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Oak hill middle pays it forward

Who’s Who?

By Peter

by Dennis

Beginning upon the Thursday community afternoon of November 18th, the 8.1 team got in the spirit of the holidays a little earlier, by developing a food drive…although with an objective which may begin with about 103 students to multiplying to numerous powers. This was initiated by students’ ideas which were inspired in an activity following the grades’ watching of Pay It Forward, a movie in which a twelve year old, who has a mature mind, composes an objective, indirectly prescribed by his Social-Studies teacher, titled, “Pay Panther Press reporter, Michael sporting a It Forward,” in which, for example, if he assists three small handful of the food drive’s goods! homeless citizens, they will proceed to multiply that to three additional citizens… Today…work was diligently afloat within the homerooms: Ms. Swedberg/Milinsky and Ms. Kappel/Olivar— constructed collection boxes Ms. Dempsey/Mr. Koch—developed media and marketing apparatuses Ms. McCann/Ms. Mayrand—The “CEOs” compiled a scrapbook of quotes written by students in an activity following the movie

There has been a lot of news going around our little school building that there are teachers leaving the school for a temporary while. With that, there would have to be people to replace them. In eighth grade on team 8-1, the social studies teacher Mrs. Kappel needed some rest after her cancer treatment and left after Thanksgiving break and will not be back until March. Currently, Ms. Williams is taking her place in room 234. Also on team 8-1, science teacher Mrs. Dempsey will be taking a leave of absence due to a new child. She will be absent from February until…. Former science teacher Mr. Massar from Bigelow Middle School will substitute for her in the meantime. Also in the eighth grade wing, Mrs. Sweet, social-studies teacher on team 8-2 and former teacher of team 6-3 will be gone starting after December vacation. We will miss all these old faces, but we will welcome all the new ones. Hopefully, the teachers can return as soon as pos-

The event seems to have captured the attention of students around the Oak Hill Middle School. According to eighth grade student, Dennis, “’I think it is a good idea, that way we can help the less fortunate.’ Only some of the many overflowing boxes sprawled upon the floor of an eighth grade classroom! ‘I will .’” Students have their own goal in mind—not only to assist those neglected, although are under obligation of donating the most for their ‘panther-home’ ? to receive a pizza-party. NBA Predictions for MVP By Katie NBA fans have already begun predicting who will get MVP this year. Many say that Lebron James of the Miami Heat, last years MVP, is out of the competition because he will have to share with past all stars, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Kobe is always up for MVP, so he has a good chance as well. Predictions also say that Amar’e Stoudamire form the New York Knicks and Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls. But the most likely contender is Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant was the FIFA World Championship MVP, which is one of the main reasons why he is predicted to win MVP. Who do you think will be the 2010-2011 NBA MVP?

Who will be this year’s MVP for the NBA…?

After more than Half of a Decade, Mayrand Steps Down From “Panther Press” By Peter The longtime club of relaying critical events to our school, after half of a decade of dedicated work, Ms. Mayrand, will no longer assume the responsibilities of Panther Press advisor; as of January 2011. “I have learned so much working with young journalists as I will thoroughly miss working on the newspaper. I think it’s an excellent way for students to discover their strengths as communicators,” articulated Mayrand. We, here at Oak Hill thank Ms. Mayrand for her work. Has the news stopped? NO! The newspaper club is searching for an advisor…if you feel as though you are the qualified individual, please inquire with Ms. Mayrand in the

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A Wintry Storm Covers Oak Hill’s Grounds

Around OUR World The Environment


Meet your teachers... Mr. Golden, 7th grade science

By Rotem What do you think is the worst thing happening to the environment? What are you doing to help the environment? What do you think we can do as a community to help the environment? We interviewed teachers about these three questions above. Below are some of their responses. Mr. Wood’s responses: Mr. Wood said, “People losing their connections with the environment, and when we lose our connection things like global warming or pollution can happen.” “I try to live simply and be aware of my personal actions and how they affect the environment,” Mr. Wood says he want to limit his impacts. “People should line-dry clothes and use we can use drying racks in our homes.” Mr. Wood thinks that it could help the environment in a good way. “Carpool, walk, and ride on our bikes can decrease pollution.” Ms. Mulligan’s opinions: Ms. Mulligan says that the worst thing happening to the environment is pollution. “Recycling,” Ms. Mulligan says, then adds, “I use and buy environmentally-friendly products. “As a community,” she starts, “I believe that we should get together to brainstorm new ideas on how to preserve the environment.” Mr. Janow says: 1)” I would have to say it is people not recycling.” 2) “There are two things that I am doing,” Mr. Janow informs. “I am going to buy a Prius, which uses gas as well as electric energy. I am also trying to buy recycled goods if I can.” 3) “Oak-Hill,” Mr. Janow begins, “should start a weekend rally, where we can volunteer to pick up trash and set a goal to how much we can pick up. Or we can increase people’s awareness of these

The future to a ‘green’ planet is in our hands!

problems in the newspaper or online.”

Q: What do you learn from your 7th

Do you use pennies a lot? There are probably several in your wallet. People all around the U.S. use pennies every day. You may have heard that some people are considering getting rid of the United States penny. Though nothing has been made official yet, there may be no more pennies in your wallet soon. While many people think that the penny should be banned, many others feel that the penny deserves to stay. What do you think? If you don’t know, here are some reasons to and to not get rid of our 1-cent coin:

the latest fans are, and what the latest


do outside of school?

•• In March of 2008, it cost 1.7 cents to mint just one penny – so the government was spending more on making a penny than it was actually worth! •• The U.S. mints around 7 billion pennies each year, at over $100 million. •• Since pennies are worth so little, a lot of people assume they can’t be used, and never use them, letting them just sit in a jar someplace. •• Some stores and businesses don’t except this small coin, causing them to be useless there. •• Many say that rounding prices on everything to the nearest nickel would make no difference on the economy. Others say that most prices would go down, something people would like. •• As to charities that ask for pennies, well, they can just ask for nickels instead! •• Some feel that pennies, being so tiny in worth, are just a waste of time to use in transactions. Small children can choke on the bits of copper if they’re lying around. Plus, sometimes pennies are toxic, making them much more dangerous when swallowed.

A: “I Play tennis, garden, go to the south to

FOR KEEPING THE PENNY: •• Many charities rely on pennies for their money (for example – Pennies for Peace, raising money to build schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan), and getting rid of them would be a huge blow to their funds. The penny has lots of historical sentiment. It’s been used since 1787, when the first one was made. Though the fact that there are more reasons for eliminating the penny may sway you, keep in mind that the two reasons for keeping it are big ones. Memorial-Spaulding Elementary school raised money for Pennies for Peace last year. Most of the coins donated were pennies. And Americans have been using pennies for so long. Many stores do already round their prices to the nearest nickel, and some even don’t allow pennies at all in their businesses. There are other kinds of coins that nay end up replacing the penny. There was actually a half-cent coin until 1857. And some people suggest that the penny should be replaced with a 2- or 3-cent coin. If you’d like to learn more, there are actually websites on the penny debate that give one or both opinions. There are also organizations, including Citizens for Retiring the Penny, who are for the elimination, and Americans for Common Cents, who are against it. Both make you think, as I hope this article has, what does the penny mean to me?

grade students? A: “I learn what it’s like to be young, what

fashion is by looking at what the kids are wearing.” Q: What’s your hobby? What do you

scuba dive, and cook. When I was a young boy I used to cook to earn money.” Q: How long did you teach? A: “51 years everywhere, but I taught here when this school changed from an elementary school to a middle school.” Q: Why did you pick science to teach? A: “I was planning to be a scientist, but then I got hooked up with education so I became a science teacher. I wanted to be a marine biologist.” Q: Do you like this school? A: “Yes, I think it is the best school in the city.”

Capt. Hook by Abby Capt. Hook by J.V. Hart is a wonderful and enticing prologue about the life of the dastardly villain in the delightful fairy tale, Peter Pan. Appealing, interesting, and eccentric, it’s a must read book. James Matthew Bastard has been enrolled at one of the most prestigious school for boys in England, Eton, and the moment he sets foot on campus, he causes an uproar. He’s made an enemy of a bitter Colleger, Arthur Darling and has won one of the most esteemed games at Eton that no one his age has won in almost a hundred years. But when James, King Jas to his faithful Jolly R, gets into deep trouble with the English authorities, and even a young Sultana of Crete, he is forced to leave the country and serve seven years on his father’s boat, The SeaWitch. But, as King Jas says, his enemies may win someday, but not today. A thrilling and adventurous tale of a not-sonotorious villain with the heart of a true hero, it is a must read book, a nine out of ten and one of the best books I’ve read this year.

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