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May 30-June 5, 2019 Dubbo Photo News



Family ties celebrated at Short By NATALIE HOLMES

Me-Me (Amelia Thurston) Age: This many! (Holds up two fingers) I’ve got two dogs – Saint and Sarge Favourite song? Um, it’s flamingo song! Favourite colour? Dragons colour Favourite game? My name is Dragon. I’ve got a donut in here! (Pulls a toy donut out of pocket.) Who is your best friend? Mikey. He’s my brother, he goes to big school. What makes you laugh? (Starts laughing) What makes you sad? (Cheeky smile) Nope! What are you afraid of? Nope. I’m not scared of dragons! What are you really good at? Dragons What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch? Crocodile! What is your favourite fruit? Tomato. I eat tomatoes at my house, I like sour tomatoes. What do you want to be when you grow up? A dragon How old is grown up? 70 years old!

WHEN twins Don Dawson and Dawn Prowse marked their 80th birthday in Dubbo recently, the most fitting venue for their celebration was at the popular Short Street Store. Once the family home of their maternal grandfather Thomas Moore, the eatery at 11 Short Street may have a different purpose these days but has not changed too much from its original architectural style. “Every time we come back to Dubbo, we come back to Short Street for a coffee,” Mrs Prowse said. “Our grandfather had the property during his retirement,” she explained. “It still has the same essence, what they began has continued so that family traditions can continue.” Mr Moore moved to the store in the 1920s, shortly after his wife Mary’s death. “It became the corner store after it was a family home,” Mr Dawson added. Although their mother and aunt had lived at the residence, the twins never had the opportunity to meet their grandfather. Mr Moore passed away in 1932, seven years before their birth. The twins were

born when their mother Florence was 39 years old, and their dual arrival was completely unexpected. “Dr Flower thought there was only one baby, so it was a surprise.” The siblings recall going to the store as children. “We lived at 20 Short Street,” Mrs Prowse said. “We used to come to the shop quite often,” Mr Dawson added. “There was a bakery and shop. “Our dad (Herb) had a corner store in Brisbane Street,” Mrs Prowse said. Their mother was also a twin, and she and her sister Beatrice were born in 1900 and lived to the ages of 85 and 88 respectively. Mr Dawson and Mrs Prowse were the fifth children for Herb and Florence, with only their elder brother Les living to adulthood while their younger siblings Dorothy and Hilton both passed away at just 11 months old. Les also became a great-grandfather to twins. Longevity appears to be a family trait, along with multiple births. “There are a lot of identical twins in the family,” Mrs Prowse said. “Another of Mum’s sisters had two lots of twins.

There are also triplets in the family.” The Moores had 18 children and raised their family at Hazelwood near Dubbo. Growing up as an only child, Mrs Moore delivered many of her own children, and became a midwife for the district. She had her identical twin daughters at age 44. Of their 18 children, six sons and four sons-in-law all foughtt in World War I. Mim raculously all of them g returned, including n one son who had been n deemed missing in action. “Uncle Harry re-turned three monthss after the war ended, he came back with another battalion,” Mrs Prowse explained. Mrs Prowse has had a long marriage and currently lives in Taree. She has been involved in sport for most of her life, including swimming. She was a foundational member of Austswim some 40 years ago with the aim of enabling everyone the same opportunity to learn to swim. She received an OAM for her service and

Don Dawson and Dawn Prowse, pictured celebrating their 80th birthday at the Short Street Store on May 10. PHOTO: DUBBO PHOTO NEWS/SOPHIA ROUSE

dedication to swimming. Mr Dawson remained in Dubbo and worked with brother Les at Dawson’s Plaster Works for more than 30 years. In running the business, they lived by the motto, ‘a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work’ and every man who approached them for employment was given a chance. The twins’ actual birthday was on May 7; the Dubbo party was organised for them by their niece Beth Cross.

Dawn and Don


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Dubbo Photo News 30.05.2019  

Dubbo Photo News May 30-June 05, 2019

Dubbo Photo News 30.05.2019  

Dubbo Photo News May 30-June 05, 2019

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