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Duncanville High School

Is How We

This is how we DID it!

Panther Tale 2018

It! Duncanville High School panther Tale 2018

VOL 77



Is How We

School Spirit pg. 2

Homecoming pg. 6

Senior Moments pg. 8


Panther Spirit

4Panther Spirit Photo by Brenda Arana

Panther Spirit5

Photos by Brenda Arana, Giselle Lopez, Chana Stanley, Joshua Andrade

Homecoming 2017 6Homecoming Photo by Brenda Arana


Photos by Brenda Arana, Giselle Lopez, Bailey Boelter, Amie Kinard

Senior Activities 8Senior MOments Photo by Sulema Pineda

Senior Moments9

Photos by Sulema Pineda, Joshua Andrade


Is How Classes

Career & Tech pg. 12

General Ed pg. 14


Career Pathways 12Career and Tech

Photos by Photo by Axel Sandoval

Career and Tech13

Photos by Mylee Arana, Amie Kinard, Joshua Andrade,Natalie Lopez

Writing Success Stories

14 Learning in Action Photo by Josefina Soto

Learning in Action Photos by Josefina Soto, Noah Allen,15 Amari Pugh,Kevin Thomas


Is How Organizations

Band & High Hats pg. 18

Theatre & Choir pg. 20

Clubs pg. 22


This Show’s for YOu

18Band & High Hats Photo by Brenda Arana

BandPhotos & High Hats by Karen Gaytan,19 Brenda Arana, Xarielle Nash

It’s Show Time

20Theatre & Choir Photo by Karen Gaytan

Theatre & choir Photos by Karen Gaytan,21 Xarielle Nash, Eduardo Diaz

organized Efforts

22Clubs & Organizations Photo by Amanda Holmes

Clubs & Organizations Photos by Amanda Holmes, Amie Kinard, Gloria 23 Ogunlade


Is How sports

Football Page 26 Volleyball Page 28 Cross Country Page 30 Boys Basketball Page 32 Pantherettes Page 34


Cheerleading Page 34

Crossing the End zone 26Football

Photo by Brenda Arana


Photos by Brenda Arana, Sulema Pineda, Chana Stanley

Setting the standard


Photo by Xarielle Nash


Photos by Giselle Lopez & Xarielle Nash

Sprinting to the finish

30Cross Country Photo by Sarah Colchado

Cross Country31

Photos by Victoria Sanchez & Sarah Colchado

Taking it to the Hoop

32Boys Basketball Photo by Brenda Arana

boys Basketball33

Photos by Brenda Arana & Chana Stanley

Defending Champions

34Pantherettes Photo by Chana Stanley


Photos by Brenda Arana, Eduardo Diaz, Giselle Lopez

Cheer for the Panthers 26Cheerleaders Photos by Brenda Arana


Photos by Brenda Arana, Giselle Lopez, Chana Stanley


Is How Everyone

Class of 2018 pg. 40

Grades 9-11 Pg. 52

Senior Ads Page 88


If you have to ask, it’s probably none of your business

Jonathan Bailey

You gon get this black girl magic whether you like it or not!

Taylor Bailey

Sean Baker

Yazmine Balderas Class of 2018

They asked me why I’m doing it now they’re asking me how I did it.

El gallo serà muy gallo pero la gallina es la de los huevos!! (;

Shambrenae Banks

Tamara Barbera

Gerardo Barron

Mireya Barron

Jaquille Barryer

Luz Batrez-Bailon

Devynn-Evie Becerra

Stephanie Becerra

Ismael Beltran

Mayreli Benitez

Ebony Benns

Dequelen Blackburn

Aeriel Blankenship

Demarco Blanton

Cha’Deria Blue

Shannon Bobb

Class of 2018

Diana Aburto Molina

If you ain’t first, you’re last. -Ricky Bobby

Marcus Aldaba

Adam Acosta

Miguel Acosta

I hit it then I dipped

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

I’m living in the Future so the Present is my Past. My Presence is a Present. Kiss my... - Kanye West

Ricardo Alfaro Zeledon

Kaelyn Allen

Da’Von Anderson

Jordan Anderson

Kylah Anderson

This wasn’t my choice, but it was my reason.

Brenda Arana

Class of 2018

Orlando Arellano

Y’all lucky I love y’all enough Pull up in something fast or to be taking photos in this don’t pull up at all disrespectful weather.

40 CLASS OF 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Flor Arreola Zapata Class of 2018

Giselle Acuna

Kaitlyn Adrian

I hope my future is as bright The most beautiful makeup as my highlight for a woman is passion. -Yves Saint Laurent

Rebecca Allen

They acted like they loved me, but hated me in private.

Maya Anderson

They can’t mess with me if they wanted to!

Alexandra Arriola Class of 2018

Angel Alonso

Gisselle Aguilar Class of 2018

Joel Alonso

Hosman Aguirre

“...everything connects to everything else.” -Leonardo da Vincci

Aime Alvarez

Marissa Alvarez

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take - Wanye Gretzky - Michael Scott -Angel Alonso

Class of 2018

Happiness is the goal, but greatness is my vision. -Childish Gambino

Taylor Anderson

Galicia Andrade

Jasaka Angton

God keep me humble because I know I’m about to be balling

Janet Arzola Vera

Now we’ve finally realized who we are, it just took some time we had to live and to learn, to see the truth

Class of 2018

Prentecia Aubrey Class of 2018

Monica Alba

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Benjamin Avina Class of 2018

A hot guy smiled at me I need a room full of mirrors without a trace of mockery so I can be surrounded by -Veronica, Veronica, winners. - Kanye West Veronica!

Class of 2018

Glow, Grow, Graduate -DQ

Maria Anguiano

Christopher Boone

Arriba yo, mi apá, y la chona! -Jaz

Arlette Avitia Morales

Always remember that you are not worthless, organs are extremely expensive on the black market.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Mark Brown Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Kayle Bowens

I got fast quick, skrrt skrrt!

Pauline Brown Class of 2018

sepnu pues

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Gerald Bowie

Stay young at heart you old soul

Aniecia Browning Class of 2018

Class of 2018

You are not as down to earth as me

I am living proof of being melanated and educated!

Jahleea Boyd

Jahir Balderas Sanjuan

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Synea Branson

Jacqueline Banda

Jasmine Banks

Jaylon Banks

Ian Bayson

Destiny Beavers

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Mercy Benson

Brailon Benton Class of 2018

And more chune for your headtop so watch how you speak on my name, you know?

Bailey Boelter

Leslie Bonilla

Rayleon Booker

Genesis Brown

Jaida Brown

We live, we learn, we grow

Class of 2018

Kyara Benton

No matter how dirty your I feel like I was supposed to You have to be odd to be #1 past is, your future is spotless be born a millionaire-please -Drake start a fund me account so I can be my true self

Kaemon Brody Foster

Stay true to who you are! Love yourself no matter what..... Shine from within

I wanted his number not my Diploma

Class of 2018

I hope you live a life you’re I take pride on how far I’ve come, and I have faith in how proud of. If you find that you’re not I hope you have the strength far I can go

Adisha Buckley Aldridge

David Budzinski

Zre’Gory Bunton

Ta’Shaira Burns

you, accept you for who you are, not what others want.

have done you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do

Whole Pound okay!! Serving a Major weight. Fashooo

to start all over again.

The more time you spend Quarter Brick Half a Brick Aye!! She was released from her 12 Never change who you are as a person. For those who truly love contemplating what you should Quarter Pound Half a Pound year sentence.

Marquaela Bussey

She my Bussey Baby!

CLASS OF 2018 41

Inocente Bustos

Kennadie Butler

Caleb Callicutt Class of 2018

It’s not very hard to make others lose. The most difficult thing is surpassing yourself.

Mia Carter

Jose Cazarez

Victoria Celaya

Seek not greater wealth, but Me: I’m the baddest darkskin. simpler pleasure; not higher Them: But you’re not fortune, but deeper felicity. darkskin.

Corina Carrera

If Gucci Mane got so much money then why he robbin!?

Oswaldo Chavez Gonzalez

Blessed, Educated, and Ambitious

Class of 2018

Andrew Cambridge

Class of 2018

Tatianna Cannon

Matthew Cano Honestly

Sometimes I put on a ski mask and dress in old clothes, go out on the streets, and beg for quarters. -Mike Tyson

A king is nothing...

Estrella Cervantes

Brandi Chatman

Amaris Chavez

Mariah Chavez

Cassidy Donaghey

Class of 2018

I MAY BE BAD BUT I’M Philippines 4:13 “I can do all PERFECTLY GOOD AT IT! things through Christ which strengthens me”

Class of 2018

Chiquita pero picosa

Jaqueline Chavira

Stephanie Chirinos Class of 2018

I told all my friends I got them don’t worry

Brendon Clark

Ja’Nathan Clark-Hill

Bre’Asia Colbert

Leah Colchado

Mylasia Coleman

Alexis Contreras

Darwin Contreras

Kristen Crew

Hector Cron

Kayla Davis

Olarion Davis

Keep your lashes long and your standards high

Class of 2018

I literally knew like 30 of yall. I’m just tryna have a great Where did the rest of yall time come from?

Great things come in small You gotta find someone who packages. pushes you mentally and spiritually. You got to be on the same wave.

42 CLASS OF 2018

Class of 2018

Nijah Crump

What’s best for everybody else ain’t always what’s best for you -GHerbo

Shana Davis Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Jamie Cruz

Class of 2018

Lesley De La Rosa

May God of hope fill you with all joy & peace as you trust in him, that you may feel with hope by the power of the holy spirit.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Malia Clayton

Stay humble and run up a check, forever long live money mark

Madison Cooper

Jacob Cortez

Yes my mom is Mrs. Cooper, and no, I don’t know if she hated you.

Stephanie Cruz

Marcos Cruz-Garcia

Melanie De La Torre

I know I’m feita pero me se arreglar

Tytierra Coby

Do you know how much this book costs? $55. Do you know how many 4 for 4s you can get with that? 13!

Class of 2018

What you can’t see is what you find knowing it’s there, is where you can discover.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

J’Uanna Cunningham

Class of 2018

I’m just like Godzilla, I wreck homes too

Alfredo Deleon

Araseli Deleon

God keep blessing me so every day I celebrate

Class of 2018

Antonio Carmona

Joshua Delgado

Anniyah Campbell

Class of 2018

Alexis Cokes

Physically alive in a world I don’t mentally live in

Abigail Craven

Cherish every moment. Don’t let the past hold you back but learn from your mistakes. Everyday is an opportunity, live. :)

Kendra Curd

She turned her can’ts into cans & her dreams into plans!!

Manuel Delgadillo

If you can’t do what you imagine, then what is imagination to you? - Kid Cudi

Class of 2018

Keilon Elder

Step one: Get money step two: repeat step one

Michael Faz

Richard Dennis

Jordan Derrough-Harvey Class of 2018

Esas no son cosas de dios! -Alina Ulloa

Eduardo Diaz

Jemma Diaz

Nathaniel Donohoe

Nariah Drake

Jeremiah Dukes

Daijah Dupree

Kimberly Elias

Alexis Escalante Class of 2018

Rendirmen yo? e so no es lo mio (; -”Layaki”

Jacqueline Escalante

Keyla Escalon

Luna Fernandez-Lozano

Jaylon Fleming

Jyanna Fletcher

Oscar Flores

Anjel Garcia

Carlos Garcia

Julian Garcia

John Garza

De’Asha Gause

Mikayla Gaut

Class of 2018

I’d like to take this chance to apologize... to absolutely nobody!

Beauty is a man made thing, you may not be born with it but you can create it. That’s what makes it lovely.

Thank You Mom For EverythingFor Loving Me And Believing In Me. This Ones For You!U Only Live Once But If You Live Right Once Is Enough.

Verde Blanco y rojo pinta mi corazon.

Cne Cheyenne Garay

Alexander Garcia

Christopher Garfias

Erika Garza

People say nothing is If I were a Cheeto, I’d be the impossible, but I do nothing spicy kind. every day.

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

I’m wearing your college tuition

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

You matter.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Everyone I have met up until now has taught me a lesson, I have nothing but gratitude for y’all, a new chapter awaits!!

Marvin Diaz

They ask me when I eat straight bread, cause that’s all I make.

Ruben Diaz

Chasity Dickerson

Cesar Duran

Karrington Duren

Sophie Edwards


Fabian Espinoza

Class of 2018

Desiree Esquivel

Class of 2018


Heidi Falcon

Allthough I do look ravishing, it’s not enough to mask the ugliness I feel inside. -Sheldon J. Plankton

Why don’t you make like a tree and get out of here! ~Blff~Tannen

Ya’ll hit me up after graduation- (678)999-8212

Bryar Fuentes

Jasmine Gaines

Lemond Gannon

Tristen Garcia

Idalmy Garcia Santiago

Devontae Gaw

Camryn Gay

Time doesn’t wait for you so Living life and enjoying the Do what time does; don’t you shouldn’t wait for time. little things with another wait for anything and keep four to go going. I wrote this at the last minute LOL

If Gucci Mane were a shape, No permitas que badie te what shape would he be? A imponga cumplir tus sueños. trapezoid

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Taylor Gardner

I let my haters be my motivators.

Nealashawn Gill Class of 2018

CLASS OF 2018 43

Akia Gilstrap

I didn’t know what to write so I posted on snapchat

Marissa Gonzalez

Samantha Giron

Miranda Gomez

Karen Hernandez

Tyrun Gray

Ajhyree Holmes

Simone Greer

Karice Griffin

Keyanna Haley

Cedric Johnson

Jacoury Johnson

Jaylen Johnson

Kenneth Johnson

De’Asia Harris

Tyelor Johnson

Alexandra Jones

Kiara Jones

Cyrus Kemp

Sa’Maiyah Kennedy

Decoreyon Green

Kionna Green

Zarielle Green

Zykiah Green

En mi pecho un san juditas en mi nariz de la buena -Chepo

Jose Guerrero

Andrew Guevara A1 since day 1

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. - 1 Corinthians 16:13

Kaitlyn Guillen

Carlos Guzman

Naja Haddock Hunt

Carina Hall

Jamaal Hamilton

Davian Hampton

Dray Hampton

Xzavier Hampton

James Hardgrove

Alexus Harris

Anaya Helse

Chelcea Henderson

Mikayla Henderson

Asaf Hernandez

Claritza Hernandez

44 CLASS OF 2018

Shakyra Jacobs



Class of 2018

William Jackson

Class of 2018

Athziri Guerrero

Mom always told me to “fake it til you make it.” Well I ‘made’ it through all four years. Thanks mom.

Jymesha Jackson

Alyssa Granado

Amahya Gross

Class of 2018

Dajonae Jackson

Robert Serafeinne

Breanna Green

Class of 2018

Matthew Hughey

Jazmyn Grace

Stephanie Gonzalez

Alexis Green

Class of 2018

Rai’Onna Horton

Joseph Gossett

Serena Gonzalez

Class of 2018

I’m just here so I don’t get fined

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

I don’t even have to argue If you wasn’t there when I with you because I’ll just let was down and out, don’t hit the racquet do the talking me up when I got the clout.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Benjamin Henson

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the otherside of fear

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

“I was here for a good time, not a long time. -ASAF’S VLOGS

Class of 2018

Running has taught me to al- I told my friends we not ways push forward, especially competing we shine together in the most difficult times -Young Dolph

Keep winning, need that guap -Post Malone

Class of 2018

Amanda Holmes

Alondra Gonzalez

I like my coffee like I like my men. I like black men.

Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class. #blackgirlmagic

Mayela Hernandez

Frederik Gonzales

Feeling like a kite.

Daniela Gonzalez

Lissette Hernandez

Sleep on em that’s tempurpedic, get the green like it’s kale pockets, they fat just like Kenan.

Everything I’m not made me everything I am. -Kanye West

Alexandria Gonzales

Genaro Gonzalez

Class of 2018

I like school. It’s a good way to kill time between weekends.

Done with high school, now I’m like a diamond, small in who granddaddy wanna pay size but, argue in value. my tuition?

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Coral Hernandez

Honey, if you are with me, you are going to have fun.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

They say money talks so I’m never silent

Frank Hernandez

Me dincen el comal porque caliento las gorditas

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Ja Leah Kelly

Whoever said blonds have more fun obviously never had pink hair.

Most of life’s lessons are learned in pain, but life has so much more to offer. Don’t let pain bring you down. Live.

Class of 2018

Life isn’t about waiting for Life is like a chess move, you the storm to pass, it’s about need to make your next move learning to dance in the rain your best move -Lul RaiRai

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

I don’t care who’s at the top of High school y’all went but of the stairs, I’m steppin’ up. college I will go!!

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Natalie Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez Soto

I spent 113,880 hours of my Americano por nacimiento life for a piece of paper and a mexicano por decision handshake

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Rico Jones

Class of 2018

James Kile

Class of 2018

Clifton Humphrey

You can always retake a class, but you can never relive a party.

Nia James

Class of 2018

Keyshawn Johnson

I’d rather cheat than repeat.

Shaderial Jones

What is understood shouldn’t be explained

Jenna Kile


Yazmin Herrera Zamora Todos los dias despierto guapa pero hoy exageré

Megan Ingram

Brendyn Hodges

Zyaria Holman

Class of 2018


The truth is out there

Without his queen

Leah Iturralde

Amaria Jackson

Korie Jeffery

Torie Jeffery

Araya Johnson

Terah Johnson

Tevin Johnson

Trust me, get a car you’ll Y’all reminded me of school eat good every day, but I do on a saturday. No class! suggest that you know how to run fast and lie good!

Ojahnaye Johnson


Sometimes you will never know what the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

Pamela Juarez Juarez

Rosa Juarez-Mosqueda

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length. -Robert Frost

Noah Kile

Cleveland Browns - 2022 Super Bowl Champions

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Ramon Kare

Class of 2018

There are no real endings; only new beginnings.

Reshunda Kimble

Amie Kinard

Try to be a rainbow in some- The level of unprofessionalone’s cloud ism... far too much. -Latrice Royale

CLASS OF 2018 45

Jamesha King

Daniela Lamelas

Johnnie Lockett

Jeremiah Lockhart Class of 2018

Yes, Sheila is my girlfriend and she exists.

Class of 2018

Roderick Loving

Cristian Luna

Nancy Luna

Wendy Luna Pompa

Amy MacIas

Kennedi Malone

Matthew Manning

Juanita Martin

Ashley Martinez

Christian Martinez

Ralph Martinez

Samantha Martinez

Nobody exists on purpose. “You got green on your mind, Nobody belongs anywhere. I can see it in your eyes.” We’re all going to die. Come -Kanye watch tv. -Morty

Class of 2018

Conspiracy Theory #266,492: I learnt that it is faith that my last name is loving, but all decides whether something y’all be hatin will happen or not -kaka

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

46 CLASS OF 2018

Danielle Nichole Lara Class of 2018

Sharif Long

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Valeria Martinez

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

Lily Ledezma

Morgan Lee

Julia Lopez

Nathali Lopez

You know, I’ve realized that I’m probably just perfect and it’s everybody else around me that’s got issues -The Lord Scott

Class of 2018

Emily Manzano

You get the bag and fumble it. Even Leilani can get the bag, flip it, and fumble it.

Felicity Martinez

Issa rap... C/O 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Tiffany Luong

Everyone thinks I’m Mexican, pero no se por que si yo soy chinita.

Irma Mares

Me puse las pilas

Maira Martinez

Did my shoulders distract you from reading this?

Taylor Martinez Romero Samantha Martinez Tellez Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Elias Levario

Tre’Dell Lewis

Eduardo Licea

Class of 2018

Life is too short for fake butter, cheese, or people.

The clock don’t stop so why should you.

La Moyah Lott

Lyndsee Love

Sydnee Love

Da’Sha Lynn

Saira MacEdo-Hernandez

Angeles MacHado

Krislyn Marsh

Devin Martin

Ja’Kayla Martin

Mariano Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Jordan Masenburge

Cameron Massey

Education is the passport I hope my future is as bright SO YOU’RE LIKE REALLY to the future, for tomorrow as my highlight!! PRETTY -REGINA belongs to those who prepare GEORGE for it- Malcom X

Look at me, if I was you I would be mad too -D’Asha Lynn

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

I still don’t understand how I TOOK THE HARDAWAY!! Give your stupid ahh the squidward got thicc off those camera you still wouldn’t get crabby patties so fast. the picture. -Doplh

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Paul Martinez

Serena Mayfield

Dominque McDonald

Devin McFail

Iverson McGee

Blake Melton

Noah Mendez

Alexis Mendoza

Alondra Mendoza

Laravian Mitchell

T’Andre Mitchell

Jocelyn Morales-Diego

Christopher Moreno

Xarielle Nash-Carroll

I’m more of a Malcolm than Martin type of girl

They’ll broadcast your failures, but whisper your success. -Drake

Journae Mitchell

Just remember... you can’t compare when you can’t compete. And you never compared.

Felicitas Morales

Adios bola de nacos!

Leslie Munoz Lechuga

Class of 2018

Juicy Curls

I was never on time for school but I managed to be on time for my senior pictures.

And they said cheaters don’t succeed

Difference between school and life, school taught a lesson then test, but life gives a test that teaches a lesson.

Mike Mata

Gian Paolo David Obenita

Keyairah Oden

You’re doing something wrong if they’re not jealous of you.

I want to thank Google, Quizlet, Mathway, Wikipedia, and whoever invented copy and paste. Thank you.

Daughter your faith has healted you. Go in peace. Luke 8:43-48

Margaret Medina

Sara Mejia Hernandez

Kevin Mendoza

Leslie Mendoza Ugarte

George Merida

Carmen Miranda

Jorge Molina

Tylor Montgomery

Gianella Montoya Aguilar

Antwann Moore Class of 2018

They want to know my relipe, they know I ball like the boys at the espys -NIC

Julissa Moreno

Taylor Moreno

Marcus Mosley Jr

Genisis Moss

Anthony Mullins

Takera Nellum

Terrance Newman

Skylar Newton

Kayla Norman

Nattasha Novell

Kimeisemokumu Ogboh

Mercy Ogunlade

Jennifer Olivares De Paz

Jordan Oliver

Adalina Ortiz

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

It says Jocelyn but they meant I always tell the truth even joceLEAAAN when I lie

I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way -Carl Sandburg

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

It’s pronounced kime-si-moku-mu.

Class of 2018

No pos wow

There’s no mistakes in life, only lessons.

Living life, doing stuff.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Jacob McKenna

Ronald McPherson

Regardless of what you are I’m gonna go stand outside. If going through in your life, anyone asks, I’m outstanding. don’t sell your dreams short.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

“We’re almost there and no where near it. All that matters is we’re going.” -Gilmore

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

I’m that guy she tells you not Bruh we graduate just to go to worry about because, she’s to school again really worried about me!!!

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Single from the womb, single to the tomb

What a drag

Xavier Moore

Class of 2018

Jennifer Nuno

Lost in the sauce, burr!

Miranda Oyarvide

I said haters gonna hate and fakers gonna fake, I’m just working on my future I’m just destined to be great

CLASS OF 2018 47

Manuel Oyervides

Dent the Universe be a Maverick - Logan Paul

Karina Perez

It can’t get any worse... or Can it?

Saul Padilla

I graduated which means I’m grown, which means where dem fine teachers at!!??

Taylor Parker

Devin Parks

Justin Phommavongsa

“We didn’t realize we were making memories we just knew we were having fun”

Be yourself and know that is enough.

Tattiyanna Peters

Renee Phillips

Sedrick Pride

Brantley Pruitt

Steven Quinn

Michelle Ramirez Diaz

Erika Ramirez Leos

Class of 2018

They say you are what you eat. I don’t remember eating perfection.

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Danielle Reed

Daley Reeves

Dae’Brion Ricks

Montrez Ricks

I think my only problem is When people ask me if I’m that I have really fantastic straight, I tell them that I am ideas. as straight as my hair.

They call me the mean twin :)

Class of 2018

48 CLASS OF 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Maia Raine

Class of 2018

Dear math,please grow up and solve your own problems. I’m tired of solving them for you

Erika Ramirez-Juarez

Lizet Ramirez-Munoz

Anytime you wanna dip I’m After all these years I realized producing the sauce school wasn’t even about learning but passing.

Andrea Reyes

Only a part of my journey has begun

Shae’Brion Ricks

I was always that twin and will always be that twin!

Leslie Reyes Class of 2018

Keila Rios Cervantes

No me pregunates porque no se

Kandace Paxton

Jakobi Pearson

Jesus Pedroza Gonzalez

Jason Phouthavong

Sulema Pineda

Adilene Plaza Alvarez

Ariel Rakestraw

Alexis Ramirez

Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re scum between my toes. Love, Alfalf

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon Ohana means family. One week they love me, next pancakes, take some bacon and Family means nobody gets week they hate me. Both I’ll put it in a pancake, gotta left behind or forgotten.-Lilo weeks I got paid. make bacon pancaaakes!! and Stitch

I don’t chase my dreams I run them down!

April Ramos

Grind harder than a molecajete

Paulina Reyes Faz

Dear life, you look like my next leap of faith. Sincerely, courage.

Areli Ramos

Tylar Ransom

May your neighbors respect Beyoncé got her GED. you,trouble neglect you, Imagine what I can do with angels protect you and hea a diploma. ven accept you -Drake

Sarah Reyna

No soy perfecta . . . pero soy Be a lover. Give love. Choose MEXICANA que es casi lo love. mismo

Marques Ritchwood

Everything I do is for them. #IMADEIT

Britany Ramirez

Class of 2018

Brittney Rivera


Arnethia Rhodes

Isaiah Perez

I used more math shooting dice.

John Pons

Class of 2018

Natalya Ramirez

Clio Rizo

Gmore Roberson

Azael Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez

D’Arius Roland

Daniel Rosales

No matter how much it hurts Don’t stop when you’re tired, now, someday you will look stop when you’re done. back and realize your struggles changed your life for the better.

Just trying to put the pieces together, puzzled by this madness- Ab-Soul

Class of 2018 where are the people who said I couldn’t do it.

Dylan Redd

Anthony Salazar

I told you we would make it mama

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Gabriel Salazar

I don’t speak taco.

All I’m gonna do is just go on and do what I feel -Jimi Hendrix

Kayla Roberson

Lil Ari Draped in designer one thing you can’t buy is swag. BAG SECURED

Arionne Robinson

Jesselai Robinson

Skylar Robinson

Mireya Rodriguez

Reece Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez

Josue Rodriguez Chavez

Kelly Rosales Zuniga

Asha Ross

Jonathan Salinas

Mickayla Samuel

Class of 2018

I can do more than just brag, Hold up I’m doing my brows Failure doesn’t mean GAME I can back it up. OVER it means try again with EXPERIENCE

“She is clothed with strength Let’s get one thing straight and dignity and she laughs that last word doesn’t apply without fear of the future.” to me -Proverbs 31:25 <3

Jessica Ruiz

My brothers name didn’t make it in this yearbook so call me Jesse... You’re welcome Jesse

Bryan Sanchez

Class of 2018


Kyra Runnels

Jacob Rich

Class of 2018

John Rivera

Zinnia Rivera

If you skip, use the doors by I’m a vegan because I LOVE the stairs and always leave a TO MASS MURDER THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT pencil at the bottom of the FRUITS AND VEGETABLES door for a way back in.

Victoria Sanchez

Michael Sanchez Sosa

Except them two

‘They say you are what you eat... but i don’t remember eating a goat’ - Sosa

Liliana Sanchez

Emily Segura

Leila Sewer-Mathis

This isn’t a joke pal. People die in fairy tales all the time.

Class of 2018

Patrick Sanford

Tammy Santiago

Angelina Santoya

Reginald Shed

Brian Shelby

Domini Shelley

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Jacqueline Rojas

Natalie Rojas

Class of 2018

What comes easy won’t last, “If you want to put your life and what lasts won’t come on the right path you can’t easy. walk with people on the wrong path”-SPM

Navvin Sadarangani

Jonathan Salas

Cheaters never win but I graduated!!!

Mylene Sanchez

Samantha Sanchez

Lydia Schrag

Octavia Scott

Taylour Scott

Katelynn Shelton

Kennedy Shumaker

If it ain’t American then I There were some things you Let us dream of tomorrow when Nothing separates twins... don’t want it because foreign had to do. Even if they were we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate is boring a bad idea.

Do not forget the three Don’t be ashamed of who you bionicle virtues: unity, duty, are. That’s your parents job. and destiny.

Kierra Robonson


So you can match your shirt I did everything last minute with your shoes, but not your in school...Even my senior words with your actions? quote. Okay.-Russ

truth at the heart.

Class of 2018

Chloe Robles

We are what we repeatedly Of course i look good i didn’t do. Excellence, then is not an spend all that time in the act, but a habit- Aristole closet for nothing.

“It does not do well to dwell Through all the obstacles, I on dreams and forget to live.” strive for the best! - J.K. Rowling

Isn’t it funny how day by day Stay at the top like I’m stuck nothing changes, but when that’s just how I’m giving it you look back everything is up. - top 15% different. - C.S. Lewis

Class of 2018

Payge Side

They can’t stop what they can’t catch

CLASS OF 2018 49

Maria Sifuentes Class of 2018

Kennadi Sneed Class of 2018

Destiny Stanton

Dylan Sisouphanh

Let these 4 years remind you that life is short, live life full of love and not hate in your heart.

Valerie Solis

Jermaine Skinner Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Jackson Stilwell

Trinity Sweet

Marquis Sykes

Ladasha Watson

Aniya Thomas

Blake Thomas

Malik Thomas

Paola Toruno

Guadalupe Trevino Flores

Taylor Stewart Class of 2018

“Life sucks but in a beautiful kind of way.” - Axl Rose

Adan Tanguma

Jorge Tavares-Ayala

Clarence Taylor

Mikhayla Thomas

Donasiah Thompson

50 CLASS OF 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Ciani Sorrells

Ciara Walker

Nyga Stephens

Ethan Valenzuela

Kennedy Velasquez

Mizaray Velazquez-

Jacqueline Villa

Carla Villatoro

Vilyvanh Vongdachanh

I hope my future is as bright Wisdom is bright and unfad- I never look back,it distracts “Wake up, life does get tough. ing;She readily appears to those as my highlight from the now-Edna Mode No need to stress, holds you who love her. She’s found by those The Incredibles back too much.” -Kid Cudi

Emmanuel Soto

Only regret I regret is regretting the things I’ve regretted. - Elmo Kennedy O Connor AKA (Bones) shesh

I dream of a world where chickens don’t have their motives questioned.

Langston Smith

When I first started I wanted to quit so many times.

Yariela Sosa

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

“Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready” - Google

Lizet Solorio Rivera

Class of 2018

Garrett Smith

I went, I saw, I vomited.

Zeyda Solis

Taylan Steed

Kendal Tyson

Chyna Smith

Wait... what happened?

Ashja Steed

The only reason I stayed in school for this long is to distract myself from the fact that I’ll never really be Beyonce.

Alicia Smith

I’m self made, selfish with my men and self employed

Class of 2018

Just wing it, life, eyeliner, everything

The real princess MK ;)

Class of 2018

who seek after her.Wis6:12

I leave a trail of sparkles whenever while other girls leave a trail of dirt.

My life is like a sandwich the bread comes first.

Aaron Smith

Jason Sosa

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

I’m actually not funny, I’m just really mean and people think I’m joking.

Oliivya Taylor

Khoreydia Thiam

Raiah Toliver

Elizabeth Torres

Kenya Torres Class of 2017

You can’t always pick your father, but you can always pick your daddy.

It’s cold as chichis bro!

Maria Vargas

Jade Varner

Jesse Vasquez

Daniel Vazquez

Abel Velasquez

Everybody ain’t cut like me I’m here for a good time not baby- Laworld4eva a long time

Class of 2018

People say I’m just a dreamer, Never Call me spade no I don’t If you don’t got no sauce then but I’m not the only one. rock J’s I’ve never had a fade yea you lost. But you can also get my eyes are big I’m a funny kid. #DACA lost in the sauce guwop Now I’m stuck this quote suc.

Class of 2018

Yasmine Torres

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Ponte las pilas Guadalupe. - Ama

Berenice Velasquez

Make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan. - Captain Cold

Class of 2018

Dejah Walker Class of 2018

Don’t let people tell you that you’ll fail, they’re wrong

What I learned in high school is! WHAT I LEARNED IN HIGH SCHOOL IS!!

Lauren Wallace

Mark Walton

Ta’Quanisha Webb

Where you moving? I said on to better things - Drake, 10 Bands

Class of 2018

Ilena Webb

Joseph Webb

Alyricka Williams

Asia Williams

Jacory Williams

Sauntha Williams

Tyreauna Williams

Tyra Wilson

Nathan Wooddell

Juan Arango-Ladino

Ariel Rico

Class of 2018

Jassalyn White

Remember the only thing more beautiful than you is me <3

Nia Wattley

Michael Wall

“I didn’t shoot my shots because my gaydar wasn’t getting any signal in the closet.”

The decisions you make will Thanks for all the education determine your destiny. but now its time to hit the pole

Dear Haters, I ain’t get no Some people are like clouds... Guess who completed four sleep cussa ya’ll not goin get when they disappear, its a years of high school without sleep c’ussa me. beautiful day. getting pregnant!

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

It’ll buff out

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Kennedy Williams

Arianna Wade Class of 2018

Ashya Warner

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Kayla Washington

Bryce Walker Class of 2018

Ray Washington

“It’s pronounced “uh-shy-ya”. You’re welcome.”

You have to be odd to be number one :)

I hustle like I’m still hurting cut on the dope now its hurting sell it to you now you hurting

Terrance Wells

Anaya White

Datraveon White

Rachel Williams

Rhiannon Williams

I see you move so watch how I have learned that beauty is Either find a way to succeed I move the opposite of perfection. It or make one!! is about confidence, charisma, and character.

MacKenzie Williams

In high school, be yourself. Y’all don’t know if y’all want Even if that means to get to be a fan or a hater. But crazy with some people, just keep linking up because y’all be yourself! making me greater

Deundrea Wright

Barron Waleford

Eric Wu

Your life is now over after this point!!

I’m a educated fool with money on my mindGangsta’s Paradise

Briana Young Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Jazmin Zamora

Four years and momma I made it

CLASS OF 2018 51

Class of 2 0 1 9 -2 1

Camrien Allen (10) Cassidy Allen (9) Destiny Allen (10) Elias Allen (9) Jacorian Allen (10) Kiara Allen (10) Noah Allen (10) Oshreal Allen (10) Tamia Allen (10) Terrance Allen (10) Triniti Allen (9) Juan Almaguer (9) Julio Almanza Almanza (10) Rodolfo Almazan (10) Alejandro Almeida Jimenez (11) Ashley Alonso (11) Daniela Alonso (10) Mena Alonzo (10) Abigail Altamirano (11) Iliana Alvarado (9) Angel Alvarez (9) Juan Alvarez (10) Romeo Alvarez (9) Ruben Alvarez (10)

Rey Abdullah (9) Kiania Abram (11) Kynadei Abrams (11) Jessica Abrone (10) Benigno Aburto Molina (11) Cyndi Acevedo-Flemming (9) Christian Acosta (10) Juan Acosta 0(10)

Yarelhy Alvarez (10) Johan Alvarez Ayala (9) Anahi Alvarez Leija (9) Ileana Alvarez-Leija (11) Michael Alvear (9) Melanie Amezcua (9) Fabian Anchondo (11) Charriel Anderson (10)

Kenya Acosta (9) Jose Acosta Diaz (10) Alfredo Acuna (10) Leslie Acuna (9) Cairbin Agay Anthony Aguilar (9) Elvia Aguilar (11) Jacob Aguilar (10)

Chase Anderson (11) Choyse Anderson (10) De’Varius Anderson (11) Isaiah Anderson (10) Jacquese Anderson (9) Jarod Anderson (9) Jordan Anderson (9) K’Ladja Anderson (10)

Johann Aguilar (9) Luis Aguilar (10) Luis Aguilar (10) Jorge Aguilar Almanza (10) Alisa Aguinaga (9) Alyssah Aguinaga (11) Eddie Aguirre (10) Jascianna Aguirre (10) Mia Ahuyon (10) Auyana Aird (10) Emmanuel Akinnawonu (11) Chinenye Akunne (11) Chukwuebuka Akunne (9) Grace Aladenika (11) Chaides Alain (11) Joseph Alamillo (9) Nadeen Alani (10) Edwin Alavez (10) Jose Albarran (9) Jovanny Albarran (11) Daniela Alcantara (9) Andrew Aldaba (10) Abisai Aldama (11) Amisadai Aldama (9) Israel Alegria (10) Gladys Aleman (10) Seth Alex (11) Aundreacious Alexander (11) Dandrick Alexander (10) Danqwez Alexander (11) Datanya Alexander (10) Haley Alexander (11) Heston Alexander (10) J’Vaucia Alexander Moore (10) Emily Alfaro (11) Jasmine Alfaro (11) Laura Alfaro (10) Leslie Alfaro (11) Nakoviah Alfred (11) Brooke Allen (11)

52 CLASS OF 2019-21

Lashannon Anderson (11) Abigail Andrade (9) Saidy Andrade (9) Saul Andrade (10) Joshua Angel (10) Litzy Angeles (10) Jaidean Angton (10) Willie Angton (9) Eloisa Anguiano (9) Hector Antu (11) Kirstie Anzo (9) Makayla Aquil (9) Alexandra Araiza (9) Mylee Arana (11) Abdiel Aranda Enriquez (10) David Arbaiza (9) Amelia Archibald (9) Mitchell Ard (9) Benjamin Arellano (11) Karen Arellano Iturralde (9) Edward Arevalo (9) Eric Arevalo (9) Rosalinda Argota (10) Eduardo Arguello Quiroz (11) Ashley Argueta (10) Johnathan Arline (11) Luis Armendariz-Leija (11) Ty’Dedrick Arnold (10) Zavion Arnold (9) Edgar Arredondo (11) Fabian Arredondo (9) Kimberly Arredondo (9) Edgar Artiaga (9) Donell Artis (9) Nathan Arzola (10) Deshaun Ash (10) Karxyriah Ashley (11) Kwency Ashley (10) Dhamar Avalos (10) Daniel Avelino (9)

CLASS OF 2019-21 53

Angela Ayala (10) Nancy Ayala (9) Noemy Ayala (11) Oswaldo Ayala (9) Alicia Babcock (11) Makayla Babers (10) Alberto Baez (9) Akhalil Bagley (9)

Anthony Berryman (11) Jeremiah Bertrand (10) Colleen Biegler (11) Everick Bishop (9) Canaan Black (9) Jermar Black (10) Vincente Blaine (11) Yolanda Blancas (9)

Quinton Bailey (9) Rosalyn Bailey (11) D’Audree Baker (10) Daijah Baker (10) Eliud Balderas (9) Ezequiel Balderas (9) Tomas Balderas (10) James Bamibe (10)

Aleksa Blanco (9) Angel Blanco (9) Joshua Blanco (11) Raul Blanco-Lopez (11) Zaria Blue (10) Carnashia Bluitt (10) Kiya Boatwright (9) Paola Bocanegra (11)

Christopher Banda (10) Enyssa Banda Herrera (10) Brian Banks (10) Mikayla Banks (11) Tamia Banks (10) Khyron Banner (9) Angel Barajas (11) Damian Barajas (11)

Daniela Bojorquez (10) Akia Bolden (10) Shavohn Bolden (11) Adriana Bonilla (10) Leonardo Bonilla (10) Marcus Bonner (10) Allayah Bookman (10) Jaydn Boone (10)

Natalia Barajas (11) April Barbera (9) Heriberto Barbosa (9) Adrian Barker (11) Chelah Barker (10) MacKenzie Barker (9) Steve Barker (11) Luis Barragan (11)

Jeremiah Boone (11) Sydney Boston (9) Abigail Boulom (10) Jayden Bowen (9) Angelica Bowers (11) Julia Bowers (10) Gianni Bowie (10) Alyssa Bowman (11)

Marissa Barrance (9) Andres Barraza (9) Arturo Barrera (11) Giovanni Barrera (9) Amethyst Barrett (10) Helena Barrett (11) Ka’Mya Barrett (9) Keniyah Barrett (10)

Cameron Boyd (9) Chaz Boyd (9) Jaylin Boyd (10) Logan Boyd (11) Makayla Boyd (10) London Brackens (10) Quinse Brackman Pastrana (9) Ashby Bradley (11)

Erik Barrientos (11) Gregorio Barrientos (9) Joshua Barrios (10) Andy Barron (9) Noe Barron (11) Jah’Dae Barry (9) Angelica Barusta Delgado (9) Kha’Il Batist (11)

Avery Bradley (10) Kevin Bradley (10) Mandy Bradley (10) Valencia Bradley (9) Spencer Bradshaw (10) Aaron Braggs (10) Christopher Brantley (9) Nyia Brantley (11)

Daunta Batiste (11) Landon Batiste (11) Cristian Batrez (10) Rafael Batrez (10) Lucila Batrez Martinez (11) Crystal Batrez Ramirez (9) Daria Battle (9) Quincy Battle (11)

Darien Brewer (11) Khyreeck Briggs (10) Jadon Bright (11) Kaira Brito (11) Christopher Brooks (11) Jessica Brooks (10) Meliidiva Brooks (10) Alexis Brown (10)

James Beal (11) Paul Beaty (11) Nikayla Belford (11) Avyn Bell (10) Calecia Bell (11) Christian Bell (10) Davrie’Ya Bell (10) De’Aizha Bell (9)

Anastacia Brown (11) Autumn Brown (9) Bryce Brown (9) Cydnee Brown (11) Demarion Brown (9) Haleigh Brown (11) Ja’Yanna Brown (10) Jabarr’E Brown (11)

Jalen Bell (11) Jay’Ln Bellinger (11) Angelique Belman (11) Isaac Benavides (9) Deja Bennett (11) Demonde Bennett (11) Miles Bennett (11) Natravion Bennett (11)

Jocelyn Brown (10) Jordan Brown (10) Kinley Brown (11) Kinney Brown (11) Kristopher Brown (9) Makayla Brown (10) Marcus Brown (9) Mia Brown (11)

Aadon Benson (11) Trinitee Benton (10) Anaya Bernard (9) Karla Berreondo (9) Favian Berrones (10) Paloma Berrones (9) Kaleb Berry (9) Kevin Berry (11)

54 CLASS OF 2019-21

Mia Brown (9) Mykelle Brown (10) Noel Brown (11) Rebekah Brown (10) Rickey Brown (9) Stacy Brown (11) Tyrle Brown (10) Unique Brown (9)

CLASS OF 2019-21 55

Zariah Brown (10) Christian Brown Burton (9) Courtavious Bryant (9) Dekova Bryant (11) Ja’Niiah Bryant (11) Jabriel Bryant (9) Jermel Bryant (10) Ta’Miah Bryant (9)

Chandler Carter (9) Elaina Carter (9) Jonas Carter (11) Lance Carter (10) Terry Carter (9) Tre’Vion Carter (10) Chris Casanas (11) Luis Casiano (11)

Koby Burel (10) Kory Burel (10) Angel Burnett (10) Saud Burney (11) Ronnie Burns (9) Sasha Burns (9) Sasha Burns Treshawn Burns (10)

Kevin Castaneda (9) Paola Castaneda Pecina (11) Mia Castilleja (11) Albert Castillo (10) Amaya Castillo (10) Belinda Castillo (10) Jorge Castillo (10) Sarah Castillo (10)

Kennedy Burrus (9) Jason Bush (11) Mikayla Bush (9) Aviel Bussell-Boaz (11) Aldo Bustos Soto (10) Imani Butler (10) William Butler (11) Davionna Byrd (9)

Kimberly Castillo-Reyes (11) Juan Castorena (9) Aalyah Castrio (10) Adrian Castro (11) Cielo Castro (11) Julissa Castro (10) Kevin Castro (11) Linsyn Castro Mejia (9)

Savion Byrd (9) Sebastiane Caballes (10) Bryan Cabrales (11) Melqui Cabrales (10) Joana Cabrera (9) Cesar Cabrera Galvan (11) Jennifer Cabrera Marquez (9) Angel Caesar (11) Davion Caesar (9) Dearica Caesar (10) Kayla Cahee (11) Abraham Calderon (10) Faith Caldwell (9) Micah Caldwell (10) Camryn Call (11) Abriana Calloway (9) Saul Camarena Rincon (9) Breaunna Campbell (10) Kiana Campbell (9) Shamariah Campbell (9) Zavian Campbell (10) Ronaldo Campos (10) Guadalupe Campos Ortiz (10) Hector Campos Rivera (11) Brittany Canales (11) Juanita Canales Cruz (9) Deanna Canchola (11) Ivette Canchola (10) Jeziel Cano (9) Myranda Cano (10) Michael Cantu (10) Taylor Cantu (10) Abby Caracheo (9) Martin Carbajal (9) Elizabeth Cardenas Garcia (10) Chelzi Cardenas Hernandez (9) Viviana Cardenas Ruiz (10) Carolina Cardenas-Mercado (10) Janecia Carey (11) Emmanuel Carmona (11) Jaime Carmona (11) Johanna Carmona (9) Imani Carr (11) Khaliq Carr (9) Yasmine Carr (10) Jozylan Carranza (9) John Carrasco (11) Edwin Carreon (11) Lyndy Carrera Diaz (10) Hugo Carrillo (10) De’Braylon Carroll (11) De’Braylon Carroll (11) Jaicob Carroll (10) Ty’Qwan Carruthers (11) Kolbi Carson (11) Areona Carter (11)

56 CLASS OF 2019-21

Daniela Castro-Pineda (10) Jadan Cauley (11) Belinda Cedillo (9) Angel Cerrato (11) Juan Cerros (10) Joseph Cervantes (10) Jonathan Chacon Gomez (10) Erick Chacon Vasquez (10) Miriam Chairez (10) Nubia Chairez Vargas (11) Elijah Chalmers (10) Matthew Champion (9) Mario Chapa (11) Kaya Charles (11) Se’Maj Charles (9) Christian Chavarria (10) Alexis Chavez (10) Arlen Chavez (9) Juan Chavez (10) Juliana Chavez (11) Kevin Chavez (9) Lesli Chavez (10) Nicholas Chavez (11) Laysha Chavez Gonzalez (10) Kevin Chavez Quiroz (9) Amariah Childers (10) Ruben Chino (11) Damareon Choice (9) Jadon Christian (9) Kaelon Christle (9) Estrada Christoher (11) Mickaela Cipriano (10) Erica Claiborne (11) Iciss Clark (9) Kennedi Clark (9) Keriaa Clark (10) Carlos Clater (9) Natalie Claudio (9) Xavian Clay (10) Bianca Clemons (9) Xavier Clifton (9) Christian Coats (9) Edgar Cobos-Trejo (10) Syr Coit (9) Keshawn Colbert (11) A’Lyza Colclough (11) Jaleigh Cole (9) Jariah Cole (11) Tylon Cole (11) Christavia Coleman (11) Jayla Coleman (11) Jeremiah Coleman (11) Jordan Coleman (11) Kobe Coleman (10) Mark Coleman (9) Andres Colin (9)

CLASS OF 2019-21 57

Arnold Colin (9) Samari Collier (9) Briana Collins (9) Gabriel Colmenero (9) Ivan Conejo-Nava (11) Amber Congdon (10) Brenda Contreras (11) Samantha Contreras Reyna (9) J’Waun Cook (10) Chandler Cooks (10) D’Nino Cooks (11) Jasmine Cooks (11) Xavier Cooks (11) Chanelle Coombs (9) Elijah Coomes (9) Ladarius Cooper (11) Omari Cooper (9) Treyton Cooper (9) Evelyn Cordero (10) Aileen Cordero Palacios (9) Kenneth Cordoba (10) Jason Cordova (11) Kenneth Cormier (11) Giovanny Cornejo (10) David Corona (9) Nathanael Corona Contreras (10) Dylan Coronado (10) Oscar Coronado Arrizon (9) Eljer Correa (11) Karina Correa (11) Carlos Cortez (9) Julian Cortez (9) Marlen Cortez (10) Antayvia Cosby (11) Jose Coss (9) Christopher Cotton (10) Sjamie Cotton (11) Alejandro Covarrubias (11) Aubriana Cox (9) Janiya Cox (11) Laderion Cox (10) Seth Cox (10) Charleston Craddock-Jackson (11) Gabrielle Craft (10) Demetria Craig (9) Dorian Craven (10) Taylor Cravin (11) Dominic Crawford (11) Mikiea Crawford (9) Mikyah Crawford (11) Mikyri Crawford (9) Dailyn Crawley (11) Dakera Crayton (11) Caleb Criner (9) Kamryn Crowder (11) Marquelan Crowell (10) Adrian Cruz (10) Emily Cruz (10) Josue Cruz (10) Juan Cruz (10) Kevin Cruz (10) Leslie Cruz (10) Seth Cruz (9) Sherly Cruz (9)

Tiana Davenport (11) Canya Davidson (10) Lawrencia Davidson (10) Ivan Davila Garcia (10) Angelle Davis (10) Cabrese Davis (10) Carlos Davis (10) Deja Davis (10) Demajeah Davis (10) Emile Davis (9) Emily Davis (10) Jade Davis (9) Jasmine Davis (9) Jessica Davis (10) Kaylan Davis (9) Keandre Davis (11) Kelvin Davis (11) Mankenzie Davis (10) Michael Davis (11) Mikelle Davis (9) Solacia Davis (10) Tony Davis (9) Vicki Davis (10) Kyre Davis-Criner (10) Makaila Davis-Swoopes (9) Amari Dawkins (11) Zaviera Dawson (9) Jerius Dawson-Franklin (11) Johnathan De Hoyos (9) Mia De La Cerda (10) Emely De La Rosa (10) Jocelyn De La Rosa (9) Roxana De La Rosa (10) Kevin De La Torre (10) Samantha De Leon (9) Victoria De Leon (11) Sitlaly De Paz (10) Tori Dean (10) Anapatricia Deanda (10) Kaleb Deas (10) Nicholas Deases (10) Jabari Decluette (9) Jathan Decluette (11) Ruben Del Angel (9) Tara Delaney (10) Aracely Deleon (9) Jasmine Deleon (10) Jewel Delgadillo (9) Alexander Delgado (9) Juan Delgado (9) Juliana Delgado (10) Julissa Delgado (11) Devon Demus (11) Devin Dennis (10) Kendriana Dennis (11) Bria Denson (11) Horatio Denson (10) Tierra Derrick (9) Jasmyne Derrough Harvey (10) Jamyiah Derrough-Williamson (10) Tre’Shon Devones (11) Kyle Devoz (10) Mouctar Diallo (10) Alaysia Diaz (10)

Montserrat Cruz Betancourt (11) Edison Cruz Serrano (9) Sandra Cuevas (10) Juana Cuevas Lucio (11) Derrick Cuington-Cooper (11) Pedro Cuych (11) Paola Cuyuch (10) Isaiah Dailey (9)

Emely Diaz (9) Emilio Diaz (10) Mikayla Diaz (9) Rubi Diaz (11) Tony Diaz (10) Victor Diaz (11) Lesman Diaz Ortiz (11) Karen Diaz Rojas (9)

Deja Daniels (10) Jaidyn Daniels (9) Jekovan Daniels (9) Kaniya Daniels (10) Roderick Daniels (9) Alicia Darby (10) Darnell Dardy (9) Jabari Davenport (9)

Jarius Dickerson (11) John-David Dieobi (11) Samari Diggs (10) Lilly Dillon (10) Linzy Dinh (10) Brandon Dismuke (10) Ta’Veon Dismuke (9) Stephon Dixon (9)

58 CLASS OF 2019-21

CLASS OF 2019-21 59

Jada Dixson (9) Anthony Dominguez (10) Armando Dominguez (10) Jesus Dominguez (10) Miracle Dominguez (10) Stacy Dominguez (11) David Dominguez-Lugo (10) Austin Donaghey (10) Tyreek Donaldson (10) Shonte Donnell (9) Manuel Dorado (11) Gary Dorsey (9) Laila Dotson (9) MacKenzie Dotson (10) Jeremiah Douglas (9) Brianna Draper (9) Allanah Drayton-Campbell (9) Samuel Drummond (10) Tyson Duarte (9) Timontre Duffie (11) Zachary Dugdale (10) Shyra Duke (9) Jabari Dukes (10) Damian Duncan (11)

Diana Estrada (10) Emily Estrada (10) Karina Estrada (10) Marco Estrada (9) Mercedes Estrada (10) Alexandra Estrada-Jimenez (11) Patrick Rey Estrellas (9) Isaac Euceda (9) Amarri Evans (11) Trevon Evans (10) Dallas Evans-Johnson (10) Jaida Evans-Richards (9) Spirit Ewing (9) Micaela Faber (11) Sarah Facundo (11) Anthony Fajardo (11) Juan Falcon (11) Karla Farfan (9) Mohammed Fatah (11) Julian Faz (9) Aylin Felix (9) Joshua Ferman (9) Gitzel Fernandez (9) Israel Fernandez (9)

Leonard Dunmore (10) A’Kiel Dunn (11) Tra’Vion Dunn (10) Tranicia Dunn (11) Isaiah Dunphy (9) Tyreese Dunson (9) Syerra Duplessis (9) Joseline Duque (11)

Kitcia Fernandez (11) Luis Fernandez (9) Eduardo Ferreira (10) Isaac Ferrer (10) Aaliyah Fields (10) Ashanti Fields (9) D’Andre Shamar Fields (9) Donald Fields (11)

Kammeryn Duren (11) Jameel Durham (9) Patrick Durham (11) John Eason (10) Jayla Eaton (9) Lea Eaton (11) Diamond Echols (11) Eraka Echols (10)

Garron Fields (10) Kaila Fields (11) Sarahi Figueroa (10) Diamond Finley (9) Teyanna Finley (9) Ar’Londo First (11) Kamron Fisher (11) Eric Fletcher (11)

Kenbri Echols (9) Alexus Edelen (9) Dakari Edwards (9) Marisa Edwards (10) Maya Edwards (10) Nakyrea Edwards (10) Great Ekakitie (11) Karrington Elder (9)

Kiara Fletcher (11) Tren’Darius Fletcher (10) Lawrence Fleuri (9) Reginald Florence (11) Briana Flores (9) David Flores (11) Desiree Flores (9) Harley Flores (10)

Jordan Eldridge (9) Habib Elias (10) Jonathan Elias (11) Darlene Eligado (9) Jayson Elizarraras (10) Erica Enriquez (10) Erik Ephraim (10) Darriell Epps (11)

Hector Flores (11) Idali Flores (10) Ivan Flores (10) Jazmin Flores (9) Leslie Flores (10) Roger Flores (10) Nayeli Flores Arroyo (11) Dennys Flores Fuentes (10)

Praise Erezi (9) Mariana Escalante (9) Valerie Escalante (10) Jennifer Escalon (11) Jeremiah Escalona (9) Samai Escalona (10) Gabriel Escamilla (9) Bryan Escamilla Martinez (9) Alissa Escobar (10) Angel Escobar (10) Christian Escobar (9) Oscar Escobar Rocha (11) Aryana Escobedo (11) Itzel Escobedo Guerrero (10) Ashley Escuadra-Benavidez (10) Daniel Esparza (10) Mario Esparza (10) Elizabeth Espinoza (11) Judiiee Espinoza (10) Moises Espinoza (9) Nicole Espinoza (10) Niuma Espinoza Soriano (10) Victoria Esquivel (10) Angela Estrada (9)

60 CLASS OF 2019-21

Abdiel Flores Resto (11) Jeremyah Flowers (9) Keimodre Flowers (9) Johnathan Foard (9) Jada Fobbs (11) Adrian Fonseca (9) Janijah Ford (9) Kennedi Ford (11) Ashlyn Foreman (11) Skylar Forsberg (10) Jourdon Forward (11) Isaac Foster (11) Ja’Von Fountain (11) Sebastain Fragoso (9) Adriana Fraire (11) Brian Francis (10) Sean Francis (10) Nia Frankin (10) Alonzo Franklin (9) Kionne Franklin (10) Stephanie Frazer (11) Dylan Freeman (11) Kayla Freeman Martin (11) Jacob Frias (9)

CLASS OF 2019-21 61

Jaxumy Frias (10) Hunter Fuentes (11) Kevin Fuentes (10) Kevin Fuentes Hayden Fullbright (10) Xayvion Fuller (10) Tatyanna Gabriel (10) Bernardino Gaitan (11)

Tamallo Geovanni (9) Ja’Varen Gerald (10) Shere Gibson (11) Sierra Gibson (9) Tamia Gilbert (9) Tecorrian Gilbert (10) Samuel Giles (11) Quilo Gill (9)

Alexis Galan (10) Jessica Galindo (10) Rachel Galindo (9) Ana Jessica Galindo Ramos (9) Adrian Gallegos (10) Alejandro Gallegos Chavez (11) Christian Galvan (11) Eduardo Galvan (9)

Jamaul Gilley (9) Jamina Gilley (10) Kerith Gilstrap (10) Key’Onna Gilstrap (9) Dylan Gindratt (11) Jonas Gipson (9) Ashanti Glenn (9) Derrick Glover (9)

Kevin Galvan (10) Marco Galvan (10) Miguel Galvan Vega (11) Francisco Galvez Ibarra (9) Darielle Gamble (10) Christopher Gamez (10) Daisy Gamez (9) Allan Gamino (9) David Gamino (11) Andrea Gamino Solis (10) Pablo Gamon (10) Said Gaona (10) Salma Gaona (10) Christopher Garay (9) Aailyah Garcia (10) Aaron Garcia (11)

Sha’Camery Glover (11) Shaquria Goff (10) Adrian Gomez (11) Christine Gomez (11) Gustavo Gomez (9) Ian Gomez (10) Marleny Gomez (10) Myriam Gomez (10) Osvaldo Gomez (9) Stephanie Gomez (9) Luis Gomez Coello (11) Isaiah Gomez Lara (10) Jose Gomez Razo (10) Guillermo Gomez-Paz (10) Jadah Gonder (11) Haley Gonzales (10)

Abel Garcia (10) Amy Garcia (9) Andrea Garcia (9) Ariel Garcia (9) Brianda Garcia (11) Brianna Garcia (10) Daniel Garcia (11) Evelyn Garcia (11)

Aden Gonzalez (9) Axel Gonzalez (11) Brian Gonzalez (9) Emillie Gonzalez (9) Isaac Gonzalez (10) Jessel Gonzalez (9) Jose Gonzalez (10) Keren Gonzalez (9)

Hannah Garcia (11) Jair Garcia (10) Janie Garcia (11) Joel Garcia (10) Jon Garcia (10) Jose Garcia (10) Juan Garcia (11) Mariana Garcia (10)

Martin Gonzalez (11) Stephanie Gonzalez (11) Stephanie Gonzalez (9) Jocelyne Gonzalez Leon (9) Paola Gonzalez Martinez (11) Alondra Gonzalez Mata (11) Juan Gonzalez Meza (9) Nydelin Gonzalez Meza (9)

Melissa Garcia (9) Samantha Garcia (10) Samuel Garcia (10) Stephannie Garcia (10) Cruz Garcia Rodriguez (10) Miguel Garcia Saucedo (9) Aaron Garcia Square (9) Alexis Garcia-Vazquez (11) Julio Garcia-Villatoro (9) Chyayn Gardner (9) Anissa Garfias (9) Kentreja Garland (11) Jailene Garnica (11) Daniella Garza (9) Isaac Garza (10) Liza Garza (11) Mario Garza (9) Moses Garza (10) Nulissa Garza (9) Rodolfo Garza (11) Virgilio Garza (10) Yesenia Garza (10) Elijah Gaugh (10) John Gavarrete (10) Khashayra Gay (9) Kajmar Gayle (9) Roger Gayle (11) Jose Gaytan (9) Linda Gaytan (10) Victoria Gaytan (11) Kevon Gee (10) Faith George (10)

62 CLASS OF 2019-21

Brandon Gonzalez Quijano (11) Maxine Gonzalez-Barron (11) Estela Gonzalez-Guzman (9) Eyan Gooden (10) Kolby Gordon (9) Ryan Gordon (9) Chyna Goree (9) Cristian Gormer (11) Kennede Gormer (9) Justin Gort (10) Jeremiah Goss (9) Daniel Govea (10) Ekakitie Grant (10) Ariana Gray (11) Camaron Gray (10) Charis Gray (11) Alicia Green (9) Alonzo Green (9) Cherish Green (9) Gabrielle Green (9) Geraud Green (9) Johnny Green (10) Miracle Green (9) Narah Green (9) Synia Green (11) Terrell Green (9) Tyler Green (11) Vakayla Green (10) Charles Greenwood (9) Ashley Greer (10) Ke’Shon Gregory (9) Awtavius Griffin (9)

CLASS OF 2019-21 63

Isaiah Griffin (9) Korbin Grimes (9)

Jonathan Guadarrama Espinoza (9)

Monika Guel (9) Andres Guerra (11) Ariel Guerra (9) Adrian Guerrero (11) William Guevara (11)

Jocelyn Guillen (10) Benjamin Gultery (11) Barak Gurnell (11) Hannah Gusters (10) Alexandra Gutierrez (9) Alfredo Gutierrez (11) Christian Gutierrez (9) Deion Gutierrez (11) Donaji Gutierrez (10) Hailey Gutierrez (10) Kelly Gutierrez (10) Alvaro Guzman (9) Victoria Guzman (9) Marcela Guzman Rubio (10) Kelvin Guzman-Villatoro (11) Cobey Haddock-Hunt (10)

Malik Henderson (10) Shaniyah Henderson (9) Tahir Henderson (10) Darius Hendrix (9) Moriyah Hendrix (10) Alishia Henry (11) Bakari Henry (10) Breaun Henry (9) Jamyah Henry (9) John Henry (9) Kennedy Henry (11) Grant Henson (9) Jose Heredia (9) Leslie Heredia (11) Aaliyah Hernandez Aaliyah Hernandez (9) Abigail Hernandez (11) Alfred Hernandez (10) Alyssa Hernandez (11) Ashley Hernandez (9) Ashley Hernandez (9) Britney Hernandez (11) Celeste Hernandez (11) Christopher Hernandez (11)

Marquest Haggerty (11) Hannah Hale (11) Derriell Hall (10) Devin Hall (11) La-Asia Hall (11) MacIe Hall (9) Zares Halle-Miller (9) Ramses Halton (10)

Daphne Hernandez (9) Eduardo Hernandez (10) Emily Hernandez (11) Enrique Hernandez (11) Gilberto Hernandez (11) Jacob Hernandez (11) Jason Hernandez (10) Jennifer Hernandez (10)

Amaya Hames (11) Keyauni Hamilton (9) Kierra Hamilton (10) Latyreia Hamilton (10) Jade Handy (9) Timothy Handy (10) Varis Handy (9) Charles Hanes (10)

Josue Hernandez (11) Juan Hernandez (9) Kate Hernandez (11) Leonardo Hernandez (9) Leslie Hernandez (11) Marlen Hernandez (10) Mayra Hernandez (9) Melanie Hernandez (11)

Jenae Hardgrove (10) Briana Hardin (10) Rashad Hardmon (11) Jaylon Hargrove (9) Jaylon Hargrove (9) Damien Hargrove-Howard (11) Kyndal Harlan (9) Keith Harness (9) Desiree Harper (10) Keyanna Harrell (9) Avayon Harris (9) Chancellor Harris (11) Chandler Harris (11) Darion Harris (11) De-Kya Harris (10) Karmen Harris (9) Kevontae Harris (10) Kory Harris (9) Lyza Harris (10) Maya Harris (11) Mitrella Harris (11) Shadarra Harris (10) Shareese Harris (9) Taniyah Harris (11)

Melissa Hernandez (11) Yumeyda Hernandez (10) Zenaida Hernandez (9) Gerardo Hernandez Argueta (10) Oriana Hernandez Cobos (9) Katherin Hernandez Meledez (10) Alexa Hernandez Ruvalcaba (10) Brian Hernandez Servellon (11) Daniel Hernandez-Chairez (9) Daniel Hernandez-Jimenez (9) Roselyn Hernandez-Solis (10) Angel Hernandez-Villa (10) Dia Monque Herne (10) Shannon Herod-Sadler (9) Andres Herrera (10) Angelica Herrera (9) Juan Herrera (11) Leon Herrera (10) Marco Herrera (9) Rene Herrera (11) Roman Herrera (10) Vanessa Herrera (9) Vicente Herrera (9) Ana Herrera Duran (9)

Jeda Harrison (9) Khalvin Harrison (11) Robert Hart (10) Mitchell Harvey (10) Santana Hatch (10) Kesaiya Hawkins (9) Victoria Hawthorne (11) Demarion Hayes (10)

Grecia Herrera-Herrera (9) MacKenzie Herring (11) Blake Herron (9) Jovany Hervert (11) Omar Hervert (9) Loyalte Hicks (10) Tamir Hicks (9) Stephanie Higuera (11)

Laâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Sontee Hayes (10) Robert Hayes (9) Azarias Haynes (11) Ray Hayward (10) Ravyn Heath (11) Kemon Heavery (10) Brent Henderson (10) Chyna Henderson (10)

Endya Hill (10) Hannah Hill (9) Jaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Bryant Hill (10) Jhakeire Hill (11) Lakia Hill (9) Tariq Hill (9) Tiamara Hill-Johnson (10) Clautiana Hines (10)

64 CLASS OF 2019-21

CLASS OF 2019-21 65

Kyle Hines (11) Yuriana Hinojos (11) Mariana Hinojosa (11) Michael Hinojosa (11) Jesus Hiracheta (9) Uyen Ho (9) Renecia Hodge (10) Bryshae Hogg (11) Jayvion Hollinger (9) Gabriella Hollingsworth (10) Royale Hollis (11) Akkil Holloway (11) Devyn Holloway (9) Jade Holmes (9) Jeremiah Holmes (10) Ra’Shaud Holmes (10) Sh’Raud Holmes (11) Victoria Holmes (9) Ian Holt (9) Shenaya Holt (11) Nikki Honore (10) Rashad Hood (9) Hope Hopkins (10) Teresa Hopkins (11)

Christian Jaimes Campuzano (11) Abubakar Jalloh (11) Dion Jamerson (11) Christian James (10) Ray Jaramillo (11) Isabella Jarecke (10) Christopher Jarrett (10) Adam Jasso (11) Jacorian Jeffries (10) Chassity Jenkins (11) Christopher Jenkins (11) Haylee Jenkins (9) Jakea Jenkins (10) Tyree Jenkins (9) Elasha Jiles (9) Dazmin Jimenez (9) Evelyn Jimenez (9) Justice Jimenez (9) Karen Jimenez (11) Orlando Jimenez Najera (11) Aaron Johnson (11) Bobby Johnson (9) Braylon Johnson (11) Charles Johnson (11)

Hope Hopper (9) Keyaun Hoskin (11) Alexus Houston (11) Alexzandria Houston (11) Jada Houston (11) Tiya Houston (10) Chandler Howard (9) Kiyara Howard-Garza (9)

Christian Johnson (9) Courtland Johnson (11) Delaney Johnson (11) Dre’Lon Johnson (9) Ja’Quashia Johnson (11) Jaryn Johnson (9) Jdynn Johnson (11) Kendall Johnson (10)

Analisa Howell (10) Sirnickolaz Huggins (10) Azarria Hughey-Luster (9) Genecia Hunt (11) Alyssa Hunt Jones (10) Ayana Hunter (9) Emily Hunter (9) Mya Hunter (11)

Khaleb Johnson (11) Kyra Johnson (11) Lyric Johnson (10) Rashun Johnson (10) Soniyah Johnson (9) Sydney Johnson (10) Zoie Johnson (9) Jayden Johnson-Blair (9)

Nathaniel Hunter (11) Martin Hurtado (10) Alyssa Ibarra (11) Guadalupe Ibarra (10) Julissa Ibarra (9) Mark Ibarra (11) Nathan Ibarra (9) Anthony Ibarra Torres (11)

Demecia Johnston (11) Ry’Iasia Joiner (11) Anthony Jones (10) Autumn Jones (9) Dearien Jones (11) Demarion Jones (10) Demetria Jones (9) Donnivon Jones (11)

Noelia Ipina (9) Diana Iraheta Argueta (9) A’Zarien Irvin (9) Mianique Island (11) Jeremy Islas (11) Kendarika Ivin (11) Kevon Ivy (9) Dion Jacinto (9) Yessenia Jacinto (9) Avery Jackson (9) Breyonna Jackson (11) Carl Jackson (9) Devon Jackson (11) Dynaya Jackson (10) Faith Jackson (10) Gre-Nisha Jackson (9) Haley Jackson (10) Ja Quinden Jackson (10) Ja’Toine Jackson (9) Jaiden Jackson (9) Jalyn Jackson (10) Khary Jackson (9) Kiev Jackson (9) Laqua’Briann Jackson (11) Makayla Jackson (10) Mariyah Jackson (9) Miaya Jackson (9) Taryn Jackson (10) Tierra Jackson (9) Uriah Jackson (11) Zoryien Jackson (9) Elizabeth Jacobs (9)

66 CLASS OF 2019-21

Jadarius Jones (11) Jahyas Jones (9) Jeremiah Jones (10) Joe Jones (11) Joshua Jones (10) Justin Jones (10) Keshauna Jones (11) Michael Jones (11) Nickolas Jones (10) Precious Jones (10) Robert Jones (9) Tamarri Jones (9) Tracy Jones (9) William Jones (9) Key’Arrah Jones-Spencer (10) Leah Jordan-White (11) Amaris-Lynn Joubert (10) Ka Triniece Joubert (10) Blessen Joyner (9) Alex Juarez (9) Ana Juarez (9) Xitlali Juarez (9) Herrera Julissa (11) Alexander Kare (11) Taylor Keener (9) Devontay Keeton (10) Elijah Keeton (9) Micah Keeton (10) Jorden Kelley (11) Angel Kelly (11) Dekerion Kelly (9) Nikya Kelly (10)

CLASS OF 2019-21 67

Shakyra Kelly (11) Jakalon Kemp (9) Shania Kemp (9) Kamaurja Kenney (11) Alek Keovongphet (11) Tierra Kerr (9) Elijah Key (10) Sy’Lena Kidd (10) Caitlyn Kile (9) Jayda Kile (10) Hana Kim (10) Ariana Kimball (10) Asia Kimbrough (10) Gabrielle King (9) Sierra King (9) Brea Knight (11)

Antwon Limbrick (10) Bibiana Limones (11) Luis Limones (10) Isaac Linarez (11) Jaquan Lincoln (9) Raul Lira (11) Kelsie Littleton (10) Selestina Lizarraga (11) Sophia Lizarraga (9) Lorrin Llamas (11) Miguel Llanes (11) Mariana Loa (9) Dacorean Lockett (11) Madison Loehrmann (10) Erykha Loera (10) Eryta Lofton (10)

Natoya Knight (9) Jonelle Kyler (9) William La Pointe (11) Jacob Labastida (10) Joseph Labaw (9) Dominique Labbe (11) Jamar Lacey (9) Jaylon Lacey (9)

Kevin Long (9) Alonso Lopez (11) Andrew Lopez (10) Ariana Lopez (9) Elvis Lopez (11) Eveleen Lopez (9) Genesis Lopez (9) Horacio Lopez (10)

Dorien Lacy (9) Kristen Lacy (11) Savieon Lacy-Johnson (11) Charisma Lacy-Ray (11) Harry Lam (11) Lynn Lam (9) Adonte Lambert (9) Sumiya Land (9)

Jason Lopez (9) Jose Lopez (10) Josue Lopez (10) Juan Lopez (9) Mario Lopez (10) Natalie Lopez (10) Nathan Lopez (10) Reynold Lopez (11)

Christian Landry (10) Amaya Lane (10) Asiah Lane (10) Kain Langston (10) Holland Lankford (10) Bryan Lara (11) Jacob Lara (10) Julissa Lara (10) Nathan Lara (10) Ulises Lara (10) Marisol Lara Ramirez (10) Da’Shawn Larkin (11) Rudolph Lavrenchik (10) Alberto Layton (10) Daniel Lazo (10) Jasmine Lazo (9) Quyen Le (9) Roxy Leal (9) Brandon Ledezma (10) Ant’Qunisha Lee (9) Jaylen Lee (9) Jordyn Lee (9) Luki Lee (10) Tra’Veon Lee (10) Julie Leggett (10) Marilyn Leija (11) Tania Leija (9) Santos Leija-Salinas (11) Faith Lemelle (11) Hope Lemelle (9) Bladimir Lemus (11) Deborah Leon (11) Luisangel Leon (11) Ninna Leon Cerda (10) Westlee Leonard (10) Crystal Leonides (11) Marlen Leonides (10) Rolando Leonides (10) Oniel Leonides Antonio (10) Cesar Leonides Flores (9) Kyndal Levingston (9) Jahvey Levy (9) Kenedria Lewis (11) Lorenzo Lewis (10) Nyasia Lewis (10) Jonathan Licea (10) Sarah Lieu (11) Jesus Limas (9)

68 CLASS OF 2019-21

Wilmer Lopez (9) Xavier Lopez (11) Gisela Lopez Gaona (11) Javier Lopez Hernandez (9) Maria Lopez Valle (10) Jennifer Lopez-Hernandez (11) Ermilo Loredo (10) Re’Ana Loud (11) Caden Love (9) Shemyi Love (10) Darrian Lowe (10) Monte Lowe (10) Rufus Lowery (9) Kierron Lowry (9) Lizbeth Loza (9) George Lozano (10) Hector Lozano (10) Jesse Lozano (10) Madeline Lozano (10) Barry Lu (9) Joseph Lucas (10) Whitney Lucio (11) Joshua Ludwig (9) Tyler Lueck (10) Ruben Lugo (11) Sofia-Eliza Lugo (9) Tiffany Lujano Martinez (9) Averie Luna (10) Melani Luna (9) Angel Luong (9) Kaiza Lusk (10) Lauren Lusk (11) Kendall Luster (9) Treveon Lynch (9) Danny Lyons (11) Blanca MacIas (9) Olivia MacIas (10) Kenisha MacK (9) Keyonna MacK (11) Trenitee MacKey (9) Dewayne MacKlin (10) Tridarrius Madden (11) Tytianna Madden (9) Shaida Madison (11) Evelyn Magdaleno (9) Karen Magdaleno (10) Perla Magdaleno (9) Gabriel Magee (9)

CLASS OF 2019-21 69

Mateo Magistrado (10) Justin Mahilum (11) Samaurya Mahone (9) Brandon Maldonado (11) Karen Maldonado (10) Reymond Maldonado (11) Catalina Maldonado Andrade (9) Isaac Maldonado-Hines (9)

Amber Mata (9) Juan Mata (10) Sidney Mata (10) De’Ja Matthews (10) Karen Maya (10) Nicholas Mayberry (11) Kendall Mayes (11) Kennedy Mayes (11)

Dajanique Malone (11) Corina Mancha (10) Adrian Mancia (9) Alfonso Mancilla (11) Teresa Mancilla (9) Almami Manneh (9) Bailey Manning (9) Lyndsey Manning (9)

Thomas McAdams (11) Marcus McCall (9) Ashley McClenan (10) La’Ron McClinton (9) MacIe McCorkle (9) Shyann McDonald (10) Timya McDonald (10) Jeni McDonarld (10)

Michael Manns (10) Jendayi Manoy (9) Eric Manzanares (10) Diego Manzano (11) Lizeth Manzano (9) Zacorey Maples (11) Kale Marable (10) Symphoni Marable (9)

Aariana McDow (10) Shanden McDowell (11) Otis McDuff (10) Antwoine McGary (11) Journey McGee (10) Jaden McGilbra (10) Shamiatreese McGilbra (10) Indiya McKay (9)

Alondra Marchan (10) Angelina Margerum (10) Dawson Marlin (9) Emmanuel Marquez (10) Maria Marquez (11) Bryce Marsh (11) Nakiya Marshall (11) Noah Martel (11) Amajane Martin (9) Julius Martin (10) Kerrion Martin (10) Kimberly Martin (9) Alena Martinez (11) Alonzo Martinez (11) Anthony Martinez (10) Arley Martinez (10)

Madison McKeon (9) Matthew McKinney (11) McKenzie McKnight (11) Damar McLennan (10) Ty’Teairra McMurry (10) Daryl McNealy-Evans (10) Cameron McNeil (11) Zannah McNeil (9) Jason McQuay (9) Uris McQueen (11) Jamar Meadows (9) Jasmyne Meadows (11) Amya Mears (10) Blessing Medeiros (11) Cesar Medel (9) Carmen Medina (9)

Arrianne Martinez (10) Aurelio Martinez (10) Briana Martinez (10) Brisa Martinez (10) Cassandra Martinez (11) Christ Martinez (10) Christopher Martinez (9) Crusefixio Martinez (10)

Clarissa Medina (9) Stephannie Medina (11) Abigail Medina Munoz (10) Juslin Medina Santos (10) Eduardo Medina-Barrios (11) Aricka Medlock (10) Cody Medlock (9) Alexis Medrano (10)

Emely Martinez (9) Emilio Martinez (10) Emma Martinez (11) Fabian Martinez (9) Felipe Martinez (9) Isabel Martinez (10) Jacqueline Martinez (11) Jenlyn Martinez (11)

Deysi Melchor (11) Saul Melendez Hernandez (9) Diana Melendrez (11) Evan Melton (11) Adilene Mendez (9) Armando Mendez (11) Ashley Mendez (10) David Mendez (11)

Jennifer Martinez (9) Jeremmy Martinez (9) Jessica Martinez (9) Jorge Martinez (9) Jose Martinez (11) Jose Luiz Martinez (10) Juan Martinez (9) Justin Martinez (11) Kayla Martinez (9) Leslie Martinez (11) Mariah Martinez (10) Matthan Martinez (11) Michelle Martinez (10) Monserrat Martinez (11) Naomy Martinez (11) Ricardo Martinez (10) Ruth Martinez (10) Yareli Martinez (11) Zack Martinez (9) Elias Martinez Martinez (11) Nora Martinez Ruiz (10) Yajaira Martinez Ruiz (9) Johnny Martinez-Moncivais (10) Nigel Mason (9)

70 CLASS OF 2019-21

Yahir Mendez (9) Willian Mendez Mata (10) Madison Mendina (9) Alexandra Mendoza (9) Carla Mendoza (9) Jacob Mendoza (10) Jayden Mendoza (9) Jessica Mendoza (11) Marvin Mendoza (11) Alexandra Mendoza Dominguez (9) Alice Mendoza Minas (10) Debanhi Mendoza Munoz (9) Jorge Mendoza Munoz (11) Jaquelin Mendoza Zuniga (10) Luis Menjivar (9) Josue Meras (11) Cristian Meraz (10) Jacquelyn Mercado (11) Jason Merino (10) Desmond Merritt (10) Matthew Merritt (11) Kamayah Metcalf (9) Dolores Meza (9) Mishael Meza (9)

CLASS OF 2019-21 71

Karina Meza Martinez (10) Jaylon Michell (10) Jannah Milburn (10) Charles Miles (11) Daniel Miles (9) Bianca Miller (9) Decorian Miller (11) Frederick Miller (11) Jaylen Miller (9) Jazlynn Miller (10) Douglas Millhouse (9) Dawaun Mims (10) Diamond Minafee (11) Edilberto Minas (11) Anthony Mincey (10) Alresk Mingo (10) Alexandra Miranda (10) Jaime Miranda (9) Katherine Miranda Cruz (9) Marc Mireles (9) Stephanie Mireles (11) Adriana Mitchell (10) Andrew Mitchell (9) Cameron Mitchell (9) Christal Mitchell (10) Christian Mitchell (11) Coresha Mitchell (9) James Mitchell (10) Jazmyn Mitchell (9) Kaylon Mitchell (11) Kjarious Mitchell (9) Reya Mitchell (10) Abdulrahman Mohammed (10) Andrew Mojica (11) Alazay Molina (11) Norma Molina (9) Mariah Molinar (11) Carlos Mondragon (9) Noe Mondragon (11) Alex Monsivais (11)

Erias Morgan (9) Cesar Morin (10) Viviana Morin (10) Aaliyah Mornes (9) Isaiah Mornes (10) Quamentis Morris (10) Terrion Morrison (9) Tali Mosley (11) Isaiah Moss (9) Natalie Moten (9) Kadence Moton (9) Daisy Munguia-Reyes (10) Adrian Munoz (9) Beatris Munoz (11) Brayan Munoz (11) Charles Munoz (11) Jacqueline Munoz (11) Miguel Munoz (10) Trent Munoz (9) Carmen Munson (11) Alison Munto (10) Tatenda Muranda (11) Jenelle Murata (11) Richel Seiko Murata (10) Ivan Murga (9) Noe Murillo (9) Deven Murphy (9) Christopher Murray (9) David Murrieta (9) Monica Nance (11) Julio Narvaez (10) Aryn Nash-Carroll (9) Benjamin Natal (9) Darryl Natareno Hernandez (9) Arturo Nava (11) Maria Nava (11) Marco Nava Olivas (10) Malinaly Navarrete (10) Melani Navarrete (10) Benjamin Navarro (9)

Johan Monsivais (10) Mikayla Monsivais (9) Isaias Montanez (11) Carlos Montano Ruiz (10) Izaac Montelongo (9) Carlos Montes De Oca (9) Mariah Montez (11) Paul Montgomery (9)

Melenie Navarro (10) Collin Neal (10) Gabriel Neal (9) Jaylen Neal (9) Jada Nelson (10) Keaneau Nelson (10) Ladarrion Nelson (10) Aylin Neri (9)

Obed Montiel (10) Jerell Moody (9) Ashton Moore (11) Dakaylan Moore (11) Demetrius Moore (11) Jaeva Moore (11) Kaelin Moore (9) Kaitlin Moore (10)

Daydria Nesbitt (9) Samuel Newman (11) Jerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Miya Newton (11) Kameron Newton(9) Andrew Nguyen 011 Anthony Nguyen (9) Tan Nguyen (10) Uyen Nguyen (9)

Madison Moore (10) Quinten Moore (9) Terrence Moore (11) Alejandra Mora (10) Andrei Mora (9) Edgar Mora (9) Helio Mora (9) Angel Morales (10)

Damon Nicholas (10) Oscar Nieto (10) Dezi Nigo (11) Courtney Nixon (10) Jose Noriega (9) Madison Norkeo (11) Martin Noyola (9) Bianca Nunez (9)

Briana Morales (11) Emily Morales (9) Jose Morales (9) Danna Morales-Garcia (9) Jorge Morazan Jimenez (10) Ciciana Moreno (11) Esteban Moreno (9) Gracie Moreno (9) Jose Moreno (10) Leslie Moreno (11) Melanie Moreno (10) Stephanie Moreno (10) Tannia Moreno (9) Delvis Moreno Baires (10) Maria Moreno Hernandez (11) Cody Morgan (9)

72 CLASS OF 2019-21

Francisco Nunez (9) Maryfer Nunez (9) Melanie Nunez (11) Cassandra Nuno (10) Alexandra Oancea (9) Kennia Ocampo Anchondo (10) Izabel Ocanas (9) Kadie Ocon (11) Mautai Odongo (9) Ebisidor Ogboh (9) Gloria Ogunlade (11) Andrea Olguin (11) Cesar Olguin (9) Sofia Olguin (9) Elijah Oliphant (11) Mariah Oliphant (9)

CLASS OF 2019-21 73

Angelica Oliva (09) Raul Olivares De Paz (10) Amanda Olivo (11) Kimberly Olvera (11) Kennedy Onic (11) Catherine Ontiveros (10) Evelyn Ontiveros (10) Cassandra Ontiveros Villegas (09)

Bethany Pena-Galicia (10) Francisco Penaloza (09) Sydney Pendarvis-Murden (11) Christian Pensado (11) Omar Perales (10) Adriana Perdomo Isabel (11) Ali Pereira (10) Antonio Pereira (10)

Augustin Ordaz (10) Azriel Ordaz (11) Grosvin Ordonez Zelaya (09) Luis Orduno Mena (11) Evelyn Oropeza (11) Ariel Orozco (09) Naomy Orozco (10) Abigail Orta (09)

Sebastian Pereira (09) Abigail Perez (09) Abriana Perez (09) Alyssa Perez (09) Alyssa Perez (09) Amy Perez (10) Armando Perez (11) Brianna Perez (10)

Jose Orta Torres (11) Servando Orta Torres (09) Byanka Ortega (10) Christopher Ortega (09) David Ortega (09) Edwin Ortega (09) Jeroham Ortega (09) Jonathan Ortega (09)

Christina Perez (10) Christopher Perez (09) Cindy Perez (11) Daniel Perez (09) Diana Perez (11) Eliezer Perez (10) Emily Perez (09) Joel Perez (10)

Karely Ortega (09) Zamary Ortega (09) Fatima Ortega Robles (10) Gabriel Ortez (10) Adam Ortiz (09) Alvaro Ortiz (09) Mabeline Ortiz (09) Majesty Ortiz (10)

Julian Perez (09) Nathan Perez (10) Natividad Perez (11) Oscar Perez (09) Ricardo Perez (10) Salma Perez (11) Yesenia Perez (09) Yesica Perez Albarran (09)

Rebeca Ortiz (11) Sebastian Ortiz (09) Vanessa Ortiz (11) Yarelis Ortiz Pitre (10) Ivis Ortiz Rodriguez (11) Juan Ortiz Salazar (11) Maria Osegueda (09) Nola Overton (10)

Ashley Perez Gallegos (11) Omar Perez Gomez (09) Mariela Perez Jimenez (09) Bictor Perez Okomura (10) Karen Perez Segovia (09) Erick Perez Sotelo (11) Fatima Perez-Aplicano (11) Jessica Perez-Saldana (11)

Shat’Evia Overton (11) Nathan Oviedo (09) Miracle Owens (09) Morgan Pace (10) Jasmine Pacheco (09) Paul Padgett (10) Adrian Padilla (11) Joshua Padilla (11) Francisco Padron Lara (11) Daniela Padron-Castillo (10) Angelica Paez (10) Xavier Paige (10) Nallely Panameno (09) George Paniagua (09) Cesar Pantoja (10) Jordan Papa (11 Jimena Parga Lopez (09) Andre Parham (09) Cheyenne Parker (10) Deja Parker (09) Quintyn Parker (10) Rosalani Paschall (10) Akhil Patel (09) Jayom Patel (10) Yovany Patino (10) Grace Patterson (10) Jalen Patterson (10) Raven Patterson (09) Antoneo Pavia (09) Jasmine Payne (11) Jeremiah Payne (10) Jewels Payne (09) Daniela Pedraja (09) Iran Pedraja (11) Liliana Pedroza Gonzalez (09) Na’Il Pemberton (11) Carolina Pena (11) Rebecca Pena (09) Sahra Pena (11) Fernanda Pena Lozano (10)

74 CLASS OF 2019-21

Didier Pereznegron (09) Pierre Perique (10) Marion Perkins (10) Deshine Perry (11) Jaelyn Perry (11) John Perry (11) Raymond Perry (10) Sebastian Perry (10) Suavevion Persley (09) Lauren Peteet-King (10) Kirsten Peters (09) Desmond Peterson (10) Essence-Rain Peterson (09) Javion Peterson (09) Raya Petry (10) Elizabeth Phajit (10) Alexander Phavongsa (09) Jordan Phillips (11) MacKenzie Phillips (09) Shanon Phom (09) Tyler Phothirath (11) Jessica Phoume (11) Billy Phouthanvong (10) Domingo Picena (11) Phillip Pierson (10) Pedro Pina (10) Estibany Pinal (09) Miguel Pineda (09) Arturo Pineda Caro (090 Sydney Piper (09) Ryan Polite (10) Tiedrianna Pollard (09) Mia Ponce (10) Jocelyn Pons (09) D’Aurus Poole (10) Zoreuna Poole (11) Jalen Porter (10) Jamarian Porter (10) Taylor Porter (10) Heberardo Portillo Gutierrez (10)

CLASS OF 2019-21 75

Symone Portley (10) Alexander Posas (10) Sebastian Posas (11) Takia Potts (11) Aaron Powell (10) Sabrina Powell (10) Miguel Prado Alvarado (11) Jadrian Prater (10) Quinton Prater (09) Fabian Preciado (09) Kasai Presley (09) Allen Price (10) Deveon Price (10) Gail Price (11) Isaiah Price (11) Kamryn Price (09)

Angel Rawls (10) Kassandra Rea (11) Zarena Reagan (11) Tamya Reason-McDowell (09) Michael Rebollozo (10) Jakhara Reddish (09) Andrew Reed (10) Jaylen Reed (09) Jourdan Reed (11) Jourdan Reed Teria Reed (09) Travan Reed (09) A’Veyon Reedy (10) U’Lexus Reedy (09) D’Ante Reese (11) Devien Reese (11)

Rashad Pricley (09) Justice Prince (10) Makiaa Proctor (09) Morgan Pryor (10) Israel Puente (11) Jacquelyn Puente (10) Adrian Pugh (10) Amari Pugh (11)

Neil Rene (09) Jesus Renteria (11) Angelica Requena (10) Isidro Resendiz (09) Alexis Retana Gutierrez (10) Alexander Reyes (09) Alexis Reyes (11) Anthony Reyes (10)

Michael Pugh (10) Miranda Pugh (11) Ronaldo Pulido (10) Naja Puryear (11) Jalen Quarles (09) Ma’Kayla Quinn (09) Tyler Quinn (09) Haley Quinonez (11)

Ashley Reyes (09) Christopher Reyes (090 Diana Reyes (10) Diego Reyes (09) Edgar Reyes (11) Isavela Reyes (09) Kasandra Reyes (10) Natalie Reyes (10)

Joshua Quintanilla (11) Stephanie Quintero (09) Jennifer Quinteros (11) Melanie Quiroz Marin (11) Merinda Raine (09) Tiffany Rajphoumy (09) Amy Ramirez (09) Ana Louisa Ramirez (09) Anthony Ramirez (11) Ariana Ramirez (11) Bidal Ramirez (10) Brianna Ramirez (09) Carizia Ramirez (09) Carlos Ramirez (10) Daniel Ramirez (10) David Ramirez (11) Desiree Ramirez (11) Edward Ramirez (11) Jacquelyn Ramirez (11) Jasmine Ramirez (10) Marco Ramirez (11) Marcos Ramirez (10) Patricia Ramirez (10) Robert Ramirez (11) Robert Ramirez (09) Rolando Ramirez (10) Sigfredo Ramirez (10) Vanessa Ramirez (10) Yareldin Ramirez (11) Alcel Ramirez Piedra (11) Juan Ramirez Ramos (11) Emily Ramirez-Juarez (11)

Samuel Reyes (10) Juan Reyes Gallegos (10) Kayla Reynolds (11) Ashanti Rhodes (09) David Ricano (11) Areona Richardson (09) Asia Richardson (09) Ayona Richardson (09) Juan Richardson (11) Trinity Richmond (09) Matthew Rico (10) Vincent Rico (11) Adelaida Rios (10) Edmma Rios (11) Elizarai Rios (09) Maria Rios (10) Maximiliano Rios (10) Miriam Rios (11) Xiomara Rios (09) Damaris Rios Munoz (11) Aurora Rivas (09) Ruben Rivas (10) Kevin Rivas Ibarra (09) Diamond River (09) Alejandra Rivera (10) Cindy Rivera (11) Ingrid Rivera Elvir (09) Fabiola Rivera Navarro (09) Marco Rivera-Barajas (10) Ashley Rives (09) Ahmad Roberts (09) James Roberts (10)

Adriana Ramos (10) Angelique Ramos (11) Gabriel Ramos (10) Roberto Ramos (11) Ariel Ramos Garza (11) Alexis Ramos Nava (10) Alyssa Ramoz (10) Kayla Randle (11)

Nichole Robertson (11 N)ickolas Robertson (09) Adaysha Robinson (10) Erika Robinson (11) Keionne Robinson 011) Mahlon Robinson (11) Miles Robinson (11) Sergio Robledo (11)

Makayla Randle (10) Qui’Shon Randle (11) Jasmine Range (10) Aldo Rangel (10) Ricardo Rangel (10) Iris Rangel Blancas (10) Jeremiah Ransom (10) Faith Raven (10)

Andres Robles (10) Christian Robles (09) Shani Robles Alvarado (10) Anna Robnett (11) Simmie Rochelle (09) Jacorey Rockmore (09) Alexander Rodela (11) Kayla Rodgers (110

76 CLASS OF 2019-21

CLASS OF 2019-21 77

Alessandra Rodriguez (09) Alfredo Rodriguez (10) Alyssa Rodriguez (09) Anesa Rodriguez (11) April Rodriguez (10) Carlos Rodriguez (10) Erik Rodriguez (11) Evelynn Rodriguez (11)

Lezly Ruiz (10) Melody Ruiz (10) Michelle Ruiz (09) Nallely Ruiz (11) Dagoberto Ruiz Corona (11) Angelica Ruiz Medellin (09) Taylor Rusk (09) Kiveyon Russell (10)

Georgina Rodriguez (10) Isaiah Rodriguez (10) Jasmine Rodriguez (10) Jason Rodriguez (11) Jesus Rodriguez (11) Johan Rodriguez (10) Josejuan Rodriguez (09) Keyla Rodriguez (09)

Logan Russell (11) Tristan Rutledge (09) Kristal Saavedra (09) Elijah Sabala (11) Susan Saenz (10) Mike Andre Sagueton (10) Alize Salas (11) Aracely Salas (09)

Madeley Rodriguez (11) Maria Rodriguez (09) Marytza Rodriguez (09) Melysa Rodriguez (09) Meztli Rodriguez (10) Miguel Rodriguez (09) Mike Rodriguez (09) Miranda Rodriguez (10)

Gael Salas (09) Jaime Salas (09) Guadalupe Salas Vazquez (09) David Salazar (11) Jacob Salazar (10) Josue Salazar (10) Nohemy Salazar (11) Paul Salazar (09)

Odalis Rodriguez (11) Rafael Rodriguez (09) Sarahi Rodriguez (09) Sofia Rodriguez (10) Sophia Rodriguez (10) Veronica Rodriguez (09) Yvette Rodriguez (10) Cristian Rodriguez Argueta (10) Dorian Rodriguez Jimenez (10) Antonio Rodriguez Lopez (09) Edith Rodriguez Zuniga (10) Wesley Roe (10) Jacqueline Rogers (10) Raphael Rogers (11) Fernando Rojas (09) Jonas Rojas (09)

Risa Salazar (09) Juan Salazar Alvarenga (09) Sara Salazar Alvarenga (11) Elisa Saldivar (11) Ignacio Salgado-Lira (11) Luis Salguero Magana (10) Brenda Salinas (10) Eliana Salinas (10) Fabian Salinas (09) Stephanie Salinas (11) Nadia Salyer (10) Christian Samples (10) Alyssa Sanchez (11) Alyssa Sanchez Andrew Sanchez (11) Ashley Sanchez (10)

Maru Rojas (11) Sabrina Rojas (09) Daquarrius Rolfe (09) Catherine Roman (11) Mario Roman (10) Cynthia Roman Medina (10) Amy Romero (09) Asuzenna Romero (09)

Daisy Sanchez (10) Jonas Sanchez (09) Julissa Sanchez (09) Marcus Sanchez (09) Naomi Sanchez (11) Anthony Sanchez Amador (11) Mario Sanchez Nambo (09) Samuel Sanchez Nambo (10)

Fernanda Romero (09) Jahyra Romero (09) Matthew Romero (09) Nicholas Romero (09) Rudy Romero (11) Samuel Romero Alvarez (11) Johanna Romero-Cazares (11) Christian Romo (11)

Ashton Sanders (11) Sherrina Sanders (11) Taâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ila Sanders (10) Nicolas Sandoval (10) Evelyn Sandoval Ramirez (09) Stream Sands-Pointejour (11) Victoria Santamaria (09) Andrew Santana (10)

Jeslian Rosado Caballero (09) Ed Rosales (09) Edgar Rosales (11) Edward Rosario (11) Angel Rosas (09) Fabian Rosas (10) Jesus Rosas (11) Bryanna Rose (11)

Virgilio Santana Marcelo (09) Kevin Santiago (09) Jorge Santiago Rivera (10) Andres Santos (10) Catherine Santos (09) Cesar Santos (10) Kimberly Santos (09) Paulina Sap (09)

Timothy Roseborough (10) Azeem Ross (10) Demaia Ross (10) Cindy Rostro (09) Araceli Rubio (10) Dominic Rubio (10) Francisco Rubio (10) Jennefer Rubio (09)

Alex Sarabia Guzman (10) Jacqueline Sauceda (09) Jaime Saucedo (09) Rianna Saucedo (09) Roman Saucedo (11) Osvaldo Saucedo Ramos (09) Aaliyah Sauels (10) Mya Sauels (11)

Nikolas Rubio (09) Santos Rubio (10) Natividad Rubio Rosas (10) Bryanna Ruiz (11) Erick Ruiz (09) Esteban Ruiz (09) Fabien Ruiz (10) Johana Ruiz (11)

Mirinda Savilla (10) Caleb Sawyer (11) David Saxton (10) Kathryn Saxton (09) Chandler Scott (10) Jaliha Scott (10) Jordan Scott (10) Jorri Scott (11)

78 CLASS OF 2019-21

CLASS OF 2019-21 79

Keilee Scott (11) Kevon Scott (11) Melissa Scott (09) Molley Scott (11) Tyler Scott (11) Aaron Scott-Boyd (10) Rhavyn Scroggins (10) Alreyauna Scurlark (11) Landrick Scurlark (09) Ethan Sears (09) Jamiya Seaton (11) Joel Segura (10) Ezekiel Selby (09) Jose Gabriel Sembrano (09) Simeona Sembrano (10) Gillian Sena (11) Araceli Sena-Ayala (09) Jose Sena-Ayala (11) Jaclin Senesoury (09) Kayla Senesoury (09) Ray Sepulveda (09) Andres Serna (09) Jose Serna (11) Lessli Serrano (11) Diego Serrato (09) Jasmin Serret (09) Giovanni Servin (11) Gabriel Sesmas Ortega (10) Kameron Session (11) Clarrisa Shamp (10) Brianna Shaw (09) Jocelyn Shaw (09) William Sheets (11) Aniyah Shelby (11) Aalyhia Shillow (11) Robin Shrestha (10) Kalaya Sibley (11) Amber Siddiqui (11) Alexander Sierra (10) Jimmy Sierra (10) Angel Sierro (09) Meagan Sifuentes (10) Jessica Sigala (09) Seth Sikes (09) Amanda Silva (09) Mark Silva (11) Danielle Silva Smith (09) Kia Simpson (10) Zachary Simpson (09) Chynea Sims (09) Juwan Sims (09) Tynecia Singletary (11) Nicholas Skinner (10) Adrian Smith (10) Arbury Smith (11) Ba’Nayshea Smith (09)

Marco Solis (09) Raymond Solis (09) Zack Solis (11) Robert Soliz (11) Sabastian Soliz (09) Francisco Solorio Rivera (10) Wendy Solorzano-Cruz (10) Angel Soria (11) Jennifer Soriano (09) Efrain Soriano Guel (10) Celeste Sorrells (09) Jamye Sorto (11) Leonel Sorto (10) Jason Sorto-Ramos (11) Will Sosa (11) Nicholas Sosebee (10) Samantha Sotelo (09) Carlos Soto (09) Carlos Soto (09) Dane Soto (11) Josefina Soto (10) Lizbet Soto (09) Margarita Soto (11) Veronica Soto (11) Xavier Soto (09) Leslie Soto Arriaga (11) Katia Soto Sanchez (10) Ramses Soto Urzua (09) Reinhung Soumano (11) Brittney Sourivong (10) Kavion Spencer (11) Seqiuaya Spratt (09) Chana Stanley (11) Cornelious Stanton (10) Laniyah Steadham (09) Elexis Stegall (11) Maresha Stephens (10) Trinity Stephens (10) Christopher Stephenson (11) Kjerrick Stephenson (10) Alviana Stevens (11) Kathryn Stevenson (09) Stacy Stevenson (11) Darien Stewart (11) Orlan Stewart (09) Sydnee Stewart (10) Trystan Stewart(10) Chase Stilwell (10) Adrienne Stinson (11) Ariyah Stinson (09) A’Lyric Stone (11) Sophine Stone (10) Allen Strambler (09) Clayton Stribling (11) Xavier Stuart (10) Keaundra Sykes (09)

Braylen Smith (09) Bria Smith (10) Calen Smith (10) Chanae Smith (11) Erika Smith (11) Gyasi Smith (11) Harley Smith (10) Iyuna Smith (10)

Javon Tadros (09) Lexus Tafolla (11) India Talton (10) Janette Tamayo (09) Hailey Tapia (10) Pamela Tapia (10) Johnny Tat (11) Jaylon Tate (09)

Jacaine Smith (10) Jada Smith (09) Kenneth Smith (10) Kiala Smith (10) Kiara Smith (09) Kyron Smith (09) Madison Smith (09) Mikayla Smith (09)

Johnathan Tate (10) Kenadie Tate (09) Jyavon Tatum (10) Diego Tavera (10) Andrew Taylor (09) Ja’Chela Taylor (09) Ke’Undra Taylor (09) Lesleigh Taylor (09)

Ryan Smith (09) Ryan Smith (11) Trey Smith (11) Aaija Smoker (09) Taylore Snead (10) Valorie Sobrevilla Garza (11) Cynthia Solis (09) Isabel Solis (09)

80 CLASS OF 2019-21

Mikayla Taylor (09) Montell Taylor (11) Nae’Sion Taylor (09) Nia Taylor (10) Shelton Taylor (09) Sir Jonovan Taylor (11) Tonesha Taylor (09) Jadrian Teal (11)

CLASS OF 2019-21 81

Jasmine Tello (09) Carleon Tennant (09) Joinae Tennison (09) Bayron Tenorio (10) Laura Tenorio (11) Natahjae Terrell (10) Kimberly Terron (10) Angelica Terrones (09) Blanca Tevez Hernandez (09) Payton Thames (10) Benny Thammavong (09) Lamichael Therien (11) Amel Thomas (11) Cameron Thomas (10) Caytlyn Thomas (10) De’Ivion Thomas (09) Deav’Yon Thomas (11) Ebony Thomas (11) Jonathan Thomas (09) Kamren Thomas (11) Kevin Thomas (10) Khanyia Thomas (09) Lataja Thomas (10) Maikel Thomas (09) Serenity Thomas (09) Zaelan Thomas (11) Bailee Thompson (11) Christopher Thompson (10) Khadijah Thompson (10) Maia Thompson (10) Payton Thompson (11) Breala Thomson (11) Khalen Thornton (11) Khelen Thornton (10) Makayla Thornton (11) Cy’Keria Thornton-Stuart (09) Jazzmyn Thurman (11) Kristian Thurman (09) Trenton Thurman (09) Xavier Tijerina (10) Yasmine Tillman (11) Yastasia Tillman (10) Tationa Timms (09) Travon Timms (09) Diana Tinajero (10) Adriana Tinajero-Lopez (11) Kendal Titus (09) Loida Tobar Dubon (11)

Brodrick Traylor (09) Tiffaney Traylor (10) Samantha Trejo (10) Jason Treminio (11) Diego Trevino (11) Shane Trigg (09) Christean Trotter (10) Nathaniel Trujillo (11) MacKenzie Tucker (11) Reginald Turknett (09) Aaliyah Turner (10) Amiya Turner (10) Amya Turner (11) Antwan Turner (09) Desire Turner (10) Eric Turner (10) Jacoby Turner (09) Jermaeya Turner (09) Jermaine Turner (11) Jermya Turner (09) Shaniah Turner (09) Jayden Tyler (09) Caitlyn Tyree (09) Ariana Tyson (09) Demondrey Tyson (10) Daniella Ugalde (11) Mariah Ugalde (10) Brittany Ukabiala (10) Maria Ulloa (11) Nicole Ulloa (10) Cindy Ulloa Aguilar (09) David Ulloa Rodriguez (09) Yuri Umana (09) Karla Urbina (11) Floryvonne Urbina Hernandez (11) Aline Urbina Salazar (11) Keyla Urzua Cardenas (10) Vanessa Uzarraga (11) Athziry Valadez (11) Hector Valadez (10) Stephanie Valadez (11) Cruz Valdespino (10) Abygail Valdez (09) Alondra Valdez (11) Cesar Valdez (10) Eliseo Valdez (11) Joseph Valdez (10) Juliet Valdez (11)

Alejandro Tobias 011 Laila Toby 009 Jackson Todd 009 Angel Tolbert 011 William Toles 009 Christian Toliver 010 Eric Torreblanca 009 Abel Torres 010

Kayla Valdez (10) Robert Valdez (09) Trent Valdez (09) Nexsar Valdovinos (10) Karen Valencia (11) Kelly Valencia (10) Anthony Valentine(11) Damonica Valentine (11)

Adamary Torres (11) Alison Torres (09) Aliyah Torres (09) Amaya Torres (11) Anna Torres (11) Carolina Torres (10) Chloe Torres (11) Correna Torres (09)

Angelica Valenzuela (09) Zachary Valeriano (11) Gloria Valerio (10) Abigail Vance (10) Heather Vandygriff (10) Neri Vanegas (10) Britney Vann (11) Maria Vara Mendez (09)

Isaac Torres (09) Larry Torres (11) Michelle Torres (11) Orlando Torres (09) Jason Torres Garay (10) Alexis Torres Garcia (11) Kenneth Toruno (10) Alondra Tovar (09) Cassandra Tovar (11) Jorge Tovar (10) Robert Tovar (10) Willie Townsel (11) Nea’Monie Townsend (09) Joseph Tramel (10) Chris Tran (09) Angel Traylor (09)

78 CLASS OF 2019-21

Alexander Varela (09) Carolina Varela (10) Jazmin Varela (10) Martin Varela (11) Yesenia Varela (11) Anastasia Vargas (10) Hernan Vargas (09) Janette Vargas (11) Jorge Vargas (09) Vanessa Vargas Olvando (10) Ashla Vasquez (11) Fred Vasquez (10) Jaythan Vasquez (10) Jessica Vasquez 011 Jesus Vasquez (09) Ruth Vasquez (10)

CLASS OF 2019-21 79

Jorge Vasquez Fuentes (10) Axel Vazquez (10) Christie Vazquez (11) Dafne Vazquez (10) Melissa Vazquez (10) Valerie Vazquez (09) Brisa Vazquez Ramirez (10) Jerriah Veasey (11)

Stephanie Ward (09) Mickel Warren (11) Chelsea Washington (11) Dearick Washington (10) Felinisia Washington (10) Jessica Washington (10) Keyana Washington (09) Kristina Washington (10)

Bryan Vega (09) Yulisa Vega (11) Jose Vega Silva (10) Fernando Vela (09) Jacqueline Vela (09) Samantha Vela (09) Adrian Velasquez (09) Alexus Velasquez (09)

Semyria Washington (110 Zyra Washington (11) Isaiah Waters (11) Jillian Watson (10) Lakandra Watson (09) Raven Watson (10) Taryn Watson (11) Talaya Weatherall (09)

Andres Velasquez (11) Hector Velasquez (10) Joseph Velasquez (11) Nestor Velasquez (11) Ebany Velazquez Morado (09) Joseline Velazquez Morales (09) Emmanuel Velez (11) Michelle Velez (09) Steven Velez (09) Edward Velez Serrano (09) Bianca Ventura (10) Karla Venzor (11) Lily Vera (09) Yasmin Vera-Eliserio (09) Giovanni Verastegui (09) Christian Verite (09) Addison Vernon (09) Angel Vielman (11) Beatriz Villa (09) Eliud Villa (10) Justin Villa (09) Michael Villa (10) Karla Villa Campuzano (10) Jaime Villagomez (11) Brianna Villarreal (10) Elijha Villarreal (11) Laura Villarreal (11) Emily Villarreal Robles (11) Lakshmi Villarreal-Tellez (09) Sebstien Villasenor (11) Jose Villatoro (11) Ever Villatoro Reyes (10) Juan Villatoro-Reyes (10) Joselyn Villegas (09) Marcelo Villegas (11) Ricardo Villegas (10) Alondra Villegas-Avila (09) Katie Villela (11) Natalie Viraphonh (09) Savyna Viraphonh (11)

Anyia Weaver (09) Tyrrick Webb (11) Aker Webster (09) Domanic Webster (09) Logan Wells (09) Nazir Welsh (10) Isaiah Wesley (10) Lenny West (11) Adriana Westbrook (10) Tia Wheeler (09) Michael Whitaker (09) Aiyana White (11) Brooke White (09) Issaias White (11) J’Nilia White (11) Jordan White (11) Kaitlin White (11) Kennedy White (09) Tenea White (11) Anthony Wigfall (10) Jada Wiggins (10) Jorden Wiggins (10) Na’Koria Wiggins (11) Auidacious Wiley (10) Dy’Mond Wiley (10) Cullin Wilhelm (09) Arius Williams (11) Austin Williams (10) Brandon Williams (09) Bryanna Williams (09) Courtney Williams (11) Daley Williams (11) Dyani Williams (10) Dyiamonde Williams (10) Faith Williams (11) Imani Williams (11) Jacieon Williams (10) Jalen Williams (10) James Williams (09) Kaya Williams (09)

Ciara Vital (11) Fabiola Viveros Vargas (10) Briseida Vizcarra-Pereznegron (11) Ethan Vue (09) Alondra Wade (11) Antonae Wade (09) Jada Wakefield (09) Aniyah Walker (10)

Kedric Williams (09) Kendria Williams (10) Kennedy Williams (09) Kyron Williams (11) Leah Williams (10) Malaya Williams (10) Miarre Williams (09) Nailah Williams (11)

Azaria Walker (09) Daveon Walker (11) Derrick Walker (09) Gabrielle Walker (09) Jaelyn Walker (11) Kenneth Walker (09) Quincy Walker (10) Raivon Walker (10)

Quentin Williams (09) Sandrea Williams (10) Taelor Williams (09) Mykia Williamson (10) Aviana Willis (11) William Willis (09) Aryana Wills (09) Aundra Wilson (09)

Stone Walker (09) Manassah Walker-Rivera (09) Aimee Wallace (11) Brandon Wallace (11) Brooklyn Wallace (09) Ja’Keveaun Wallace (10) Aliyah Wamsley (11) Mahja Wamsley (11)

84 CLASS OF 2019-21

Christian Wilson (11) Jules Wilson (11) Nyah Wilson (09) Darrin Wingate (10) Breaunna Winn (09) April Womack (11) Destiney Woods (11)

CLASS OF 2019-21 85

2017-18 Administrative Team

Keyanna Woods (11) Makayla Woods (9) Derian Wooten (11) Kennedy Wooten (9) Keanu Word (9) Hannah Wright (9) Kayla Wright (10) Kyla Wright (9) Ladon Wright (10) Shavon Wright (10) Tia Wright (11) Willie Wright (10) Jacky Wu (10) Amari Wynn (10) Rigoberto Yanes (11) Samuel Yanes (9) Jessica Yanes Castellon (9) Alyssa Yanez (9) Ashley Yanez (9) Guadalupe Yanez Rodriguez (11) Ramiro Yanez Rodriguez (9) Misael Yanez Villatoro (11) Xavier Yates (9) Zavion Yates (10) Sabrina Ybarra (11) Monique Yescas (11) Lesly Yescas Chavez (10) Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Shunti York-Kirby (09) Alyssa Young (10) Cortez Young (09) Essence Young (10) Justis Young (09)

Tia Simmons

Executive Principal

Alejandro Zamarripa (11) David Zamarripa (11) Angel Zamora (10) Benny Zamora (09) Jazmine Zamora (09) Samantha Zamora (11) Maria Zamudio (10) Axel Zapata (09)

Manuela Diaz Castro Laverne Dorsey Chris Dugdale Priscilla Evans Scott Fahey Christina Falcon Aundrea Foreman Charles Glover

Celeste Zapata-Figueroa (11) Jimena Zarate (10) Emily Zavala (09) Sheyla Zavala (10) Edith Zavala Mendoza (11) Jennie Zhang (11) Lorie Zhang (09) Fabela Zulema (11)

William Groene Adrienne Hamm Jeanne Hammond Bianca Hemphill Dinia Henderson Lynn Hunter Johanna Johnston Tim Knecht

Bianca Zuniga (10) Erik Zuniga (11) Matthew Zuniga (10) Emily Zylka (10)

2017-18 Faculty & Staff Alleasha Austin Halley Backus Tonia Benns Ann Bertrand Jeanine Birckbichler Latrece Blair Shelia Bruce Newton Buliva Emily Carrel Wanda Carter Fields Antyone Christian Stephaine Cooper Ronnie Cotton Sara Cox Stacey Dameron Janis Davis

86 CLASS OF 2019-21/Faculty

Russell Knight Monica Landry Wilson Grant Lynch Kimberly Martinez Stan McConnell Arthur McCoy Zachary Molid Faith Nibbs Bianca Patlan Teresa Prather Sharon Presley Javaun Price Cliford Reed James Rich Sonia Ruiz Perez Lucy Russell Sean Russell Ruth Salinas Edith Sanchez Keith Spurlock Kelley Steinbring Brigitte Sutter Rodney Swisher Sherrie Taylor

Margaret Thomas Annette Valenzuela Jay Walbran Judy Warren Sherita Washington Jackson Dennis Williams David Womack Scott Wood



Katie Guillen

Anaya Helse

YOU DID IT!! We are extremely proud of your strides & accomplishments! You are truly our blessing. Your loving nature, optimism & maturity are traits that have helped you overcome any hurdles along this journey. We look forward to the next transition in your journey & always remember: Knowledge is Power. Love Dad & Mom

Amie Kinard & Sophie Edwards We’ll stop being friends when pigs fly

My Baby Girl, Seems like just yesterday I was attending your class programs, teacher conferences, award ceremonies, soccer, volleyball, basketball games, field trips, field day events, band concerts, etc. Thank you for this AWESOME journey and everything YOU have taught me. There are not enough words to express how proud I am and how much you are loved. As you transition into adulthood, may you be blessed with happiness, humility, wisdom, patience, determination, strength, and health. Remember, “You can do everything through Christ who gives you strength.” Love you more, more, more, more, Momma

88 Senior Ads

P.S. From your sister, you are the best and I love you more and more every day. Thank you for always being there for me. You are amazing. Jocelyn

Photographed by the awesome Meg ingram

Senior Ads

Bryar Fuentes

We Love You To The Moon & Back! We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. It has been an honor to be a part of your story, and we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to see what the next chapter has in store for you. Love Mom & Chris

Langston Smith Proud of you Son No other words to say son. Your mom and I are very proud of you for overcoming obstacles and opposition on so many levels of your achievement. May God always bless you and keep you. Love you Son

Designed by

Taylor Gardner Where has the time gone? Our Ladybug is spreading her wings. What a privilege and pleasure this journey is! You are smart, king and captivating and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve only just begun. Continue to let God guide you and you will find your purpose. Love Papi & Mom 90 Senior Ads

Leslie Bonilla

Leslie, You have inspired us with your high goals and hard work. We are so proud of all your accomplishments and know you will do great things in your life. Remember to always do your best and know that you can do anything. We love you with all our hearts! Congratulations! Love, Mom & Dad and family Senior Ads 91

Jonathan Bailey

92 SECTION Designed by

You are Destined for Greatness! We are so proud of the Young Man that you have become. You have demonstrated discipline with your educational goals and have successfully completed a major milestone in your lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s journey. Always remember that your journey is never complete unless you remember those that helped you along the way. Keep God and Family First and you will continue to soar! Love Senior Adsand Mom and Dad, Jasmine, Jade, Madison 92 MiMi

Serena gonzales Serena, We have watched you grow into a beautiful young lady with a loving spirit.We are so proud of all the hard work you have done maintaining varsity swimmer: We now send you off to discover all your dreams and to enjoy new adventures. We love you Meme Mom & your village

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Devynn Becerra This is a bitter sweet moment. As parents we want you to stay young forever, like the bubbly little girl dancing and singing around the house. But I know the time has come to spread your wings and fly. Time for you to look ahead and dream of all the bright possibilities that the future holds for you. We are so blessed that God gave you so many talents and are very pride of all your accomplishments from dancing, singing, acting and now putting them all together in musical theatre. You have overcome every obstacles and you never let them stop you. We love that you put God first and you never stop working on your craft. Always put your trust in God and remember to Dream Big. Love, mom and dad

92 Senior Ads

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Leah Iturralde Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re All Grown Up Set goals and when you reach them set higher ones because you were made to succeed. We ar so proud to be your parents! We love you! Go get emâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; baby girl!

Seniors who Rode Bus 55 Remember No Dream is Ever To Big; Believe In Yourself. Above All Help Others On Their Path To Success And Your Success is Guaranteed. Mr. Harris 94 Senior Ads

Nate Donohue Nate, A time for looking back on lessons learned & adventures shared filled with special meaning. A time for saying goodbye to old friends. A time for looking forward. A time to set new goals & dream new dreams. Love Always, Mom & Dad

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Marcus Mosley

We are so proud of you and the young man you have become. Enjoy every minute of what is ahead and believe in your dreams because we believe in you! Keep God first in all you do. Love, Dad & Mama T

Noah Kile

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Mia Nicole,

These few years of high school seem to have flown by and now graduation is upon us. It has been my pleasure to watch you blossom into a beautiful young lady over time here at Duncanvlle High School. You have persevered despite the many obstacles youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve faced and for that you have made me the proudest Mom on earth. As you embark on the next chapter of your life remember to stay prayerful, humble, optimistic, and determined. Congratulations! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to celebrate, you deserve it!!!

Love, Mommy

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Mia CArter

Noah, We are so proud of you and your love of the Lord. Your dreams and aspirations are indicative of your heart and dedication to His plan. We hold you in our prayers and will be here to celebrate every moment as you begin your new journey. So much love, Mom, Dad, and Family

Michael Adrian Franz Congratulations Mike!! I cant believe its graduation time! I am so proud of you! It has been my great pleasure to walk by your side to the end of this chapter and into the next one we call life. Your journey is just beginning son, and I wish you all the luck in the world! May life take you exactly where your dreams are. Life is what you make it, always aim high, always have faith and never give up! Always believe in yourself as I believe in you! With all my love, Mom YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!! We are SUPER PROUD OF YOU MIKE!!!! Mom&Rick,Sal,Julian,Nana,Ellie&John

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meet the staff Editor’s note: Being Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook is something that I never saw myself doing. Going into it I didn’t realize how much responsibility came with the title but I wouldn’t wish for it to be any other way. Having such an important role in the production of the yearbook was extremely stressful but with the help of my fellow editors and others around me we were able to make it a successful year. This year we were faced with many obstacles that made the making of the book nearly impossible, that being said, it may not be the best book that Duncanville High School Student Media has produced, but all of the long days, new memories, and good friends made it all more than worth it. Bailey Boelter Editor-in-Chief

bailey boelter Editor-in-Chief

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Madison Cooper

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other staff madison cooper Print Editor

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The One That Got Away

Auyana Aird Christopher Banda Marisa Edwards Andres Guerra Gisela Lopez Natalie Lopez George Lozano Mariah Perkins Nia Taylor

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In Memory of our Fallen Panthers 2017-2018 Miguel Rodriguez April 25, 2000-January 16, 2018 Miguel loved DHS and was an acting part of the Drama Department. He had roles in Charlie Brownâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Christmas play and Twilight Zone and was very active in the Theatre class as well as his culinary class. He loved the Oakland Raiders and WWE.

LaMarcus Washington November 30, 2009September 10, 2017

Alpha October 27, 1998 Omega January 14, 2018

100Fallen Panthers


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2018 panther tale yearbook  

This is the final version of the 2018 Panther Tale Yearbook. This version includes all Spring events as well as graduation.

2018 panther tale yearbook  

This is the final version of the 2018 Panther Tale Yearbook. This version includes all Spring events as well as graduation.