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Dubbo Photo News May 30-June 5, 2019

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Rowdy finds his ideal work-life balance By JOHN RYAN LIKE many workers at Fletcher International, 33-year-old Justin “Rowdy” Dunn thought that joining the workforce as an 18-year-old was a stopgap way of earning a living until he decided what direction his life would take. Fifteen years later, he’s got no intention of working anywhere else. “After school, I worked at the saleyards for three years. When I was 18 I came here for the permanent position because it was sort of casual over there, I thought I’d give it a go and it was an excellent move (with) good money,” Mr Dunn said. “I came here because I needed a wage each week, I needed that permanent position (in case I) wanted to go for a bank loan.” He began as a labourer and worked his way up, which is the way the business operates, learning the knives and spending years as a boner before having a crack at Quality Assurance, a role he’s currently training for. He describes the Quality Assurance (QA) job as “different” and a good job to see how the other side of the Fletcher’s business works. “It’s a big operation when you start looking at where all the meat’s ending up, and all the different countries it goes to. The QA job definitely gives you an appreciation of all the different work people are doing on the floor, and that every bit helps,”

Mr Dunn told Dubbo Photo News. He said the ongoing in-house training is an impressive aspect of Fletcher International and likes the fact that if you’re a worker, the company will invest time and money in helping you progress your skills and career – that and the fact that all the bosses started out at the bottom too. “That’s what I like the best – our plant managers and our supervisors have all done the work that I’m doing now. They’ve already done the jobs so when they’re telling you how to do a job, they know what they’re talking about,” Mr Dunn said, with hopes he can progress to Training Officer or a supervisory role in the coming years. According to Fletcher’s HR manager Maddy Herbert, blokes with a work ethic like Rowdy’s are standout employees – in his case it’s obvious because he’s being voted onto the plant’s Work Health and Safety Committee. “He was voted up by his peers so it’s a real feather in his cap,” Ms Herbert said. “It’s a good feeling knowing everyone wanted me to do it,” Mr Dunn said, pointing out that he’ll tell anyone who asks just what it is that makes Fletcher’s a great workplace. “I reckon it’s a great place for a career, the hours are great, you’re inside out of the elements. If it’s raining you’re not going to get wet, and in the middle of summer it’s seven

degrees upstairs, that’s pretty good,” he said. “Fletchers has helped me out a lot, it’s got me to where I am today, helped me get my own little block of land, I can go home and work with my horses, my kids like to do that with me. “It’s another thing I love about this job, I get to knock off at 3.30 in the afternoon, I’ve got a young fam-


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Aquatic Leisure Centre Cafe Coordinator This new position within Dubbo Regional Council is providing an exciting opportunity to manage the day-to-day operation of the Aquatic Centre cafes and reception areas, maintaining a high standard of customer service for all patrons and a high standard of food, beverages and hygienic standards. Supervise, mentor and coach Dubbo Regional Council Aquatic Centre employees in the operation of the Aquatic Centre Cafe.

To be successful in this role, you will need: Demonstrated experience Food & Beverage Supervision &/or Management; Experience in multi site operations; Ability to effectively manage a team; A reasonable level of fitness and good manual handling techniques; Ability to work rotating roster and weekends. Closing Date: 9am, Tuesday, June 11, 2019. Enquiries: Manager Recreation and Open Space – 6801 4700

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Brandon Merrick What’s your job? Dispense Technician, Orana Mall Pharmacy Best part of your job? Interacting with customers and working with a great team Best piece of career advice? Find something you love and stick to it If you could work a with a celebrity, who would it be and why? Seth Rogan because he’s a funny guy and there would never be a dull moment What do you miss about being a kid? Not having adult responsibilities Something you can’t live without? Spotify If you could ask your pet one question, what would it be? What do you do when I’m not around? Naughtiest thing you did when you were a child? I attacked the timber coffee table with a meat tenderizer PHOTO: DUBBO PHOTO NEWS

ily, three young kids, and I can go to their sport after school, and because it’s five days a week you get your weekends off to spend with your kids too. “That work-life balance is the most important thing for me because if I wasn’t here I’d probably be in the mines or something like that, and I’d be away for a week at a time without seeing my family,” Mr Dunn said.

Justin “Rowdy” Dunn is currently training for a Quality Assurance (QA) job. He has also been voted by his workmates onto the Work Health and Safety Committee at Fletcher International Exports. PHOTO: DUBBO PHOTO NEWS


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Dubbo Photo News 30.05.2019  

Dubbo Photo News May 30-June 05, 2019

Dubbo Photo News 30.05.2019  

Dubbo Photo News May 30-June 05, 2019

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