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For me, dessert recipes containing apples are very easy. They taste wonderful and they fill me up. They are a great dessert no matter what season it is! Apples, especially in western states, are available and ready to be used. They can be found in the local grocery stores year round because of the advances that have been made in shipping world wide. Someone who enjoys cooking with apples in their home can make an abundance of different apple desserts using many different types of apples. You will find that the most common apple in the United States is the red apple from Washington state. This type of apple is firm and it has a slight hint of sweetness and a more powerful tart taste. A home chef can mix up their recipes by choosing to go with a more soft apple like the Macintosh or a sharp tasting apple like the Fiji apple. If they want a more tart tasting apple they would go with the Granny Smith apple. It is more common for an apple dessert dish to be served when it is warm but you will find some chilled apple desserts. For most people, a warmed apple dessert provides a sense of comfort so they prefer to have it warmed up. There are certain apple desserts, like apple crisp, apple cobblers, and apple pie that are more common everywhere. It is very easy to make a cobbler but you have to decide on one of the many types of cobbler based on the area of the world you live in. In the northern areas of America you are more often offered a cobbler. These cobblers are made using pie crust that has been broken up and placing them on top of the apple filling. In the southern parts of America, a cobbler is created to be more like a cake. They make a batter for the cobbler and stir the apples right into the batter. A loaf pan is used to bake the cobbler. Those that live in America in the southwestern parts and Mexico often serve a special apple dessert near Easter or during Lent. It is called Capirotada. While the name does seem rather exotic, when most people see the dish they know exactly what it is. It is an apple dessert that is made into a casserole. They use chunks of bread and add raisins, spices, cheese, apples, and milk. It is very similar to what some refer to as bread pudding. It often has a very rich taste, just as many other ethnic dishes. The overall flavor of the dish may vary depending on the family member that actually prepared it. Many of the apple desserts that are prepared are not geared toward the health conscience people but there are some apple desserts that would be great for those people. Apples are very healthy because they contain a great deal of fiber and their sugar levels are low. Actually, eating an apple can help add stability to the blood sugar. The digestion is also helped when you eat an apple because it contains pectin. A great health conscience apple dessert is steamed apples or stewed apples and there are great recipes for both. A saute pan is used to cook stewed apples. It can be tempting to stew the apples using butter but they are much healthier if they are stewed in water or in their own juices. You can use a pot to steam apples or you may decide to put them in the microwave in a special apple steaming bag.

After the apples have gotten soft, dropping some honey or chocolate on them is a great finish. You could also add some light whipped topping that can be created by combining yogurt and whipped cream. Put some cinnamon and maybe some granola on the top and this is a delicious apple desert that is just as good as the more sinful options.

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Using Apples for Great Summer Time Desserts  

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