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Portfolio Panyaporn Sripatoomvaraporn Kasetsart University, Communication Arts and Information Science

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“ Nothing can get easily when you do nothing ”


Backstage of Humdrama 16

The Healer - Queue Management and coordinated for actress until the show finished

2008 – 2009

Asst. Art Director for Humdrama 17, 18

2008 – 2009 News Editor for Kasetsarn Journal


• Columnist, Graphic Designer, Photography and Illustration workshop, a day magazine

Slate Man - Let it flow (Short Film)

Producer, Creative & Coordinator


Columnist Experienced

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Fuse is the website that give information about mass communication that happen around the world and could make the reader inspire and rise motivate to do something happen such as film, short fiction, animation, graffiti, music video, etc.

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Editor and Art Director for Magazine Magazine Project (English for Mass Communication)

: make a concept, position and direction artwork and all detail in Teenager Magazine


Picture from Peataya Werasakwong

Art Director It’s not hard to be an art director if an art director have the ‘concept’

Creative Print Ad. advertising page in magazine and else create a copy and easily artwork

University Campaign

Brief Concept

: This campaign are made for Teenager Magazine which is the final project of English for Mass Communication course. Advertising reach student as a target not a commercial. : Good seed gives good teen, good teen gives good seed

Nescafe Campaign

Brief : Coffee bean for trader who sell in store and bicycle oldie coffee Selling Point : Nescafe Coffee Bean for making every flavor of coffee Concept : Nescafe Coffee bean ‘FREE IN 1’, good coffee bean for every flavor

LEGO Campaign

Brief : LEGO, the toy of imagination Concept : Lego is the toy of imagination, play for open your free imagination

Commando Bear Drinking Campaign

Brief : Commando Bear Drinking, the energy drinking Concept : Power of Commando Bear, energy drinking

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Art Director & Illustration •

Sansue Journal (Magazine Editorial)

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Illustration • From Photoshop and Illustrator Program • Do the illustration is the one of my favorite

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Feel it and Draft it

Pray for Japan Campaign Brief : Pray for Japan Concept : Japan Country have population that strongly with harmony, and all of them always respect in themselves traditional. Japanese make me think about a bicycle wheel, the vehicle of traditional that we can ride since we were a child, bicycle wheel have to use strong power and harmony mine to take a ride, anyway the circle life of bicycle have stop, slow and speed just like Japanese that faced a problem, but one day Japanese will stand up and start riding their bicycle again. More faster more regain, so keep moving Japan !

Pray for Thai Campaign Concept : When we were a child. We study and start count from no.1 and then 2 3 or 4, today when Thailand got a problem everything look like falling down. I want to cheer all of Thai to stand up and start counting again to show that we could build and make our power stronger again.

Trainee Creative TV 2010 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2011 Lucks 666.CO.,LTD Saranair & Hajagreng

• Created a short story for Saranair and Hajakreng TV program • Wrote a script for Saranair and Hajakreng TV program • Interviewed celebrities for Saranair TV • Acted as a claque of Saranair TV

2011 - March 2012 Creative Copywriter May

at Index Cretive Village



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