and values that we have learn since we were kids.


To begin to tolerate each other you must begin with yourself and the people who are around you because if you change your world change, you should not wait for others begin to change so you can became different, do the change first and see the good results, and then you can influence people so others can also put them into practice and so we will leave our mark on the world for good to our next generations. I think if we all do our part we can achieve that we respect and tolerate each other, this can be achieved if we make awareness at all about the meaning of these important, so influential and so precious values that we are gradually losing,and probably can not recover easily if we do not work hard all now because we can still save and improve coexistence between us.


Beautiful nature By: Paola Reyes Varela

Nature is the diversity of beutiful species and perfect colors on them, Every perfect and precious living thing. You can see the perfection from the sky to the depths of earth, The perfect shape, color, and cells that makes it up.

In the sky you can see those small but so bright dots, That accompany that big asteroid that shines with them. And will always be with you at night no matter who you are, No matter what happend they will always be with you.

On earth you can see these small and large species of flora and fauna, These are the ones that will help you in some of your needs, Such as eating, breathing and covering you So they also must be respected and cared as any of us.


And who are those who appreciate and make use of all this nature? Us, humans, beings that have a lot of intelligence, Sometimes we do not appreciate or value these beauties, That God has given us, also we continue contaminating the Earth.


A time to talk by: Robert Frost When a friend calls to me from the road And slows his horse to a meaning walk, I don't stand still and look around On all the hills I haven't hoed, And shout from where I am, What is it? No, not as there is a time to talk. I thrust my hoe in the mellow ground, Blade-end up and five feet tall, And plod: I go up to the stone wall For a friendly visit.


Rivalry of Catherine and Amanda By: Paola Reyes Varela In 1996, there was a little girl called Catherine that lived in London with her mom called Alice her dad abandon them when she was 3 years so they lived alone ,one day her mom arrived to their house and gave Catherine the news that they would change their home and country when school finished , because her mother had been promoted her from her job because she worked for an international company, they would change to Jamaica, Catherine thought that the change would be awesome because she would have new friends and know more about other country also she counted all the days until the special day occurs.

When they arrived to Jamaica’s airport, Catherine saw that all the people was different from her mom and her, because they were blonde and the conditions of the airport and how people lived was so different, it was a poor place and Catherine was surprised because she imagined a beautiful place equal to London and was so nervous of how her first day at school would be.

The next day when she arrived to her new school everyone saw her as an awful insect, also because she was blonde and has a different way of dressing. Two girls


called Amanda and Carolina were the most popular girls in the school, specially Amanda so both were jealous from Catherine and they thought that she was super conceited but it was the opposite she was cute and intelligent. Amanda start treating her bad since the first day when she passes and throw her thigs on the floor, Carolina doesn`t wanted to treat her bad but she preferred to be friend of the most popular girl and did the same, she knows that it was bad but also she do not care. The days passed and all the school bothered Catherine but nobody know her and did not know that she was different from how she looked, she starts feeling bad with herself and wanted to be different only to be accepted by the girls and to have some friends, her mom noticed Catherine different in her attitude so she approached to ask if everything was well but Catherine did not want to say anything because did not want to worry her mom because she saw her very concentrated and happy with her new job. One day Carolina went to the bathroom and heard that someone was crying then she saw that it was Catherine, she tried to get closer to see if she could help her in something but Catherine was very afraid that she would hurt and ran out of the bathroom. When she left and everyone saw her crying made more mockery, then Carolina came to defend her and took her to be alone, when all this happened everyone was surprised by the attitude of Carolina, because she was defending the one who that she had bothered,


Amanda went and looked for Carolina to ask why she had defended Catherine but when she found her, she was with Catherine laughing and eating an ice-cream, that made that Amanda feel more jealous because Catherine had made her best friend change and manipulated her when it was always the opposite because Amanda controlled her. Then Carolina came with Amanda and tried to explain and convince her that Catherine was a good person and that it was not like they were judging her, but Amanda did not want to listen to her and ended her friendship since she “had betrayed her�, so that made that Catherine and Carolina become best friends, they were always together they were like sisters so Catherine feel so happy because never in her life she had have a friend like her, well only in London but there was different type of people that never treat bad each other ,so Alice noticed that her daughter had changed her attitude since she had a new friend and stop been worried. At school no longer bothered Catherine because she joined with Carolina until one day Carolina did not go to school but still Catherine felt safe because they had spent months and nobody had done anything, Amanda took advantage and that day she waited at the end of the day outside the school and throw her things and start to beat and shout that she has to gone because since he had arrived had ruined everything.

That day Catherine arrived at her house all beaten and her mother worried again but she did not want to tell the truth only told Alice that she was well and that she did not need anything. Catherine did not go to school for a whole week, and 8

Carolina was worried about her, so she called her, but Catherine did not want to talk to anyone. Carolina asked Amanda if she did not know why Catherine did not go and she told her that she did not know and she did not care, so Carolina went to look for Catherine at her house and when she saw her, she asked if she was okay and whoever did that to her , so she told her everything that had happened to her at school , at that moment Alice arrived and heard what Catherine had said so she went to school to make a complaint about Amanda. When Mrs. Sparks called Amanda to explain what had happened Amanda denied everything but Mrs. Sparks looked the cameras and realized that it was real what had happened and Amanda was expelled and treated professionally so that this situation won`t happened again and Mrs. Sparke give some conferences about discrimination and bullying, at the beginning everyone thought that it was a stupid thing that it was not real but by the pass of the days they saw that things change so students understand that those things could happened in their lives and that they would not like to live that. Since Amanda was expelled the coexistence in the school was much more calm and there was no violence or discrimination to any new student or to someone that was different from all of them.


Years passed and Amanda and Catherine met at the same college then Amanda saw that the correct thing was that she apologized for her bad attitude in school all this was because her mother did not pay attention and she does not know about her father, so she was alone and annoying the others was how filled his emptiness and felt better but thanks to the therapy she had received had changed his thinking ,so Catherine understood her and she knew the pain of not having her father and she forgive her, they searched for Carolina so they could get things done between her and they became friends again like in school, so Amanda, Carolina and Catherine became best friends and never again there was violence or discrimination on their part Together campaigned around the world so that the schools did not suffer the same as they did when they were younger, the years went by and these campaigns served a lot and received special recognition for promoting peace in schools and during those years did not receive any reports of discrimination or bullying. And together they achieved their dreams and a good purpose for society. The years went by and although each had taken a different path, they never stopped talking or seeing each other. Each one performed their lives as they had planned everything was perfect as a movie also each one married and had children.


One day the daughter of Amanda began to do bullying then she realized stop her because she did not want her to do the same as she had done one day, then decided to take her to therapy and thus could lead a normal and quiet life, so she achieved his goal and the three lived happily as a great united family although they did not have the same blood but they took care and they loved all.


acronym Purple is beatiful Appreciate what I have Only you have one opportunity in life Lucky girl for having a family An intelligent and awesome girl


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