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Case Study

Market Development Brief This multi-national German-based manufacturer had the opportunity to expand into the Middle East market and achieve market leadership for its product range. In spite of having a solid export team in-house, the company identified a knowledge and skills gap that would disadvantage the achievement of this objective. Appointing Pantheon as a strategic partner, the outline brief was to penetrate the Middle East market and achieve market leadership. The programme objectives focused on establishing a strong operational and management structure as well as raising the profile of the company with key stakeholders in the region.

Primary Objectives


To penetrate the Middle East and achieve market leadership within three years. Pivotal to this was the development of a strong management team on the ground that would fully integrate with the German parent company.

Due to the nature and scale of the project, one of Pantheon’s senior partners was appointed as project leader. Bringing experience in market development, specifically within the Middle East and the construction sector, the senior partner was able to accelerate delivery of the programme using a network of existing contacts and market knowledge.

Strategy The project commenced with Pantheon undertaking a detailed market research exercise, to establish solid market intelligence and inform strategic planning. Analysis and evaluation of the market intelligence allowed Pantheon to develop a detailed strategy document that covered all key objectives and provided a clear execution path. The thrust of the strategy was to establish a presence on the ground in the territory, including sales force, head office and warehouse facilities. Pantheon presented the proposed strategy to the board of directors, where a focused implementation schedule was agreed and firm targets put in place.

The partner project managed and liaised with all key partners in Germany and on the ground in the Middle East. As part of the role, the partner spent significant time in the Middle East and was responsible for maintaining open and clear lines of communication with all parties at all times. One of the critical milestones for execution was the appointment of a senior manager on the ground. This was to provide the basis from which the team infrastructure could be built and was achieved in just month five of the project.

Outcome In the first year of active trading in the market, Pantheon had established a strong sales team and succeeded in securing the position as market leader in the sector. A key performance indicator being that in the starting year, sales went from zero to in excess of one million pounds sterling.

Retained to take the strategy implementation through to completion, Pantheon continues to deliver the agreed objectives and is currently developing a distribution network across the Middle East.

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Pantheon Market Development case study  

Primary Objectives Retained to take the strategy implementation through to completion, Pantheon continues to deliver the agreed objectives a...

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