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My name is YULY PAOLA


MALDONADO, I am twenty years old, I am from Colombia, my neighborhood is Bavaria two, , I am single, my profession is student psychology.

Now this is my routine:

I wake up at six o'clock am and get up. Then, I go to the bathroom and take


shower. After that, I Dress and Put make-up. Then

I cook

breakfast and eat it. Then, I go to the bathroom again and brush my teeth. Later, I leave my house and go to work from eight o'clock up half past



then go out to lunch.

Go back to work one o’clock up o’clock.


In the evening

When I finish my work, I go back to my house and Take


shower. Then,

Eat dinner and Brush my teeth again. After

that listen to music and Read a book. .

Later, I go to bed and sleep.

Mi rutina  
Mi rutina