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Global Youth Conference 2017 PURUSHOTH THAVENDRAN Thursday May 25, 2017 marks the third annual Global Youth Conference (GYC) AT Victoria Park CI. The GYC intends to educate the students at Victoria Park about Aboriginal culture. It aims to help eliminate stereotypes through this education. This year the GYC committee plans to showcase speakers in various topics that will be both unique and engaging… Page 2

Team of the Month: Ultimate Frisbee KAREN CAO

Taking a Closer Look at VPCI’s Relay For Life ANNI WANG Everybody knows somebody… that has been affected by cancer. I would be surprised if I heard anyone say that they have not heard about VP’s Relay for Life (RFL) by now. Through numerous announcements, posters, banners, social media posts, VP’s RFL Executive Committee is spectacularly showcasing this popular event that is happening on May 26th, this year. RFL is brought to Vic Park by the Canadian Cancer Society. Panther Press Reporter, Anni Wang, meets with a few of the event executives to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from the student body… Page 6

Presenting your March Team of the Month, the Ultimate Frisbee Team! VPAC had the pleasure of interviewing some enthusiastic and spirited individuals from the Ultimate Team. Karen Cao: “What word would you use to describe the team?” Amanda Yu: “Teamwork! Our team understands the value of teamwork; especially on the field, we all try to communicate to each other to become a more cohesive group.” Leiann Shen: “Enthusiastic. No matter how hard the training gets, we all laugh and talk with one another just the same…

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La sécheresse en Californie: finira-elle? Le 10 mai 2017 TAMMY CHENG La sécheresse en Californie due du changement climatique est un événement répété. Le 17 janvier, 2014, le gouverneur de Californie a déclaré un état d’urgence pour l’eau. Depuis cette déclaration, on réglemente l’usage de l’eau. Par exemple, il est interdit de nettoyer les trottoirs avec les jets d’eau.

mesurera l’accumulation de neige le 1 avril. Ce chiffre est important parce que la neige est ce qui va recharger les réservoirs et les systèmes d’eau souterraines quand elle fond pendant le printemps et l’été. er

Chaque année au Canada, nous importons environ 3 milliards de produits frais de la Californie donc cette sécheresse a déjà affecté le prix de la nourriture. Nous espérons que cette situation s’améliorera et que la sécheresse finira le plus tôt possible.

Mais récemment, tout a changé. Cet hiver, les résidents de cet état ont vu plusieurs tempêtes fortes. La plupart des réservoirs majeurs sont remplis ou presque remplis et beaucoup de rivières ont eu des débits d’eau égaux ou supérieurs à la moyenne depuis quatre mois. Malgrès ces résultats, on n’est pas complètement certain que la sécheresse soit finie. Le gouvernement californien a décidé de continuer l’état d’urgence pour l’eau. Selon Felicia Marcus, présidente du conseil du contrôle des ressources d’eau de l’état, même si tout semble bien maintenant, les choses peuvent changer rapidement. Alors que la sécheresse est finie au nord de la Californie, le sud et quelques parties de la région centrale subissent toujours à la sécheresse. On comprendra mieux les effets des tempêtes de cet hiver sur la Californie quand on LE CRÉDIT D’IMAGE: CBS NEWS


Global Youth Conference 2017 May 1, 2017 PURUSHOTH THAVENDRAN aspect of indigenous culture ranging from food and music, to poetry and traditions. A number of people of aboriginal descent who actively participate in both aboriginal culture and affairs will be coming to Victoria Park. One of them is Andre Morriseau. He is a freelance journalist as well as an advocate for aboriginal public affairs. Mr. Morriseau has actively participated in numerous boards including the Native American Journalists Association, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Centre for Aboriginal Media. He has received Toronto’s Aboriginal Affair Award for his dedication as the Secretariat for the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation. In addition, a prominent person involved with legal issues for aboriginals, Rita Dagenais, will also be visiting. Ms. Dagenais specializes in the field of aboriginal law. In her 25 years of service she has devoted her resources to focus on land claim negotiations. In addition, she has worked with the federal Department of Justice and the legal adviser for Mi’gmaq and Mohawk First Nations in Quebec, as well as teaching aboriginal law at the University of Quebec faculty of law. Thursday May 25, 2017 marks the third annual Global Youth The GYC will include a wide array of fun activities that will express Conference (GYC) AT Victoria Park CI. The GYC intends to educate the aboriginal culture and help educate about stereotypes and the stigmas students at Victoria Park about Aboriginal culture. It aims to help eliminate surrounding them. Victoria Park is pleased to offer an event of this type stereotypes through this education. and it will certainly be an enjoyment for all. This year the GYC committee plans to showcase speakers in various topics that will be both unique and engaging. The committee hopes for it to be an engaging day. Students will be allowed to choose two from more than ten workshops available. Each workshop is inspired to teach a certain




February Athlete of the Month: Leiann Shen March 26, 2017

LIN ZHOU VPAC would like to congratulate Leiann Shen from the Girl's Volleyball team for winning the title of Athlete of the Month for February. She was the first Athlete of the Month nominated through the Google Form system, by her fellow teammates. Lin Zhou interviewed Leiann Shen to learn more about her reaction to this award and who was behind her success. Lin Zhou: “How does it feel to be ‘Athlete of the Month’ for February?” Leiann Shen: “In one word: honoured. I'm thankful to my teammates and coaches for helping me improve and grow this season.” LZ: “What inspired you to start playing volleyball? How long have you been playing for?” LS: “I've been playing volleyball since Grade 5, so it's been around 5 years now. I first started playing volleyball because others in my family did. The reason I've continued playing all these years [is] because I've come to love the sport itself, not because it was something someone else did.” LZ: “Describe what you like best about being on the team.” LS: “I love the fact that our team is more of a family than just a group of girls playing a sport. We've become a family on and off the court. During

practices and games, we all bring out the best in each other and make one another laugh.” LZ: “What would you like to say to or about your coach(es)?” LS: “Obviously, our team wouldn't have made it as far as we did without our coaches. They pushed us to play our best and fight through even when we were losing. Sorry we couldn't bring home the Red strap this year Mr. Lohaz and Mr. Yeung, but there's always next year! Thank you so much!” LZ: “Which accomplishments were you most proud of this volleyball season?” LS: “Although we only made it to regional finals this year, I'm proud of how hard we worked to make it there. More importantly I’m proud of how much we've all improved individually and as a team. We went from 12 players to 1 family.” LZ: “Are there any other sports you play besides volleyball? Any sports you would like to try?” LS: “I also play badminton and ultimate frisbee. However, I enjoy playing all sports.”

Team of the Month: Ultimate Frisbee April 2, 2017


Presenting your March Team of the Month, the Ultimate Frisbee Team! KC: Who or what inspired you to join the team? VPAC had the pleasure of interviewing some enthusiastic and spirited individuals AY: “Ultimate frisbee is a sport that I was interested in but did not have from the Ultimate Team. the opportunity to join in my previous school. After finding out that VP offered it too, I was eager to participate.” Karen Cao: “What word would you use to describe the team?” LS: “Ultimate frisbee was a sport that was recently introduced at VP, and so Amanda Yu: “Teamwork! Our team understands the value of teamwork; I wanted to challenge myself and try a sport that I was unfamiliar with.” especially on the field, we all try to communicate to each other to become a more GW: “A lot of my friends last year played it, so I was convinced to join cohesive group.” it to hang out with them. “ Leiann Shen: “Enthusiastic. No matter how hard the training gets, we all JL: “Many of my friends were determined to learn how to play ultimate, laugh and talk with one another just the same.” and seeing that inspired me to try something new.” Gillian Wu: “Synergy. Being able to know what every other person on AP: “Every time going outside, I’d see discs flying in the air. I also saw your team is doing is a hard skill to pull off, but the members of the Ultimate team friends (not flying, outside). I joined the group, and just played and played, and do it with confidence and fun.” decided to try out for the team.” Jackie Luong: “Hard-working. No one is perfect, and everyone puts in the time and effort to work on things we can get better at, so that we can enhance KC: “What is the team’s motivation?” our team's performance as well.” AY: “Our motivation comes from the will to get better. We all help each Abishan Pasu: “Family. It’s not about who’s the best or who is better other by telling each other things to improve on and tips to keep in mind. We know than the other, we make sure to help each other grow and improve, and gives us that this is a good way to learn from each other's skills since everyone benefits that special chemistry.” and we improve as a team.” LS: “The team is motivated by the desire to play ultimate. Every spare KC: “What do you think the team’s greatest strength is?” minute someone on the team has, they will be looking for others to join them in a AY: “I think our greatest strength is that every one of our members tries quick game or just simply tossing the disc around outside.” our best. Every practice we all strive to improve ourselves and perfect our existing GW: “Our motivation comes from the desire to get better. We always find skills.” time to sneak in extra throws, whether that’s in the halls or outside in the winter.” LS: “The team’s greatest strength is our determination. We all seek for JL: “Our motivation comes from our ambition to get better. Improving improvement, always striving for more and never satisfied with our performances.” individual skills in our spare time helps us to challenge each other to improve as GW: “Dedication. Even though we had practices on late starts, everyone well.” still shows up!” AP: “We just want to get better and better everyday. Having that desire JL: “Our perseverance. We might be having a bad day, miss a couple to play against teams shows our competitive side and the motive to get tossin’!” throws and catches, but we don't give up just because of that. Instead, we keep our minds on the next play and do our best. “ AP: “Listening. We are taught how to do something, and we work towards perfecting that. The better we listen, the better the team will get.” KC: “What are your tips for those interested in trying out for the ultimate team next year?” AY: “Remember to always show spirit and bring enthusiasm to every tryout!” LS: “No one is bad. Everyone has somewhere that needs improvement, so have confidence in yourself and try your best.” GW: “Try your best, because your hard work won’t go unnoticed.” JL: “Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, even if you've never touched a frisbee, you can always learn! Practice makes perfect!” AP: “The earlier you start practicing, the better you will get! Start now!”




Equity in the application process

Does VP need ToCL anymore?

April 10, 2017 NAUSHIN RAHMAN

April 10, 2017 NAUSHIN RAHMAN The Team of Club Leaders has the responsibility of registering and monitoring all the clubs and councils at VP. Leaders Verna Guan, Jaime Si, Alice Cheng and President Nadeya Alli host monthly meetings with updates on rules and regulations and occasionally host events like the Club Fair and the Club Olympics. However, the SLC, Student Leadership Council, plans on removing the ToCL and replacing it with a Clubs Rep. This comes after the cancellation of the both Food Fairs. The cutback was put forward because there are not enough events during the school year for which the ToCL are responsible. However, the task of managing over 60 clubs and councils throughout the year is quite intense and having one Clubs rep to supervise it all will be nowhere near enough.

In the season premiere of the animated comedy “Son of Zorn”, we see the hero, Zorn, attempt to assimilate into normal, civilized life in different way, one of which was getting an office job. Being a full-time warrior, he lacks any relevant qualifications or experience, yet he scores the job with two words at the bottom of his poor résumé: “diversity hire.” The diversity hire refers to an employee who is incompetent at work but is needed in an effort to make the workplace appear more diverse. In a country as multi-ethnic as ours, the lack of diversity in the workforce has been a major issue of concern. There is often under-representation of women and minority races like Indigenous and black people in Canada as well as the United States. The reason, supposedly, is that the workers are simply not as skilled. However, in 2013 several social scientists conducted a study in which they sent student applications for a laboratory manager position to professors in different fields. Half of the applicants were male, half were female but they were all identical résumés. The results showed that the male applicants were offered on average a starting salary of about $30,000 while the female applicants were only offered about $26,500. The significant gender bias is a wake up call over the very real inequalities that affect marginalized people. There are not many regulations in corporations on minimum diversity requirements, though most applications will ask for your demographic. This does not mean that corporations will hire applicants who are not as qualified in order to appear more diverse, since that would only hinder the company. Rather a critical strategy that targets bias in hiring practices is necessary to eliminate bias towards certain groups and encourage the inclusion of different peoples. Corporations and institutions can only progress with multiple perspectives collaborating together.

About 5 years back, ToCL used to be part of the SLC, but the ToCL was created the next year due to the overwhelming amount of responsibilities placed on one person. We need the ToCL this year not only to manage extracurricular activities, but also to hold club leaders accountable. Many clubs are created for CAS hours—a mandatory requirement for all IB students. While most leaders will be responsible for the club, some may use the name only as a résumé point. In recent years, there have been complaints of inactivity in various clubs. The ToCL has tried to address the situation with random audits and “meeting minutes”, a summary of all the meetings per month. The success of the initiatives is still unknown Nevertheless, putting all the new responsibilities back on the shoulders of only one person will be much too great a task—one that cannot be handled alone. We need a collective effort to manage all the current extracurriculars at VP and the ones to come in the future.


Underwhelming responses to Trudeau’s federal budget April 11, 2017 JAREEAT PURNAVA The Trudeau Government announced the 2017-2018 federal budget back in March, announcing $3.4 billion in terms of service for Indigenous people in Canada. However, many felt underwhelmed by the allocation of this budget, and worried whether communities who need the money would rightfully receive it. In particular, Eugene Hart, Chief of Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation in Central Labrador, has mentioned an ongoing housing crisis. While the federal government announced $1.3 million to fund housing in Labrador’s two Innu communities, Hart mentions that he has only received $150,000 to fix 10 housing units. Fixing the housing issue is key for sustaining lives, fixing healthcare and childcare problems, and supporting the birth rate of about 50 births per year. The housing issue is also a fundamental aspect to the completion of a community plan, which requires at least 20 houses a year for the next 20 years in order to maintain the IMAGE CREDIT: CBC growth of the community itself. In another area, Curve Lake First Nations’ chief Phyllis Williams is discouraged by the national budget, commenting that while $2 billion was promised for water treatment plants on reserves in Canada in the 2016 federal budget, she had not received any sort of follow-up letter from Ottawa on the issue. The plan accompanying the $2 billion

to the sectors that need it the most. Water, housing, was to rid reserves of boil-water advisories and infrastructure are basic needs for any completely, but unfortunately the practice still community. To deprive people of these necessities occurs at Curve Lake. is an immense indication that the government is not working hard enough or well enough to support Prioritizing Indigenous needs cannot just be Indigenous communities. Federal assistance is shown through the promise of large monetary necessary for the growth of these communities, and figures, but to make sure the money finds its way the societies in Canada as a whole.




L’anniversaire du Canada Le 11 avril 2017 JAREEAT PURNAVA

LE CRÉDIT D’IMAGE: THE FLAG STORE L’anniversaire du Canada est cette année - notre pays a 150 ans depuis la Confédération canadienne en 1867. Pour beaucoup, c’est une année pour célébrer l’histoire, les cultures, et les traditions des Canadiens. Pour les autres, particulièrement les gens d’indigènes, il est une temps de souvenir le dommage durable à cause du colonialisme. Notre histoire inclure les victoires et les événements dont nous sommes fières, mais il y a beaucoup de discrimination, oppression et le maltraitent qui affectent notre premières nations à l’heure actuelle. Il inclure les écoles résidentielles, les traités violés, les femmes indiégennes qui sont manquantes et tués, les génocides, l’oppression, et l’ignorance. Est-ce que nous avons essayé de compenser pour les fauts? Oui, mais beaucoup de ces actions s’est passé dans le présent. Il n’est rien que peut remplacer la douleur que les gens

indigènes ont ressentent pendant les années. Alors, il est leur droit de refuser de célébrer l’anniversaire du Canada. La création de ce pays était basé sur les envies des colonialistes qui ont rejeté les souhaits, la sécurité, la propriété et les droits de gens indigènes. Il y a les stéréotypes, le violence et l’ignorance qui existent aujourd’hui dans nos communautés. Aussi, il y a une forte pénurie de l’histoire indigène dans le programme à l’école. Alors, est-ce que l’anniversaire du Canada est approprié de célébrer du tout? Il est une question à quelle un individuel doit répondre par lui-même. Mais, quand vous decidez vos réponses, pensez sur le souffrance des gens indigènes dans le passé et le présent, et si cet événement représente une histoire fière, ou honteuse.


Stealing inspiration April 7, 2017 BRIAN WU Recently, YouTube filtered out a lot of content that was considered “inappropriate”. When you turn on restricted mode, things that contain violence, sexually explicit content, and foul language are no longer able to be viewed. However, YouTube has been getting complaints that LGBT videos that do not contain any explicit content have also been restricted. Due to the huge amount of criticism YouTube has been getting, it released an official statement on Twitter: “We are so proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform— they’re a key part of what YouTube is all about. The intention of Restricted Mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience. LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but videos that discuss more sensitive issues may not be. We regret any confusion we have caused and are looking into your concerns. We appreciate your feedback and passion for making YouTube such an inclusive, diverse, and vibrant community.” In their officially released statement, they have acknowledged their faults and apologized for them as well. Restricted mode is mostly meant to protect children. The issue about restricting LGBTQ+ subject matter on YouTube is that many younger children in several continents don’t have access to extensive and appropriate sexual education. For a huge percentage of children and teenagers, YouTube is their sex ed. If you were to watch coming out videos on YouTube, a great number of the videos will start off by saying “after I saw so and so’s video, I was inspired”. Having anyone lose that inspiration they might need is a huge flaw that needs to be remedied. Whether or not you believe that the YouTube is at fault, does not alter the fact that people’s thoughts, opinions, and beliefs are being censored. The real issue here is some type of underlying censorship. People who create content want to convey something through their work. If perfectly appropriate information is being questioned, anger will begin to rise. Some people support LGBTQ+ rights and some do not. Your political stance on this particular issue isn’t the majority of what’s being called into question. It’s easy to censor out the content you do not enjoy, but it is not just. If no one ever listens, then nothing ever happens. Filtering out LGBTQ+ content, intentional or not, does not rid the world of this particular subject matter. If the way you view the world changes dramatically due to one source of media, all at once, the issue is not within the matter itself but rather within yourself. SOURCES Ghoshal, A. (2017, March 21). YouTube's Restricted Mode has been filtering innocuous LGBTQ content [Updated]. Retrieved April 07, 2017, from

L'effet du système d’écoles résidentielles au Canada Le 11 avril 2017 JAREEAT PURNAVA

LE CRÉDIT D’IMAGE: CBC Une sénatrice du Parti conservateur, Lynn Beyak, a attiré beaucoup de controverse en Mars quand elle a défendu le système d’écoles résidentielles au Canada. Elle a remarqué qu’il y a beaucoup d'enseignants religieux qui ont des bons intentions, et l’histoire se concentre sur les “erreurs”. Elle avait répondu à un reportage par le Truth and Reconciliation Commission, qui documente beaucoup d’horreurs que les enfants indigènes ont rencontré, y compris la violence physique, l’abus sexuel et mental, et les morts d’environ 6 000 des enfants. Les faits comme ça ne sont pas le fin de l’histoire. Le but du système d’écoles résidentielles était à assimiler les enfants indigènes en culture européen. Les enfants ont doit apprendre les traditions chrétiens et parler en anglais et français. Les enfants ne pouvaient pas parler en langue maternelle ou pratiquer les traditions indigène, et à cause de ça, le société a vu les effets accablant. Les cultures des gens indigènes étaient exclu, et il y a beaucoup de gens qui l’étiquetent comme un génocide culturelle. Beaucoup d'enfants sont devenus détachés de ses traditions, langues et même ses familles. Aussi, il y avait beaucoup d’enfants qui ont essayé évader l’école, et à cause des conditions froids la plupart de temps, ont souffert les plus grandes conséquences. La malnutrition et le travail des enfants étaient commun. À la fin, le but n’était pas juste d’enseigner les enfants indigènes sur le culturel européen - mais d’abolir ses cultures complètement. Les commentaires de Lynn Beyak sont ignorants et nuisibles. Oui, il y avait une petite pourcentage d’enfants qui avaient une bonne expérience, mais il n’efface pas le dommage accablant et le but terrifiant de l’idée du système d’écoles résidentielles. Notre pays a encore beaucoup de travail de faire en matière de la compensation, l’éducation et la sensibilisation, et le commentaire comme ça nous repousse beaucoup d’étapes.





Taking a Closer Look at VPCI’s Relay For Life

May 2, 2017 ANNI WANG Everybody knows somebody… that has been affected by cancer.

just hang out with friends and skip class. This year, we intend to run a Relay event that aims to fulfill the purpose and guidelines that the Canadian I would be surprised if I heard anyone say that they have not heard Cancer Society has set for it. This doesn’t mean that students won’t enjoy about VP’s Relay for Life (RFL) by now. Through numerous themselves, rather that they’ll feel fulfilled while being able to take part in announcements, posters, banners, social media posts, VP’s RFL Executive Relay.” Committee is spectacularly showcasing this popular event that is happening on May 26th, this year. RFL is brought to Vic Park by the Canadian Cancer Inara Hassam: “Relay will have multiple ceremonies, guest Society. Panther Press Reporter, Anni Wang, meets with a few of the event speakers, and a time of reflection on why we are celebrating. We celebrate executives to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from the on May 26th, the efforts that we, the students, have put into making a student body. difference in the lives of cancer patients, their families, and friends.” Anni Wang: “What is Relay for Life and what is their cause?” Arushi Arora: “Relay for Life is a community-based fundraising event designed for the purpose of raising and donating money to the Canadian Cancer Society. Every one of us knows someone who has been affected by cancer: it is a common sickness, and we must raise awareness to support all those around us battling it, as well as the survivors.”

AW: “Why do I have to stay until 7 pm for this event? Why isn't it a full day this year like last year?” AK: “Unfortunately, this is something that the school's admin decides. We are unable to negotiate this as teachers find it difficult to accommodate Relay into their lesson plans as so many students miss nearly an entire day of instruction, like last year.”

Ravicha Ravinthran: “Relay for Life is more than just a walk for RR:”The event has always been planned to last beyond school hours cancer - it is a journey of a lifetime. Join us to make a difference in our and it remains the same this year. This year students will attend class during community for those with cancer and their families! And before you groan Periods 1, 2 in full and Period 3 in part as the event will start at 1 pm.” and say that you can’t run, hear us as we say that you don't need to! It’s not a race but rather a celebration of all the hard work and effort you put into IH: “In accordance with the guidelines set by the Canadian Cancer fundraising to help us in the battle against cancer.” Society, Relay for Life is either a 6 hour or 12 hour event. Due to school rules, it cannot be 12 hours and so the event is 6 hours long from 1 to 7 AW: “Why do we have to pay money to participate in this event? pm.” Isn’t it school run?” Manasvi Vanama: “The minimum registration fee covers the cost AW: “What sorts of activities should the school look forward of food, T-shirts, wristbands, luminaries, activities and more. On top of the to?” registration fee, students are encouraged to fundraise money for the AK: “Look forward to a day full of music, dancing, group activities, Canadian Cancer Society, at least $100.00 per person, and make a difference Buzzcuts, raffles, guest speakers, an inflatable Gladiator Joust arena, in the lives of those who have been affected by cancer.” watching people get pied in the face, a water fight, a photo booth with polaroids, signable banners, luminary decorating station, a social media Aisha Khan: “The event is not school run as it serves the purpose contest, and so much more!” of a charitable fundraiser more than that of raising school spirit, but we still want to see that VP Pride in the students’ efforts to help those whom cancer AA:” Add us on Snapchat @vprelay4life and follow us on Instagram has affected. As they say “Cancer changes everything, but so can YOU!”.” @vpRelay4Life. And don't forget to like our Facebook page @vpRelayForLife.” AW: “What will be different about this year's event from last year's?” MV: “This year, our team strives to really stress the meaning and true purpose of Relay for Life. This event at VP has been seen as a day to




Jinghong Lin: Your New SLC Co-VP! May 12, 2017 FELICITY CARLSTEIN Felicity Carlstein: “You've been elected to the role of Vice President of the SLC - what's next for you?” Jinghong Lin: “Being a great Vice President, of course! I'm really excited to work with my new council because they're hardworking, creative, and funny. I particularly plan on improving school spirit at our school because it's been lacking these past years.” FC: “How did you feel about running against your twin sister?” JL: “It was really fun, actually. We helped with each other's campaign quite a lot, such as giving ideas to each other's platforms, and spreading the word about our campaigns. I didn't feel like she was my rival because we both started the campaign with the mindset that no matter what happens, we'd be happy.” FC: “How do you feel about sharing the role of VP with your sister?” JL: “I'm super glad that Yuying and I will be able to share this role. She's very goal-oriented while I'm more flexible, and these kinds of complementary work styles are really important to have in a group setting. I trust her and her work and I know she feels the same about me.” FC: “What are your grand plans for next year at VPCI?” JL: “Aside from planning a fun leadership retreat and hopefully Prom, as well as fulfilling my roles as the Co-VP, I'm going to really focus on my school studies because I'll be graduating next year. I also want to spend more time with my friends and family, because I'm super fortunate to have them and will really miss them when high school finishes.” FC: “What strategies do you have in place to help you balance grade 12 IB and your new role as VP of the SLC?” JL: “Better time management definitely. I actually waste a lot of my time. Tackling both SLC and school all at once is definitely challenging but doable, as long as I know my priorities and use my time wisely!” FC: “What advice would you give students who are interested in running for the SLC next year?” JL: “Try it! Winning and losing is important, but what's more important is the experience gained and memories made during the campaign. Because of this campaign, I met new people. Also, I learned to speak in front of a large crowd with calmed nerves, which is a lifelong skill that we need. So give a try, because running for SLC was one of my best decisions.”

Yuying Lin: Your New SLC Co-VP! May 12, 2017 FELICITY CARLSTEIN Felicity Carlstein: “You've been elected to the role of Vice President of the SLC - what's next for you?”

FC: “How do you feel about sharing the role of VP with your sister?”

YL: “I'm grateful that I can share the role with someone I understand and Yuying Lin: “My next step is to make sure that I do the job well while trust. We complement each other very well, because we've had to deal with each keeping up my grade 12 marks, along with my other commitments. Next year will other for a while now. She's more emotional, and I'm more pragmatic. I also feel be quite busy for me, and a lofty goal I have is to be able to sleep 8 hours a day, that we can be much more flexible in our roles because we see each other all the every day.” time.” FC: “How did you feel about running against your twin sister?” YL: “Both of us wanted to avoid the situation, because the odds just weren't in our favour (we're splitting our votes in half). But no one else wanted to run for president other than Hassan, Jinghong, and I, so it was inevitable that we ran against each other. There was definitely a sense of competition every time we talked about the campaigns at home. For example, we would compare our posters, speeches, and slogans to see what the other was doing. Even so, we supported each other and bounced ideas off of each other. I really like that I can depend on her even when we're "rivals".”

FC: “What are your grand plans for next year at VPCI?” YL: “I would like to implement a more prominent calendar and eventupdate system in our school, because if we as a school know about events more beforehand, we will be much more excited about them and look forward to them. I will also help Hassan put in place a class rep system so that important announcements can be heard by everyone. To increase the involvement of the general student body in SLC decisions, I will also advocate for monthly open meetings.” FC: “What strategies do you have in place to help you balance grade 12 IB and your new role as VP of the SLC?” YL: “I don't really have a set strategy for time management. I just pay attention in class so I can understand the material and finish my homework quickly. Then I'll have time to do everything else. I also try to write down everything I need to do in my agenda so I won't forget anything important. If I'm tired, I rest, because I know that I cannot work efficiently otherwise. There will also be lots of stress, so I will play water polo to get some release.” FC: “What advice would you give students who are interested in running for the SLC next year?” YL: “I would say to go for it, and show everyone who you truly are. Make as many friends as possible because only then will you genuinely care about their concerns, and only then will they trust that you can make the right decisions in their interest. There's a quotation that I really like: "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer." It doesn't exactly work in this context, but it shows the importance of having good relationships with everyone around you.”




These precious moments April 7, 2017 TINA FENG Coffeehouse occurs once every semester and is organized by Performing Arts Council. It has already occurred this semester, but if the opportunity arises once again, I highly recommend that you attend. The actual event is composed of many multi-talented people doing the things they love, surrounded by the people they love. It showcases everything from stand up comedy, to singing, to improv. It’s not formal or perfect by any means, but it’s something undeniably memorable for the performers and the audience. The acts, although entertaining and wonderful, are not impeccable. People forget their lines, people stumble, and people, believe it or not, make errors no matter how much effort or talent goes into their performance. It’s just a simple aphorism that holds it’s weight whether you’re a beginner or Beyoncé. The thing about Coffeehouse is that these mistakes don't matter. People laugh them off and pick up right where they stopped. This friendly and accepting atmosphere allows performers to appreciate the thing they are doing without the constant fear of making a fool of themselves. They improve by making a lot of mistakes when they first get started, then with time they make fewer mistakes and gradually become less scared. The audience gets to witness that, no matter how gifted those on stage are. That’s what makes the environment so rare and precious, and inspiring to both the audience and the people on stage. You should attend Coffeehouse the next time you have a chance because it’s time well spent. The talents and people make the entire experience something wonderful. It might not be the most popular event, or the most well rehearsed, but a lot of effort and capability goes into each act. All those who perform and those who witness are both an integral part of making seemingly meaningless events, meaningful.

Soirée de musique de printemps Le 8 avril 2017 KATHLEEN LIANG Avec le printemps ici, l’annuel Soirée de musique de printemps arrive. Il y a 5 ensembles avec le génial Barbershop qui effectue le 20 avril. Conduite par la merveilleuse Ms. Chang, cet évènement est rempli avec la musique et le travail acharné des étudiants. Ce spectacle est une grande vitrine du dévouement de plus de 220 étudiants. Les ensembles sont fantastiques parce que 4 ont été invités à MusicFest Canada à Ottawa. Bbeaucoup ont été excités d’aller rivaliser dans la compétition. En pratiquant chaque semaine, les musiciens ont préparé pour la nuit. Leurs efforts ne doivent pas passer inaperçus. Le spectacle a commencé avec Chamber Choir, qui effectue un numéro musical avec la danse et le chant. Après, Wind Ensemble qui est composé de 9e année joue. Jazz Band a éblouis avec leur vaste répertoire. Symphonic Band a joué 3 pièces musicales et String Orchestra a étonné avec leur excellente musique. Une foule favorite, Barbershop a effectué une chanson spéciale. La nuit était un succès avec le soutien des parents, des amis, et les diplômés! Sans l’aide de Music Council et le département des arts, la Soirée de musique de printemps n'aurait pas été possible. Si vous ne l'avez pas la chance de voir ces grands musiciens, il y a toujours l'année prochaine. Avec la fin de la nuit étonnante, souhaitons bonne chance aux ensembles qui continueront leur dur labeur alors qu'ils concourent aux Nationals en mai!

La La Land

January 6, 2017 BRIAN WU In our day and age, musicals have gradually diminished in prevalence, becoming a fading genre belonging to a bygone era. However, Damien Chazelle begged to differ. The creative mind behind Whiplash served as both writer and director for his latest film La La Land. Chazelle brings us a beautiful film about passions, dreams, and doing what we love. Set in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, it tells the sweeping romance of Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress, who falls for Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a struggling jazz pianist. With its impeccable performances, outstanding score, and masterful direction from Damien Chazelle, La La Land and its contagious exuberance is one of the best films of 2016. To me, La La Land is Chazelle’s love-letter to old-school musicals from Hollywood’s golden era. With two distinct leads and numerous tributes to classics like Casablanca, West Side Story, and Singin’ in the Rain, it is not difficult to imagine Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as contemporary equivalents of Bogart and Bergman. Indeed, that is precisely what La La Land strives to do—to recreate the classic musical within our modern world to revitalize the genre for a new generation of audiences. When even Damien Chazelle expressed his admiration, it is not difficult to see why Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone with their excellent chemistry and immaculate performances have both won Golden Globes. Described by J.K. Simmons as, “triple-threat actors”, Stone and Gosling prove that they can dance, sing, and act all at the same time with outstanding proficiency. While I think that Gosling is as good as ever, La La Land is a definitive career-best performance from Emma Stone. I could go on and on talking about about what a great film La La Land is with regards to its technical elements like its cinematography, its score, or its excellent musical numbers. Then again, many of the other films that have come out this year share the same strengths. What I think makes La La Land special is the important message that it inspires in its viewers. It encourages us to pursue our dreams and passions. Do not “grow up”, the film says, and give up on your dreams. Here’s to the dreamer in all of us. Of course, what better way to convey such a message than through a musical ultimately about musicals? (out of 5)



Manchester by the Sea March 26, 2017 BRIAN WU In Manchester by the Sea, a struggling handyman living on minimum wage (Casey Affleck) finds himself put in charge of his nephew (Lucas Hedges) after his brother dies in a boating accident. In order to fulfill his duty as his nephew’s guardian, he must return to his hometown of Manchester, Massachusetts, where he comes faceto-face with his traumatic past. Written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea is a masterclass of character study that grabs audiences by the soul and delivers a resounding shake. Here, Casey Affleck gives the best performance of his career, a role which led him to receive the Academy Award for Best Actor. Like all good films, Manchester by the Sea is about the joys and sorrows of life. Manchester by the Sea is a deeply cathartic experience. In many ways a tragedy in its own right, it is ultimately a film about depression and personal loss. Like many other Oscar-nominated films, it is a slow-burner, a melancholic drama which demands patience and challenges viewers to think. That might explain the public’s gradual loss of interest in the Oscars, because many of these films are vastly different from the preferences of the average moviegoer. However, that is not to say that it is unremarkable. Manchester by the Sea excels in its realistic depiction of the awkwardness and

monotony of depression. You won’t find a sugarcoated feel-good melodrama. Instead, I think that Manchester by the Sea’s beauty is in the sincerity of its storytelling and the restraint of Lonergan's direction. Contrary to what is done too often in contemporary films, there are no rapid cuts from one character to another, replaced instead by long takes, which brings out the best in actors. Perhaps this is something other directors should take note from Lonergan: anyone can memorize lines from a script—why hire actors if you don’t give them a chance to act? With an Oscar-winning screenplay by Kenneth Lonergan and a masterful performance from Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea is a powerhouse of a film that well deserves the accolades and praise it has received. However, it may not be for everyone—moviegoers shouldn’t expect any action or adventure in a film like this. It is a drama that takes its time to fully develop and build its characters. Those who wish to see a current film comparable with cinematic giants of time gone by need look no further than Manchester by the Sea. ✭✭✭✭ (out of 5)

Le festival de l’orchestre à cordes April 6, 2017 TAMMY CHENG Le 6 avril, l’orchestre à cordes de Victoria Park est allé à l’Université York pour participer au festival annuel de l’association de cordes en Ontario (OSA). Le festival était créé pour encourager un sens de communauté dans chaque orchestre. Après avoir joué "Le Cadeau" par William Hofeldt et "Iditarod" par Soon Hee Newbold, notre orchestre à cordes a eu l’opportunité de recevoir un retour d’information d’un professionnel. De plus, l’effort de nos musiciens a été reconnu en étant invité par OSA pour participer à la compétition nationale de MusicFest Canada. C’est la cinquième année consécutive que l’orchestre est invité. Félicitations aux musiciens à cordes pour leur réussite. D’ailleurs, des remerciements particuliers à Mme Chang (la professeure de musique et la chef d’orchestre) pour son dévouement et son enthousiasme. Rien n’aurait pas été possible sans elle!




Team 4914’s STEAMworks success in North Bay

Hacking abilities of the CIA April 18, 2017 DAVE SINGH

On March 7th, 2016, WikiLeaks, founded in 2006 by Julian Assange, made thousands of confidential pages public, proving that the CIA had been developing tools to hack every major electronic device. This marked the largest collection of documents on the CIA ever made public to date. The documents, code-named “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks, are composed of two sections. The first, called “Year Zero”, contains over 8000 documents showing the various different types of cyber weapons in the CIA’s arsenal. Rather than a hostile takeover, most of the malware is programmed to slowly gain control and retrieve personal data from individuals. By the end of 2016, the CIA had over 5000 registered users and had produced more code in the form of cyber weapons than that used to run Facebook. The second part of “Vault 7” is code-named “Dark Matter”, in which the CIA developed methods to install malware directly into the firmware of Mac devices. The fact that the program is in the firmware means that even if the hard drive is formatted, or even replaced, the malware will stay. However, cyber weapons were not the first method that the CIA attempted in getting to people’s data. Especially in the last four years, millions of people globally have been trying to find ways to encrypt private data. In response to this demand, many software companies began to offer simple-touse software that provide impenetrable encryption. The surveillance state responded with a public relations attack, framing it as a “tool for terrorists”. After the terrorist attack in San Bernardino in December 2015, the Department of Justice demanded that Apple provide a one-time use backdoor into iOS. Apple denied this request as many experts said there is no such thing as a one-time use backdoor, and it can be manipulated to be used many times. Almost immediately after, Congress brought forward a legislation that would require any company offering data encryption to create backdoors for government agencies, but this also failed. In response, the CIA began to develop malware to pass encryption and infect devices. “Unlike bullets, bombs or missiles, most CIA malware is designed to live for days or even years after it has reached its 'target'.” – WikiLeaks’s analysis of the leaked documents CIA malware targets almost every major electronic device out there in the market, including iPhones, Androids, smart TVs, Windows, OSX, Linux, routers, and many others. From an initial device, the malware can spread itself to many devices by infecting other software on CDs, USB keys, etc. On Windows, it hides in the recycling bin, and on Macs, it’s right in the firmware. The malware is made to evade any antivirus software and leave no fingerprints, as mentioned in its “Tradecraft DO’s and DON’Ts”. As our society moves towards one based upon technology, the battle between privacy and cyber weapons increases in importance, to the point that one day, the threat of government malware might overtake the danger of nuclear arsenals.

SOURCES Shaw, Mitchell C. "The CIA's Hacking Ability." The CIA's Hacking Ability. The New American, 14 Apr. 2017. Web. 18 Apr. 2017. "Vault 7." Vault 7 - home. WikiLeaks, n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2017.

April 13, 2017 TALIA WANG

PHOTO CREDIT: FIRST Robotics The buzzer sounds and six industrial-sized robots spring to life. Each machine autonomously races across the field, marking the start of an FRC STEAMworks match. Their respective drive teams stand by nervously for the longest fifteen seconds, knowing that a couple points in the high goal can very well make the difference between victory and loss. Anxious to get ahold of the controls, drivers then step forward to maneuver their robots, delivering gears, shooting “fuel,” and scaling ropes. Cheers erupt across the stadium, as successful alliances high five and congratulate one another. From April 6-8, after an exhausting 5 hour bus ride, Team 4914 Panthers arrived at Nipissing University for the North Bay Regional FRC District Event. With modifications and improvements to the robot, every member was eager to advance to the District Championships. After over a day of qualification matches and tiresome last minute adjustments, the team finished ninth highest seed out of 26 teams, proceeding to become the captain of the sixth alliance. The seemingly excruciating pressure was no match for their strong-willed drivers, who, with wild grins on their faces, competed to the best of their ability. Team 4914 handed out boxes to all participating teams, with invitations to 4914’s Fall Fiesta 2017, to be held at Victoria Park CI this October. From communicating with judges to interacting with like-minded teams, 4914 remained graciously professional throughout all 3 days. The evening of April 7th, every team gathered at the university’s athletic centre to enjoy a social gathering, organized by Team 1305 Ice Cubed. It was an evening filled with music, poutine, and an outrageous amount of masking tape, as teams attempted to build the tallest paper structure. As the end of the event drew near, the team’s efforts were recognized at the closing ceremony, where they received the Engineering and Inspiration Award. Honoured and beyond ecstatic, they were invited to compete for the award at District Championships, from April 13-15. Fingers crossed, they hope to advance to the World Championships later this month, held in St. Louis, U.S. It’s not over yet, and whatever the outcome, 4914 is pleased to say that these past few months have been part of a truly exhilarating season. They plan on preparing immediately for the challenges that will arise in the 2017-2018 year. With goggles fastened, the team readies themselves for even more excitement to come.

Le SIDA, une maladie à radier du globe TINA FENG Apple a une gamme de produits « rouge ». Dans cette gamme il y a iPhone 7, beaucoup de housses, tous les iPods, un bracelet pour l'Apple Watch, le casque « Beats », et le « Pill ». C’est une énorme variété de produits. Une partie des ventes pour cette gamme a été donnée à une organisation à but non- lucratif, (PRODUCT)RED. (PRODUCT)RED est une cause très passionnée afin d’enrayer HIV/SIDA. SIDA est le dernier degré du HIV. HIV/SIDA sont des maladies transmises sexuellement. HIV est chronique; il n’y a pas de remède, mais il y a un traitement appelé ART pour contrôler HIV. Le virus attaque les cellules du système immunitaire génétique. D'ailleurs quand votre système immunitaire souffre, vous vous êtes exposés aux infections et beaucoup d’infections sont liées au cancer. En 2015, 1.1 million de personnes sont mortes de cette maladie. Un grand nombre de ces morts ont touché les habitants des pays du tiers-monde: Rwanda, Lesotho, Afrique du Sud, Ghana, Tanzanie, Kenya, Zambie et Swaziland. L’organisation (PRODUCT)RED a collecté des fonds et a utilisé cet argent pour financer les programmes qui aident les personnes qui sont dans le besoin. C’est une bonne cause. Mais toutes les choses ont des défauts: Apple n’est pas une exception. Il y a beaucoup de critique à ce sujet parce qu’Apple et (PRODUCT)RED sont

Le 12 avril 2017 partenaires depuis dix années mais Apple seulement n’a collecté que 130 millions de dollars. Cela ressemble à de la charité, mais il y a peu de stratégie de marketing pour vendre un grand nombre de ces produits. Une autre suspicion est qu’Apple n’a pas déclaré quel montant de ses ventes iront à (PRODUCT)RED. Et, si ce montant est important, pourquoi ne l’a-t-il pas déclaré? Apple est une marque chère. 130 million dans dix ans ne représentent pas beaucoup pour eux. C’est vrai. Je n’ai pas vu la vie en rose; beaucoup de scénarios montrent une bonne intention mais, pour que les bonnes idées deviennent réalité, les gens font des choses parfois mal vus. A vrai dire, la majorité des collaborations charitables ne sont pas toutes profitables aux œuvres de charité, ou alors, pourquoi les grandes compagnies ne participent-elles pas? Il y a aussi des intentions. Que les compagnies soient généreuses ou qu’elles aient des intentions égoïstes n’est pas le point principal. La bonne chose est que ceux qui sont capables d’aider les autres aident les autres. (La motivation n’est pas toujours innocente, mais les personnes avec HIV/SIDA ont besoin de votre aide car elles n’ont pas mérité cette maladie.

SOURCES HIV/AIDS. (n.d.). Retrieved April 07, 2017, from What Is HIV/AIDS? (n.d.). Retrieved April 07, 2017, from




50 years: unity, diversity, and… colonization? As we celebrate, the Indigenous resist—and for good reason April 16, 2016 The Editorial section of the Panther Press will reflect the intended nature of the editorial, which is an opinion piece that takes a position on certain topics. As always we are open to feedback and suggestions. If you would like to contact us, please email or submit a comment at Over a century and a half, Canada has had many great accomplishments on the national and global levels. The iconic victory of Vimy Ridge, our national hero Terry Fox, and a history of peacekeeping are some of the things for which Canadians can be proud. However, Canada should and does have some regrets, of which the mistreatment of the Indigenous people is arguably the deepest. While we celebrate 150 years, it is essential to recognize that there are a group of (oft-forgotten) people who now wonder rightfully what there is to celebrate for them personally. July 1 , 1867 marks the day of Canadian Confederation—when the colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada united to form the Dominion of Canada. “Colonies” is the key term here; there were people living on Canadian soil for much longer than 150 years. Then, in designating this date as Canada’s birthdate, are we ignoring, or erasing, much of Indigenous history, which spans over 12,000 years prior? Many First Nations have this very sentiment, where our celebration 3 months from now symbolizes another way in which a part of them has been ignored. Ignorance is not the only issue; the mishandling of the Indigenous people by the Canadian government during those 150 years puts an even larger damper on the festivities. The largest wounds likely involve the breaches of the numbered treaties, the Indian Act, the definition of a “status Indian”, and residential schools. For

the unfamiliar, take note that a multitude of treaties were signed between the First Nations and the Crown in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Most of these involved exchanging large areas of native land for monetary compensation, farming equipment, reserve land, hunting or fishing rights, and education. Of course, these treaties initially favoured the government, but the problem was compounded when the government did not keep many of its promises. Broken promises involved mandating residential schools for Aboriginal children, leading to a long history of cultural deprivation and physical/sexual abuse among other devastating effects. Even the benefits granted to the Indigenous are not granted to all deserving, since the definition of “status Indians” excludes a great deal of people who are indeed Indigenous in every sense of the word. All in all, the list of wrongs runs long, while the rights are few.


Accordingly, some First Nations have found another way to be involved in Canada’s 150. Christi Belcourt, a Métis visual artist, helped create the hashtag #Resistance150, in hopes of underscoring how hard Indigenous people have had to fight for their rights. Similarly, Eric Ritskes has designed an alternate Canada 150 logo, deemed “Colonialism 150”. He remarks that 50

HARISH RAMACHANDRAN years ago, during Canada’s centennial celebration, First Nations artists attempted to build a new and improved relationship with Canada. Here lies another opportunity. While Belcourt and Ritskes may seem like party-poopers to those excited for the year’s festivities, it is possible to celebrate our accomplishments while also recognizing our errors and invoking improvements. This is the least the Indigenous people deserve. Improvement comes dually: nationally and locally. We have begun, finally, to recognize that Canada has three founders: the French, the British, and the Indigenous. Based on recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Canadian government has a change to the citizenship oath on its list of priorities. Soon, immigrants will promise to honour Indigenous treaties as part of the oath. Should these newcomers, and current Canadians, honour this promise, the First Nations will perhaps see a brighter future. Furthermore, there is a recommendation to include Indigenous history as part of newcomer information packages. A larger step, though only symbolic, would be to include the Indigenous as one of the founding people in Canada’s constitution. At Victoria Park, the most obvious improvement is the treaty acknowledgement in the announcements every morning. Indigenous issues are becoming a bigger part of conversation in the school, due to courses such as Art, History, and Theory of Knowledge. However, we still lack an outlet through which students, both Indigenous and those interested, can discuss these issues regularly. This is one point of improvement that could potentially lead to many others. Collectively, the Indigenous and non-Indigenous must cooperate locally and nationally if we are to improve the next 150 for those mistreated and forgotten.


PHOTO CREDIT: CBC Ms. Schwartz Via Tacardon · Zamir Fakirani Tony Kuang · Harish Ramachandran Jessica Tran


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Daphne Odjig(1919-2016) was a Canadian First Nations artist of Odawa-Potawatomi-English heritage. Her artwork fuses together elements of aboriginal pictographs and First Nations arts with European techniques and styles of the 20th century. Beginning of World War II in 1939, Odjig moved to Toronto from Parry Sound, Ontario for job opportunities. She spent her hours working in factories across the city, and in her spare time, she would explore famous art galleries such as the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario. She was influenced by artists such as Picasso and later developed techniques from other inspirations into her own pieces. Odjig's works varied from realism to expressionism to cubism, experimenting with new styles to create one all her own. Odjig was noted as the motivation behind the Professional Native Indian Artists Association(also known as The Indian Group of Seven), a pioneer group that brought First Nations art to the forefront of Canada's art world. Throughout her career, she was presented with numerous awards for her work and contributions towards First Nations art, including the Order of Canada, the Governor General's Award and five honorary doctorates. - Yara Radwan, Graphics Editor


The Writer

The Lesson of the Youth of Today The Silence

EMMA ZHANG The writer was scribbling on a small and stained notepad. The lines were painfully worn out, barely visible. It seemed pathetic and insignificant at times, but that was okay because the writer kept writing. They kept furrowing their brows, sighing as if they were dismayed by the content. It was quite funny, actually, how they kept smudging the top right corner when they tried to doodle, then their eye rolling and muttering. Of course, others noticed and smiled or smirked, then asked, “So, what are you doing?” The writer would pause momentarily, clear their throat as if preparing for a grand speech, and answer, “I believe this is quite important. Sorry I can’t talk to you right now, but this is important.” It was always the same monotone answer. Time passed, faces blurred, and questions stopped. Questions stopped? The writer glanced up curiously. Since when did the questions stop? The writer shouted out names of loved ones, screamed in panic for anyone. But nobody came. The writer came back to the notepad in search for something, anything, only to realize how worn out the notepad was. The writer stood, puzzled, glancing for something, glancing for something...


YAOYAN HUANG The silence hovers above the pines and empty branches. The sky is enveloped in a sweeping grey. It mirrors the fields; mulled brown tips above the white snow. Trees are paused mid wind, branches gnarled and twisted, a line of white crawls up the trunk, their bones showing in the cold. A breath travels across the field and out like ripples. The silence, lingers.


May 2017  
May 2017