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Paola Alejandra Paiz Tan 4to CCLL C Key: 18

Listeni ng to your

Noise: Noise refers to those sounds that are irrelevant to the conversation.


Business Plan to Generate Investors




Word Habit

Definition A behavior pattern it can be an action, custom or use.



What is the difference between hearing and listening?

Listening is a psychological connection that involves the mental process of attaching to words and sounds. And Hearing is a purely physical activity that sends sound waves to our brain for understanding 2) Mention the three types of factors that complicate the listening process and pose potential barriers.


Internal Elements In the customer mind External Elements surrounding the communication Interactional Elements arise specially from listener self-protection What two things can generate communication problems?


Depends of our listening capacity and how we use it. The arise from information overload. What does CAA stand for and what does it mean? 


CAA: Counter – Attitudinal Advocatory. It means to take the other’s person position to express a point of view that runs counter to your attitude. The objective is to reduce the degree to which a listener listens through his or her own biases.

Mention, describe, and explain in your own words the three Action Tips that you consider most important. Action Tip 6, Bite your tongue before interrupting: You have to listen with attention the message and wait for a precise moment to ask questions, comment or give your opinion. Tip 9, Minimizes the number of gatekeepers: If we have too many gatekeepers, the version of what the customers want can be not exactly. Action Tip, Smile: If you are kind, helpful and pleasant with the customer you will make them feel comfortable and happy and they will return to buy someday.



Problem 1: The receptionist didn’t attend the phone immediately, because she was doing another thing, and she never said the name of the company.

Problem 2: The receptionist doesn’t give any information, because she didn’t know it.

Problem 3: He has to wait and waste a lot of time because all the people who attended the phone said “Wait a minute”

Problem 4: At the end of the conversation he was cut off in mindconversation and the man hung up.

2. SIX TELEPHONE TIPS  Answer with professionalism: This will help the customers to know the name of the person who attend them and the department they are calling  Use courtesy tittles: Call the costumer with the proper courtesy tittles “Mr. and Ms.” This manifest respect and formalism.  Answer promptly and be Prepare to Handle calls: Answer the phone quickly is important if you want to have a good service because the customer can see the efficient and willingness.  Take messages accurately and cheerfully: Say the message exactly like the costumer tells it, if you do this you will prevent problems or bad messages. It is also important to take notes.  Speak clearly and distinctly: Speak with an adequate tone of voice and with a correct speed, no too slowly or too fast will help the costumer to understand the message and know that you understand too.

 Keep your conversation tactful and businesslike: Talking with professionalism and kindness will be satisfying for the costumers. Don’t say anything that makes people and your organization look unprofessional.

Read The Future of the Internet Case page 82

1. Then answer the -

If in fact the more ways that with each other, for customer

Internet Case

Probes. internet can provide many devices can communicate what are sine implications service?

Customer service will improve because we can communicate with the company in any moment and the companies will response immediately. Companies will also need to be innovating their technology and will need to have people who response the questions of the clients.


What kinds of new expectations might customer hold regarding online repairs, adjustments, and new features?


They will expect a quickly response from the companies, an excellent customer service, trained people to help the customers, an online chat and a list of common questions.


Describe how such “Futuristic” online services might possibly affect an organization you work in or are familiar with. Be creative

It will affect because all the people will do and resolve everything online, we will lost the interaction between people and the meetings face by face. And it will never be the same affection and feeling when we go to a company and wait our turn to be attended. Finally, summarize the advantage and disadvantage of Web-based service including information seen in the unit and your personal opinion. The web-based service is a new period in the commerce it has a lot of advantage for example it is available in every place you go, you can know and search information about a company and look for the new promotions this one have. You will always find a list of common questions and you can help yourself if you consult this. It is quickly and you only need to have

an internet connection and a dispositive to have access, but this is not perfect it also have their disadvantage for example poorly managed e-services can negatively affect the business image, the company will response your questions before the first 24 hours but sometimes it is not enough!. You may have problems with the vocabulary, because we don’t know the exactly name of the parts of the products. Sometimes the people don’t express their self and don’t know how to tell the question about something or how to solve something. Internet is part of our daily life, so it is important to know how to manage it, in sides, the companies side and the customer side, because internet facilitates our life and we can save a lot of time by doing things on it!



Use blogs as real-time online conversations. If there is a conversation going on about your issue or organization, you have to be involved in the dialogue. - If you have your own blog of a product is important to participate in the conversations, you can do it telling tips or answer questions about your company or product. 2. Remember the 80/20 rule, 20% of the

people in the world have great influences in how the other 80% think. The 20% are actively reading blogs. - The majority of the people are influenced in what they think, so you need to have an excellent blog that give a good impression about your company or product because the persons are constantly reading blogs to know information about it. 3. Understand the almost one-third of all US users read

online forums, so the potential for communicating about customer service is high. - You need to have an excellent customer service, because if you have it the people will give good references about your company or product. In the internet exist a lot of forums that dialogue and share own experience about the customer service of the companies.

4. Reach out to bloggers who follow your issues. If possible, have

conferences calls with them engage them. - When you have a problem you have to talk with the people who are involucrate and solve everything with a good dialogue. 5. Submit

post or comments from your organization’s leaders on blogs. It established that you are willing and able to be part of the conversation. - Is important to the customers to see the participation of the organization’s leaders of the company in the blogs, because it demonstrates interest and availability.


Customer service is important in a company because, you need to have an excellent quality in the form you attend your clients. Customer service is the image of your company so you need to improve every day in the form you attend the calls, the emails, the meeting face to face and the quality of your product or service. The majority of the people love to buy or visit a company that knows how to treat a client and what they like. So every company has to improve and give the best everyday and like this the company will grow and be successful in a future

Portfolio Unit 2 Paola Paiz  

Paola Paiz Key: 18 4to CCLL C POrtfolio Unit 2

Portfolio Unit 2 Paola Paiz  

Paola Paiz Key: 18 4to CCLL C POrtfolio Unit 2