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Panther. Vol. 1, Issue 2 • Nov./Dec. 2012



Panther. ( p a n - t h e r ) noun,

1. The second issue of the whimsical Panther. magazine. (Yes, we actually made a second issue.) 2. This issue is dedicated to art in its various forms. (Check out David Pope’s awesome quote on the cover.) 3. Some panthers can run up to 50 mph. This Panther., however, is running late. (Sorry — we got distracted by some delicious Thanksgiving turkey.)


from the


Welcome to the Second Issue of

Panther. Staff: Assistant Editor

Director of Photography

Director of Design

Express Yourself We are always looking for bright minds and brave hearts here at Panther. Our publication is free form with few regulations, allowing you to see your work right here in these very pages. We’re looking for writers, illustrators, designers, and models. Interested? Of course you are. Contact for more info.





A Common Courtesy long forgotten for you

ladies and gents This morning, rather than rushing to my 9 a.m class at 8:55, I was up and moving at 7:30. The air was crisp, my hands were freezing, but I was surprisingly energetic for Friday morning. Being up at this hour exposed me to the early morning sidewalk traffic (this mostly being professors and a few sleepy students) and as I walked from one side of campus to the other something stuck out to me that hadn’t before. Every professor I passed, male and female, smiled and said good morning rather than looking away as our paths crossed. This might seem insignificant at the surface, but I believe it points out a huge generational issue: how often do we acknowledge someone’s presence when they pass us on the sidewalk? You might think always, but really think about it. We’ve all done the cell phone fake out. The, “Oh look, I just realized I haven’t refreshed my Facebook News Feed....” Or perhaps you are guilty of the out of the blue interest in something completely mundane such as the crack in the sidewalk that you’ve passed every day. Either way, the interpretation of our insincere distraction is clearly received on the other end. I would like to suggest a terrifying change of habit. Maybe we could take these little sidewalk encounters and turn them in to smile exchanges. Sounds super awkward, eh? So let’s give it a try. You just might brighten someone’s day.

Indviduality According to Mean Girls.

Gretchen: Right. Oh, and it's the same

I don’t know how to be a girl. A stereotypical girl, anyway. I’m like the

with guys. Like, you may think you like someone, but you could be wrong.

Cady Heron of the real world. I really don’t. I never have. Physicality

“You may think you like someone, but

wise, I have it down pat. I have all the

you could be wrong?” Last time I

right “parts,” but internally? Internally, I’m

checked, I was the one with the feelings,

the wreckage after a serious storm. My

NOT Gretchen Weiners. If anyone ever



told me, “No, you don’t like *insert

stereotypical female behavior is like a

whatever here*” I would shit a brick and

tsunami hit by a tornado with an

throw it at their head. Probably not, but

earthquake thrown in as the cherry on top

you get the idea. My actual response

of this disaster sundae. I don’t understand

would be something along the lines of,

why everybody thinks we need to go to

“Thank you, _______. I was unaware of

the bathroom together, or why buying

my own feelings, but since you know me

matching pajamas and wearing them to

so well you’ve made my thought process

the same slumber party is considered

so much easier by cutting it out entirely

cute. I don’t get it.

and doing all of my thinking for me. Thank





I love being my own person. I love being


able to make my own decisions, and have

And if someone told me I couldn’t wear

my own opinion. Take this quote from

gold hoop earrings because they were

Mean Girls as a solid example of why I

her thing, I would find a place to shove

don’t understand the female mind:

her gold hoop earrings, and I don’t mean

Gretchen: Well, I mean you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you. Cady: I wouldn't?

in her ears. Needless to say, I don’t think the Plastics would’ve taken to me well.


You’re Embarrassing Me. There are times when I want to say the same thing to my country that I would’ve said to my mom when I was a bratty, adolescent, “Stop embarrassing me!” You know what the great thing about this country is? Can you think back to history class and think why everyone moved out of England in the first place and had that Revolutionary War? Do you? Ah yes, because we wanted to live in a place that everyone could worship as they pleased and the government wouldn’t be affected by it. There was this whole agreement we made as a government that we refer to as the Constitution. On that document we agreed that there will be the separation of church and state. This way everybody can be happy without having to live by someone else’s personal beliefs. We also stated that everyone is free and equal. Well how about that. Everyone? Including gay people? Well fancy that, I guess that would include gay people. There will people that agree and disagree with me. For those who disagree with me you’ll probably use some form of the argument that “gay marriage violates the sanctity of marriage”. Let’s think about this for a moment. Sanctity is defined as:

sanc·ti·ty/ˈsaNG(k)titē/ Noun. 1. The state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly. Wait, what was that? Holy? Sacred? Saintly?

sa·cred/ˈsākrid/ Noun. 1. Connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration: "sacred rites". 2. Religious rather than secular. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” -- The First Amendment Oh shit. Your argument is not only invalid but also unconstitutional. The first amendment specifically outlaws religious laws! You don’t even have to read the whole constitution! It’s right there at the beginning! And yet, here we are. Gay marriage needs to stop being an issue everyone can hold their tongue and grant homosexual citizens their deserved rights and freedoms. You can argue about gay marriage across the pews of your church, temple, or wherever you hang out but the government has no constitutional right to deny a basic right from people we call our friends, colleagues, family, and most importantly fellow American citizens. Many other countries have accepted gay marriage including: Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, and Argentina. We are supposed to be a progressive, free country and yet we can’t get with the times on this issue. Not allowing everyone to get married in the eyes of the government will one day be as humiliating as slavery and segregation to the United States’ history.

Going to the Movies After this week, I have decided that I will never choose a movie ever again. And by that I mean — I will never decide on a movie when my friends have to spend $12 to see something based on my choice. Choosing a film to watch on a Friday night should be an easy task in this day and age. With a simple click on Fandango or Rotten Tomatoes, we can receive a compilation of movie critic's pretentious thoughts and overanalyzed reviews. But even with that and people posting on social media that a film “made me laugh so hard ROFL,” it is still a task that must be made with care. For example. This last weekend, a friend and I decided we wanted to see a film together. I opened my big mouth and blurted out a choice. For $12, we had to endure a painfully boring film for two and a half hours and for the whole time, I did not blame the director, actors or writers. I merely blamed myself for making an incorrect choice and forcing my friend to endure the choice along with me. And through the whole time during the movie, even though we could have left right in the middle, there's always that naïve hope in the back of my mind and every movie goer's mind that maybe it will get better in this next sequence. Maybe once the main character gets to the fight scene, or maybe I just need to get twenty minutes into this darn thing and it will get better. Twenty minutes turns into an hour, and an hour turns into the end of the movie when the lights go on in the theatre and people are chatting over the credits. At the end of the film on Friday, both my friend and I did not converse about our thoughts on the movie like most people do. We both knew how we felt, and we both were too ashamed to admit that a chunk of our day (and our cash) was gone. But at least he can go on Facebook and say, “LOLZ this little Asian chick made me endure crap.” From this point on, I have decided that if I make a decision on something, I will not be ashamed to take the stale buttered popcorn and run. Here is a list of things I wish I could reverse: Ÿ Buying that $70 sweater Ÿ Not saying no to him earlier Ÿ Panicking at that party Ÿ Feeding my cat junk when I was a kid. Now she's fat. Ÿ Making her cry


INDIEBlayne Austin


C.A. Ferguson “I chose my outfit as indie inspired because one thing I've noticed about clothing trends that are popular in that demographic is the whole flavor of the past, which was why I wore my denim jacket,” said Ferguson. “I think an indie look has come to correlate with the style of many young adult authors, which is what I want to be once I graduate, along with being a teacher.”

Lizzie Moreno “The outfit idea just kind of came to me … free flowing and nonconforming,” said Moreno. “I'm a very ‘loosey goosey,’ go with the flow kind of person, and this outfit made me feel like that. The pieces gave me a lot of movement, which I enjoyed”

David Pope “The bald head, the thrift store leather shoes and the skinny jeans were inspired by British urban men's fashion and mixed unexpected elements,” said Pope. “The mixture of the faded corduroy blue button-up with the floral skinny jeans mixes masculinity and femininity; the textures and colors draw you in rather than jump out at you.”

Justin Wurtzel “I picked them because they're a little bit more rugged on the indie side,” said Wurtzel. “I like a lot of classic pieces like button ups …. I enjoy how crisp and professional a lot of them look.”

Linh Ta “While I don’t have any ‘modern’ indie-clothing, I felt that my outfit resonated a more vintage ‘indie’ style,” said Ta. “I really enjoy dressing up and mixing up both soft and hard pieces, so I have a soft colored blouse with a harder black and white patterned skirt.”

Steven Sanchez “I don’t know a lot about indie fashion, but for some reason this coat just screamed ‘indie’ to me,” said Sanchez. “I built the entire outfit around the coat, choosing pieces that would strike a balance between dressy and casual, which is something I try to do with everything I wear.”

Tressa Glass “I used an unusual patterned material mixed with leather, wool, and turquoise tights. It looks very thrown together and carefree while there is a sense of order,” said Glass. “I also incorporated some individuality theatrics by adding peacock earrings and makeup to look feathery and unique.”



by David Pope

lip gloss, pretty shine Freckle-boy, wish you were mine wanted you to taste my lips... not just my lip gloss. only but a few minutes in a dirty college kitchen why does it seem like hours passed with the way those moments last? across my back you grazed your fingertips-you letting me put lip gloss on your lips. and my drunken wingman finding clever ways to tease me getting you to say you'd kiss a genderqueer, with me right there. I almost said "Prove it!" right then but chickened out, in that kitchen. I wish I would have now (but then again who knows how strange it might have been?) and later in your eyes I saw or thought I did, or didn't at all a look that said that had I asked you'd have said yes, and kissed me back. Freckle-boy, sober boy could not admit that he liked itthe lip gloss shine it turned for him into something dusty, dim. lip gloss, pretty shine Freckle-boy, wish you were mine wanted you to taste my lips... not just my lip gloss.

Burden by David Pope

You are dust, and lawn clippings. You are a backpack much too full I lugged around, bending my back until I could no longer look anywhere but at the ground.


By C.A. Ferguson


B Y S T E V E N S A N C H E Z Depth is overrated, I wear my heart upon my sleeve And my scars are on the surface so that everyone can see And my scars don't run that deep if only just because I never did let anyone get that close to me

I guess you could say you inspire me because you're the perfect example of what I don't ever want to be, what I was so close to becoming some time in my past. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't ever find it endearing, how I finally found someone who understands. But I've come to find that sort of thing gets old really fast.

by steven sanchez

About a Beggar

By Blayne Mapp As time goes by I think of yesterday, while at the same time I think of tomorrow, Of a new year, & of an old. I think of memories passed, and the memories I have yet to make. Some good, some bad. All important for who I am now. I think of you and me, no longer together; but not completely free, I think of it all. The first kiss, the first day, the first I love you, and the last goodbye. And as I think of the time, and of all of these memories, I pray time will heal us, and one day make us one again. But, if time doesn't allow, for you and I to be together, then remember me in the past, and look back with a smile.

Dear Little Miss By Lizzie Moreno

Little Miss one big mess I've been wondering where this rope began I've been watching you, letting you wreck resurrect whatever you want as I disappear behind the seat Little Miss one big mess stuck in reverse did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there You led me astray Little Miss one big mess sometimes you gotta lose till you win takes so long just to feel alright when you love someone but it goes to waste it'll diminish in time Little Miss one big mess call me crazy if you've got it in you seal my heart and break my pride and head back to the milky way escape this town Little Miss one big mess I know I'm gonna be okay When I saw the break of day all I saw were fireworks I missed them before, but I won't miss them again


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