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Hello world! I'm name


Medunla is alias name, full name is Panupat Kammahawong. Now I'm studying on web development and interactive media.


/ABOUT Name : Panupat Kammahawong Short name : New, Medunla Birthday : 1 January 1993 Education : Silpakorn University( 2011 - Now ) — Faculty of Information and Communication Technology Rayongwittayakom School( 2005 - 2011 ) — Computer Science


think,I was serious but I funny and friendly at the same time. I prefer to work with a lot of people, It made ​​me feel that there driving force in doing work. I like to learn new things always because I always thought that the future is

uncertain and learned this day , if today I not use it but future it must be good for myself. If flashback to before I go to college, I was not careful and less conservative. But after I got to college, They taught me to live. I meet the people, both good and bad. Are both memorable and

wanted to forget. And that I thought that "We have both good and bad. Not who has perfect every thing , but we can choose to see only the good side of him". If we can do that, who are happy none other than our own.










Adobe Flash( Action script 3.0 )



Water color


Digital painting


Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign 3Ds MAX / Blender( Modeling & Texture )





MOCA museum excursions

Rattanakosin excursions

This best excursions for me because MOCA museum gather many art works of contemporary thai artists. There works help turn my knowledge and inspire me.

This best interactive exhibition I have found. There interactive present about story of thailand sinece beginning to the present and present about royal duties all the kings.

+ Photo fair exhibition Excursions about camera, new technology

+ ICT benign help kids My faculty went to help student

+ Support excursion students I support students for excursions my college

+ Ananda Samakhom Throne Excursions about renaissance art

Thaibex exhibition excursions Exhibition about thailand broadcasting technology. After I went this exhibition I get know about green screen, 3D graphic used in the news tv.

/WORK 2013

Exhibition Taechoe castle


Taechoe castle is ghost house exhibition. Concept this work as " scare". My team was choose thai ghost theme because most thai peopele fear thai ghost.

Rayongtrips is province website. Most function focus on present trip location and product in provice, Important this web is webboard for share your photo trip.




UNIQLO is website type sales product. Polar bear is geometric art work, create This website have back home( admin page ) in Adobe illustrator program. This work for edit information and product in store. make enjoy working because this work is new illustrator art style.


Find home

Lamborghini banner

Find home is illustrator design in topic Lamborghini banner has concept it fast composition element animal, fruit, human it Lamborghini. This banner animation by and structure type two element. Adobe flash program.


Photo promote reading

Logo Soompi thailand

This photo is picture in collection concept Website soompi present about K-POP. scholar promote reading for knowledge in I design logo used orange color because the future. orange color mean entertain and modernity. Use regtangle like lotus for thai aura.


Interactive mapping

Mapping box

This work is interactive camera for Mapping box show features by using the choose theme furniture and mapping on real movement of the light on box. furniture.


Redesign Toshiba website

Toshiba application design

Concept of this redesign is to facilitate the customers. View and purchase much easier. Is designed website can see product, not necessarily many links.

This application has concept to facilitate the customers. Main function in application is scan product barcode for sent problem of product and find nearby service center.


Toshiba game design

Toshiba bag design

Toshiba game has concept is play for Toshiba bag is gift for customers. I design knew. This game brings the performance of by graphic of the Toshiba game. To make it a product to make game. If customers play consistent company. game they knew product.


CalGrade application design Scientist & Robot CalGrade application has concept for student see grade easier and alerts status user grade. I design application shows grade in home page and use color for indicate user status.

Scientist & Robot is water color catoon. This story present one scientist can build intelligent robot, but in reality is not so! What is truth? Be tracked in.


3D model Pagoda

Pixel art Pagoda

Model is Temple mountain proportion This pixel art is Temple mountain size as real temple. This model create by 3Ds proportion as real temple. This art work is Max program. create by Adobe photoshop program.


3D Model Home

Structure painting

Medel is housing estate. Concept is Most my stucture painting is house harmony with nature and greenery. I use and nature because I like home to live with design house color is brown because brown nature, it make safe and relex feeling to me. color has feel livable and safe.


Drawing material

Digital painting

I was just seeing what it would be like as a skate store. When I try the Drawing. I was attracted it, Drawing make feel lighter, distal EE pencil like change to the fantasy world.

Normally, I like digital painting. But after I got to practice on Drawing. I like digital painting more because drawing make I painted more realistic shadows.


NSC2010 : Chaos dream

Cartoon fighting fastival

Chaos dream is rpg game. First, my team wanted to create their own game and during that time has competition create program. My team decided to build this game up.

Cartoon fighting fastival is stage that brings cartoon artist with race draw cartoon. This work make skills of drawing and digital painting level up.


NSC2009 : Destiny wheels

Graphic contest : Earth

Destiny wheels is visual noval game and Earth is computer graphic on contest in this game is first own game. Destiny wheels concept campaign to reduce global warming. was inspired by games in Japan.