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The March Break was a highly anticipated week for 35 of Victoria Park’s students, who had signed themselves up for the trip of a lifetime: an excursion to Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. While the purpose of the voyage was to give students a greater appreciation for Canada’s history, the opportunity to see some of the world’s most renowned and beautiful landmarks was a nice bonus . The trip began in Brussels, Belgium, where the group arrived after a six-hour flight. They boarded a coach and headed immediately to their hotel in Paris, France, where they would spend the next two days. The first day in Paris was comprised of a visit to the artists’ square Montmartre, the Montparnasse tower, and a cruise down the famous Seine River. Continued on page 2.


Despite the stubborn Canadian cold that seems to suggest otherwise, spring has arrived, and so have many of its fashion trends. Just like how the change of seasons this time of year usually brings a sense of relief and breath of fresh air, your wardrobe should experience a similar purge of bulky winter coats and a welcoming of light and fun pieces. The Contrasting Collar Dress Shirt: Subtle and understated, a contrasting colour on the collar effectively plays on the classic dress shirt. Often associated with formal and/or business attire, a different collar easily makes the wardrobe staple more casual but still leaves room for you to dress up without looking overdone.


For those who miss spectacular catches, homeruns, and pitching gems, the wait is over. As the winter breeze turns into spring air, 30 teams are beginning the strenuous six-month journey with the hope of becoming the 2014 World Series Champion. The off-season has come and gone, and another year of surprises, historical moments, and America’s pastime is about to commence. Like any off-season, this off-season brought new hope to teams and changed the landscape of the baseball world. The departure of Prince Fielder from Detroit to Texas set the bar early for off-season moves, and it was quickly matched by the signings of Robinson Cano with Seattle and Masahiro Tanaka with the Yankees.

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Continued from Page 1. On the second day, the students took a guided tour with their local tour guide Tierrie, who had a lot of intriguing stories to tell. They also visited the Champs Élysées, and the Arc of Triumph, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Palace of Versailles, where they learned about the royal family of France. After dinner, the excited students engaged in a much awaited photo session in front of the Eiffel Tower. They then headed back to their hotel and had a good night’s sleep in preparation for their early wakeup call the next morning. PHOTO CREDIT: JASON PENNEY

April 12, 2014 People from all over the world honour their mothers and express their love for them. Over the course of history the celebration of Mother’s Day has changed, however, the idea and meaning behind it remains the same. The tradition started when a church decree in 17�� century England appointed the fourth Sunday of Lent as Mothering Day. This day was created to honour mothers. On that day, families were allowed to feast even though it was in the middle of Lent, the annual spring 40-day ritual of fasting and meditation as observed by many Christians. At the feast, mothers, who would receive gifts from their children, were greatly respected as well as honoured. This decree, however, didn’t start Mother’s Day in America. In the U.S., it was Anna Marie Jarvis who made Mother’s Day a nationally recognized holiday. By 1914, she had convinced President Woodrow Wilson to formally recognize Mother’s Day at the federal level. Today, a growing number of more than 40 countries are celebrating this day. In Canada, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, with people thanking their mothers by sending them cards and flowers. Many Canadians also take Mom out to a

The group then took a tour bus to Normandy, where they visited the D-Day beaches and Juno Beach Centre. Many of the students were teary eyed as they came face-to-face with the events of World War One that they had learned about in history class. On the fourth night of the Europe trip, the group, excited for what was in store, visited Ypres, Belgium where they took part in the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate. This was an especially important part of the trip for Victoria Park, for two students, Janeththa Rajendran and Daisy He were able to participate in the ceremony. They marched proudly with a wreath bearing the words “Victoria Park C.I. Remembers,” which was designed especially to commemorate the soldiers who were missing in World War One and whose graves are still unknown. The group then proceeded to the Netherlands, taking a guided tour of the beautiful city of Amsterdam with their chic tour guide, Leray. They went to the Anne Frank House, learning more about the young girl’s experience during the Holocaust. This was, for some, a very


restaurant, café, or to simply enjoy a day in the park. It is important to note, however, that not all countries celebrate Mother’s Day this way. In India for example, Mother’s Day is celebrated with a festival called “Durga Puja”, which lasts 10 days in the month of October. Durga is the goddess that protects people and she is commonly acknowledged as the Universal Mother. The Hindus invite their mothers for a feast and reflect on the sacrifices their mothers have made. In Sweden, Swedes sell plastic flowers before Mother’s Day. Then, they use the profit from selling these flowers to arrange a vacation for the mothers with many children. In Japan, children draw pictures of their mothers and sometimes enter them in contests. They also do chores and give their mothers carnations and cards. For many centuries, people from all over the world have reflected on the importance of their mothers in their lives. In different countries, mothers are honoured and respected using different methods. No matter where, when, or how Mother’s Day is celebrated, it reminds everyone of the contributions and sacrifices our mothers have made.

personal visit, as the museum was designed so that each room told a part of Anne’s life story, capturing the human experience of World War Two. The group then headed to Holland, where they visited a farm owned by a “happy little man” who showed them how to hand-make cheese and fashion clogs. After touring in the Netherlands, the group of teachers and students, who had begun to feel like a family, took a six hour train ride to Germany, where they saw the impact of World War Two. They visited the remains of the Berlin Wall, which had once divided the country into two, and saw the colourful and intelligent architecture of East Berlin. They also had the opportunity of visiting a Concentration Camp, which was a more sentimental part of the trip. It was very touching for some to walk in the place where so many people were tortured simply for being born the way that they were. Sitting where they ate, seeing where they were executed and passing through the fields where they had toiled really opened up some of the students’ eyes to the reality of discrimination. It was a scary realization, but an important one. On their last night in Germany, the group packed in preparation for the return flight home. Their voyage had come to an end, but the friendships and memories they had made would live on. A special thanks to Ms. Maize, Ms. Reid, Ms. Shank, Mr. Penny, and Mr. Vidrih for all their hard work and planning. Without these dedicated staff members, the trip would not have been possible!

April 12, 2014 Victoria Day is a Canadian federal holiday celebrated every year on the Monday before May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. This year, the holiday lies on May 19. In 1845, the Parliament of the Province of Canada recognized May 24 as the birthday of the Queen. In 1901, following the death of the Queen, a law was made to name May 24 Victoria Day, to remember the "Mother of the Confederation". Eventually in 1952 the holiday was changed to be the day it is today. There are many activities in which to participate on this holiday in Toronto. Some of these fun Victoria Day traditions include watching fireworks in various parks and participating in parades.


Fireworks happen in a wide variety of parks including Canada’s Wonderland and High Park. There are also various festivals, such as the Contact Photography Festival, Guyana Festival, and International Children’s Festival happening at this time. The Fireworks Cruise in downtown Toronto, whose main highlights include the Toronto Harbour Fireworks, a DJ, dance floor, and a multicourse dinner, is another event to which to look forward. As well, Canadians across the country also have their own way of celebrating: skiing in Banff, surfing in Queens County, and white water rafting in Shuswap Lake. There is much to do on this anticipated national holiday!

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Le 30 mars 2014 NAYAAB PUNJANI

Plusieurs bateaux et aéronefs sont partis à la recherche, et ils font tout possibles pour trouver les restes de l’avion. En plus, des enquêteurs essayent de trouver la cause de la disparition d’un avion avancé avec un équipage chevronné. Pourquoi est-ce que tous les transpondeurs de l’avion ont été fermés? Pourquoi est-ce que l’avion a changé son cap? Est-ce que l’avion sera récupéré? Il y a plusieurs questions à propos du vol 370. Cependant, maintenant tout reste un mystère. Mais, avec du temps, nous saurons la vérité de ce qui s’est vraiment passé avec le vol 370.


Beaucoup de personnes connaissent la tragédie du vol 370. Cet avion malais qui a décollé de Beijing avec 239 personnes à bord, était porté disparu le 8 mars. Plusieurs pays ont essayé de le trouver mais sans succès. Après 2 semaines de soucis, les parents des passagers attendaient toujours de bonnes nouvelles. Cependant, le 24 mars, leurs peurs ont été confirmées. Ils ont appris que l’avion a eu un crash dans l’océan indien du Sud, et qu’il n’y avait pas de survivants. Cette nouvelle a mis fin à leurs espoirs. Des personnes sont devenues désespérées, et plusieurs personnes étaient envoyées à l’hôpital à cause du choc. Il y avait du débris vu dans la région du crash, mais on ne pouvait pas le trouver. Aussi, il n’est pas confirmé que ce débris appartient au vol 370. Des officiels continuent à chercher ce qui reste de l’avion, mais à cause du mauvais temps dans cette région, ils doivent reporter l’enquête.

April 12, 2014

April 13, 2014



There is no doubt the 2013-2014 school year is nearing its end. With the sun out and shining, students can start planning their long awaited summer vacation. For this year’s graduating class, two months remain before they officially bid farewell to VP and start a new chapter in their lives. For any Grade 12 students accepted to the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in the fall of 2014, applications for an entrance scholarship are still available. This scholarship offers a total amount of $10 000 to students from any high school. To those that are interested in submitting an application for this scholarship, a minimum average of 85% needs to

be earned within the Grade 12 year upon graduation. Students applying for this scholarship must either be a Canadian citizen, or permanent resident and Ontario resident. In addition, the student must have also officially accepted the offer to attend Ryerson University. Not only is a need for financial aid is required, the students’ leadership skills matter as well. Rigorous community involvement and extracurricular activities are highly recommended as they will help increase the chance of earning this scholarship. To those that are interested, please make note that April 30, 2014 will be the deadline to apply.

Only two more months left of school? This means that exams are right around the corner! Take a deep breath, stop panicking, and follow these tips! 1. Make flash cards. Rewriting is proven to aid memorization, and your brain will absorb the information more easily. Using flash cards to test yourself is learning while having fun! 2. Start reviewing now! Study in chunks. It will give you more time to breathe before the exam and will prevent cramming. 3. Manage your workspace. A clean, quiet, and organized study area is important for helping you to mentally prepare for studying. It puts you in a more comfortable and relaxed environment. 4. Manage your studying time. Set aside a certain amount of time every day solely for revision. Set goals to

finish studying a unit or chapter by a certain day. Remember to pace yourself and balance your schedule effectively. 5. Study in groups. For some it may help to be around people who are also studying for the same exam. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and apply your knowledge to answer some too. Be advised, however, not to waste time in this study group by talking excessively. If you find that this is the case, it is probably best for you to study alone. 6. Seek help. If there are any frustrating concepts, feel free to stop by teachers’ offices and ask questions. It never hurts! They will clarify misconceptions and help you achieve your personal best. After all, they are the ones writing and marking the exams!


On Tuesday April 22, 2014, Eco-Council held their first do-it-yourself, DIY, workshop. A group of students, consisting of Eco-Council members and any other interested individuals from the school gathered after school at 3:15, to learn how to make a bag, scarf or apron from an old t-shirt. The event was planned as a way to raise awareness about waste reduction, and how to effectively reuse old items. Reusing and reducing waste play major roles in helping decrease the amount of garbage that arrives at landfills and leads to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, and the destruction of our planet. This DIY workshop was executed in hopes of spreading the message of how simple it can be to reuse, and how a single individual can make a difference.

The handbag was the most popular choice, with almost everybody choosing to cut, glue and stretch their t-shirt in ways that would allow them to make a unique and personalized handbag. Not only did the students learn a new skill, but they were also able to converse with other individuals in a fun, afterschool activity. The event ended with each person taking home with them their new creation, and intents of exploring different ways to reuse their old t-shirts and other products lying around at home. “I had a lot of fun making the bag, and I met new people on top of that. I’m definitely going to try similar projects on my own after this!” concluded Mishal Dar, one of eco-council members who participated in this event.

MAY 2014 •

April 1, 2014 NADEYA ALLI

You may have seen her in the English office, in VP’s Improv Club and Improv Team, or maybe she has greeted you in the halls with a happy smile. She is one of VP’s new staff additions. I’m talking about Ms. Berazadi! I had the opportunity to sit down, chat, and get to know her better. Nadeya Alli: “What are some of your interests?” Ms. Diana Berazadi: “I am really drawn to nature. I like to spend the majority of my time outdoors if I can. In fact, if I could, I would venture outside of Toronto and choose to live somewhere where there are more interesting things to do outdoors. I also love the theatre; I majored in English, as well as Drama. I [also] have an interest in science and I often find myself reading books specifically about space exploration. I have often gone to McMaster to [see] the planetarium and some shows.” NA: “I assume that you have a lot of experience in reading since you are an English teacher. So I wonder, what is your favourite novel?” DB: “My favourite book of all time is Jane Eyre. [It] is a traditional text, so I may seem oldfashioned for choosing something from the canon. [However,] I remember the first time I read Jane Eyre; I felt that it really spoke truthfully of the female experience. Prior to that, the majority of authors that I read hadn’t managed

to create a strong female protagonist that I really connected with and admired.” NA: “Do you have any role models, or someone you look up to?” DB: “I think my role models are constantly changing. I really respect great thinkers; people with innovative ideas and great minds. I also respect great artists and people who are constantly trying to educate others. An artist named Banksy has recently inspired me. He creates many phenomenal, thought-provoking pieces. Some people consider [his art] an act of vandalism, [while] others consider it art.” NA: “What advice would you give to someone aspiring to enter into the field of teaching?” DB: “My advice to the next generation of teachers would be to go into teaching because you love kids. The most meaningful thing you can do in a classroom is to connect and believe in your students. It is proven that students are more

successful when they have a teacher who genuinely cares.” There you have it folks! Ms. Berazadi loves the great outdoors, space, Jane Eyre, great thinkers, Banksy, and believes that a great teacher is a caring and reliable person. Next time you see Ms. Berazadi in the halls, don’t hesitate to flash a friendly smile. I guarantee you that she will smile back! PHOTO CREDIT: VP FREE THE CHILDREN

March 4, 2014 EDMOND WANG


Victoria Park is home to many kind-hearted individuals, all of whom put in their time and effort into helping those less fortunate than they are. This month, I decided to feature an outstanding student who is doing her part to help children suffering from cancer. Tiffany Dong spoke to me about the St. Baldrick’s charity, her plans to help those who are fighting the deadly disease, and her inspiration for doing so. Edmond Wang: “Tell us a little about this organization of which you are a part.” Tiffany Dong: “St. Baldrick’s is a volunteer-driven charity; our goal is to find the most reliable and promising research to help find a cure for childhood cancer. I am hosting a charity event in the

community, where people shave their heads to raise awareness and donate money towards childhood cancer [research].” EW: “What about this organization made you want to join?” TD: “One of the things that inspired [me] to do something about childhood cancer [was] watching a friend go through it. A two-year-old from my church has been suffering from cancer since the day he was born. His family doesn’t have a lot of money, so [he] can't [undergo] chemotherapy. This is why I want to raise money to help out not only the people in need of financial assistance, but also people who are affected by [cancer].” EW: “What would you like to achieve in the long run?” TD: “In the long run, I want to help as many people as I can, raise awareness, and help raise money. One of the biggest goals that I’ve set for myself and the people close to me is to show the things we take for granted, like health, friends and families, support, love, and care.” EW: “What are some things you want to say to people suffering from diseases like cancer around the world?” TD: “Stay strong. I may not fully understand what all of you are going through, but you are not alone. Your friends and families are always going to be there for you, [and] there are many people trying to find a cure for the diseases that you're going through. Don’t lose hope!” Tiffany has been working diligently, with effort and determination, to do her part in helping the less fortunate. She shows us that you don’t need money, nor fame, in order to do good deeds. We should all become more aware of our own decisions and try to help others in need.

MAY 2014 •

"Simply go out, and experience things." ANDREW LONG

As a new student entering into a whole new world of high school, Grade 9 students often look to the veterans of the school for knowledge that can guide them. These veterans may be the so-called knowledgeable older grade students, or the insightful guidance councillors. One source that they can rely on would be the age old parental figure—the teacher. Ms. Tregwin, currently a math teacher, is no stranger to assisting students in their learning careers. After teaching for over 10 years at Victoria Park, she has seen her share of students going through the struggles of being a teenager (mainly stress from relationships, homework, or deciding what to wear to school the next day). Even after returning from a semester-long break, Ms. Tregwin seemed to jump straight back into the job with minimal issues at all. This prowess leads one to ask for any pointers or advice she might have, and to the delight of PP readers, she does have some stories to share. Ms. Tregwin was actually quite sure of her objective in life when she was young; she and her parents had decided that she would be a nurse. This established “standard” would take up the majority of her high school and university years. Though to her despair (or perhaps relief), she found out rather early on that she couldn’t stand the sight of blood when she volunteered at a hospital. The future seemed rather uncertain after that ordeal, but soon enough, she got a taste of teaching while working at a high school in Quebec. She taught some Québécois students how to speak English. After this, she found that she rather liked the concept of teaching, and returned to teacher’s college to receive a degree. Accepting an offer to teach at Victoria Park brought her here, and now she has been with this school for quite a while, dispensing knowledge and wisdom to the students she teaches. “And what did this tale teach us?” we may wonder. The moral of the tale is simple: experience things before you devote your whole life to them. You don’t really know if you’ll enjoy something unless you try it,


A chess fanatic, a compassionate student, and a born comedian, Sudhir Pokhrel is one of the unique individuals who is able to put a smile on my face after a rough day. If you’ve met him before, it’s certain that you’ll agree. Read this article to learn more about this amazing individual! Jayson Subaskaran: “Give me a short biography of yourself. Where have you travelled and lived in the past?” Sudhir Pokhrel: “My name is Sudhir Pokhrel and I am currently in Grade 11. I used to live in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Ohio in the United States, as well as Nepal, my country of origin. I was in Grade 10 when I moved to Toronto and I have been living in this city ever since. When I arrived in Canada, I went to Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute in Thunder Bay. After arriving in Toronto, I attended Jarvis Collegiate Institute for my freshman year, and then started going to Victoria Park Collegiate Institute from my sophomore year.” JS: “What are some of your interests?” SP:“One of my favourite books is John Wyndham’s 1955 novel, The Chrysalids. Apart from reading, I enjoy watching movies. My favourite film is Fight Club, which stars Brad Pitt. My favourite band is Coldplay. Some of my favourite subjects are Math, Physics, and English.” JS: “Do you participate in any extracurricular activities inside or outside of school?” SP: “I am a peer tutor at VP and I am also a member of the chess club. When I am free, I volunteer at various events in our community. I also enjoy swimming and playing soccer when I have the time to do so.” There you have it VP! Keep an eye out for Sudhir and don’t hesitate to greet your fellow VP student if you see him in the hallways or in class!

and if you make a mistake, it may be too late. “Once you step in front of a class, and you realize that you don’t like teaching,” said Ms. Tregwin, “Then it’s too late and you’ve wasted your time.” Nonetheless, “Don’t ever ignore something because you had a bad experience with it,” she continued, “And don’t let the teacher ruin the subject for you.” It’s something so simple in its idea, and yet it can change your life; simply go out and experience things. You’ll never know if you like something until you’ve tried it. PHOTO CREDIT: DARREN SO


She's fun, she's sassy, and she loves Game of Thrones, she's Priscilla Joung! If you've ever seen her in the halls, you'd notice that she is often followed by a chorus of laughter by her friends. She takes her fun-loving spirit and shares it will all her peers whether it be in school, at Starbucks, or at the various clubs she has signed up for such as Track & Field or Archery. Priscilla is a grade 9 pre-IB student here at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute. She said she applied because, "I heard that [university] was extremely intense, so I decided it was better to go through all [the work] in high school instead of freaking out when I go to university/college. I also wanted a bigger challenge than the gifted program." Joung said that she would like to be remembered as, "the coolest Korean ever," by her friends. Taekwondo is a hobby of her; after all, she has been doing it for the past 10 years! In regards to why she joined, she said, "I watched Mulan when I was 4 and decided that I wanted to become [like] her, so my mom signed me up for taekwondo. I really loved the classes, but the competitions were the best part." Priscilla is so good that she was asked to compete in the Nationals Competition! That's dedication! Priscilla's other hobbies include reading and playing sports with her friends. "Currently, I am reading [Game of Thrones]." she told me. "The plot is so brilliantly written. Normally, I don't like books of this [nature], but there is something so compelling about this series. And there's Khal Drogo." What are Priscilla's favourite genres of music, you ask? "I LOVE Austin Mahone. [He's] my idol," she joked with me. "Just kidding. The genres I listen to vary, but currently, I enjoy Cronies by Brandon & Leah, and Matangi by M.I.A.. So Panthers, if you see Priscilla in the hallways, I encourage you to flash a smile, or crack a joke. She's sure to laugh or make another one in response!

MAY 2014 •


Love is in the air, and spring is finally peeking out of the shadows. What is right around the corner? That’s right, PROM! With this year’s snazzy theme of Old Hollywood, it is bound to be a night to remember. Moreover, don’t forget the fantastic promposals


that come along with it! Not only is it a moment to remember for the people involved, it brings joy to everyone watching. Here at Vic Park, we’ve seen a variety of memorable promposals. From getting the halls and stairs filled with signs and friends, to an outstanding rap number, we’ve had quite the fun during prom season. This year, we are here to help you make YOUR promposal the best it can be! Some effective ways that have been seen in the past have one thing in common: go big or go home! Let the world know how much you want to go with that person to prom! Going all out cannot go wrong! And if that seems difficult, getting friends involved can help a ton. It could be planned to be one of the most memorable moments in your high school career, if not your entire life. Some ways that aren’t as effective include making a Facebook status, tweeting, or using social media. These could become very embarrassing once everyone gets involved in your business, and could lead to a lot of trouble. Stick to real life. It is also important to remember that not everyone likes attention. If an introvert gets a lot of attention with a grand promposal gesture, it could end in disaster. It is always important, however, to make it sentimental, and make sure the person understands how much you want to go to prom with them. This year has been very eventful thus far, and we hope to have many promposals to come in the near

Le 7 avril 2014 SUMMAIA RAOUF

Après un hiver très long, c’est le temps de l’été! Alors, sortez vos 8. Des robes blanches sont la dernière mode cette saison. La couleur vêtements et vos accessoires pour célébrer l’arrivée d’été! Mais, parfois blanche est très simple mais elle peut être aussi formelle! Essayez de c’est peut-être un peu difficile de choisir vos vêtements. Alors, aujourd’hui porter une veste en jean au-dessus de votre robe. on va vous parler de la mode cette saison. 9. Le nœud dans les cheveux est fantastique aussi! Personnellement, 1. Cet été les combishorts sont très chic. Essayez-en avec des couleurs je préfère des petits nœuds unis. Mais, si vous êtes plus énergique, brillantes ou avec des motifs compliqués. Enfilez un cardigan comme essayez de porter des nœuds plus longs avec des motifs! 10. Enfin, portez des bijoux avec des couleurs brillantes! En 2014, vous accent. 2. Pour être un peu plus habillé, portez une chemise à fleurs. Les devez être plus coloré pour être chic et extraordinaire! chemises florales sont très chic cette saison, et c’est fantastique pour la saison des fleurs! 3. Des jupes longues sont très uniques et confortables! Essayez de PHOTO CREDIT: OUATI & BE FASHION LIKE porter des jupes à motifs avec beaucoup de couleurs! Vous pouvez aussi porter des jupes à chevrons ou avec des rayures. 4. N’oubliez pas des shorts! En 2014, on va porter des shorts légers ou des shorts à motifs. Essayer de porter des shorts un peu plus longs pour l’école! 5. Des vêtements avec des motifs tribaux sont très à la mode! Portez aussi un grand cardigan et vous serez très chic. En plus, essayez de porter des mocassins avec ses vêtements pour être confortable! 6. La dentelle! La dentelle! La dentelle! Pendant cet été n’oubliez pas de porter beaucoup de robes, de chemises, de jupes et de shorts avec la dentelle! C’est parfait pour réaliser un beau style. 7. Des ceintures avec des motifs sont très intéressantes! Elles peuvent changer un style ordinaire à un style extraordinaire! Essayez de trouver des ceintures avec beaucoup de couleurs. Portez-les au dessus de la chemise.

MAY 2014 •

Another year of music, art, and just hanging out in the desert.

April 10, 2014 JON BABI

Weekend No. 1 of Coachella is now officially a memory, but weekend No. 2 is careening down the road, gearing up to do it all over again. For us not so fortunate to actually partake in the fun, assorted livestreams kept us both happy and sad. From Wikipedia, “The Coachella Festival is an annual two-weekend, three-day music and arts festival held at Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. Founded by Paul Tollett in 1999, the event features many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music, as well as art installations and sculptures. “ “The festival's origins trace back to a 1993 concert that Pearl Jam performed in the area while boycotting venues controlled by Ticketmaster. The show validated the site's viability for hosting large events, leading to the inaugural Coachella Festival being held in October 1999

over two days. By 2007, the festival was expanded to a third day, and eventually a second weekend in 2012.” This weekend's sunset moment belonged to Neutral Milk Hotel, who at 6:57p.m. yesterday were playing the title track to their beloved 1998 album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Neutral Milk Hotel is a very interesting band, with a very interesting history. The crowd was rapt, almost silent, knowing they were witnessing something rare. Jeff Mangum, leader of Neutral Milk Hotel, vanished for well over a decade before reuniting the band last year, and he waltzed on stage with a long beard and a baseball cap pulled down low. Neutral Milk Hotel lovingly recreated their old songs, drawing on both Aeroplane and the earlier On Avery Island, bolstering Mangum's guitar with

an assortment of instruments: accordion, trombone, and even a banjo played with a bow. A few hours later, Coachella would end the weekend with a triumphant set by the Arcade Fire: another artistic collective fond of instrument-swapping, Salvation Army aesthetics and ambitious theme records. But although the Arcade Fire had Debbie Harry onstage to sing Heart of Glass, their predecessors owned the day. Neutral Milk Hotel's set climaxed with Mangum doing Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two solo, singing about "secret songs that you keep wrapped in boxes so tight." In a corner of the Coachella grounds, Mangum unwrapped some of those secret songs and gave the 2014 festival some evanescent but indelible memories. So, with one weekend over, there’s only one thing left to ask: “How will week two top it?”

April 10, 2014

Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered April 5, 2014 Canadian director Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal are setting out to start an empire. Beginning with last year’s Prisoners, a crime thriller, Gyllenhaal stars in Villeneuve’s new film Enemy, a psychological thriller about an average university professor who discovers that he has an identical twin. Based on The Double by Nobel Laureate José Saramago, Enemy cloaks the intro in darkness as the film opens with a man walking down a long, dark corridor. This film is truly a head-scratcher. Even after watching it twice, I still couldn’t fully understand what was going on. Multiple theories were bouncing around in my head. A university professor, Adam Bell (Gyllenhaal), is lecturing on chaos and dictators, their desire for control, and the repetitious nature of history itself. He goes home where he finds his girlfriend, Mary (Mélanie Laurent), waiting for him. After some debauchery and rest, he wakes up. He lectures on dictators. His life is rinse and repeat, until one day at lunch a co-worker recommends a movie, something "cheerful." He goes home, sends Mary to bed alone, and stays up to watch. He notices that an extra in the movie


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looks exactly like him. Gradually becoming obsessed with their similarities, Adam does some research and finds the actor, Anthony Claire. Once the nervy Adam and the more confident Anthony develop a toxic relationship, Enemy heads into dark and surprising directions. Following a heated discussion and shady threats, Anthony disguises himself as Adam and takes Mary out for a romantic weekend. Unbeknownst to Anthony, Adam takes his persona and goes home to Anthony’s wife. It is in these climactic final scenes that the movie proceeds to tear down any idea the viewer might have had about the film as Anthony and Adam’s significant others begin to say things that will leave the audience stunned. Villeneuve uses every element in the movie to further our understanding, or rather confusion, of the world he’s created. From being set in a dreary, washed out Toronto to making multiple references to spiders, Villeneuve keeps the viewer consistently confused and wanting more. Any movie that can captivate you and still leave you so confused is very much worth a watch.

As it is still early spring, it is encouraged to stay away from anything too flashy (e.g. studs, sequins, dense embroidery) and to play up light and bright colours. A crisp dress shirt is a timeless piece for both genders, and this simple trend epitomizes the simple and carefree ideas associated with spring. The Recurring Floral Print: Whether or not you have seen the unimpressed Miranda Priestly refer to florals as a spring trend in the scene from the iconic Devil Wears Prada, you can agree that the floral print is like the friend you know you see too much of, but love anyway. It has come back season after season, and it is not difficult to see why. It is an effortless way to make any outfit more interesting, and the colour and print combinations are endless. Ladies should try to look for prints with bigger and more blended florals while gentlemen should try floral prints that are brighter and edgier. Accessorize: Spring is all about

outfits that are easy to wear and not weighed down by thick fabrics and coats. With that being said, it is also the perfect opportunity to accessorize and emphasize the details. From hair bows and bowties to a light canvas or cloth tote/bag, don't be afraid to mix and match with bright colours and fun prints. For their spring fundraiser, Victoria Park's very own Fashion for Change will be selling handcrafted accessories such as bowties, tote and drawstring bags, flower crowns, t-shirts with pocket designs, and braided bracelets all for under $10 each. Be on the lookout for updates from Fashion for Change and let them help you complete your spring style and support a good cause! PHOTO CREDIT: REBECCA GUAN

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April 14, 2014

Does social media make or break a campaign? Named as 2013’s Word of The Year by the Oxford Dictionary, “selfies” (sing. selfie) are photographs taken of oneself, typically for the purposes of sharing on social networking sites. They have been a prevalent and unavoidable sight on social media in recent years, but even more so, four months following the Oxford Dictionary’s designation, selfies used for campaigns and fundraisers are taking social media by storm. Accompanied by the hashtag “#NoMakeupSelfie,” the streams of selfies of individuals with make-up free faces (a rare sight in modern society) on Facebook and Twitter had a part in raising over $12 million CAD for cancer research in the UK, according to Cancer Research UK. The spark of the trend is speculated to be a response to the negative feedback received by a selfie tweeted by actress Kim Novak that featured her face free of make-up. In support of the 81-year-old star, several individuals in the Twitter community, including celebrities, posted their own “no make-up selfies”. The trend then evolved to include the hashtag of “#NoMakeupSelfie” as well as signs held up within the picture itself displaying phone

numbers to call to make donations. Thus, the #NoMakeupSelfie campaign and fundraiser for cancer awareness was born. Soon enough, however, the campaign that started out as support for a great cause (albeit the lack of correlation between natural beauty/self-esteem and cancer awareness) was caught in the whirlwind of vanity and desire for popularity and social status that is prominent in social media. The signs that advertised phone numbers slowly began disappearing. Instead, they were replaced by overused quotes on the subject of embracing individuals’ “inner beauty”. These captions had absolutely nothing to do with cancer awareness or research. If any mention of the original objective was made at all, it was only following the “inner beauty” spiel, a long list of nominations, and an unnecessarily excessive use of out-of-place acronyms like “OMG” and “LOL”. This meant that most social media users, who are interested in speed, efficiency, and quick information, would not bother to read through and realize the true, valuable purpose of the trend. The now dying-out #NoMakeupSelfie campaign, whose prime lasted all but a week, is

le 14 avril 2014 FELICE CARLTSEIN

Ce dont je parle est probablement l'un des sujets les plus controversés à débattre. Oui, je parle à propos de s’il devrait rester légal de fumer. Pour moi, le tabac devrait rester légal parce que criminaliser le tabac n'empêchera pas les gens de fumer, le tabac rapporte un revenu annuel à notre économie, et le rendre illégale épuisera nos ressources économiques. Je vais m'expliquer. Tout d'abord, puisque ceux qui fument sont accros, ils ne s’inquiètent pas pour la criminalité. C’est parce que la dépendance les convaincra qu'ils ont besoin de fumer. La criminalisation de fumer n’empêchera pas les gens de le faire, mais plutôt encouragera les gens à trouver des façons plus intelligentes de fumer sans être pris. C'est un autre problème en soi. Deuxièmement, la vente de cigarettes rapporte un revenu annuel à l'économie canadienne. En outre, les impôts sur le tabac au Canada rapportent $ 700 million par an. Le flux stable de l'argent provenant de la vente de cigarettes est utilisé par le gouvernement pour financer des programmes publics tels que les soins de santé. Sans ce flux stable de l'argent, beaucoup de nos services financés devraient être arrêté. La raison la plus importante que le tabac devrait rester légal est que la criminalisation du tabac serait un énorme fardeau sur notre économie. Puisque les


gens sont accros à la cigarette et les cigarettes ont une demande inélastique, peu importe le prix, la disponibilité, ou des interdictions, il y aura des gens qui vont toujours acheter des cigarettes avec le but de fumer. La criminalisation de fumer éliminera les moyens légaux d'obtenir les cigarettes. Par conséquence, les gens seront obligés de les obtenir par des moyens illégaux comme un marché noir. Il est évident que la présence d'un marché noir conduirait à des actions immorales et contraires à l'éthique, mais il y aurait aussi d'énormes implications financières. La sécurité et la police seraient nécessaires pour traquer et arrêter le marché noir, et le gouvernement aurait besoin de l'argent pour financer la sécurité supplémentaire. Et d’où viendrait cet argent? C'est vrai ... les impôts. Les citoyens sont déjà en colère avec l’augmentation des impôts qu'ils paient. Si le gouvernement augmente les impôts, ce n’est pas bon. Alors, parce que la criminalisation de fumer n’empêchera pas les gens de le faire, elle réduira le financement des programmes publics, et elle aurait un grand effet sur notre économie, il est clair que la criminalisation de fumer est une mauvaise idée. En conclusion, le tabac devrait rester légal.

yet another example of the benefits of social media in terms of campaigning and fundraising, as well as its hindrances. It can turn meaningful and valuable campaigns and fundraisers into inconsequential, annoying social media trends that promote vanity and self-obsession under the pretence of social awareness. It has lost its original intention where individuals from across the world came together as one collective community and fought and raised money for a cause. The same can be noted for campaigns such as Movember. Social media can both make and break a campaign or fundraising effort. Campaigns that play into modern society’s weaknesses of vanity, narcissism, and obsessions with social networking are definitely ingenious business moves. In keeping up with social media trends and attempting to support a cause, the first thing in mind should be the cause, not fake internet points. It is important to promote the underlying purpose of the trend ahead of everything else, a fairly simple key idea that most seem to overlook.

April 7, 2014 BRITTANY LAU

When thinking of Paris, likely the first thing that comes to mind is the Eiffel Tower. It is one of the most iconic monuments in Paris, and numerous vendors are constantly attempting to sell key chains that hold its replica while tourists take photos of the real thing. Built by Gustave Eiffel in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the French revolution between 1887 and 1889, the tower initially received negative feedback because Parisians thought it was “too modern”, according to the tour guide of the trip to Europe in which many VP students participated. Although it was originally set to stand for just 20 years, the city learnt of its importance for communication purposes, and it still stands today as the tallest building in Paris. From a tourist’s standpoint, when driving around the city, the Eiffel Tower’s magnificent height makes it noticeable from almost any point in Paris. At its base, one is struck by how much taller and larger it is in comparison to typical pictures. At night, the multi-coloured shimmering lights make the tower even more noticeable. The Eiffel Tower is also admired globally as an architectural masterpiece. Open-framed and consisting only of two floors, the curves of this structure could be what was so controversial and “too modern” in the eyes of the citizens at the time of its unveiling. Ironically, these curves are what gives the tower its contemporary artistic appeal as well as the feature that allows it to stand upright while enduring harsh winds. Maybe it is just the tower's unique height and shape which make it so famous. Perhaps it is just that everyone in the city can see and recognize the unmistakeable Eiffel Tower, so by convention, it becomes an icon for Paris. Regardless, when seeing it in person, you would probably be too busy admiring its beauty and size and photographing this popular landmark to even think about this matter.

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April 11, 2014 REBECCA ZHANG

Mother’s Day, a tradition in North America since the early 20�� century, is a celebration honoring mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds. It’s the special time to show the maternal figures in your life how much you appreciate them. But before heading to NoFrills to pick up a random bouquet of flowers, think about the significance they hold and how you’re going to pay for them. Unless you’re employed, the money in your wallet is likely your parents’ money. Instead of using your mother’s own money to buy her a present with no emotional significance, you can do something so much more touching at almost no cost: make a Mothers’ Day Present! Below are a few ideas, ranked from most to least conventional: 1) A Card A simple card can be impressive if done properly. Add bright colours, glitter, and fancy details generously, but know your artistic limitations. Be sure to add an extra-long heartfelt written section as well! 2) Food Prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, or perhaps all three! Cooking something you have prior experience in is always a safe bet, but don’t be afraid to channel your confidence and try something new. It doesn’t need to be fancy at all, as long as it’s edible. 3) Coupons Create small slips of paper that denote some sort of chore (e.g. dishwashing, taking out the garbage). Each time she wants you to perform any of them, she can “cash” a coupon in. (Tip: to

avoid the risk of actually having to do these chores, make the coupons extra fancy so she can’t bear to part with them.) 4) Paper Carnations All it takes to create a beautiful hand-made carnation in place of those NoFrills roses is 5 pieces of tissue paper (preferably coloured), some time, and minimal craft skills! They never wilt, and any messy creases can be seen as artistic wrinkles! 5) Homemade Candles While it does take some money to buy the paraffin wax, essential oils and other things to make them, they will definitely be enjoyed by the whole family! After having melted all the ingredients in a pot, pour the molten candle mix into colourful jars and add wicks. Hopefully, we all know how to better use our hands now than in our elementary school days. Back then, we would have made cardboard picture frames with dried macaroni stuck on the edges and we would have expected our mother to praise it. If you find all of the above too difficult, however, or deem them too timeconsuming, there is always the option of: 6) Displays of Affection Even with the lack of a physical present, simple things such as a hug and a lengthy verbal expression of your appreciation of her could still make the day special. Excessive use of “I love you!” is

recommended when she realizes you didn't give her any presents. Of course, don’t limit your love to just one day a year; any time is a good time to show your appreciation for a maternal figure in your life. PHOTO CREDIT: ELAIN CAI

Le 28 mars 2014 SAULIHA ALLI

Entrelacé dans le tissu de la vie est une poursuite qui caractérise les êtres humains. C’est un but qu’on passera la vie en essayant d’accomplir, une idée qui nous fascinera pour l’éternité. La poursuite du bonheur est une recherche qui résonne dans chaque fibre de notre existence. Mais c’est quoi, le bonheur? C’est la joie : une émotion, et une sensation qui, selon les limites imposées par notre langue, est presque inexplicable. Mais c’est quoi, vraiment? C’est simplement l’absence de la douleur. Nous sommes, donc, pour la plupart du temps contents. Cependant, la raison pour laquelle on ne sent pas ce contentement est la façon dont nous sommes équipées. Nos cerveaux ont la tendance à ignorer des stimuli normaux, et parce que pour la majorité de nous l’absence de la douleur est une norme, on est souvent content sans savoir. Mais peut-être que le bonheur n’est pas incarné par une définition seulement. Le contentement qu’on sent pendant des moments où on s’éclate de rire, sourit ou s’exclame avec la joie est différent de celui de l’absence de la douleur. La chose primaire que ce qu’on appelle “le bonheur” entraîne est la satisfaction, et c’est ça, la satisfaction, au lieu du bonheur qu’on cherche. La satisfaction, néanmoins, n’est pas permanent. En fait, c’est un sentiment strictement momentané. La nature humaine dicte qu’il est impossible de nous satisfaire pour toujours. Comme des êtres humaines, on exhibe la volonté d’avoir plus. On est composé de l’ambition et de la gourmandise. Le bonheur, la chose à laquelle on s’attache, est donc inaccessible, malgré nos notions préconçues qu’il existe dans une quantité finie. Il y a des façons dont on peut être aux oiseaux, mais seulement momentanément. Pour certains, la satisfaction vient d’une capacité interne de résister à la douleur. Les autres trouvent leur satisfaction dans l’orientation aux valeurs morales supérieures de la religion. La plupart

des personnes, cependant, considèrent le bonheur comme un choix. Nos réactions aux ennuis (qui nous frapperont inévitablement) réfléchissent notre maîtrise de soi, un contrôle dans laquelle on peut trouver la satisfaction. Contraire aux croyances populaires, les défis et les tragédies ne détruisent pas le bonheur. En fait, ils peuvent nous aider à l’atteindre parce qu’ils nous donnent la capacité de découvrir la vraie valeur de la vie. La poursuite de bonheur, une recherche qui caractérise la vie humaine, est relative. Bien qu’on ne puisse pas être satisfait, on peut être plus satisfait qu’avant. Et alors, dans un monde où le bonheur à long-terme est inaccessible, le secret d’être content momentanément? C’est d’être satisfait de ce qu’on a actuellement, malgré la connaissance qu’il y aura toujours quelque chose de meilleure là-dehors. PHOTO CREDIT: SAULIHA ALLI

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Canadian soccer team Toronto FC (TFC), has crossed all international borders in an attempt to break a seven year playoff drought. Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) President Tim Leiweke, operator of TFC and other Toronto teams such as the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Toronto Marlies, decided to make the 2013-2014 off season a chance to rebuild the team from the outside in. The off season saw the likes of Dwayne de Rosario (DC United), Michael Bradley (Roma), and Jermaine Defoe (Tottenham Hotspur FC) joining TFC. Canadian Captain Rosario This 35-year-old Canadian midfielder is more than just a familiar face at TFC. As the former captain of TFC, he was the face of the organization for three years. A Scarborough, Ontario native, Rosario has proven himself on not only the Major League Soccer stage, but also the international stage, representing Team Canada. He led Team Canada to a Gold Cup win and their first ever World Cup in 2000 and 2002, respectively. He is also credited as being TFC's highest goal scorer of all time with 32 goals in 80 appearances. He will be a vital part of TFC'S success. American All-star Bradley This 26-year-old American midfielder is bringing the youth look to the TFC organization. Having played for the American Under-17, Under-

18, Under-20, and Under-23 youth teams, he brings a rare youth experience to this Toronto roster. He proved an important part of the American team during the 2010 World Cup. Heading into the 2014 World Cup, he looks to be one of America's best chances at winning it all. With experience on both sides from Rosario and Defoe, he seems to be the missing piece to TFC's playoff dreams. British Battleaxe Defoe The 31-year-old British striker has represented England on the world stage plenty of times with pride. He has played for both the English Under-16 and Under-18 youth teams. He represented England in the 2006, 2010, and 2014 World Cup Qualifying tournaments and played for England in the 2010 World Cup. He brings great experience to a team that seems to be lacking in age. He sets the example for the young and inexperienced youth players at TFC.

With massive spending during the off season, MLSE hopes to get TFC to the top. After seeing the demise of the Toronto Blue Jays last season, they should remember that money can't buy them victory. Will TFC be able to make history in Canadian soccer? Only time will tell!



Continued from Page 1. Although the nabbing of a Japanese pitching guru by the big-spending Yankees was something to be expected, the departure of Robinson Cano from the aforementioned Yankees to a smallmarket team turned the baseball world on its head. With the Toronto Blue Jays not partaking in this year’s off-season sweepstakes, it concluded with the signings of Ubaldo Jimenez and Ervin Santana by the Baltimore Orioles and Atlanta Braves respectively. The question of whether these off-season moves were the right ones to make will only be answered by time. American League The solution that the New York Yankees provided for not making the postseason last year was to spend more money. Investing nearly $300 million in three players, the Yankees will be looking to dominate the American League East once again with their core players reaching retirement or having already retired. Although the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays did not make any major moves this off season, these two teams always seem to fight their way into the postseason. With the group that they had last year still largely intact, don’t

be surprised to find the Red Sox and Rays in the postseason when October rolls around. At the basement of the tough American League East last year, the Toronto Blue Jays will be looking to avenge their season of disappointment. With the same group of guys that provided so much optimism beforehand still present and a veteran catcher behind the plate, the Blue Jays will be looking to get off to a fast start and break a 20 year playoff drought. Getting into the playoffs may be the only way to save their General Manager’s job, and without high expectations this season, that may be an easier feat to accomplish this year, barring any injuries. The Detroit Tigers with Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer, continue to hold down the fort in the Central Division while it is a toss-up in the American League West. The Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers seem to be the frontrunners with their experience and power, but many have the Seattle Mariners slated in as champions after their off-season moves. National League While many counted out the Atlanta Braves after seeing all the injuries they had in Spring Training, the addition of Ervin Santana will certainly put them back in contention. The Washington Nationals, with their youth and

pitching led by Stephen Strasburg, will also look to contend in the East Division. The Central Division is the National League’s version of the American League West. There are a handful of teams contending for the division crown and most certainly the Wild Card spot as the Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, and Cincinnati Reds have become regulars in the postseason in the past few years. This will be a division to watch in September. The Los Angeles Dodgers with their star power and high payroll are the clear frontrunners in the West and will most likely be contested by the San Francisco Giants if Madison Baumgartner and Matt Cain can have decent seasons. While these are the favourite teams to make the postseason because of the 25-man roster they have assembled, anything can happen in baseball. Many have given the Colorado Rockies and Kansas City Royals an outside chance of making the postseason if things go their way. With Derek Jeter’s retirement looming, the farewell tour of the long-time Yankee captain will be another storyline to follow this season. The symbol for Major League Baseball around the world, it will truly be a historical and special 162-game season as it is his last.

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April 12, 2014 TALHA TAHIR


On April 2, 2014 Amazon announced the release of its Fire TV. The Fire TV is a device that streams media content directly to your TV. This is by no means an unknown market; in fact it is one in which the two heavy weights, Apple and Google, are already established. The Fire TV will compete directly against Google's Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku. With such stiff competition it is fair to ask, what does the Fire TV offer that its competitors don't? For starters, the company has pointed out that it avoids three of the biggest flaws of its competition: search, performance, and a “closed ecosystem". To tackle the first problem, Amazon has created a voice search that works consistently and effectively even at low volume. It has also put

in a feature called ASAP, which forecasts what movies and shows you will watch and prepares them for playback prior to you even pressing play. Impressive as it may seem, for those who are familiar with Google's prowess in search engines, it will be difficult to believe that this surpasses the search capabilities of future Google products. Fire TV, however, does have two genuinely strong attributes. The first is performance. It is equipped with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. At Amazon’s press conference, the company claims that this results in almost zero lag and is three times faster than the Apple TV. Additionally, Amazon has managed to grab a lot of content, some of which is exclusive to the Fire TV. Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo and are just a few of the apps that will be available. There are of course some other "Amazon-designed" apps which will be given promotional preference over the others, but there is truly a lot of content to discover. The Fire TV also has console capabilities. Obviously this is not something that similar devices lack but it is significant nonetheless. Amazon has stated that the video games are a "bonus" and the main purpose of the box is to act as a device that streams media to your TV. Despite the company's nonchalant attitude towards gaming, however, it has quietly been hiring some very well-known game developers over the past year. In fact, the Fire TV boasts over a 1000 free-to-play games and the company promises that the rest of the pay-to-play titles will be cheap. Typically the paid game apps will be priced at $1.85. The Fire TV hasn't broken into an undiscovered market but has brought some significant contributions to this newly developing market of "media streaming boxes". Its focus on performance and content will give it a temporary edge over its competitors and its added "bonus" of gaming will be enjoyable for the casual gamer. It will be interesting to watch how two of the biggest corporations in the world respond to this new competitor.

April 12, 2014 ANDREW UDERIAN

Programming has been thought of for a long time as something nerds Institute's Programming Club. Difficult as it may seem, programming is do in their parents' basement. This is completely wrong and proven so by really quite easy when broken down into small pieces. As Leo puts it, Victoria Park Collegiate Institute's Programming Club. Members meet programming gives you "the freedom to make whatever you want." every Thursday at lunch in Room C6 to solve problems, learn, and discuss PHOTO CREDIT: CENTRAL EGLINTON COMMUNITY advancements in the field of computer science. A common misconception about programming is that it is difficult to pick up or to do. When asked what the best way to get into programming is, Leo Jiang, the club leader replied, “Come to our Programming Club! Contrary to what many people think, programming isn't that difficult. It's ok if you have no prior experience; we start from the very basics. In addition, as the members of the Programming Club all know, I always say ‘Google it.’ There are a ton of tutorials online for beginning programmers.” During high school, members take part in programming competitions or do their school work. Competitions definitely are not for everyone, and even the club leader admits "I don't" when asked why he enjoys programming competitions. One great benefit is the many career options that will open up ten to twenty years ahead simply from knowledge of computer science. Computing is a skill that is required in a number of industries. From programming mobile phones to desktops, learning to program is important for understanding technology. So what does this all mean for the average student? Programming is an extremely useful skill, from creating a calculator for HST to coding a working board game such as chess. Both of those projects, and everything in between, are covered by the Grade 10 and 11 “Introduction into Computer Science” curriculum, but can also be taught by Victoria Park Collegiate

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I’m looking down the fields of groceries, Pondering as to what sort of flower may bloom. Stringing ingredients together, perfect like beads in rosaries, Or impending stomach-hurling doom. The spring of creation is amongst us, So who knows what dish may sprout? Experimenting and innovating is always a plus, Although the food poisoning, I could do without. As the leaves of creativity bud and bulge, The buds of taste may flourish or wean. Whatever the case, may you happily indulge In the spring that is cuisine.


The lone traveller rides off on his steed Quietly through the cold and eerie plains. Clutched in his calloused hands, the withered reigns. An old map in his pouch, his only lead To where he’ll hide next; somewhere far, indeed. His only company, a chestnut horse, Who keeps his worst of fears far from a source. What a silly fear it is, always need— I dab the quill on my slender fingers. It left just the slightest of indents and No trace of its blessed darkness— I mean ink. How untimely, as my quill still lingers Above the parchment in my anxious hand. At least refilling gives more time to think.


The most beautiful things, that I want most, that I look forward to with so much life and spirit that lift me by the rope of illumination – are visions slaughtered short by my own sharp hands that make me fall What people lift their heads to their mind often falls executed. What people smile at their faces form deformed scars. What people hope for the holes in their core only grow larger. I know, that when the sky is soft breathing on you mesmerized shades, relaxing the struggles in your eyes, wrapping around you a promise for the perfect, I will run for my life.


Dwindling down a hallow descent, Gallivanting as all common folk, In a torrent to grow hoary hair as eld, Shuddering of water sopping soak, Me found myself a laggard spirit of no boast, Withering away of a callow storm unguided, Hereby a crestfallen kindred, wholly to host, Upon a pilgrim dark and dim, fully crowded. Yet finding the air fruitful as my persistence, To hereabout go forth in the light courageous, To abide of some decreed of all existence, As maybe funny farces would sub side rages. Lo! As an orchard blossoming upon the heath, Hereafter out we step to kindle a swift breathe.

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Solutions to the Crossword can be found on the back page.

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Dear Tori, My boyfriend and I have been together for two years now. He's a great guy and we've always had great chemistry; though lately he's been acting weird, well weirder than usual. It started with him asking me for nudes over Snapchat. Then, he’d only come over when my parents weren’t home. Finally, he came out openly and said that he wants to start having sex. I told him that I want to keep my virginity until I get married. At this, he seemed very offended. We haven't talked for a few weeks now; he avoids me at school, and ignored my efforts at communication. Then one day, I overheard him telling his friends that if he can't get sex out of our relationship, he would have no choice but to quit. I thought he valued our relationship more than just a way to get sex. But I still love him a lot, and I'm contemplating having sex with him just to keep our relationship alive. Should I? Conflicted Girlfriend

can’t and for that he doesn’t deserve someone who stands by their values, like you. Although you two have been together for some time now, maybe his feelings have deteriorated as yours grew stronger. A strong relationship should be able to last without such intimate physical contact. If your boyfriend thinks he should break up with you just because you won’t have sex with him, then he definitely doesn’t have his priorities sorted. Then again, maybe your boyfriend is going through something or feeling pressured to have sex with you. Whatever the case, try to give him the benefit of the doubt, although I can see that being difficult. Since he’s been avoiding you, maybe he realized how silly he was being and feels too embarrassed to talk to you; or he’s just a coward. Regardless, you should track him down at school and confront him. This issue is something you should talk about in person. Be assertive, tell him exactly how you feel, and don’t let him avoid you any longer. A teacher once told me that most teenage boys don’t think with their brains but with another body part and your boyfriend is unfortunately one of them. If after talking to him, he still won’t change his mind then I suggest breaking up with him before he breaks up with you for such a ridiculous reason. I’m sure you can find someone else you have good chemistry with, who respects your values and boundaries without complaint, and who’s more mature than your current boyfriend.

Dear Conflicted Girlfriend, Having sex for the first time isn’t the same as trying a new food, as in it’s kind of a big deal. So you should decide to have sex with someone for the right reasons. Trying hard to keep a good relationship going is great but using that as a reason to have sex is not a good idea. If your relationship is balancing on whether or not you’ll have sex with your boyfriend, then that’s not a healthy relationship. You should have sex when you feel ready and with someone you trust and love. If for you that’s after you get married and with your future husband, then your boyfriend should respect that. It seems your boyfriend To males of the mature variety and remembering to smile, Tori

Want some advice? Email Tori at

Dear Tori, I had a boyfriend last year in grade 9 which was pretty fun but now in grade 10, there isn't anyone I'm all that interested in. Well, except for this girl I like in one of my classes. I thought I was straight but now I'm not sure. Yet I totally like Zac Efron too! How can I like him and want to be with this girl in my class too? Is there something wrong with me? Completely Confused

Tip: Use a temporary email address to stay anonymous!

Before deciding you are bisexual, you should confirm that you are. Ask yourself if you only find this girl nice, a good friend, merely pretty, or something more. Do you have genuine feelings for her? Can you see yourself being with her, or any other girl for that matter, in a relationship? If yes, then you’re probably bisexual; if not, then maybe you’re straight and what you feel for this girl is something else. Keep in mind this isn’t always something you know over night. You might have a lot to think about, so take your time. And if you’re having any trouble coming to terms with this or still feel confused then you should to talk to someone else. I suggest a teacher you trust and if you can find one who knows more information about sexual orientation, then all the more better. Having already gone through what you’re going through now, they can be quite insightful. At the end of the day, you should be happy and proud of whom you are because there’s nothing wrong with liking more than one kind of person.

Dear Completely Confused, First and foremost, there is definitely nothing wrong with you liking this girl in your class and Zac Efron. In fact, I find it difficult not to like him, he’s a pretty good actor; and I’m sure this girl in your class is a nice person too. I don’t think it matters what gender the person you like is because what really matters is how you feel about the person. That being said, it’s okay to be attracted to both boys and girls, it’s called being bisexual. Part of being a teenager and growing up is learning more about yourself. This includes realizing what kind of people you like and don’t like both To being yourself are and remembering to smile, emotionally and physically; i.e. your sexual orientation. Tori

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April was a crazy month with the extremely volatile weather. Perhaps we can look forward to more stable temperatures in the next month. 1. All Out 3.0 The TDSB is just sloshing at the gills with student talent. From singing, to dancing, to spoken word, to stand-up comedy our students can do it all. That is why the Area D SuperCouncil is hosting a district-wide talent show in May: All Out 3.0! Not only is this event a great outlet for students to display their varied talents for an audience of their family and friends, but all the funds raised will be given to the Toronto Foundation for Student Success and the Daily Bread Food Bank. Auditions were held at VPCI in the cafeteria and in the Jetfac on April 15�� from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. 2. Strings Ensemble gets invited to Nationals On an unforgettable Tuesday in April, VPCI’s Strings Ensemble performed at the 3�� annual Ontario Strings Association (OSA) Festival. The 49 ensemble members, along with conductor Ms. Chang, headed down to the York University

Faculty of Fine Arts where the event took place. The OSA festival gave string ensembles from schools across the province the opportunity to perform in front of multiple adjudicators (judges) and participate in clinics that would improve their musical abilities. The VPCI Strings Ensemble performed at the festival on April 10�� after practicing vigorously since the start of the school year. The ensemble members (comprised of students from Grade 9 to Grade 11) practiced weekly on Wednesday mornings at 7:30. Their hard-work was recognized by the OSA and they were invited to perform at the Nationals at MusicFest Canada. This meant that they have the opportunity to represent our  school  at  the  42ⁿ� annual MusicFest Canada, which will take place in Richmond, British Columbia from May 12�� to 17��, 2014. 3. Pink Day The International Day of Pink, a Canadian anti-bullying campaign, made quite a splash at VPCI. Held annually on the second Wednesday

Executive Editor: Naushin Chowdhury

of April, the International Day of Pink raises awareness of homophobia and transphobia, and attempts to stop bullying against homosexual and transgender individuals. At Victoria Park CI, Mr. Arkin’s Grade 11 Computer Science class was promised a party if every student wore pink: a worthy incentive for a noble cause. The International Day of Pink began when two students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, in Central Kings Rural High School in Nova Scotia took a stand against bullying. The two students saw one of their freshman classmates being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. In an attempt to stop homophobic and transphobic bullying, Price and Shepherd organised a campaign for all of their classmates to wear pink in a show of solidarity. This just goes to show that anyone can be bullied but we can all stop it, together. Feedback and suggestions from the school community can always be sent to or submitted at

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MAY 2014 •


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