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By : Paola Zambrano Castano

As its name shows, it was inspired on the nails of a tiger. Due to its shape it tends to have an asian form. Its a typeface designed to be used on titles of books and magazines, names of movies and different kinds of brands.


The gaps between the stems of the letters are 8mm wide.

Bowls Above all the different curves that i used to create the font

Used for the Y and the X.

Used for the P,R, and B.

Used for the U.

Used for the F and the E.

Used for the O and the G.

Used for the C and the D.

Used for the Q.

Used for the J.

Unique measures The distance between the stem and the bowls of the letters B, K, R and P is of 62 mm.

the wide of the K is a bit shorter than the wide of the other letters that belong to its group.

The wide of the J’s bowl is a bit bigger than the bowls of the other letters.

The curve of the U’s bowl is curver than the rest of the letters.

the gap between the bowls and the cross bar int he middle is of 113 mm.

The distance between the bowl and the cross bar is of 128 mm.

TIGER NAILS Font Specimen  

This is a small book i designed to show all the caracteristics and uses of this font i created called TIGER NAILS.