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Are you totally confused about which top penny stocks you should be purchasing? Trust me, you are not alone. I, too, was in the same predicament as yourself a few years ago. Nevertheless, I did a huge amount of research online in order to figure out how to determine which penny stocks that I should be investing in based on the level of risk that it was willing to deal with. I will outline for you a few tips that you should consider when attempting to select the best penny stocks. 1) Top Penny Stocks Tip 1: You should try to select stocks that have a great price to earnings ratio. How do you calculate this figure for a company ? First of all, you have to take the present price of the stock and divide it by the earnings per share figure. You should attempt to memorize the way to calculate this ratio because it's one of the most common ones that you will have to use stock-wise. 2) Top Penny Stocks Tip 2: Not only should you strive to learn how to calculate the price to earnings ratio, you should take into consideration learning how to calculate the PEG. This ratio is the price earnings growth ratio. To determine a PEG, you must divide the price to earnings ratio by the projected earnings per share over the next few years. This resulting ratio should not have a value over one, if it does then perhaps this penny stock is one to be avoided. Nevertheless, I believe that you need to conduct the right research and be wary of the too good to be true penny stocks. Also, it is important for you to develop your own system that you are comfortable with. Plus, use the above tips as a starting point for filtering through the massive amount of options that are available presently.

Picking the top penny stocks is possible if you go about it systematically. You should read as much as possible on how to select such stocks. A good starting part would be to read the information contained on the following site :

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==== ==== Great News! Make profits investing in Penny Stocks Today!! ==== ====

Tips on how to invest in Penny stock Today!  

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