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Employment Correspondence


Resume  The resume is sometimes called a data sheet or vita. It is an OUTLINE of

all you have to offer a new employer. It presents your qualifications, background, and experiences in a way that will convince a business person to grant you an interview.  Your resume, with its cover letter is the first impression you make on an employer. It promotes those traits you want the employer to know you possess. For that reason, it must look PROFESSIONAL.  A resume must be PRINTED on business-size bond. It is acceptable to send photocopies, but these must be PERFECT and look like originals. This can be accomplished by using the service of a quick print shop where your resume can be professionally copied on bond paper. When your resume is updated and you add new experiences, you must REPRINT the whole thing. Never send a resume with handwritten, or even typed, additions squeezed in. This looks careless, unorganized, and lazy.

RESUME PERSONAL DATA Name: Place and Date of Birth: Age: Address: Telephone: Cellphone: Occupation:

PAOLA YAJAIRA ESTACUY MELÉNDEZ February 17, 1994 17 years old 11 Avenida C 14-10 Planes de Minerva, Zona 11, Mixco 2483-0579 5731-0944 Student

EDUCATION 2011 – 2010

Instituto Guatemalteco Americano -IGABilingual Secretarial Sixth Secretarial

2009 – 2007

Colegio Bilingüe “Los Andes” Middle School Tenth Grade Diploma

2006 – 2001

Colegio Bilingüe “Los Andes” Elementary Seventh Grade Diploma


90 hours Supervised Pre-Practice

PERSONAL REFERENCES 1. Lucía Méndez 5966-7476 2. César Saravia 4678-6268 3. Gabriela Torres 5867-9662 May, 2012

Letter of Application  A letter of application is a sales letter in which you are both salesperson and product.

Its purpose is to attract an employer´s attention and persuade her to grant you an interview. To do this, the letter presents what you can offer the employer, rather than what you want from the job.  A letter of application serves as the COVER LETTER of your resume. Like a resume, it is a sample of your work. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and personality. To be successful, it should be written with flair, understanding, and professional care. There are two types of application letters:  A SOLICITED letter is sent in response to a help-wanted ad. Because this letter will compete with many others, it must be composed with distinction. At the same time, it must refer to the ad and the specific advertised job.  An UNSOLICITED letter is sent to a company for which you would like to work even though you know of no particular opening. The advantage of this type of application is that there will be little competition. You can personally define the position you would like to apply for. Also, you can send out as many of these letters as you wish, to as many companies as you are aware of. It is a good idea, though, to find out the name of a specific person to whom you can send the letter. This makes the letter more effective than simply addressing a letter to “Personnel”.

2a. Avenida 1-40, Zona 6 Mixco, Guatemala April 22, 2012

Mr. Armando Sandoval Bayer S. A. Calzada Roosvelth Km. 14.5 Guatemala Dear Mr. Sandoval: I would like to apply for the position of Bilingual Secretary in the Sales Department that you advertised in Prensa Libre Newspaper on April 16, 2012. Recently, I gradutated as Bilingual Secretary from Instituto Guatemalteco Americano. On October 1, 2011 I worked 80 hours at Customer Service Department at IGA. I have participated in Secretarial Conventions in 2010, 2011. I can take notes in Shorthand and Taquigrafia. Enclosed is my resume and two photos. I would appreciate your giving me the opportunity to have an appointment with you at your convenience. I look forward to meeting you soon. Sincerely yours,

Estefany Simon Bilingual Secretary Enclosure

Follow-Up Letter ď‚— Few people nowadays send a follow-up letter after an

interview. For this reason alone, it can be highly effective. ď‚— A follow-up letter should be courteous and brief. It should merely thank the employer for the interview and restate your interest in the job. A reference to a successful moment at the interview is a good, personalizing touch.

Mixco, Guatemala April 25, 2012

Mr. Armando Sandoval Bayer, S. A. 31 Calle 22-67, Zona 5 01005 Guatemala Dear Mr. Sandoval: Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to meet you, and discuss my qualifications in person. I sincerely hope I will have the chance to put my training to work for you and become part of your staff. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Do not hesitate to contact me if more information is needed. Sincerely yours,

Paola Estacuy MelĂŠndez Bilingual Secretary

Letters of Reference and Recommendation  The difference between letters of reference and

   

recommendation is slim. A recommendation is an endorsement while a reference is simply a report. A recommendation is persuasive while a reference verifies facts. Both types of letters start out the same. Each should include: 1. A statement of the letter´s purpose 2. An account of the duties performed by the applicant or of the applicant´s general qualifications. A letter of recommendation would add a third item--a concluding statement specifically recommending the applicant for the particular position.

Bayer S. A. Calzada Roosvelth, Km. 14.5 Teléfono: 2435-4834 Guatemala May 4, 2012 Mr. Cesar Saravia Allied & BPO 4ª. Calle 2-30, Zona 12 010012 Guatemala Dear Mr. Saravia: I am happy to provide the information you requested regarding Ms. Paola Estacuy, with the understanding that this information will be kept confidential. Ms. Estacuy worked as a Manager Assistant for three years. She has always been willing to work odd hours, including weekend and holidays, and has proven to be a hard working and trustworthy employee. We hope the information provided can be useful for your final decision regarding Ms. Estacuy. Sincerely yours,

Estefany Simón Manager

Employment Correspondence  

Definition and example of employment correspondence.

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